Girl Friends Share a Dark Secret--Day 2

Before we begin with Day 2, let me first provide a brief recap of our girls only first day in Vegas – A few months back, I made a new friend with a woman named Kelly and although we only recently met, our friendship is as though we have known each other for life. Kelly asked if I would go with her to Las Vegas over a long weekend. Her husband was going out of town and I needed a vacation, so I said, “Let’s Go.” Although we are both married, last night we met two guys at a dance club, Edward and Darien, and spent the night together at the Bellagio. We had a great time flirting, dancing, teasing our lovers, and we were now enjoying the afterglow. Last night after Edward had his way with me, he spooned up to me in the bed and I let out a soft moan as he wrapped his strong arms around me. As I closed my eyes peacefully, I began to relive our love making and the nervous thought that he may have gotten me pregnant. He did not use a condom, I was not on the pill and I was worried that I may be ovulating. I remember that at the moment of love making, I wanted all of him inside of me--I felt truly in love and as he held me after, we simply fell asleep in each other’s embrace. I had not been with a man since my husband left for war many months ago and I needed the “after holding” as much as I needed the sex. We were so exhausted that we didn’t even get up to clean ourselves, and it just felt so right. Edward spent the night with me and Darien slept with Kelly in the other queen bed. Near morning I woke to the sounds of Darien fucking with Kelly again. He was doing her doggy style and she was moaning softly as he played with her clit and stroked her. I could see him pushing it in a little ways and her pushing back to impale herself on his black shaft. Then with one large thrust he bottom out in her pussy and she lunged forward in pain. He was too big and I could see fear in her eyes as he grabbed her hips and force it back in. Her hands reached back to control his thrust but Darien continued pressing himself further into her from behind. Her tummy bulged out, her tits bounced back and forth and her face grimaced with ever thrust. However, with each stroke she became more accommodating and seemed to lock him in place as she lowered her chest to the pillow. Kelly’s breathing quickened and moaning became louder as she came hard crying out as her lover rode her. Darien quickened the thrusts as he pounded his dick deep into her. Hearing her climax, he let out a low primal groan as he came again in her white pussy. As I looked on, Darien motioned for me to come join him as he fucked her but there was no way I was going to get close to that a****l. So I quickly turned away and wrapped my arms around Edward as he slept next to me. We all began to wake at about 9:30am and Kelly and I headed right for the bathroom. We both looked a mess. My hair was strewn, my titties had love bits, my panties were soaked from top to bottom with my lover’s cum; and, Edward had given me an unladylike hickey on my neck. Kelly and I had gotten everything we wanted and more. The boys had totally ravaged our married white bodies and we still had another day together. After dressing we left the room for the Bellagio Buffet and some much needed food. Edward helped pick out my clothes and had me dress in a short white tennis skirt with matching collared shirt, while Kelly put on a short jean skirt and midriff top. We charged the breakfast to the room and Edward grabbed my hand as we entered the buffet line. There seemed to be no question why we were in Vegas. I felt like everyone in the buffet was staring at us. Here were two married white wives with black men holding our hands and a hickey to prove we were black owned. The only thing missing was a BBC anklet, lol. The feeling was indescribable—naughty and so slutty--yet so secure holding Edwards hand, in a state of almost “love.” After breakfast the boys kissed us goodbye, exchanged WhatsUp numbers and returned back to their hotel. We agreed to meet at the night club later in the evening. Kelly and I put on our bathing suits and headed for the pool to work on our tan. What I like most about the Bellagio is that only overnight guests can enter the pool area. The pool is surrounded by a beautiful garden and plenty of lounging to sunbath and chill. [/image Even though we shared the experience in the same room, our emotions were running wild and we couldn’t stop talking about how fantastic of a night we had. We felt totally liberated and like sexy Hotwives. It was interesting that not once did we discuss our husbands or the k**s, we were there to enjoy and nothing else. I thanked Kelly for suggesting Vegas, we were having a blast and it was so relaxing laying in the Nevada sunshine drinking African Sunsets—Orange juice, vodka, grenadine and peach schnapps. Kelly told me how