Help from IT pt6

Chapter 6 Charlie had spent the last few weeks distracted, every time his mind was idle he would start thinking about Danny, the the guy from IT. As the weeks had gone by, more and more often he was picturing Danny in nothing but a little black thong with his hair spilling over his shoulders. He had never even considered being interested in a guy before, but Danny was something different, someone special. Thinking about him got him surprisingly hard, surprisingly quickly, and after two weeks of confused frustration, he decided he had to know. By Friday he had thrown all of his preconceptions out the window and was focused solely on Danny. Right now he was seriously glad he had made that decision. Of all the things that could have happened that night, he was certainly hoping to make out with Danny, but he never imagined Danny would be a gorgeous girl at the time. Or at all really, but hell, it only made him, her? Danny. It only made Danny more attractive, and right now he was kissing one of the most attractive people he had ever met. Her body was pressed tight against his, and he was really beginning to feel just how slim and lean she was. Her body was entwined with his as they kissed ever more feverishly, the pent up tension was completely uncontainable. Charlie finally had to break the kiss just to catch his breath. "Oh... My... God... Charlie, you take my breath away" she sighed heavily as she rested against his shoulder, her hand running across his chest. "Yeah, sorry, I've kind of been wanting to do that for a while now, and yeah, I am so very glad I finally got to kiss you Dani." He smiled as he ran his hand across her cheek while the other arm pulled her closer. As their lips met again a new kind of passion flowed between them, less aggressive but far more intense. Her hands were on his chest as he pulled her closer, his hands sliding to her ass to feel her curves. Skinny and lean, but tight. Fuck he couldn't wait to see her take her little black dress off. He was very excited to see what she had on under it. He was quickly brought back by the feel of her hands running down his chest and into his lap. He couldn't remember the last time he was this hard, and her hands stroking him made it feel like he was going to burst. "Is someone ready for that massage?" she whispered softly into his ear before nibbling along his neck. Her hands kept squeezing and rubbing his shaft through his the thin material before she reached up and unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down. She stroked him a few times through his boxers before she pulled down his waistband to free his throbbing cock. Charlie moaned loudly as she freed his cock into the cool air before wrapping her hands around it tightly and began gently stroking him before leaning up and pressing her lips against his. Instantly his lips spread and his tongue slid into her mouth, his hands squeezing her ass tighter as her fingertips teased his shaft. Occasionally her hair would graze his head and he moaned between kisses. She giggled when she realized and bent over to tease his cock better with the tips of her hair. "Fuck that feels so good Dani. God you are so sexy." He moaned as she stroked him harder, her own soft sighs told him she was enjoying it just as much. "Mmm yes, keep stroking me like that" he groaned as he leaned back into the couch, both arms spread across the back as she worked him. He was almost lost in the pleasure of the moment when he felt her lips press against the head of his cock. "Oh god. yessssss" He sighed with utter pleasure. Her hair was pooled in his lap, long blonde locks were all he could see, but fuck the things he could feel. She was working his cock with her lips like it was an ice cream cone, licking and nibbling and driving him wild. It wasn't long before she was taking his whole cock into her mouth, stroking his shaft and teasing his balls while she tried to swallow his entire shaft. She worked him better than any girl ever had before, so much energy and focus on giving him an amazing blowjob, and fuck she was so sexy. Just as his balls were starting to tighten she eased off, half sitting up and pulling her hair back over her shoulder as she squeezed the base of his cock with her other hand. "Fuck baby don't stop now. That was amazing, like, seriously, I've never felt that good." Charlie whispered half out of breath from his moans of pleasure. She leaned in and planted a sticky kiss on his lips before leaning over and whispering in his ear. "I want to taste your cum." she purred as she started stroking his swollen hot cock. With a smile she bent back down to start working his head again, this time with her hair out of the way so he could see exactly what she was doing. Fuck this girl was sexy. She started with teasing, but quickly enough was focused on getting as much of his dick in her mouth as possible, occasionally looking up to him and purring as she sucked. Her lips were so glossy red and sexy as she worked his dick and he needed to cum so badly. "Fuck baby I'm going to cum" he moaned hoarsely before she began sucking twice as intensely, fuck she really wanted his cum bad. He had no intention of making her wait any longer. With a loud groan he began shooting jet after jet of his hot, sticky semen into her mouth. Twitch after twitch he fired, and she just kept sliding his cock head in and out of her lips, taking every shot of his cum, before swallowing and continuing to suck his cock to try and squeeze every last drop out. Fuck she wasn't k**ding, he had never had a girl want his cum this much. After a few minutes of cleaning up his cock she sat back up and curled up against his shoulder. One arm wrapped around her while the other reflexively cupped her ass. Damn this girl smelled sweet, had a sexy little body, and gave the most amazing blowjobs. What a find, he almost couldn't even believe how lucky we was right now. She looked up at him and he immediately leaned down to kiss her deeply and tenderly before she rested her head on his shoulder again and they just held each other.