(This short story takes place in a working suburb of London in the 1930s)Henry didn’t have steady employment. He did odd jobs since he was pretty handy with tools and had worked in a factory as a young man. He was about 50 years old. Sometimes he would work as a waiter at a posh restaurant in London, when someone was sick or had to attend a funeral. Nobody knew where he had learned that as well as the foreign languages he spoke. He always paid his rent on time and had lived in the same room for about 25 years. The rooming house was a good one and the people there were steady boarders. Mrs. Galloway didn’t take in any drifters, bums or people who couldn’t pay. There were many rooming houses in the area since many single men worked in nearby factories, stores or shops of all kinds.That evening, a Saturday it was, Henry was reading the weekend newspaper as usual in the common living room. He always bought it and left it there for everyone to read it. That was one of the acts of kindness which made Henry popular with the other boarders, all men from 30 to 70 years old. Henry was of medium height, one would say “well dressed” but his clothes were a bit out of fashion, even for men. He was quite a handsome man with a short moustache and salt and pepper hair which he parted in the middle. Most of the time, Henry just read the newspaper or chatted with someone in the living room and retired to his room later to read a book before going to sleep. Henry was a quiet man.Once in a while, when the weather was not cold, he would put on a short coat or a heavy sweater and go for a walk. He never told anyone where he was going nor did anyone ask. Since he was one of the oldest residents-- meaning one who had resided there the longest—Henry had a key to the front door which allowed him to come in after midnight when the door was locked. His room was on the main floor so he didn’t disturb anyone when he came in late, but he did not often go out. I mention this only to explain the story I am about to tell. Henry seemed nervous that evening. He paced a bit in the living room and finally went to his room. A few minutes later he came out dressed for a walk, with his short coat and his tweed cap. He always fretted before he went out, as if he didn’t want to but had to, as if he had urges or demons he wanted to quell, but couldn’t. That evening he left around 10PM and briskly walked past other rooming houses, then past a dark alley where he stopped for a few minutes trying to see if someone was there, then, after seeing no one, continued on down the street towards the park. Actually it was not a park but rather a forested area which had been saved by the city for a park but was never actually fenced.It had a slight dip on both sides of a small creek which one could cross on a wooden bridge to the other side which was also a forested area. In summer the creek was dry. Henry entered the park after making sure no one had seen him or maybe he was hoping that someone had. At first glance, since it was getting quite dark, the park seemed deserted. Henry stood still for a minute. He could hear twigs breaking under someone’s feet. He walked further in, around large trees and short bushes, keeping an eye open for the walker. He spotted him a few yards ahead of him. The man looked rather short, dressed in brown trousers and black boots, also wearing a cap. Henry knew him. He was also a workman. The man stopped and turned around, walking away from the street and Henry. Henry followed him to a discreet bushy area. Henry stopped dead in his tracks and got down on his knees behind a tree as he heard two men whispering and coming his way. They walked by the tree without seeing him and disappeared in the forest. He continued towards the creek and the bushes he knew so well. The man he had seen was already lying on his side behind the bushes with his suspenders and trousers around his ankles. He wore no underpants. Henry could see his half-hard cock and pubic hair. He also pulled down his pants which bundled up around his feet, and slid sideways next to the other man but in the head to toe position. As soon as he felt the man’s warm mouth around his cock, Henry let his partner’s rod slide down his mouth and throat. One could hear their breathing and the noise of lips coming together as a cock accidentally slipped out of a mouth. This was not the first time these two men had been in this position. They met by chance a dozen times a year. They never talked and neither knew the other’s first name. They sucked slowly at first, both working a big hardon, then more quickly, getting more and more excited, and looking for a big orgasm. It was usually Henry who slipped his hand around the man’s waist and stroked his asscheeks and tried to slip a finger between them but was never able to find the hole. When Henry did that, the man always shivered and returned the favor although with less enthusiasm. The man usually shot his load first in Henry’s mouth which triggered Henry’s orgasm. After each had had his orgasm, there was always the same ritual. Henry rolled away then turned the other way and joined his partner, still sideways, but face to face. The two men kissed and exchanged their seed. After a few minutes, they got up, dressed and left without any other sign or speech. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A few weeks later, Henry was working at the posh restaurant we mentioned. It was frequented mainly by the higher management of the different factories and stores. Henry had noticed that many of the men looked alike: black pants and vest, white shirt, bowler hat, many also with small pot bellies. Most of the men were married but for a surprisingly large number, it was a convenience and they fancied men more than women (the women also had their preferences). Everyone knew Henry and his attraction to men. He was often the go-between some of the men who were too shy to find out preferences or to speak to the men they were interested in. “So did you find anything out concerning the nephew ?”, whispered a white-haired gentleman to Henry.“Mr. D. will bring his nephew to the house we talked about if you are willing to bring yours. He suggested 10PM.”, answered Henry looking around so that no one could hear him.