huge Darien was and I told her that I should call Edward, Mr. Ed as he was hung like a horse too: and yet he was so gentle and loving with me. I immediately sensed that she didn’t want to be with Darien again and just as I suspected, she asked if I would swap partners tonight. She is my best friend but to tell you the truth, I was possessive and even jealous, but she and I had such a bond that I could not refuse her. I apprehensively went along with her plan. As I may have mentioned, laying out in the sun makes me extremely horny and we were checking out the guys wading in the pool. Unfortunately, most of them were old and overweight. When we returned to our room and shed our bikinis to admire our tan lines, I intentionally brushed up against Kelly in the bathroom. I gently kissed her back and neck as I pressed my breasts to her. She turned and kissed me deeply on the lips and told me what great friends we had become. I thought we might have some BFWB action but Kelly pulled back and said “let’s go out for dinner and save our hormones for this evening; I am still really sore from last night with Darien.” We had lite tapas in the lounge and then returned to get ready for the club. We laid out our new dresses, bras and panties for the evening. My thong was gold with white lace and her sexy g-string was black with gold lace. We looked very hot as we paraded around the room wearing only our wedding rings and panties. I wore a short skirt with a low-cut halter top and some bling jewelry along with my dangly belly button ring. I looked hot if I do say so myself. Just before 9:00pm we grabbed a cab to the club and as planned Edward and Darien were to arrive a bit later, so Kelly and I ordered a cocktail and sat at the bar. We were getting some good looks and even did some flirting with the single men there. Edward and Darien walked in and everyone was a little edgy so Kelly broke the ice by asking Edward onto the dance floor. Darien looked surprised and grabbed my arm and we headed there too. I think Edward was jealous seeing us talking with the men at the bar and now wanted to make me jealous as he pressed his body close to Kelly’s. I tried not to look over at them but couldn’t keep my eyes off him as he danced holding Kelly by the bum. After a few R&B dances, we all ended up sitting in dark booth in the back of the club and continued talking, drinking and flirting. Other women in the club, both black and white, had noticed and gave us dirty looks but we didn’t care because we knew the boys would be coming home with us white chicks. We were two pretty married ladies hanging out with our new found black stuuuds. In the large circular booth Darien sat between Kelly and me and Edward sat next to Kelly on the end. It was interesting to see Darien act like he was the big bull on the block as he rested his head on the back of the booth, legs spread and arms winged out around both of us, as though he owned us. I think because he got some last night he felt that we were now his. Kelly showed him as she moved away and was giving Edward all of her attention. Darien got the message and began to focus on me, even though I was frankly not that interested and scared of him. Edward remarked how pretty Kelly looked and motioned for her to move closer. She looked at me for approval and I said, “This is your night girlfriend--enjoy!” She seductively crawled over to him, raised up under his arm and wrapped her arms around his chest. He instinctively drew her close for a kiss. I was so fucking jealous, Edward was my man not hers but I self-talked myself to get control and behave—“she is your best friend,” I kept saying. Their tongues pushed in and out, and he began to feel her tits and ass as he pulled her even closer. She regained her composure, and I asked her to go with me to the restrooms. We made some small talk and she confessed that she wanted to give Edward a “time of his life.” I could not bring myself to tell her how jealous I was and she hugged, kissed and thanked me for trading partners. Then she said that I was her best friend ever. After a short time we freshened up and returned to our beaus. She went right back to Edward and from her look, I knew that she was going to seduce him right there. They playfully touched each other and it seemed that he was playing with her pussy under the table. His arms were spread on the back of the booth with a beer in one hand and the other reaching down between her legs. She looked at me for approval but I just looked away and began to focus on Darien. Edward appeared to be fingering her as she cooed and laid her head on his chest. He was driving her crazy and she began to moan in ecstasy. In a few minutes, I saw her eyes roll back and she appeared to have a quivering climax. Her body shook and lunged forward bucking back and forth. She regained her composure and focused on getting Edward off as