Gran, Pat and ME

============ Gran called me and said that her friend Pat was going to be calling and needed some help. I remembered Pat. Growing up, Pat had often gone on vacation with Gran while Grandpa Jim was off making his fortune. Pat was more my parents age and I always thought she was just a fox! Back then she wore button up shirts and a hold up bra that seemed to defy gravity pushing her big tits up and out like a shelf! When I was in sixth grade and just getting really curious about girls, I learned that both Pat and Gran enjoyed shoulder rubs, so I would stand behind their chairs and rub their necks and shoulders. I would also steal lots of long looks down their blouses which led to me having to try to hide my young erection! Pat called and said she had a leak under her kitchen sink and Gran had told her I had started flipping houses and was pretty good with plumbing. She said she could not pay me much but would be grateful if I could just come over and ease her mind that nothing horrendous was happening. I wrote down her address and I jumped in my truck and headed over. Pat greeted me at the door and for a woman pushing 60 she looked really hot! She had on a knee length skirt that was stained and dirty and an old light-weight blouse. Her breasts seemed to be even larger than I remembered, and lower… much lower!!! I smiled to myself as I followed her into the kitchen. The view of the back of her made me u*********sly like my lips and then to my surprise, I realized I was also getting stiff! I just shook my head and decided I would ignore it. She had already cleaned out everything under the sink except for a pie tin. She said she had not seen any leaks, but that she also had stopped using the sink. I turned on the faucet and within moments of turning the water on we could hear water hitting the pie tin noisily so I turned it off. “My guess is the elbow trap has rusted, but let me take a look.” Getting down on the floor I rolled onto my back as Pat pulled a chair out from her little table and sat down near my feet. Sure enough, on the back side of the pipe there was a decent sized hole. I checked the other pipes to make certain that everything else was dry and tight and it was. “Everything looks good from here!” I said. Then I looked down and I about shit! Pat was sitting feet spread to the outside of mine. Her skirt had ridden up over her knees and I could see the white fabric covering her pussy! “But it leaks! How can it look good if it leaks?” She asked. As she spoke, she moved forward on the chair raising her skirt higher and then she leaned forward and when she did, those big sagging tits swung down and I could see just a canyon of cleavage down her blouse to her belly below!!! I silently chewed my lip and made my eyes move to hers. Her blue eyes danced and sparkled as a mischievous smile lit up her lips. “Uh, what I meant was I found the leak. It is in the typical spot and I can have you fixed in no time.” I said, only stuttering a couple of times. She sat up a little but in doing so only allowed more light to illuminate what was inside her skirt… and it was not white panties!!! Pat was shaved as clean as a porn star!!! I dropped my head back onto the bottom of the cabinet and Pat asked if I was okay. I assured her that I was and that I was just checking out some other things. Out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement down outside of the cabinet. “In that case, I will just relax.” I heard Pat say and true to her word, she relaxed and her knees came even further apart and I could plainly see the horizontal wrinkles of her lower belly… and the vertical creases of her pussy as they dipped below and against the chair! I decided it was time for me to get off of my back and go get the part from a local store! As I drove to the store I kept telling myself that the old girl had to have some mental problems and there was no way that she was coming onto me! Pat, still looked fantastic and seeing her shaved like that…. Well damn! But still she was like 20 years older than me if she was 60!!! I was just headed toward the checkout line when my phone rang. It was Pat, so I clicked on answer call. She asked where I was and I told her I had gotten the part at Walmart. She asked if I would mind getting some things for her while I was there. I told I her I would be glad to. “Thank you dear. I don’t know how I will ever show you how much I appreciate all that you are doing for me! Could you please get three bananas, a smallish cucumber and small jar of Vaseline?” I stopped right in the middle of the aisle and stared at my phone. I could hear her asking if I got that and then some other things, but there was no doubt what the woman was communicating and you could have knocked me over with a feather! I finally told her I would pick the things up and be on my way back in just a few minutes. She thanked me and I swear I could hear her giggle as she hung up the phone! Pulling into her drive, I pulled the receipt for the things I had bought out of the bag and