Helen (ch19)

As we chatted we updated each other on what we’d been doing since those far-off schooldays. Helen successfully completed a medical degree (at Cambridge no less) after finishing her A levels – which was probably the last time I saw her – and started working as a junior doctor locally. She married her first real boyfriend (a real jerk who I also remembered from school – about as much charisma as a half-eaten kebab) but it didn’t last long as he was too dull and controlling. They would never go anywhere as a couple nor would he allow Helen out on her own. Fiercely independent she dumped him and moved down south to further her career. She specialised in heart disease (which had killed her father) and worked as a registrar, in research and finally as a consultant – she’d taken a 12 month sabbatical and moved back up here about three months earlier as her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers and she wanted to spend some time with her before her condition worsened to the point where she’d forget that she even had c***dren. She had no ties down south (never remarried, had k**s or even a steady boyfriend) so she’d rented out her apartment in London and rented a house on the same estate as mine (for about a third of the price) but was feeling somewhat lonely as all her c***dhood friends had either moved away or were married with c***dren and too busy to socialise – and her current circle of friends were mainly 250 miles away. She’d actually spotted me going into my local a few weeks earlier but didn’t feel able to wander in on her own. I immediately offered to accompany her down there one night Living down south had done wonders for Helens appearance and personality – I remembered a shy, quite awkward girl with long, though shapeless, brown hair. She was now confident, immaculately dressed with lustrous dark hair, showing just a hint of cleavage – not exactly attire required for a town centre coffee shop. However she explained she had an interview for a part-time position at the local private health trust which she could fit quite nicely around caring for her mother. Rather out of the blue she said “I still remember that kiss you know – at the party – when I freaked and ran away” “Yeah you did seem to over –react a bit” I said smiling “Well it was my first proper kiss with a boy and I didn’t really know what to expect” she explained “I spent days afterwards kicking myself, ‘cos out of that group of us you were the only one I really liked” “Oh” I said, not sure how to reply “I wish I’d known at the time I’d have asked you out – but after the abortive kiss I figured you weren’t interested” “Weird how little things can change lives” mused Helen before adding “I’ve gotta dash for my interview” We exchanged numbers with a promise to keep in touch and after a demure peck in the cheek she was gone.Later that day I recounted our meeting to Lisa “So are you planning on getting her into bed then” she said with a smile “Not really” I replied “Although she has bloomed into a very attractive woman” “You should invite her out for Stu’s birthday next week – didn’t you go to school with him?” said Lisa “Yeah – actually, thinking about it, I’m sure he was head boy and she was head girl so she should remember him– although whether or not he’ll recognise Helen I very much doubt” We were just meeting in the pub to celebrate Stu’s birthday on Saturday night so I rang Helen and invited her along “I might feel a bit out of place if it’s all couples” she said “and I won’t know any of the women there “ I explained they were a friendly bunch and how quickly Lisa had been accepted by them – and she remembered Heather back from when we were an item “Has Stu got a partner?” Helen asked. I explained that he’d only met Fiona recently “That’s a shame” she said “I always kind of fancied him when we used to be sat together on the top table as head boy / head girl at school, but I was too shy to do anything about it”. She finally decided to come along anyway and I offered to meet her outside “I’m a big girl now Steve – I think I can manage to walk into a pub on my own” she replied “OK see you Saturday” I said – not yet convinced that she’d actually turn up. Lisa and I got to the pub about quarter to eight on the Saturday but had been beaten to it by Danny & Ally and Tom & Heather were right behind us. There was no sign of the birthday boy so I rang him to find out what was going on – it appeared Fiona’s car had conked out en-route to his place so he’d gone to pick her up but promised to be with us in ten minutes.Helen arrived just after 8pm – she looked even better than she did a few days earlier, a low cut top displaying plenty of cleavage, tight jeans which accentuated her curvaceous arse and knee-length black boots. I joined her at the bar and insisted on getting her a drink – wine & soda being her choice- and then escorted her over to our table and introduced her to everybody. I explained Stu was running a bit late but was on his way and he and Fiona finally made it about thirty minutes after everybody else. Helen had been chatting to Heather (presumably about things medical) and when Stu & Fiona