Gracie 02 - Squeal Like a Pig

Gracie and I hit Clancy's on Friday night, the night after we had met, full of excitement and optimism. We were up for anything. One guy or two guys, whatever we could get. Two sluts on the prowl, looking for cock. Gracie was so uninhibited and it was catching. She made me feel uninhibited and comfortable with my slutty nature. We planned our night at Clancy's, to pick up a guy, take him home and fuck him, the way we would have planned a shopping trip. Gracie was so different to my girlfriends, so out there, so crazy and so slutty. I loved it.I felt comfortable and confident with her in a way I never felt with the other girls. I had always been their inferior, the weird little one, goofy looking, socially awkward, the ugly duckling of the group. Now for the first time, I had a friend who I didn't feel inferior to. In a very shallow way that made me feel ashamed, I thought I looked good beside fat Gracie. I felt that if men had to choose, they would prefer me to fat little Gracie. The girls, my friends, were all so much better looking than me, more attractive in every way, but Gracie was fat and I had pretty good body. Every time I went out with the girls, I looked even more unattractive alongside them. I thought I looked good beside Gracie. I hated that feeling but I couldn't ignore it.And part of me embraced it.Gracie acted surprisingly confident for a little, fat girl. She was very pretty, beautiful at times, she was funny, cheerful and friendly and guys seemed drawn to her. The other reason guys were drawn to her was that she put it out there. She made it very clear with words and gestures subtle and not subtle at all, that she was up for a fuck. I felt much more confident with guy when I was with her. She did all the hard work getting them to approach us and I did her trick and imagined them going down on me and that made me smile. Every time I imagined the guy talking to me, between my legs eating out my cunt, it made me smile naturally. It was so much better than trying to force a smile.A few guys came up to us, but on Friday night and Saturday night Clancy's hums and buzzes with excitement, the place is packed with movers and groovers and the beautiful people and women like Gracie and I barely get noticed. Guys came up to us but soon moved on the moment they spotted a more attractive proposition. So, we decided to stick with Desperado Week Nights at Clancy's and leave Friday and Saturday nights to the Beautiful People.We had gone to so much trouble too. Gracie said that our tits were our biggest attraction and I agreed. So we spent a lot of time at her place choosing an outfit that showed her tits off to perfection and the same at my place. We checked and double checked our cleavage and set forth full of confidence.We had a few Blue Lagoons at Clancy's and when we realised we weren't going to have any luck we went and had dinner at Maison Blue - sounds French but isn't. I discovered why Gracie is fat. She LOVES food. She attacks food methodically like a military action. Watching her eat was quite an experience. She eats almost as much in one meal as I would normally eat in a week. We weren't that disappointed with Clancy's and we were both actually a bit relieved. We were both tired after staying up all night Thursday night and our all night fuck session and it was nice to just have a few drinks and a nice meal and relax and talk. We were both just a tiny bit awkward at lunch on Friday because we had gone so far Thursday night - feeling a bit awkward that we'd both revealed so much of our weirdness so soon. But we got over that easily.We went back to my place and Gracie had a surprise for me. A backup plan. Two soft rubber a****l masks stuffed in her handbag. A Wolf and a Pig. I knew exactly what she had in mind when she showed them to me with a fit of giggles and my tiredness vanished. We stripped off excitedly, both of us laughing and giggling so much that we had trouble getting our clothes off. I knew it was weird. Worse than that, I knew that somehow the way that Gracie used to put her self down with the fat pig routine was unhealthy but I did understand how it was some kind of fucked up coping mechanism so I went along with it. I always felt a bit bad about it but I couldn't deny it was a turn on.I got my Fox Tail butt plug and Gracie howled with laughter when she saw it."Oh my God, it goes in your ass?" She cried in amazement."That is SO fucking sexy kinky." She said as she as she watched with great interest as I put it in. She stroked it and ran her fingers around my ass where it went in. Then I put on the wolf mask and a