Have you ever wondered if this could happen?

Well, call it pure luck but that happened to me! What did I do to be blessed with this dream come true?I work in an office with lots of folks both men and women. I am a coinsure of the female body even at work . . . there are some sexy ones, some frumpy ones and everything in between. There are always a handful of women at the office that I go out of my way to make sure I get a nice unaware view of in a day! I always visually undress them and play a game with myself about the size of their nipples, areolas and if their pussy is bald, trimmed or a full bush. I know, I know a full bush is not the norm these days but I can always dream, right?? I am old school and love a woman with a bush.I spend a lot of time on xHamster and it always excites me if I run across a profile that says it is in my town or close by. I always try to strike up a conversation with the folks behind those profiles just because it is fun and I have this dream of finding a woman I work with here . . .As I mentioned earlier this dream has come true!A few months ago, I struck up one of those on-line relationships with a hamster user that claimed to live in a town not far from me. He has a few galleries of his wife that I have enjoyed and commented on. He appreciates interest in his wife and I think like a lot of us, gets a thrill in sharing her here without her knowledge. I know, we are a sick bunch but it is reality!This hamster friend and I PM’d a lot about our wives and between the pictures he posted and what he told me about her I had a pretty good knowledge of her sexually. The only thing he would not divulge was what kind of work she did or where they liked to go to dinner in the general area where we all live. From the photos, I saw that his wife has a very nice set of tits and a bigger (and nicer) butt than some women have, and a nice slim tummy. I knew she has dark hair and a bush that is neatly trimmed . . . while I never see the women at work without their clothes on there are 2 that roughly fit that description. One has gorgeous brunette hair and the other more of a dirty blonde color. I always fantasize about one of them actually being his wife. One day he errored and actually posted a picture of her with her face exposed . . . he was always very cautious about not doing that but for whatever reason he posted one . . . and me being a good hamster user I downloaded it as I had done with all the pictures of his wife as I really enjoyed seeing her . . . Wow, I saw her face and about fell off my chair! His wife is Janie, one of the higher up managers at my office! I had always lusted after her body in my mind and never missed a meeting with her . . . she is pretty conservative in the way she dresses and she wears one of those bras that hides her nipples from showing . . . but shit, I have seen how nice and big her nipples and areolas are and that she does have a great neatly trimmed bush that I love . . . and have seen on hamster! I couldn’t wait to get to work the next day to verify up close and personal that Janie and this hamster wife are indeed the same woman!The next day it wasn’t until mid-afternoon when I saw Janie in the hallway and I got instant verification that she is indeed my hamster friend’s wife . . . that verification was that my pants started getting tight as my cock bounded to life when I saw her! Seeing her and knowing what she looks like naked got my blood pumping. Luckily, I didn’t have a meeting with her that day so I didn’t have to try to hide my raging boner! I don’t do this often at work but I had to go relieve myself in the men’s room. What a dream come true this was!I PM’d my hamster friend that evening and told him that I had discovered that I work in the same office as his wife and I know her name is Janie . . . he didn’t respond right away as he usually did . . . but when he did he was visibly nervous. He didn’t deny that his wife is Janie but he was really nervous that I was going to somehow tell her that I have seen her naked. That would be very bad for him. I assured him that his secret was safe but started asking more questions about Janie and if she had ever shared her body with anyone else since they have been married . . . He was reluctant to discuss that for several days but one night told me that there have been a couple of times when Janie has gotten together with another man with his knowledge and encouragement. One of them was in a ladies’ bathroom at a restaurant . . . where she gave a guy a blow job in a stall with other women in the stalls on either side of them. He admitted that this turned him on big time and he has encouraged her to have other similar encounters.Me being the old horn dog I am got the wheels turning in my head and started thinking about ways to try to get Janie and me in the same place at the same time at work and convince her that we needed to get together for a little sexual fun. We PMd about the idea a lot and eventually came up with a scheme where he would encourage her to do more daring things like in the restaurant bathroom, maybe even at work. He told me she was totally resistant to his suggestions but he kept after her and he noticed her big breasts were starting to heave with heavy breathing the more he talked to her about it.I did my part by making it known to Janie at work that I enjoyed being around her. It is strictly taboo for a manager to have any sort of a relationship with a co-worker but between her husband and I we got the wheels turning in her head that it might be fun to be really daring. One day when the office was particularly vacant because of an upcoming holiday weekend I arranged to have a meeting with Janie to go over a project I was doing for her. We met in a conference room that was off the main part of the office and lent itself to some privacy. We met and worked the issues then I tried to break the ice a bit by talking about the upcoming weekend and some plans I had with friends at the beach and mentioned that I was looking forward to being there with one particular friend’s wife as she had a very nice body like Janie’s.The room fell silent and I got a stare like “How Dare you talk about such a thing with me in the room”. Then she surprised me and asked me about this other woman and how her body was so similar to hers . . . Again, I about fell off my chair! It was really awkward but I told her that they have very similar figures and that I have a love of that particular figure type. She didn’t say anything right away so I figured oh shit. I just lost my job!! Then Janie surprised me . . . she asked me what it was about her figure I liked . . . so I got brave and told her she has a great chest and her hour glass waist was perfect with her nicely rounded bottom. Again silence . . . but my heart was pounding and my cock was swelling sitting there talking with her knowing full well how she looks naked. We didn’t speak again . . . she moved across the table to the chair next to mine and kind of snuggled up a bit. I could see her chest heaving and feel the warmth from her body. I got brave again and leaned over and cupped one of her breasts in my hand and we both let out a sigh. Here I was getting intimate with my xhamster friend’s wife at work. Dreams like this never come true!From that point on neither one of us had any inhibitions and I worked her out of her clothes and onto the big leather sofa in the conference room. She let loose and let me make total and pure love to her and she and her body responded with the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced with a woman. Her body tensed up, her hips bucked wildly and then she just collapsed beneath me . . . I had to pull out and unload my own big load on her belly which she rubbed all over her belly and breasts . . .Then there was a kind of silent realization for both of us that this was something we had to suppress . . . but both smiled and hugged one more time before cleaning up a bit. It surprised me that she didn’t try to wipe my cum off her body . . . she just dressed and we parted ways.That night I PM’d my hamster friend with nothing more than a . . . he was slow to respond but later did and all he said was he just had one of the best sexual experiences with his wife followed by a simple as well,