she reached under the table. I had seen enough and pulled Darien onto the dance floor. He was all over me feeling my ass and tits—the nerve of him. I pushed him away but he continue to grope on me. I think it was the alcohol and his bull behavior. After several dances in a row, he grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the club. As we passed the his/her handicap restroom, he pushed the door open and pulled me in locking it behind us. He began to press his lips to mine while I fought to push him away. He took this as playful resistance and then overwhelmed me with his powerful arms. I thought of my wonderful husband serving in war and what he would have done to Darien had he been there to protect me. What had I gotten myself into? This a****l was going to take what he wanted. Darien was so much different than Edward and forced me to my knees as he grabbed my head and pushed his pelvic into my face. I was scared as he ordered me to unzip him and suck it. He was overwhelmingly forceful but as I struggled, in some strange way, I was getting turned on by his alpha aggression. He reached under my skirt and pulled me by my ass as he thrust his dick over my lips. I accepted his dick in my mouth while he gyrated his hips to the loud background music of the club. He reached under my skirt, pulled my thong panties to the side and began to finger me. I am usually very moist anyway but the naughtiness got me really wet. He pushed one then two fingers into my womenhood and then pulled them out to apply a circular motion on my clit, alternating in and out then rubbing my clit as he slipped his black fingers into my pussy over and over. I wiggled away from him but he just brought his wet fingers to my lips and forced me to taste. I thought that it wise to obey so I tasted, sucked and licked his fingers clean; then he pushed me down to finish sucking his cock. I asked him to be gentle and not to hurt me. He was so fucking rough and gagged me with his size and length. I tried not to vomit as he pushed deeper into my throat. After a few minutes of sucking he turned me around and bent me over the toilet as he pushed me forward. With my high heels on I could only steady my position by spreading my legs and resting my hands on the seat. He pulled up my skirt and I let him thrust into me. He spread my legs futher as he dogged me from behind. He was so forceful that I nearly did a face plant on the wall at the back of toilet. Now I was really scared as he pounded in me relentlessly. He had no condom and I was not on the pill. I screamed for him not to cum in me, begging him to pull out. I thought that if I made it a challenge he would shoot outside my womb. I told him to shoot his beautiful cum in my face, on my tits or on my ass. Make me your slut and cum on me like I deserve. His a****l nature took over and he began forcing himself even deeper into me. He was so big and forceful, I was getting turned on by his guttural groans but knew he needed to pull out. I had him in my control now it appeared. He started to tense and I knew he was about to shoot so I wiggled him out ruining it as he shot on my ass and up on my backside. I was frightened and a mess but I refused to let that a****l shoot inside me. The inside of my pussy was reserved for those I had deep feelings for and not for someone who forced me to fuck him. He had forcibly taken me, and worse, fucked me over a toilet in the bathroom. I was ok with having sex with him but wanted to take it slow and civilized. He on the other hand was an a****l and he would have cum in me knowing full well I was not on the pill. I was shaken up, scared, angry; and, although I fully intended to get fucked I surely did not want it to be like that. I expected it to be lovingly and for the guy to use some protection. Unfortunately, I knew he was not done with me yet. We cleaned up and returned to the booth with Kelly. Kelly had a faraway look on her face as through she had too much to drink and that she had already climaxed right there in the booth. I knew she was getting what she wanted but thought why didn’t I have the courage to hold on to Edward. I wanted him badly now. Kelly regained her composure and we headed for the ladies room. Kelly could tell something was wrong; I was shaking and couldn’t calm down. I told her that Darien had forcibly taken me in the bathroom and that I was scared of him. I begged her to switch partners back. I wanted Edward to protect me and for Kelly to stay close. I even asked her to sneak out and get a cab back to the Bellagio. She seemed to take Darien’s part and talked me in to staying for a while longer. She seemed to be aroused by his forcefulness and wanted to hear all of the details. She reminded me that Edward was a perfect gentlemen and that I could have him if I liked. We all drank and danced until about 1:00 AM and Kelly suggested that go back