friendly fire

Now I am sitting here thinking of what it would be like to get her naked and have my way with her sweet soft body. I don"t think I am going to get much done today, if I can"t get that image out of my head. After an hour or so chillin I get to cleaning and all the single dad stuff that I have to get done. As I clean the house, I have to go into my daughters room and vacume and pick up a few of her panties that she leaves laying around. I have to take a sniff of her womanness. She has a very strong musky aroma in her panties. I continue to straighten up and come across a album tucked under her matress. Curiosity gets the best of me. I open the albumn to find a book filled with pictures of me. Some just day to day stuff, but some are a lot more private. Pictures of me naked while I sleep and a few are pictures of me in the shower and bathroom naked as well. As i turn the pages I find pictures of her laying naked next to me in bed. Dang she has a sexy body. She even has pictures of her with my cock in her mouth. I can"t believe I could sleep through that. What has my sexy daughter been doing to me! Now I know I am not going to get anything done today. All that I can think about is bending her over and fucking the living daylights out of my daughter. I want to see her with my cock in her mouth as I fuck her pretty little face. Burrying my toung in her sweet little pussy and tasting her juices as I bask in the aroma of her musky pussy. I am going to go crazy thinking about this. I need a cold shower to cool me down.At around seven oclock in the evening, Lauren comes home from work and throws herself down on the couch. She throws one leg over the arm of the couch, which unknowing to her gives me a great view of her cameltoe. Her tight pants have wedged themselves nicely up the crack of her ass and help highlight her plump pussy lips. I can feel my cock twinge with delight. I get up and get dinner started. As dinner is cooking, Lauren gets up and goes to take a shower. Now I have images going through my head of her wet and naked body all lathered up with soap. My cock is dripping with precum at the thought of her naked body under the running water. Dinner is cooking and she comes out in her almost see through pink pajama pants and white tanktop. What a sexy sight. We sit down to dinner and she tells me how hard of a day she has had and how her feet are so sore from standing on them all day at work. I throw out a thought of letting me rub them for her after dinner and she gladly accepts. Mean while we go on talking about all the gossip of her work day and what she is thinking about. After dinner I clean up and go sit on the couch to watch CSI with Lauren. Remembering the offer to rub her feet, she puts her legs in my lap so I can massage them. As I start rubbing them, she jumps up and says she wants to go put on her shorts, so that I can rub her sore calves as well. She comes back in a pair of boy shorts that if they were any tighter, would bust at the seams. I begin to rub her feet and she squirms down in the couch so that her sweet little ass is right up against my thigh. Her long sexy legs are now fully d****d across my legs. I begin once again to massage her feet, starting at the toes and working it to the balls of her feet. Her soft moans of delight arouse me as I continue to rub her little soft feet. I work one foot then the other and begin to work up to her calve. Her moans are getting louder and longer as I begin to squeeze harder and rub more on her calves. With her head back on the couch and enjoying the relaxing massage, I notice a wet spot in her shorts. Lauren is totally aroused by my massage. Now my cock really gets hard as I notice how much she is enjoying this.I get a little braver and slowly move up to her knees and lower thigh. Lauren and I totally forget we are watching tv. She has her eyes closed and head to the side as her beautiful blonde hair d****s over the side of the couch. I am trying to not burst out of my shorts as I begin to gently rub her thighs. Totally relaxed, she relaxes her legs and her thighs part giving me a great view of her wet pussy lips puffing up and engulfing the seem of her shorts. As I rub her leg, I begin to work it upwards to her inner thigh. Suddenly her hand moves off of her lap and falls square on my hard cock. her eyes open with a glimpse of delight. She turns her head and looks up at me with a devilish grin. "Daddy", are you enjoying my massage? She says. With a turn of her wrist, she now has my cock firmly in the grasp of her dainty hand. With a bit of shock still, I feel like a deer caught in the headlight. I Feel my cock surge up as she gives it a squeeze. My cock is twice as big as her hand, so she moves it down ward to make a tent apear in my