arrived Heather asked her how things were at the stables – I could see Helen’s eyes widen when Fiona replied that Sammy was having serious problems satisfying her pregnant sexual desire and had fucked Matty, Stu and two of the stable lads today already. Her eyes widened even further when Lisa declared that I should call over and fuck her and she’d have a go on Matty’s big cock while I was at it. Poor Helen was looking a little confused so when she excused herself to go to the toilet I asked Lisa to follow her and tell her all about our little partner swopping arrangement.I’d just opened the emergency exit to go for a smoke when Helen returned and I was a little surprised when she followed me outside. “Sorry Steve you must think I’m a right prude for running off to the toilet again” she said as she sat on the bench beside me. “Well I do seem to have that effect on you” I said laughing. “I was just a bit shocked that’s all – so you’ve had sex with all the women there and others too – all while you’ve been with Lisa?” Yep” I replied “and Lisa’s slept with all the guys?” Helen continued “Correct & most of the women too” I said “But don’t you get jealous?” she asked “No we never do things behind the others back – we’re always in the same room or the same house – plus it’s almost always other couples” I explained “Steve” said Helen in a quieter voice “Will you kiss me like you did all those years ago” “Of course” I said as I put my arms around her. Our lips met and this time when I gently ran my tongue around the inside of her lips I found her tongue questing for mine too. We kissed for a minute or two until Helen broke our embrace. She was breathing heavily “Sorry Steve I’m getting too turned on” she said quietly “C’mon let’s go back inside” I said We re-joined the rest of the crowd and shortly afterwards I saw Helen deep in conversation with Lisa. “Poor girl doesn’t know what she wants” Lisa said to me a little later “Who doesn’t?” I asked a little confused “Helen you dick-head” said Lisa smiling “Did you know she hasn’t been touched by a guy in 10 years?” “Er no” I replied truthfully “So you snogging her face off has got her all aroused and she doesn’t know if she should go home and frig herself stupid or come home with us so you can fuck her stupid instead – but she thinks she’ll get labelled as a bit of a slut if she does that” “So what was Dr Lisa’s advice?” I asked “Told her to please herself – if she wanted you to fuck her I wouldn’t mind and not a single person in our group will think any less of her if she does that” she replied. “Aren’t you forgetting a couple of little details though babe?” I asked “What’s that?” asked Lisa looking a bit puzzled “Well one how do you know I want to sleep with her and two she might not be bi and you wouldn’t have anyone to play with” I explained.”Ahh – I’ve thought about the second part and I’ve invited Tom & Heather over – thought it might help put Helen more at ease if there was someone else there she knew – and as for your first question I’m not even gonna answer that ‘cos you’re just being stupid” An hour or so later it was last orders at the bar and we all wandered outside. Stu & Fiona were staying at Dan & Ally’s – he was gonna go have a look at Fiona’s car first thing in the morning – so the four of them waved us goodbye. The rest of us started walking towards mine I had my arm around Helens waist and every so often would squeeze an arse cheek – each time she gave a little squeal. Half-way there was the lane leading to Helens estate and as we got level with it I wondered if she’d go home after all – she never gave it a glance.Back home Lisa opened a bottle of wine and got some lager outta the fridge for me and Tom. We’d been sat around 10 minutes or so when Helen asked to use the toilet, I offered to show her where it was and indicated to Lisa that I might be a while. I guided Helen up to the ensuite and while she was using it I sat on the edge of the bed. As she came out I patted the bed and she sat next me “Is this where you want to be Helen?” I asked “Oh yes Steve” she replied trembling a little. I took her in my arms and we shared another kiss. After a couple of minutes she pulled away from me and for a moment I thought she’d had second thoughts but she only broke contact long enough to pull her top over her head and remove her bra. Her boobs were probably about a C cup but had remained firm and her brown nipples were standing proud and erect – indicating just how turned on she was. I bent down and took a nipple between my lips – licking it gently – the gasp she let out and the shudder that went through her signified just how little sexual contact she’d had recently. She pulled my head away “Steve that feels wonderful but I desperately need more” she said quietly “Are you a fan of oral sex?” she continued “I said “Of course” while nodding “Would you eat me out then please?” I was quite shocked at the rather blunt request but only too pleased to comply. We both stripped quickly and I noticed her looking a little apprehensively at my fast-growing cock. We laid on the bed and I took her in my arms again and as we kissed I explored her body with my free hand – as I approached her pussy I could feel the heat emanating from it. She almost screamed as I trailed a finger the length of her pussy lips “God I’m so horny” she moaned “Please make me come Steve – I’m desperate” I was pretty sure I could get her off with fingers alone but slid down her body until I was between her legs. