fun night out

me: im bored i need to do something, auntie: what do you expect you havnt let the hotel since you arrivedme: think its time for a night out.tony: ill show you round if you likeme: why not be here for 8. i said as i finished my shift in the i went shopping , some new clothes was needed,8pm came i was stood waiting at the front entrance. dressed in a very tight short white dress, no bra you could clearly see my erect nipples. at last i was ready for a good night out. a taxi pulled up and tony waved me im excited so were are we goingtony: start off in towni stepped in to the taxi my dress rode up showing off my tight white see through knickers, tony : love the dressme : sure you do you perve i said giggling a few hours went by , many drinks and a few pubs later we end up in a night club. by this time i was very drunk. insisting on dancing on the tables , showing my knickers off to anybody who looked. tony: come on get down your going to hurt yourselfhe helped me down and we went for a sit down in the corner, had a few more drinks. i drank too much and past out there in the club, tony: lisa, lisa lisa i heard him saying as i opened my eyes, i was still in the club but nobody else was apart from 2 bouncers trying to get me to leave, i staggered to my feet tripped and landed flat on my face , my legs spread, my knickers were and twisted , my pussy flaps were sticking out bouncer 1: come on love for fuck sake get up and get homehe grabbed me under the arm and pulled me to my feettony: get off her . he snapped at the bouncerbouncer 2: you out . he snapped at tony taking him by the arm and escorting him out of the club. i was still being held up by the other man, not sure what was going on properly i noticed a hand up my skirt holding my arse tightly bouncer 1: dont worry ill get you home . he said as his fingers slipped inside my pussy, the 2nd man came back to the room, before i had chance to say or do anything he was behind me pulling up my dress parting my cheeks .bouncer 2: we will have to be quick mate her friend is waiting at the door.bouncer 1: hurry up im not missing out this timei felt a force on my arse as the man pushed his cock inme: what you doing i mutteredbouncer 1: shut up love , he said as he pushed my head down to meet his huge cock i opened my mouth and took all off his cock. a few secounds later the man behind me tensed up and shot a load of cum up my tight arse.bouncer 1: you donebouncer 2 : yeah shes all yoursbouncer 1: hold her , he asks the man got hold of me and lifted me in the air holding me up so my holes are wide open. the 1st man spits on my pussy then brutaly fucks my hole, i was screaming so loud the barmaid came over to see if i was ok.barmaid: will you 2 put her down you will hurt her she said with a smilewith that the man exploded in my pussy .i could feel both my holes were full as i was marched out of the club, my legs were weak and my holes were fucked.tony: were have you been are you ok? me: im great tony lets go home we get in a taxi and go towards the hoteltony: so are you ok then, why was they so long bringing you out?? he askedme: i think i was sick tony ,im not sure i said a bit confusedtony : well aslong as they didnt hurt you i was getting worried. me: whats this i looked down at my legs me: its all wet i said as i parted my legsme: were my knickers whats all this?? is it cum i shoutedtony: oh god love he learned in to look closelyboth holes were leaking cum dribbling out onto the seat, i wiped my fingers across my pussy, me: yes its cum i said as i sucked my fingers. my legs still spread by now the taxi driver was driving slowly and watching in his mirrorme : clean me tony i said as i held my pussy lips apart with out speaking tony leaned forward and buried his face in my sticky cuntme: ohhh i moaned loudly as i watched the taxi driver watching usgrabbing at tonys hair pulling him harder into my aching cunt, me: dont forget my arse i said as i lifted my legs higher to expose my holethe taxi pulled up outside the hotel , driver: we are here he said nervouslyme : good come in the back i demandedthe driver opened the door and just stood watching my get my holes eatenme: wank for me i askedthe driver nervously pulled out his cock and stood in the street wanking next to the car. i start bucking my hips and cuming hard on tonys face. the taxi was shaking and i was quite loud. i push tony off me, looking over to the driver still wanking i said your turnhe flew in the taxi grabbing my legs forcing them back further. with 1 push he entered my arse down to his balls. me: fuck i moaned as he started to pick up paceme : thats it thats it ohh fuckmy cunt contracts and forces his cock out hard, i squirt alover him he leans down and slurps up the sticky fluid.he re enters my arse and pounds away for about a minute, before pulling out and shooting his load over my face. i sucked his cock clean we said goodbye and he drove off very happy