pants. With a sheepish grin she says" I think you need a massage as well Daddy". Her hand moves up to my stomach and slowly finds a way into my waist band. The tip of her thumb is the first to find my cock. My dick jumps in delight as she rubs the tip in a circular motion. She slides her hand further into my pants to get a firm grip on my manhood. Daddy is happy! "Daddy", will you get that sore spot up a little higher on my leg? Higher, higher, no higher, right where the wet spot is in the middle! That is where it hurts the most, my pussy is really sore from not getting enough attention. I can"t believe my ears. I can"t believe my daughter is asking me to pleasure her! Rub me there, relly hard. Rub my hard sore clit, please Daddy! I am in total ecstasy! My cock in her hand and my fingers rubbing her sweet wet pussy. I slide my pinky under her shorts, squeezing between her thigh and tight elastic hem to find a slick wet pussy lip waiting to be fondled. I slide my pinky up and down the fold of her swollen lips to smear the juice from her pussy across her swollen pussy. Not being able to take much more, I grab hold of her waist band and in one swift tug, pull her shorts to her feet. I am in heaven, she has a nice full blonde bush! The d****s match the carpet as they say. She is partly unshaven and her plump pussy lips are protruding nicely through the forest. Holly crap, I can"t wait to get my mouth on that pussy. I grab hold of her legs and lift them into the air spreading her apart for me to get between them. I slide off of the couch and onto my knees so as to get a mouth full of her bush covered pussy. It can"t possibly get any better than this. I burry my face into her pussy lapping up her sweet thick juices that have escaped from her wanting folds. I lift her legs higher into the air and run my toung across her tigth asshole. Daddy! lapping her juices up I swirl my toung around her hole feeling her pucker with excitement. I begin to work my tounge into her tigth asshole making her moan. MMMM, What a sweet ass she has. After years of wanting to see it up close I get a full view. What a lovely ass my sweet daughter has. My cock is dripping with anticipation. I am so going to have my daughter tonight. I am going to plant my cock in my daughters tight pussy, and love every minute of it. I stand up and bring Lauren up as well so that her sweet soft face was looking right at my throbbing cock! Honey, Suck my cock like you did in those pictures! The look in her eyes was priceless. "But daddy" I only did that on a dare. My friend Katelyn made me do it or she was going to tell you that I was a dirty girl and that I let boys have there way with me. "She was there too, and even she sucked your cock". She said you were one of the biggest she had ever seen. When you shot your load, she swallowed every drop and didn"t even share with me. Katelyn was a sweet girl I thought, a little more plump than my daughter, but just as cute. She had a nice plump ass just right for holding onto and fucking the inoccence out of. Well Katelyn is not her etonight. This load of cum is all for you! Leaning forward, Lauren took the tip of my cock into her mouth. So warm, I couldn"t hardly stand it. With a lap of her toung, she licked the precum from my cock. "Salty Daddy" you have been a bad boy with your diet! I am just going to have to suck all of the salt out of your cock. With that, she sank every inch of my cock into her wanting mouth and down her tight throat. She held me deep in her mouth and began to humm. I could feel her tonsils on the tip of my cock. Grabbing two hand fulls of hair, I began to pump my dick in and out of her mouth. With an innocent look in her eyes I forced my cock down her throat making her gag. Tears began to run from her eyes as I face fucked her. One thrust after another, I was pumped deep into her mouth. Just about to cum, I pulled out and slapped my cock against her face.You little slut. You need to be punished for not letting me fuck you sooner. With that, I lifted her up and turned her around and leaned her over the couch. I am going to fuck you like the little whore you are. For letting all of those boys get at your pussy first. I am going to fuck you like never before. Rubbing my cock up and down her wet pussy smearing her cum all over my cock. As my cock got wetter, I started to slide it up the crack of her ass. With one hand full of her hair and the other on my cock, I pushed the tip of my cock into the tight opening of her asshole. "The boys got your sweet pussy first, but Daddy is going to get your ass first. Bad daughters deserve to get ass fucked for punishment. She squirmed as the head of my cock pierced the brown ring of her asshole. Thats a good daughter, now you are going to take the rest of