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she almost exploded – she was absolutely soaking - I trailed my tongue around her pussy and then traced lazy circles around her clit. She was on the verge now and when I closed my lips over her clit and flicked it with my tongue she came. It was a huge orgasm and she must have lain shaking gently for a good twenty seconds afterwards. I moved back up the bed and kissed her gently “Mmmm” she said “I can taste myself on your lips” “Is it true what Lisa said that you’ve barely been touched for ten years?” I asked “Yes” she replied sadly “I had a couple of short-lived affairs when I first moved down to London but they fizzled out and most of the guys I knew were getting married or engaged, I didn’t fancy being somebodies mistress, nor dating strangers so I ended up on my own” “Trouble is I really miss the sex – I’ve got a really high sex drive, if I don’t get to cum at least one a day I get anxious – and sometimes even when I’ve come I need more” “Like now for instance?” I asked smiling “I’m on fire at the moment but first although I’m a bit out of practice” she continued looking at my erection “would you like me to suck your cock – I’ve never had one that fat before - guys told me I was very good at it – although they might have just said that so I wouldn’t stop” “Mmmm yeah I’d love it” I replied. She moved down the bed and knelt between my legs before licking my cock like an ice lolly and then sliding her lips over it. I wasn’t surprised that she couldn’t get more than half of it into her mouth but she was sucking hard and using her tongue to good effect as she bobbed up and down – and despite being out of practice she was very good. I tapped her on the shoulder to indicate she should stop “What’s the matter – wasn’t I much good?” she asked looking a bit worried “No quite the opposite” I said “But I thought you might prefer to be fucked before I come” “Mmmm” she said “I would like that – but you could have come in my mouth if you wanted to” “How do you want me” she asked “What’s your favourite?” I replied “I love it from behind” she said climbing onto all fours and waving her arse in my general direction. I got behind her and just nudged her pussy lips with my cock “Go slow Steve” she whispered. I did as she asked and slowly slid my cock inside her until I was buried to the hilt. “How’s that” I asked “You fill me so well Steve I love it” she replied. As I started my customary long strokes I could feel her shuddering with every thrust “I’m gonna come again” she wailed as another orgasm coursed through her body. I picked up the pace and grabbed her hair “Oh yes” she moaned “I love that” “Fuck me harder” she commanded. I did as I was asked and with my free hand slipped just the tip of my finger into her arse. She bucked against it and I withdrew. I sensed there was another orgasm approaching so slid my finger in again – this time she didn’t object and the extra sensation sent her into another shuddering orgasm. She slumped forward onto the bed and I laid beside her gently caressing her.“Bravo you two” said a voice behind us. I looked up in shock to see Heather sat in the chair in the corner of the room, watching us intently with a hand between her legs, gently playing with her pussy. “How long you been there?” I asked “Oh just a couple of minutes” she replied “Tom’s busy fucking Lisa up the arse, so I thought I’d call in here and see if I could get a bit of the action” “Do ordinary people really do that” asked Helen looking a little shocked ”I’ve seen it in porn movies but didn’t think it happened in real-life” “Some girls prefer it to normal sex “ I explained “Heather loves it don’t you?” “I do” she replied “I’d love some right now” “Do it Steve” said Helen “I’d love to watch” Heather had already grabbed some lube and after smearing some onto my cock I got Helen to work it in whilst I did the same with Heather’s arsehole. I sat with my back to the headboard whilst Heather squatted over me and slowly slid my cock into her tight arse until I was buried to the hilt. “Oh my God” whispered Helen “that looks so horny” “It feels wonderful” confirmed Heather “I don’t think I’m gonna last long” I muttered “Rub my clit then please” asked Heather I moved my hand around to do so but found another hand already there and looking around Heathers shoulder I saw that Helen was knelt between our legs rubbing frantically at Heathers pussy & clit. Heather was riding me hard and her orgasm was approaching fast – so was mine – thanks to Helen though Heather beat me to it, she slumped back against me and my cock slipped out of her arse. To my surprise Helen grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth, it took less than a minute to bring me to the edge and then I unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed the lot