for misty

This was originally written as a series of messages for a very hot lady on here... On my way to the UK I stop over in the US and take a little trip to Seattle... You pick me up at the airport just in time to go out to dinner. You have chosen a great little restaurant and drive me there... we make small talk as we drive about my flight and such things... I cannot take my eyes off of the elegant little black dress you are wearing... it has ridden up as you sit behind the wheel... I am wondering if you are wearing tights or stockings under it... just a little higher and I will know! You catch me looking at your legs and smile and tell me to stop perving... I cannot help it I say and tell you what I am thinking. Your response it to pull your dress up one side so I can see just a touch of flesh above your stocking... you smile again and have a little giggle as you notice I am starting to bulge in my trousers. we arrive at the restaurant and I need a minute before I can get out I am so hard... as we walk towards to front door you hold my hand and as i open the door for you you gently kiss my cheek... So we eat our meal, very yummy it is... looking at you across the table I can see how stunning you really are, and you make me laugh... we chat and finish up with a drink... It is still early and you offer to show me a little of the town... we walk back to the car and when you get in I notice your pull your dress up a little higher than it was before... I can see the top of your stockings and I ask you if you know what that will do to me... you say you do and smile yet again... and what a smile you have! we drive a little before you park up and we walk along hand in hand... this time I kiss your cheek as we go... back at the car I open your door for you... you brush past me your breasts touching my chest as you get in... I get in next to you and lean over and kiss you gently... you turn to face me and our lips touch for the first time... Wow! It sends a shiver down my spine to feel your lips on mine... we kiss gently for a while before smiling, we stop, and you start the car... You tell me you have booked me into a nice hotel for the night... I feel a little down thinking that you will drop me off... you see me and tell me that you hope I don't mind but you have an overnight bag in the trunk... that is good I say... we get to the hotel check in and go up to the room... it is lovely. As soon as we close the door we kiss... this time with a little more urgency... our lips press against each other and our tongues intertwine in our mouths... babe you kiss soooo well. As we kiss my hand moves up and cups one of your fantastic breasts through your dress... I can feel the hardness of your nipple and you let out a little moan... I slip my hands around your back and unzip the dress... slip it over your shoulders and down over your hips... it falls to the ground... you are standing before me in your matching bra and panties and stockings and suspenders... you kick off your shoes as we keep kissing... my hands still behind you draw you even closer to myself as our kissing becomes evermore passionate... my hard throbbing cock is squashed between us still inside my trousers... We move further into the room and as we do I undo your bra and it also falls to the floor... your breasts are amazing they really are and I cup one in each of my hands and gently squeeze them and rub your nipples... we move to the bed and I sit you on the edge... you lay back and I lean over you... at last I kiss your nipples... they are so hard... your breasts are so soft I suck on them, lick them and bury my face in them... slowly I move down your body.... kissing and licking you as I go... down over your tummy kissing your belly button and then I run my tongue along the top edge of your panties kissing the exposed skin between your suspender belt and your panties... you taste wonderful and I pull your panties down exposing your pussy... all neatly trimmed... I kiss and lick you moving down until I can taste your moistness... yummy it tastes better than the meal we have shared... I lick your opening running my tongue over your clit... my fingers slip inside you... babe you feel so good and my tongue soon follows... I open your pussy up with my fingers as my mouth caresses and kissed your public hair, your clit and flicks inside your wet opening... your legs are spread wide now as you welcome my mouth down between your legs... I start to thrust my tongue into you deeper and faster than before... my whole mouth is open and sucking on your moistness... I suck on your clit... licking tasting and burying my face between your legs as you start to move against my face... I can feel you pushing up into my face as I push my tongue deeper into you... you moan more and start to move faster... I tell you I want you to cum while I face fuck you and you groan again lifting your butt off the bed as you push up against me... I feel your body release and taste you even more as you cum... I keep licking and sucking your clit into my mouth as you writhe on the bed in pleasure... wow babe the texture of your pussy is so amazing.. .and your taste... I cannot get enough of you as I keep licking your wet pussy lips... I want to eat you all up but after a while you tell me to stop... but why I ask? I want your cock you reply... I stand up in front of you and take off my shirt, I kick off my shoes and socks... then drop my pants to the floor... you can see my hard cock through my boxer shorts and you sit up in front of me and slide my boxers down yourself... pulling them out to get over the throbbing hard cock now pointing at you... you smile and slowly rub it... just the tip... a little pre cum is already oozing out of my tip and you gently lick it off you tell me to come and lay down... I do so with my proud dick standing up... you lean over and kiss it again... slowly you open your mouth and slide down half of my length taking it into your mouth... you move up and down my shaft a few times while your tongue moves around my tip... you look up at me with my manhood in your mouth... you slide down my shaft a little further taking more of me into you... slowly you move back up and kiss me crotch... holding my hardness you kiss and lick my balls... your mouth moves up my body kissing me as you go... your tongue never losing contact with me skin... eventually our lips touch again and we kiss as you life a leg and straddle me... your hand holding my cock guides me towards your wet place and you slip my manhood into your pussy... Oh Angel you slide down my shaft taking it all into you wet, swollen and tight pussy... you start to ride me gently at fist still leaning forward so we can continue to kiss... my hands are moving between your tits and your waist... I want to touch all of you all the time! I want to feel you all you move up and down me and our kissing gets more and more intense... we are grinding our mouths against each other, we are grinding our inner thighs against each other... I hold your waist tight as I drive my hips upwards to meet you and you move down my shaft... we are moving faster now... babe you feel so good... You tell me you want my cum inside you... I don't need to be asked twice and drive all the harder and all the faster upwards into you... I can feel my cum starting to rise in me and I start to groan... as do you... I slip a finger down and rub your clit as you fuck me... you groan more and shudder as another orgasm shoots through your body... I don't stop either rubbing you or thrusting up into you... I cannot slow down I want to cum... I need to cum and I do... my cream shooting deep into you... It feels like I have emptied my balls into you... eventually I stop and so do you... you lay on me and we rest together, my cock still inside you... after a few minutes you slide off me... my man cum oozes out from between your hot, wet pussy lips... white cum runs down your thigh, drips onto the bed and gets stuck in your public hair... then you amaze me again as you bend down and lick the cum, mine and yours off my cock... your licks turn into your mouth opening and welcoming my again hard throbbing cock into you... this time you keep moving up and down my length... your hand rubbing me as you do so... I can feel your tongue licking around the head of my cock and you take virtually all of it into your mouth... babe I can feel another orgasm coming and I tell you... you don't sow down but keep going... I have my hands in your hair as I explode for the second time... this time my cum is in your mouth and you take it all... thank-you kiwifurball Angel