your punishment. With her hair wrapped around my hand and her waist grasped firmly, I slid the rest of my dick deep into her bowels. She wiggled to get away from my cock, but I pulled her tight onto me. I slid my cock all the way into her till my pelvis was rubbing hers. Slowly I began to pump her asshole as my cock enjoyed her discomfort. As I fucked Lauren"s ass, she began to push back to my rhythm. She was starting to enjoy my manhood in her asshole. Letting go of her hair, and grabbing both of her hips, I began to plunge in and out of her bung hole. Her gaping asshole was pulsing with delight as I went in and out of her hole. Soon she was screaming for more and harder. Harder Daddy, Harder! Her breaths deepened as she was about to have a body trembling orgasm. As she held her breath, her pussy gushed out all over my balls as I plunged once more deep into her. My baby girl was a gusher. Her pussy squirted several times as I held my cock deep inside of her ass.Now as she lay limp across the back of the couch, I pulled my cock from her ass and put the head to the opening of her pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at me and said "Daddy I do not think I can take much more". With that, I pushed my cock into her pussy as she gasped for air. "of course you can". Lifting her hips up off of the couch, I began to pund my daughter's pussy with a vengence. "Daddy, oh Daddy, Daddy, she begged. I can"t take much more as her body trembled again in orgasm. Just as her body tightened and she unleashed another squirting orgasm on my cock, I pumped my load into her tight pussy. I ground my pelvis into hers making sure she got all of my seed. I am going to ruin you for all men. I am going to plant my seed in you so as to mark my teritory. You are going to be my baby mama"! With that I left her limp body stretched out over the couch. My cum dripping from her pussy. I had totally exhausted her. Lauren"s naked sweaty body laying across the couch was a sight to behold. I just fucked my daughter and filled her with my seed. Next, to make Katelyn share the punishment for not telling me. Lauren, I think you should call Katelyn over. I think she should help clean you up! With that, I handed her the phone.After an hour or so, the door opened and in walked Katelyn. She never knocked, she was like my other daughter. To her surprise, Lauren was laying across the couch naked and had her head in my lap with a mouth full of cock. Katelyn wasn"t sure how to handle the moment. Just then Lauren waved Katelyn over and held my cock toward her. Katelyn dropped to her knees and stared straight at my cock. Still in shock, Lauren grabbed her head and shoved my cock into her mouth. Lauren, pumped Katelyns head up and down on my cock. As katelyn began to find her own rythem, lauren started undressing Katelyn. Grabbing two hands of hair, I held Katelyn down on my cock as Lauren pulled off her shorts, leaving a white lace thong for me to admire. What a sight, Lauren naked and Katelyn bobbing on my cock."Daddy, I think you need to give Katelyn a dose of cock". Lauren helped Katelyn up and began to rub her pussy. Making sure she was wet for what was to come. With that lauren laid back on the couch and pulled Katelyn"s mouth to her pussy. As Katelyn began lapping at Lauren"s pussy, Lauren asked me to give Katelyn the same medicine she got. Holding Katelyn"s head to her pussy, I climbed up behind Katelyn and began to wet my cock on her dripping pussy."Now Daddy, she said". With that I began to slide my cock into Katelyn"s tight asshole. As she squirmed, Lauren held her head tight between her legs. I slid my cock all the way into her ass in one slow long stroke. Katelyn was wiggling her ass to try and get away. She was imprissoned between a cock and a pussy. I held both of her hips and began to pump her ass. She had nice soft curvy hips just right for holding onto. I began to pump faster and harder into her ass. She was still squirming but now more of in delight than pain. As I fucked my daughters friend, I was enjoying the look of my daughter. She was making sexy eyes at me as I pumped harder into her friend. "Give her your cum as you did me Daddy". I could never say no to my baby girl. Lifting katelyn"s ass in the air I slid my cock into her wet floppy pussy lips. She had big plump pussy lips that engulfed my cock with ease. Holding onto her great curves, I began to fuck the sweet pussy that my daughter wanted me to. After thoughroughly destroying her pussy I began to release my cum deep inside of her. Katelyn screamed no as I pumped my last load into her. I filled her pussy with my seed just as I did Lauren. The look on Laurens face was priceless. She now had a friend that was going to share my seed."Now you are both my baby mommas"!