without complaining and then laid down next to us looking like the cat who got the cream. “Are you bi?” asked Heather “No, not really” Helen replied “I wouldn’t get freaked out if another woman wanted me to touch or kiss them or they wanted to do the same to me, especially if I’ve had a bit to drink, but I wouldn’t go looking for a relationship or have one as a fuck buddy” “So this doesn’t bother you then?” said Heather as she leant across and kissed Helen on the lips. To my surprise Helen responded and pulled Heather closer until they were laid in each other’s arms kissing. It must have been a full minute later when they finally broke their embrace, both breathing a little harder. “Are you trying to lesbianise our guest?” said Lisa, who along with Tom was stood in the doorway. “Is that even a word” said Heather laughing “and in answer to your question no I’m not – she grabbed me” “I did” said Helen trying (and failing) to look ashamed of herself. “I’m still feeling horny as hell though” she continued, looking pointedly at mine and Tom’s deflated cocks. “Let’s see if we can do something about that” said Lisa pushing Tom across to the bed before joining me and swallowing my cock with her customary ease. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tom getting similar treatment from Heather before Helen joined them too. Lisa knew just how to get me hard again and I was quite surprised at my powers of recovery. “I’d love to try a cock in my arse” said Helen between mouthfuls of Tom’s cock “And this one doesn’t seem quite as fat as Steve’s” she continued “Take it from me” said Lisa coming up for air “You really don’t want your introduction to anal to be with this fat fucker – I still struggle now” “I manage OK” said Heather with a grin “Yeah but you’re just a slut” laughed Lisa “A good one though” said Heather laughing. Tom being that bit younger than me (well that’s my excuse anyway) had regained his erection which Helen was looking at lustfully. Heather smeared lube liberally over Tom’s cock and then worked some into Helen’s arse. “What’s the best position” asked Helen a little nervously. “I’d sit on it” advised Heather “then you’ve got some control over how much of his cock you can take” Tom sat with his back to the headboard as Helen squatted over him – with Heathers help she very slowly inserted his cock into her. There was a grimace on her face which I don’t know if it were due to pain or determination but eventually the head of Tom’s cock disappeared inside her “That’s the worst bit” whispered Heather “Now just slide down until you feel you can’t take anymore” Helen slowly worked the rest of Tom’s cock into her arse until it was buried out of sight, she was trembling all over once she’d finished “I feel like such a slut but it feels wonderful” she moaned. She started sliding up and down on Tom’s cock, faster and faster as her passion grew – her moans almost constant and an orgasm obviously approaching. Heather started to gently caress Helen’s clit and she almost hit the roof “Oh God don’t stop” she cried. Moments later her orgasm peaked and she slumped back against Tom with a glazed look in her eyes. “I’ve never felt anything like that before” she murmured as she came back to her senses. “Do you want a go now?” she asked Lisa & Heather “No – you carry on” said Lisa. “Can I try it from behind and I want to suck Steve off at the same time” Helen said to no-one in particular. We quickly manoeuvred into position and Tom slid his cock back into her arse, at the same time she lowered her head and took my cock between her lips. Her technique was still very good but she was obviously concentrating on what Tom was doing as she lost contact a few times. “You should try a DP now” said Heather who was engaged in a noisy 69 with Lisa, “What’s that?” asked Helen “Cocks in your arse and pussy at the same time” replied Lisa “Ohhh” replied Helen a little hesitantly “Doesn’t that hurt” “No more than taking a cock up the arse does” Lisa continued as she untangled herself from Heathers embrace and moved across to get us into position. I laid on my back and Helen slowly slid my cock into her pussy “Mmmm that feels wonderful” she moaned. I pulled her forward so her arse was in the air and Tom slowly slid his cock into her arsehole. “Oh God” she moaned “That feels fucking fantastic” We soon got into a mutually beneficial rhythm and Helen seemed to be experiencing an almost constant orgasm. After one particularly large orgasm she begged us to stop “I can’t take anymore guys” she moaned “Fuck your girlfriends whilst I watch – and if you want to come all over me I’d love that”Heather and Lisa laid on the bed and Tom and I mounted our respective partners. Lisa and I were so well tuned to each other’s sexual responses that I could make her come easily but I preferred to heighten her pleasure by varying the speed and depth of my strokes until she was almost begging for release. Lisa was doing her utmost to push both herself and me towards orgasm though – squeezing and relaxing her internal muscles as I thrust into her. Tom was really fucking Heather hard – just how she likes it – and as Lisa finally got the orgasm