strap-on. I growled like a wolf. Grrrr. And Gracie fell about laughing. She put on the pig mask and got down on her hands and knees and began to crawl around squealing a pig Weeee Weeee Weeee and acting terrified.It was weird. Really weird. But I have always loved weird, crazy shit and I felt totally at ease going weird with Gracie. I thought at last I ahd met someone even weirder than me. I got on my hands and knees and chased her. She moved very fast for a fat little pig and I had trouble catching her. Every time I thought I had her she slipped away. We laughed like lunatics. We acted like complete idiots. We went completely nuts. We loved it.I thought I could never do this with anyone else. I finally nailed her in the lounge room and wrestled her to the floor. She got back up on all fours and I mounted her from behind. I shoved my strap-on cock into her, surprised at how wet she was and how easily it went in. I began to fuck her hard and fast and she squealed like a pig. Weeee Weeee Weeee over and over, bursts of three very loud 'Weeees'. At first her squealing was funny and I was laughing so hard I was having trouble fucking her and it became a real turn on in the WEIRDEST way. She got louder and louder until it sounded like she really was terrified and in distress - and she was squealing so loud that the neighbours would have heard her.I thought I must be hurting her so I stopped fucking her but she gave a squeal of delight and took off. She just slid off my cock with a bit of a wet plopping sound and scampered away.This time the chase was even crazier. I chased her in and out of every room in the house, under the dining table pushing chairs aside, up and over the couch, around my gym equipment. I nearly caught her in the bathroom but somehow she crawled out over the top of me.She looked ridiculous and yet incredibly sexy crawling around on all fours with that soft pink pig mask, squealing like a pig. It seemed such a truly uninhibited thing to do. As if she had let go completely and trusted me enough to do it in front of me. Every time I saw her facing me with those huge tits of her hanging down under her I got so turned on that I think I just froze and stared. Which contributed to my difficulty in catching her. At one stage she was under the dining room table and she turned side on to me so I saw her full body side on, chubby thighs and big fat tits hanging down and she turned her head so her face with the pig mask was facing me directly. At that moment, in that position, she really did look like a plump, fat, little pig. I caught her in the hallway. I rushed after her fat bouncy ass and pounced on her, grabbed her by the hips and mounted her like Direwolf. A very big, strong and very, very horny Direwolf. This time I didn't care how loud she squealed - I needed to fuck her so badly. I'd chased her round and round the house for so long and I was getting frustrated.I fucked her hard and fast and held her hips tightly, hauling her backwards and thrusting my cock into her. She squealed and squealed and got louder and louder and I didn't care. I got so carried away I yelled out. "Squeal like a pig, you fat little bitch." It registered in my brain that I shouldn't have said that but I was too far gone to give it any more thought than that simple acknowledgement. It seemed to just turn Gracie on and she squealed even louder.I got into a really good rhythm and I was fucking pounding her, slamming my body into her fat little ass and ramming that cock deep inside her. Her squealing grew softer and was slowly replaced by a repetitive moaning as I hammered her cunt. She put her arms on the floor and rested her head on them which raised her ass slightly and inspired me to fuck her even harder.I let go of her hips and reached under her to grab her tits and I was amazed at how heavy and how big they felt hanging under her like this. They overflowed in my hands. Bending over to reach her tits changed my angle of penetration and she suddenly shot back up onto all fours, so she was on her hands and knees again with me sort of d****d over her back, hanging onto her tits with my own tits squashed on her back.She began to thrust her ass back at me, slowly and deliberately and for a while I stopped still and let her fuck herself on the cock while I just held it steady. Then I fucked her again. More slowly this time but going in much deeper, slow and deep with long deliberate strokes that forced a loud moan out of her each time I drove my cock home. Fucking her this way put the little knobs inside the strap-on directly in contact with my clit and each time I drove the cock in as far at it