proudly gave myself a little smirk If she wanted to play, I was ready to play! As I walked into the house some changes were immediately obvious! When my p*****n daughter has to wear a skirt to school, she likes to shorten the skirt by rolling the waistband up which in turn raises her hem line. Pat had rolled over the waistband on her skirt a couple of times and it was now well above the knee. Not only that, but her shirt was unbuttoned at least one more button than before. That had probably happened when she had been removing her bra! She smiled at me as I walked in She started to take the bag from me and at the same time leaned up to kiss me on the cheek. I turned at the last moment and surprised her as our lips met in a kiss that I could tell she immediately wished she had been intending to make last longer! I turned and crawled into the cabinet leaving her literally holding the bag and waiting as I began unscrewing the two nuts holding the elbow in place. I did not have to wait long. There was a quick “oh” and then a giggle. “I think you left some things in here that belong to you.” Pat said. “Like what?” She sat back down in her chair and this time there was almost no reason to even pretend she had a skirt on. “Well, first let me thank you for the bananas cucumbers and Vaseline. But there is a “Mr. Goodbar” candy in here as well as a box of condoms.” “No, all of those are for you. I mean, vegetables if not cleaned adequately can give people some very nasty infections! I smiled and then about crapped as she took one of the cucumbers and began pressing it against her nipples and then began sliding it between her breasts! “Oh my, well thank you! Is that what causes occasional swelling for you too? An infection?” I wrinkled my brow and then almost let out my own gasp as I saw her undo two more buttons on her blouse and fish her breasts out into the open. “Have you been having swelling problems?” I barely managed to ask. “No, but I noticed earlier and now again that you seem to be swelling rapidly for some reason.” She then lifted a bare foot and rested it on the crotch of my pants. I groaned. “You seem highly inflamed. Maybe I should suck that poison out of you!” Less than a minute later I was lying on my back on her kitchen floor, Pat was kneeling next to me and she had pushed my pants down to my knees and was sucking on my cock with a skill that she had honed over decades!!! I swear it was one of the most incredible feelings I ever had! My own fingers had thrown her skirt up over her bottom and roamed the bony butt as it curved in a strangely erotic fashion. My fingers explored and probed her backdoor experimentally to which she only moaned. Sliding my fingers between her upper thighs she rocked her hips against my exploration. She was moist and it felt like she was on fire, but she was definitely not wet enough to allow me to enter her, so as she fondled my nuts and sucked like a hoover on my dick, I brought my hand to my mouth to get my fingers good and wet. “Let me help with that!” I jerked my head to the side and there was my Gran standing in the doorway to the family room and she was wearing only an unbuttoned blouse and a big smile. In her right hand she held a red rubber phallus and an open jar of Vaseline. She scooped out a small glob of the thick goo and dabbed some of it on her friends puckered rosebud before reaching on down and smearing the rest of it over Pat’s stretched labia. As I watched she then shoved two fingers into Pat clear up to the fist. Pat moaned around my cock sending shock waves of pleasure racing through my dick and racing up my spine before letting it fall from her lips! “Jesus, Madge! Do always have to drill me like a whore?” “Pretty much! After all; as long as I have known you that is how you have been!!!” They both giggled and then Gran said, “You better get back to work on that cock. I’m afraid that I have given Bryan a shock!” Pat did indeed resume her incredible efforts of coaxing my cum out of my balls as I watched my gran fingering her tits while fucking the hell out of her pussy with her vibrator!! “I know you are talented with your hands, Bryan, but I have always wondered if you might be just as talented with that mouth and tongue of yours.” Gran scooted over and straddling my face she hissed, “Suck my pussy, boy. Make Gran feel like a girl again and I bet we make you feel things you never dreamed were possible!!!” She then lowered her pussy over my mouth and chin!!!! We were all three moaning and acting simply evil within a couple of minutes! No part of anyone’s body was off limits and mouths, tongues and bodies all slid over one another. One of the most distracting things at first was simply not dying when I heard my sweet old Gran tell Pat things like, “You fucking old cunt! I have three fingers stuffed in you and I swear I bet I could fist fuck your pussy if you stayed relaxed like this!!! Pat rocked back onto her heels and then straddled my hips, pointing my dripping wet and needy dick right at the entrance to the depths of