she craved, Heather came for a second time. Helen meanwhile was laid between the four of us waiting expectantly for me and Tom to cover her in spunk. She didn’t have long to wait, Tom pulled out of Heather at the last moment and shot his load all over her right tit, moments later I pulled out of Lisa and with her expert help covered Helen’s left tit. “God I feel like such a slut tonight – I love it” she murmured. “Would you like the girls to help clean you up?” I asked mischievously – knowing what they’d do “Erm yes I guess so” replied Helen looking a little puzzled. Lisa & Heather just smiled and between them licked up all the cum splashed over Helen’s body – spending probably a little too long on her nipples which had her squirming and gasping again. Tom & Heather bade us goodnight and went into the back bedroom, whilst the three of us slept together – Lisa in my arms as usual with Helen spooned into my back.”Thanks” whispered Helen as I pulled the quilt over us “For what?” I asked “Oh just for making dreams and fantasies that I’ve had for twenty-five years come true” “You’re welcome” said Lisa “Stick around and you might fulfil a few more – might even get yourself a fella” “That would be nice” Helen murmured as we drifted off to sleep.Following morning I was up early and got a pot of coffee on the go. Heather joined me in the kitchen shortly afterwards and told me her and Tom were getting off, as they had an appointment at the riding school – Tom was having riding lessons and they weren’t, according to Heather, going very well. I wished them well and took the coffee up for Lisa & Helen, to my surprise they were awake and engaged in what Lisa would describe as a ‘mega-snogging session’. They were oblivious to my presence so I coughed loudly. “Oh hi babe” Lisa said turning to face me “We won’t be long” I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant until I realised that one of her hands was between Helens legs and she was fingering her to a quick orgasm. “Don’t stop please” moaned Helen who was breathing heavily and moments later she came “Mmmm thanks” she said to Lisa “That was lovely” “Do I take it you’re a fully-fledged bisexual now” I asked her with a smile “I dunno” she replied “I woke up feeling horny, so I kissed Lisa, she responded and before I knew it she had three fingers up my cunt” “So it’s all her fault” she concluded laughing. “So are you going to return the favour” I asked “I dunno” she replied “I’m not confident enough that I‘d do it right” “C’mon” I said “We’ll do it together” “OK” Helen replied happily. As Lisa lay on the edge of the bed Helen and I knelt between her legs. Helen slipped two fingers into her pussy and I started licking around her clit. Lisa was loving the attention and I indicated to Helen that’s she should try giving Lisa some oral pleasure too. She was a little unsure but moved closer and a second tongue dancing around her clit sent Lisa wild. “Go on” I urged Helen “Take over” Helen did as I asked and buried her face in Lisa’s crotch. I moved back, lifted Helens arse and slid my cock straight into her pussy “Oh my God” Helen wailed “That was unexpected – but it feels fucking great” Lisa was close to orgasm due to Helens busy tongue & fingers and I was fucking Helen gently initially so she didn’t lose her concentration. I could tell by Lisa’s response how close she was and I whispered in Helen’s ear “Suck her clit” She did as I asked and that pushed Lisa over the edge and she came noisily. That was my cue to really start fucking Helen, powering into her from behind. She was loving it and bucking back against me hard “I’m gonna cum” she moaned before arching her back and screaming out in orgasm, “God that was intense” she murmured quietly. “Can I suck you off” Helen asked quietly “I want to try and deep throat you” I wasn’t about to stop her, so sat back and she took my cock into her mouth almost greedily. Try as she might though she couldn’t get more than three-quarters of it into her mouth without gagging and retching. I wasn’t enjoying watching her struggle and by the tears in her eyes she wasn’t either. “Don’t worry” I said, trying to reassure her “your normal technique feels just as good” Encouraged Helen went back to work and despite trying to hold back a little I could feel my orgasm approaching as she sucked hard on my cock and fondled my balls with her free hand. I tapped her on the shoulder in warning but she didn’t flinch and swallowed the lot as I came. Raising her head from my crotch she licked her lips in a most provocative fashion “I think I should probably head home Steve” she said, looking around the room for her clothes. She was soon dressed and despite offering to run her home she insisted on walking “I need to clear my head a little” she said by way of explanation. After kissing us both goodbye she was gone. “That was a good night” said Lisa “and you have excellent taste in ex-schoolmates” “Well I didn’t exactly choose them” I replied “but there were always one or two I wanted to track down” “And fuck ‘em?” said Lisa “Not necessarily – just out of curiosity - although Helen wasn’t one of the ones I was looking for” I replied