would go, the pressure on my clit drove me nuts and kept bringing me to the brink of orgasm. When I finally just held it in and ground my hips into her ass, making Gracie GROAN incredibly loudly, I came. An incredibly intense orgasm that wracked my body and made me shake all over. Then I fucked her with renewed vigour. I let go of her tits, knelt upright, grabbed her hips again and hammered her. I machine gun fucked her and she responded by going "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" sounding like a machine gun herself, adding the sound to my machine gun fucking. Then I went crazy. I started growling and snarling without even realising and then I lost it - I growled, snarled, barked, and finally HOWLED like a demented wolf. Gracie responded by squealing even louder, like a terrified little fat pig, about to be eaten alive by a huge, savage Direwolf.When I stopped howling and carrying on, we both settled down a bit and Gracie began to squeal again more softly and I started laughing. "Weeee Weeee Weee" It was fucking hilarious.Then things went from crazy to just plain fucking insane.Gracie said. "Is that all you got, Big Bad Wolf?"What????Then she said. "Porky Pig fucks me harder than that."I thought 'What the fuck? I just fucked her as hard as I possibly could. I had given it everything I had. I had fucking hammered, pummelled, pounded, machine gunned, pile driven that bitch and she says that to me? I grabbed her hips tighter and pulled back and RAMMED that cock into her and drove it so hard she fell forward and we almost both fell over. She groaned and moaned loudly as I ground my hips into her big fat ass and she thumped the floor with her fist and yelled out "AGAIN."So I did. She thumped the floor and yelled out "Again."We kept doing that and each time she yelled out "Again" and then she then she yelled out in this really weird voice."Oh fuck, you're fucking killing me."I panicked and stopped and asked her if she was alright and she angrily yelled out. "Don't fucking stop now, you dumb cunt.""Dumb cunt?" I almost screeched it. "I'll give you 'dumb cunt' you fat little fucker. Squeal like a pig you fat little pig. You fucking, fat little pink pig."She did. She squealed like a pig being slaughtered. She squealed so loud I was expecting a knock on the door at any moment but I just kept fucking her as hard as I could snarling and growling like a wolf while she squealed like a pig until finally my knees started to give in and I had a brain wave and got up into the Pornstar Hump position. I fucking hammered her and she squealed like she really meant it and that cock went in deeper than ever. At first she loved it. I buried that cock in her cunt right up to the hilt and I thought she must have a deep cunt to handle all that cock. I was giving it to her in long, slow, powerful thrusts, ramming it all the way in and with each thrust she gave out a squeal.It was like:Ugh!WeeeeUgh!WeeeeUgh!WeeeeThen:Ugh!Oooh.Ugh!OoohUgh!OoohThen:Ugh!Oh!Ugh!Oh!Ugh!Oh!Then:Ugh!Ow!Ugh!Ow!Ugh!Ow!Then:Ugh!Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just kept going. I kept fucking her until finally she said."No. No more. I can't take any more. Please."I stood up watching that cock slowly slide up out of her cunt hole and I marveled that it had gone in all that way and she had actually been able to stand it for so long. She must have a really deep cunt. I wondered how we could measure how deep our cunts were and how much it varied from woman to woman. I thought that my cunt must be pretty deep because I'd taken some big cocks all the way in. I was pretty sure I'd taken the full length of this strap-on but it's hard to tell unless you can actually see it. Gracie was fucked. Well and truly fucked. She rested her head on her arms with her ass up in the air and her cunt gaped open alarmingly wide. I thought 'Fuck you could drive a truck in there.' Then chastised myself for being so bitchy.We went to bed after that and we both crashed as soon as our heads hit the pillow. Gracie cuddled into me all night and her tits were like big, warm, soft pillows. She was always very affectionate and loved cuddling up when we're in bed sleeping.What a great night. It couldn't have been better if we had picked up a guy. Gracie said the a****l masks were a backup option but I thought they were better than doing some guy together. Much better. I just fucking LOVE that weird shit and I had found someone who loved it as much as I do. And she was into absolutely anything. It was fucking amazing. She was smart too. She had a science degree and worked as a research assistant for a pharmaceutical company.