Helping sis

I moved up and gently kissed her lips. My hands were pinching andpulling on her nipples. My kiss was returned with a much harder kiss.Her tongue touched mine and pushed it back in my mouth. She surprised meby turning me on my back and sitting on my crotch. While she wasunbuttoning my shirt, her pussy was rubbing on my cock through my pants.When she got my shirt opened, she leaned don and sucked and bit mynipples. She did one then the other, licking and sucking them. Heather'shead started to move downward, licking her way lower and lower. Sheundid my belt, unfastened my button and pulled down my zipper, veryquickly. I lifted my hips off the bed as she literally ripped my pantsand underwear from my body. A big smile appeared on her face as shelooked at my cock.As she grabbed a hold of my cock she said "You can't believe how longit's been since I have had one of these in my hands." she then loweredher hot wet lips to my waiting cock. I can't describe the awesomefeeling that went through my body, when the head of my cock entered hermouth. Her tongue licked the underside of the head, "I hope I can getthis all in my mouth" she said, as more and more of my cock disappearedinto her hot wet mouth.As I watched, she took my whole dick, down to the base, in her mouth andthroat. I'm not huge, only about seven inches, however no women had everdeep throated me. I was in heaven. "Your husband was an asshole. He had a woman who could do this and he didn't use her. I know he was lazy and dumb, but I didn't know he was a stupid ass hole. If you were mine, we’dnever wear clothes so we could make love anytime we wanted."She looked up at me and smiled. "I am yours," she said, "for as long asyou want me." I plan to live with you until you want me to leave.""Do I look like an idiot, want you to leave, I don't think so." Then Igrabbed her and threw her on her back. "My turn," I shouted and unzippedher skirt. I pulled it and her panties off in one motion. I leaned backto admire the view. I wasn't disappointed. Her pussy was so sexy andbare. She had not one hair on that hot wet pussy.She must have seen the surprised look on my face because she said “Ialways shave it. I like the way it feels when I walk. I also like theway it feels when I have masturbate. Also, there's not a better feelingthan having the man shaved bare too, you can't believe the sensation,skin on skin, you can feel the juices rubbing on your skin. I couldshave you later if you would like?""Honey, you can do anything to me, later, but now I want to taste you.It's been so long since I've licked a pussy, and I love to eat pussy."With that, I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue and licked her pussylike you would lick an ice cream cone on a hot day. I was notdisappointed; the taste was slightly acid, with a hint of sweetness toit and no hair to get in your way.As I licked her, she started to move her hips and moan slightly. Ireached up and grabbed a tit in each hand. As my palm and fingersmassaged her fleshy tit, my thumb and fore finger pinched her nipples. Iincreased the pressure on her nipples and attacked her clit with mytongue. I licked it, nibbled it. suck it, bit it, swirled my tonguearound it and then pushed my tongue hard against it. That was all sheneeded. She came rapidly, her hips bucking, her head thrown back, hermouth open, grasping for breath. Her hand grabbed the back of my headand pushed it tight against her pussy. "Fuck! Shit! God! Oh, lick me bigbrother, lick me hard. Pinch my fucking nipples! Don't stop, oh, fuck,don’t stop!" Her body then tensed up, she shock uncontrollably and thenshe collapsed back on the bed.I was holding on to her hips as her gyrations were occurred, but now Ireleased her and looked at her face. Her eyes were shut, her lips weremoving, like she was try to say something, but no words were coming out.Her body would periodically have small spasms and she would shake allover. Then, her whole body relaxed and a large smile came on hercontented face. She opened her eyes and caught me looking at her. "Thatwas unbelievable big brother; I've never had any body do that to me. Itwas like you read my mind and knew what I wanted you to do and then youdid it. I love you." She reached up and gave me a light kiss on my lips.I returned her kiss, with a little more force. "You are related to me,aren't you?" she asked. "You are a horny devil, just like me. I wantmore, but now I want to ride you. I want to feel your cock inside of me.With that, she rolled me over and sat on my stomach. She reached behindher and started to play with my dick and balls. "What do you have togive me, big brother" she inquired while she was playing with my balls."Anything you want, little sister. Put my dick in your pussy and rideme." I replied. I love to have the woman on top. She can control thetempo of the fuck, which gives you an insight on how she likes to bescrewed. You also get to watch her tits bounce up and down. As I saidbefore, I love tits, especially when they are bouncing all over theplace. Plus I can last a lot longer with the woman on top and at thismoment I wanted to last as long as my little sister needed me to last."You've got it big brother, but let me go easy. I haven't had a realcock in my pussy in such a long time; I want to make this fuck one we won't forget." With that she got up and moved over my hard, hot cock Gently she lowered herself down onto it. The sensation was incredible; I had almost forgotten how good it feels to have your dick in a hot moist pussy. She wasn't as tight as I thought she would be. I'll be willing to bet she has been using a good size dildo.She lowered herself all the way down my cock. That's an incrediblevisual turn on, being buried to hilt in a bald pussy. As I lay back, shestarted to gently move up and down on my dick. When she got a good tempogoing, I reached up and started playing with her tits, first gentlygrabbing them and then rolling her nipple between my thumb and fingers.That pushed her over the edge. She increased the tempo, bouncing up anddown on me. As soon as she reached the top of my dick, she'd slam herbody down as fast as possible.She must have been stimulated at all the right places. It wasn't longbefore she started moaning and groaning, breathing heavy and turning redin the face. "brother, pinch those nipples hard, play with my tits. OhGod, yes," she yelled. "Fuck, pull on those nipples, don't be afraid,pinch them as hard as you can, shit, I'm coming." Her movements werealmost a blur as she bounced up and down on me. "Here I come," sheshouted and then collapsed on my chest.I waited a few seconds for her to come back to reality, and then I started pumping my cock in and out of that wonderful pussy. At first she just laid there, and then she started getting into the rhythm, matching my thrusts. Now it was me controlling the tempo, it was me who needed to come in my sister's pussy. It didn't take long for me to get her at the brink of another orgasm or me ready for mine. Call it beginners luck, but we both came at the same time. What a sensation, as I shot my hot sperm into her warm snatch. I thought I'd never stop coming, especially with mysister's cunt trying to milk every last drop of semen out of my cock.We both collapsed on my bed, too tired to do much of anything but sleep.I awoke during the night to find my sister cuddled close to me with herarm over my chest. That felt good, I missed having that intimacy andlove. I awoke latter during the night, this time I had my hand on herboob, even in my sleep I'm a boob man.In the morning I woke up before she did, I just laid there watching hersleep. She looked so beautiful and contented. She finally opened hereyes and saw me looking at her; I leaned over and lightly kissed herlips. She put her arms around me and embraced me while she kissed meback. “Last night was fantastic,” I said smiling at her.“I’m glad you feel that way, she replied. “Any regrets?”“Yes, we didn’t do this sooner.” I’m sure glad you left that SOB of ahusband and moved back with our parents. If you’d stayed out west, inthe area you were living, we would not have gotten together. I need ashower; do you want to take a shower with me?”She replied, “that’s a great idea, I’m all sticky from last night. Afterthe shower, let me shave your pubic hair, you won’t regret it. If youthink sex felt good last night, wait until you’re bald down there, like me.”We both hopped in the shower, had fun washing each other and then sheshaved me. Since it was Saturday morning, we jumped back into bed to outtry my new look. She wasn’t k**ding, what a feeling. We stayed in bedall weekend, fucking our brains out.That was a few years ago and we are still going strong. Who ever said“i****t was best”, knew what they were talking about. If you ever get achance try it, you might like it.