her sex!! I do not know whether it was because she is so stretched out of because Gran had so thoroughly lubed her up, but in one smooth motion she sank balls deep onto my cock and as she bottomed out, she moaned and trembled just before her first orgasm of the afternoon ripped through her! She ground her boney hips and butt into me as the passion overcame her, As the passion of the first wave subsided I heard her say to Gran, “Oh that was delicious! I hope he gives me a dozen more!!!” They both laughed. Soon after it was Gran’s turn to ride the wave of her orgasm as I sucked, tugged, licked, explored, bit and teased her labia and clit the best I knew how! Her pussy was much more relaxed and loose than that of most women I had been with. In fact, had I tried to tug and pull on the labia lips of any other woman the way I did hers, I would have been causing them serious harm. Gran just continued to moan and coo encouragingly for me to not stop! When she finally came, a wash of fluids spilled out of her and into my mouth and across my face. “Switch me places Pat! You have to experience this boys tongue! I swear he touches places I didn’t know existed!” Gran crawled off of my face and I smiled as I saw both how wet and unsteady her thighs were. I then noticed that the two women had essentially removed their remaining clothing at some point in our romping and Gran had what appeared to be bite marks on Gran’s tits! With the help of the kitchen chair, Gran pushed herself up to her feet and stood next to shoulder of her friend. Pat reached her arm up between Gran’s legs and with her hand on Gran’s bottom pulled her close enough that she could suck Gran’s sopping wet pussy! “You call me a whore!! You’re the one who is dripping! And damn you taste good!” Gran reached down and squeezed and pinched Pat’s big tits and long nipples. “Well it’s your ideas and this boy’s body that has made me one! You have been this way for decades!!!!” Evidently Gran’s fingers were the needed spark because Pat suddenly tightened up and with a primal moan she arched her back and shook as her pussy tried to draw ever more of me into her! I have to admit I was somewhat relieved that her orgasm did not last long, because her tight box and hot trembling walls of her pussy damn near had me unloading! Instead, she rolled off of me. Gran dropped to her knees and I know my eyes bugged out of my head as my dear old sweet Gran grabbed the base of my cock, pointed it straight up in the air and then without the slightest hesitation she deep throated my throbbing cock clear into where I could see it in her neck!!! “She really is a slut!” Pat said with a giggle. Pat picked up the dildo fron the kitchen table and handed it down to me as my eyes went from her body to the unbelievable things my Gran was doing to my cock! “Do me a favor Bryan and use this on my ass.” Pat sank to the floor and I watched her stretched heavy tits hang almost to the floor. Resting an arm on Gran’s lower back and ass, she took a finger from her other hand, wiped up some of the stuff that had gushed out of the older woman a few minutes earlier and then she simply extended her middle finger and plunged it deep into my Gran’s ass!! Gran’s mouth came off of my dick and let out some underworldish sound as she squeezed hard on my dick and tried to give it strokes. When Pat pulled back a little I watched her make a fist and to my utter shock, she basically punched her finger back into Gran’s anus! This time Gran squealed and Pat laughed. I remembered I was holding a vibrator and I turned it to the on position and following the example given to my Pat, I jammed that sucker in her hard and fast. In fact, it went in so hard Pat went down flat on her belly and she moaned like a person struck with a mortal blow. With short hard blows I pounded the rubber cock in and out of her as she continued to finger Gran and Gran wrapped her lips around my pecker once more! I told Gran I was about to cum and she too me out of her mouth began to finish me off with a hand jog. Pat had one hand rubbing Gran’s pussy and the other sliding in and out of her as whiles I was finger fucking and occasionally pushing the vibrator back deep into Pat’s bottom! Gran started rapidly stroking me and I felt my cum surging up through my body and firing out my cock like a howitzer! The white gooey ropes landed on Pat and Gran and within a few moments of my first contractions I could tell that each of them were cumming as well. When I next opened my eyes I realized we were all a wet tangle of heavy breathing sexually spent humanity! Gran giggled and Pat asked her what was so damn funny. “Oh, I was just thinking that I told Bryan that you had a leak. I guess he found it!” Pat and she started laughing so hard they were snorting and I…. I laid back staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell I had just gotten myself into!!!! ------------------------------------------- I always enjoy hearing from people that read my stories. 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