First Time Part 3

The guy I first met was away fro the rest of the week with business, and so I just continued with work in the day, the usual going out with mates most evenings, but then in bed wanking and fingering my bum. Deeper each time and with Vaseline to make it so much easier. I couldn't wait till Saturday and my arranged meet.I had told my parents that I was off to Windsor, not unusual some Saturday's to a Jazz club where I always stayed overnight at a friends place. This Saturday though was to be so different.I turned up at his house just after 2pm. Once again he was in a dressing robe when he answered and as soon as I was inside the door, he started to snog me. I naturally responded enthusiastically. He then showed me a lovely silk dressing robe, similar to his, which he said he had bought for me to wear on my visits. I was sent to the bedroom to strip and get into the robe while he made coffee. The robe was a lovely fit and felt stunning against my naked body as I returned to the front room.We sat on the sofa, talking about the week and drinking coffee. then he leaned over and started to kiss me once more. Our hands roamed each other, loosening and undoing the robes which fell to the floor leaving us naked and hard as we fondled and kissed. Soon cocks were in mouths and I was back in heaven as I tasted and felt his superb shaft between my lips. His mouth worked on my shaft and his fingers teased my ass-hole and he sucked and I made it far easier for him by parting my thighs wide. His hand then left my rear end and as he still sucked I could sense some fumbling before his finger returned and there was a slight greasy feeling around the hole and he eased the digit up inside me, now lubed with gel which he had already placed under the sofa. The finger eased all the way up inside me and drove me wild as he started to finger fuck me, an action I had grown to love over the past few days.Then he said, 'I so want to fuck you!' At which I replied ' I so want your cock in me'.Turning me onto my knees and my elbows on the sofa, the knelt behind me without ceremony and slipped his cock deep into my ass in one slow easy jab. I lifted my body with ecstasy as I felt him enter me and slide as far as his cock would go. He asked how it felt and I just moaned and nodded my head. He said that he was going to give me a good fucking, again I nodded and just blubbered out something like 'God yes, fuck me please!' At which point, starting with long slow, strokes, he rode my ass until we both exploded with pleasure. I could feel him throb as he flooded me with spunk and, untouched my anything, my cock blew it's load onto the carpet. He kept his rod buried deep inside me as he emptied his balls, hands gripping my shoulders as he allowed his balls to do all the work and fill me.Eventually we both collapsed in a heap on the carpet, panting with exhaustion and moaning with sheer delight. Cuddling up together we again kissed passionately and then just relaxed in a tight huddle, arms clinging to each other.We must have laid there for an hour or so, I think I actually dropped off, and when we came too he led me to the bathroom and into the shower, where he washed my ass, and thighs before I turned and washed his lovely cock. Taking great care of it, pulling back the foreskin to clean the head. I was kneeing in front of him as I washed him and licked the shaft with pleasure and delight. He then lifted me off my knees, kissed me and turned me round, he then dropped to his knees behind me, parted my thighs and soaped the area around my hole then, hands between my cheeks his mouth closed in on my ass and his tongue lapped around my anal hole. An electric tingle ran through me, stiffening my whole body as the tip of his tongue engaged my sensitive arse-hole.After drying each other we returned downstairs and slipped the dressing robes on, drinking another cup of coffee. We discussed the rimming and the fucking and he was delighted that I enjoyed it so much. I told him how I wanted to rim his ass and he said that he wanted me to fuck him as well so a long snog once more sealed the deal.He then said that he had been invited to a small get together in a small town about 20 miles away, that evening, and he had arranged that, if I wanted, I could come along as well. There would be around 7 or 8 others there and these gatherings always turned into a full blown orgy, with sucking, fucking, rimming and a couple of other interesting side events. Would I be happy to come along, bearing in mind that I would be having sex with other men as would he. I didn't take long to answer and he was delighted that I agreed. He arranged a meal now, and we both were in the kitchen, still in our robes, where I helped him cook us a meal.After eating we returned to the shower and soaped each other down. Sex was off the menu but still the tingles were there as intimate parts were well washed. Then quite a shock as a final douching took place, another first and quite pleasant actually, which he said was essential for the night ahead. At around 8 pm we dressed, both in light casual slacks and Tee shirts, no socks and casual loafers, all of which he supplied, and then he drove me off to the party.(the party will be showcased in the next part)