“Thank you. You will be there of course and I take it a few other gentlemen we invited”, asked the man, as Henry was being hailed by a customer. He simply nodded.The word “nephew” was a code word for any boy of legal age whether he was a relative or not. Most came from the factories but a few had been on ships since their youth and knew their way around men. Some rooming houses in that neighbourhood did not only rent rooms by the week or month. Henry was familiar with a few who rented large rooms or small rooms by the hour. In this case, Henry had rented a large room with a bed and two bathrooms. Henry charged the men who brought the nephews (who were paid by the men) and also the well-chosen gentlemen who wished to be present. Usually a “nephew evening” catered to six men including Henry. Sweet quiet Henry never had the need to hold permanent employment. He managed the way he could, part pimp, part hooker, part escort, he was a man whose world was deeply involved in satisfying men who craved men. That evening Henry was the first one at the rooming house a.k.a. brothel which was quite far from where he lived. He had given chits to everyone involved and they gave those to the half-sober receptionist who told them to go to the third floor.It would be confusing and useless to give you the names of the gentlemen involved. Let us say that all were over 50 years of age, and some in their 60s. They were well-known in their profession, quite wealthy, most were married and all had known each other for decades. The two gentlemen with top hats walked in with their “nephews”. After a few minutes, all the men were present. A portable cloakroom was a handy thing provided by the house. Most men took off all their clothes. Some were thin, others had a small belly, all were clean and horny. Henry was also naked. He had taken the nephews to the next room where they disrobed. Both were tanned and muscular. Henry had a hardon just being next to them. They didn’t speak much. They were sex machines. Henry could hear the chatter in the next room and men already whispering indecent propositions to other men. Besides quite innocent petting or kissing, the men behaved before the boys came in.A few whistles, light clapping, lips smacking accompanied the two young men, one blonde, the other dark, when they climbed onto the bed around which sat the five older naked men. The two boys had done this a dozen times together and knew how to excite a crowd of horny gentlemen.They began kissing right away, kneeling in front of each other, then kissing their small erect nipples, then kissing again while slowly moving their hand around the other’s erect cock. The men were all voyeurs and they wanted to watch two young men fuck but the point of the meeting was to get them excited (Viagra was not invented) so that they could have sex with each other. The agile young men finally settled in 69, leaving some room between their bodies so that the men could clearly see the two cocks being sucked. All knew they were set to have one orgasm only (in other types of show, they could have two) and they were careful not to explode in each other’s mouth. These boys could do flip-flop and were very versatile. They had decided beforehand that the blonde would be the bottom. Knowing that these shows were always very short, the men were courting their prospective partners even before the nephews had fucked. Henry had his eye on the man who had approached him at the restaurant. The two exchanged signals and began kissing even before the two young men finished their fuck on the bed. A few minutes after the last groan between the nephews, all the men were coupling together. The two tall skinny ones, one was reported to be a man of the church, were already in a position to attempt an assfuck. Henry and his lover were sucking cock and were just about to shoot their load. Finally two pudgy gentlemen-- one had brought a nephew-- were taking turns licking ass. The boys had dressed and were already gone. The evening continued on with men exchanging partners. Henry had a suck with his gentleman friend but spent the rest of the evening making sure the couples were assorted and having a good time.The man in the top hat who had contacted Henry at the restaurant and who had exchanged two good loads with Henry, waited for him near the door of the rooming house/brothel. Henry was at first surprised. “What is it ? Were you not satisfied ?”, worriedly asked Henry“Oh no…quite the contrary. I wanted to thank you. It went wonderfully well”, the smiling man answered, looking around to that he was sure no one saw them“We’re on the edge of town here. Lots of …”, Henry began“Of empty warehouses….”, smiled the man“You didn’t mount anyone or maybe I missed it”, whispered the gentleman“No…I like it…but it just didn’t work out with such a small group”, answered Henry who was as horny as his companion.Without saying a word the two men walked slowly under the stars to a building. “I belong to a club of men who fancy men. We organize reunions and shows like the one tonight. I was wondering if you would like to join us ?”, asked the man as they were getting close to a door“I certainly would but I am afraid many would not accept my modest social standing”, remarked Henry“Cock, ass, mouth, hands…that’s what really matters”, smiled the man as he took out a key from his pocket.“There is also much more to our club. We have members in many cities and we are contemplating including some of our wives”, added the man. He opened the door and lit a match, then a candle which was on a table. The men gathered some blankets off the floor. The place was not clean but the dirt, the dampness, the darkness and the possibility that someone might walk in on them, seemed to make their special meeting much more exciting.The men took off their trousers. Neither wore underpants. The smell of the evening pleasures still clung to their clothes and flesh. Roger, the man with the top hat, invited Henry to join him on a humid blanket. He quickly buried his face between Henry’s buttocks and began to lick him, stroking his cock at the same time. After a few minutes, he moved in front of Henry who licked him and stroked him, then mounted him. Henry moved his cock slowly in then pulled it back then in again. Roger moaned. He knew someone was listening. As Henry began to reach his rhythm, the candle was blown out. The two men continued to fuck. It was too late to stop. TO BE CONTINUED