to our hotel for a night cap.... They nodded in agreement. When we got back to the room, Kelly, as she promised, grabbed Darien, went to her knees and reached for his belt. In one continuous motion she had his huge black monster out while he unbuttoned her blouse and began playing with her tits. His cock was so large with a deep purple head and it looked to be thicker than my wrist. She began stroking, sucking and licking his cock. She gagged at first but soon sucked it like a pro. He pushed her on the bed and began to eat her pussy like a man possessed. She moaned and held his head on her mound as she came in climax bucking and shaking. She pulled his head up, kissed him deeply and begged him to fuck her, "DO ME NOW! FUCK ME NOW, SLAM YOU COCK UP MY PUSSY.” She felt his balls slapping against her butt and realized he had slipped into her with a full penetration, she was dripping wet. There was no pain, only the powerful sensation of his stroking. He pushed his dick into her and began to slam it into her pussy, nearly lifting her off of the bed. He fucked her like a whore and she was loving it. She moaned and pushed back with ever stroke. When he slowed the pace and set the rhythm she began to cum. They kissed deeply so she could taste their juices on her mouth. She licked and tongued him as she came bucking forward and back. The warm, velvety feeling around his cock kept his passions rising just as the incredible fullness in her belly fueled her passions to new heights. They both had huge climaxes and his cum spilled out of her pussy and down his shaft. Exhausted, they rested in each other’s arms. He was content for the moment. Their show had made me horny and since I was in Edward’s arms again, I initiated the sex. I wanted this man again, I wanted to reclaim my man and to be his. “I have something special for you, wait here, I exclaimed.” I came back wearing a pink nightie with g string panties that just barely covered my ass. I grabbed his hand and said let’s play. I reached for his dick and began giving him the best blowjob I could and he was enjoying every lick. He pulled me close and began to finger my pussy, we were moaning together and in a moment I began to cum. I wanted him in me and I wanted it now, so I rolled over onto my hands and knees and presented myself to him for the taking. He entered me from behind and my tits bounced back and forth with ever thrust. I placed a pillow under my pelvic so he could get the perfect angle on my G-spot. The feeling was over whelming and I began moaning and panting. He knew I was about to cum and slowed the pace to keep me on the edge of ecstasy. After a bit, Edward turned me over and mounted me in missionary style. He kissed me deeply and our tongues penetrated each other’s mouth. He began kissing my neck and moved to suck on my breasts as he continued to stroke me as hard as he could. I was loving it and told him “Please don’t stop, I love the way you fuck me with that big black cock.” Moments later I came bucking again in a huge orgasm. I groaned that I was coming and asked him to cum with me, “give it to me lover, fill my pussy up with your cum.” Edward wasn’t ready to cum yet, so I asked him if he wanted to take my ass. It was still a virgin and I wanted to give it to this beautiful man. I asked him to be gentle and not to hurt me. He wanted to fuck my ass he said and lubed it up with our juices and then pressed his head into my asshole. This was a first for me and I did not want it to hurt, so he hesitated. “Don’t stop!” I yelled. The worst is getting the head in. I dug my nails into the mattress and panted as Edward pushed harder to penetrate deeper into my ass. I have never been in such ecstasy as he began pumping rhythmically in and out. He had great staying power but even he could not resist my tight ass, he had to cum. He rubbed inside my virgin ass and shouted that he was cummmmmingggggg. I begged him to pull out and put it into my pussy, “Squirt in me! So I can feel your hot semen shooting inside, I am your women now and forever.” Edward did as I begged and squirted his cum deep into my womb and as he stoked it foamed up around my lips and down my crack and back. It was a huge load. I was exquisitely ravished and exhausted but Edward was not done and began to play with my pussy. He fingered me and fucked me to several more climaxes that evening until I begged him to stop. I couldn’t take it anymore.We kissed and collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms. Before we knew it, it was morning and we all need to pack and leave for our homes. Kelly and Darien were totally exhausted too but were beginning to come back to life. We all had a late breakfast but hardly said a word. It was a weekend that I will never forget. I will keep Edward’s phone number close. Jokingly I asked when they would be coming back. They said, “You have our phone numbers.”