Glorydaze 5

Dennis stood and turned, leaning over the chair. I pressed my face to his ass he pressed back and began to bounce on my tongue. I couldn’t take it anymore; I stood and wrapped my arm around his stomach sliding my hard dick up and down between his cheeks. Just as I started looking for the lube bottle on the dark floor he spun away from me. Grabbing his clothes from the floor he hurriedly dressed and rushed out. I couldn’t follow him, I was naked and a mess.I gathered up my clothes, got dressed and went looking for the restroom. Of course there were no mirrors or paper towels. I counted myself lucky there was some toilet paper. I splashed water on my face and started picking the cum out of my hair.I heard the door open and looked back to see Keith come in. “You have a good time?” he asked. “Yeah, I guess” I answered. I was tired and bummed that Dennis had run off. I really didn’t feel like talking.Undoing his pants he said “Come here and do me a favor before you go.” I looked at his soft dick and hesitated then thought what the hell. I sank to my knees in front of him and took him in my mouth. Rolling my tongue and moving my head back and forth I felt him grow in my mouth. As he became hard he started to move his hips using my mouth. He was finally hard and pushing into my sore throat, deeper than where my gag reflex used to be. He would hold me there with my teeth against his stomach then pull out an inch then push back in, rocking his hips. In and out he fucked my mouth finally I felt him tense. He pulled back a little, started squirting on my tongue then pulled all the way out and came hard all over my face. I let him finish then sucked him dry.I stood and went back to the sink. He buttoned up and headed for the door. He stopped on his way out and said “See you next week" I was horny by the time Thursday rolled around. Actually I had been horny since Sunday when the soreness of my Friday gang bang had eased off. I waited all night but my normal call from Dennis never came. Friday morning I was distracted and anxious, I was shaved and clean but with nowhere to go. By two p.m. I was ready and drove to the video store, there were no cars there but I parked and went inside anyway. Keith saw me come in and called me to the counter. Knowing what Keith had seen me do and what I had done with him I couldn’t look him in the eye. I walked over, head down. “Dennis didn’t call you?” he asked. When I said he hadn’t Keith told me “He got a new girlfriend and said he wouldn’t be back for a while.” My stomach sank and I felt deflated. I knew this was just a lark and wasn’t going to last but I was still disappointed. “You know he isn’t gay, right?”He asked. I knew and truthfully didn’t want him to be but I hated to see it end. I looked up at Keith and he said “You want to go back and watch a movie? I’ve got one you really should see.” I was disappointed but still horny so I said “Sure, why not.”I closed the door and sat in the dark, the movie started on its own. There it was, the desk, I was on my stomach, a man moving between my legs. You could see my full face when I raised my head to take Dennis into my mouth. The angle was such that my face was the only one that could be seen as they fucked me. And fuck me they did. By the time the video was finished I was hard. I was also angry, scared and confused.I walked back to the counter, Keith was there smiling. “You like the show?” he asked. “What the fuck” I asked. He grinned and said “Dennis is gone, looks like you belong to me now.” I looked down and said “Yes sir” He glanced at the cameras making sure the place was empty then went and locked the front door. Coming back he led me to the office. As we walked in I noticed the video camera sitting on a high cabinet, a red light flashing. Have you ever noticed that people look at what you do and assume that’s who you are? Keith assumed that because I was submissive to Dennis that I was weak. He didn’t realize that the lean muscle he liked to look at and use was borne from a c***dhood of dragging fishing nets and hard work in the oilfields of south Texas. I grabbed him from behind by the nape of his neck and his balls, lifting him easily; I tossed him forward onto the desk. I won’t describe Keith’s time on the desk but it wasn’t as much fun as mine. My cock was sore from friction when I came deep in his throat. He was on his back, sore, and scared but still with a hard on. I used his clothes to clean myself up, collected the tape from the camera and the tape of me from the bank of machines that fed the booths and walked into the sunlight.