High School Fantasy

It was my very first day of grade 12 high school. I had a bit of a sexual awakening last summer. I had to do orientation to get familiar with my new classes. My very first class I was stuck with a group I noticed had a hot guy, and he happened to be in pretty much every one of my other classes. He was fairly tall, short brown hair, piercing green eyes, and tight pants of which I noticed hid his bulging giant erection every time our eyes crossed paths. He would always smile at me when he had the chance, and I would always smile back. Over the course of the previous summer I had developed an insatiable appetite for sex, masturbating almost every day, up to 6 times a day, wherever I had the opportunity to, be it at home, at a relative's house locked in a bathroom, or at a public event hidden well enough so that not even the authorities could see. I couldn't keep my hands out of my pants, so to speak. I had to make a choice of how far I was willing to go to grab his attention, and I decided I needed him deep inside of me as soon as possible to fulfill my skanky urges. The following day I dressed up in the sluttiest clothing I could gather without disobeying the dress code at my school. I wore super tight blue jeans, red lacy thong, red lacy bra, and a low cut top (with size F tits it's not that hard to wear such attire and not get sent home to change without even trying that hard), with tons of cleavage hanging out.Our first class was Science. He glanced at me before walking into the classroom, as always, and I made sure to walk ahead of him so he could get a great look at my red thong peeking through my tight blue jeans. We went to sit down at our own desks. I picked the one in front of him, and before I took my seat I pretended to drop my school supplies and bend over, so he could get another great view of my ass in a thong. I knew he saw me both times because I turned my head around over my shoulder and I saw that his face was beet red. By a stroke of luck we ended up getting paired together for our first Science experiment. We flirted throughout the entirety of our experiment, me purposely giggling like a ditzy teen, bending forward as much as I could so he could always see my huge tits begging to be released from my low cut top.I continued my trampy behaviour over the next couple of weeks. There was a party I happened to get invited to the following Friday, so I saw this as my opportunity to finally have him use me. I mentioned to him that there was a party that I was going to attend and asked him if he would like to come with me. Quickly and without hesitation he said yes, gulping very hard and beads of sweat beginning to drip down his face.Friday night came and he came to my house to walk with me to the house party. It was only 6 blocks from my house. I dressed up in a very short black miniskirt, a white spaghetti strap top, a lacy pink thong, lacy pink bra, and knee high black leather zip up boots. I could get away with my attire for the night because my parents happened to know the parents of the senior who invited me, and my parents were under the impression that there would be adult supervision over the night, but there would be no such thing. His jaw dropped the minute he saw me when I opened the door. I smirked at him, and before we left I told him I needed to grab my purse from my room. I started walking towards the stairs in my house, walking as slowly as I could, wiggling my ass from side to side so he could get a taste of what I desperately wanted to give to him.We left my house in a bit of a hurry, convincing him to take the alleyways every chance I had, because I couldn't get my mind off of him deep inside me. Whenever we took the alleyways I would shove him up against the walls, shove my tongue down his throat, run my hands across his crotch, and tell him I want him to use me. He would always try to unzip my miniskirt, but me being the tease that I am, I told him that I won't spread my legs until we get to the party.We finally got to the party, and immediately we started drinking and dancing out in the living room, which was the dance floor for the night. I started bumping and grinding on him every chance I got, my ass right up against his crotch as I could feel his throbbing cock wanting to erupt up my tight little hole. After mercilessly teasing him for well over a month, I grabbed his hair as I turned my head back over my shoulder and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. I knew he had heard me over the loud music because I felt his cock get the hardest it's ever been.I grabbed his hand and led him up to the guest room. As I closed the door behind us I started to remove my clothes, bra and thong very slowly, still teasing him and modeling my undergarments for him, my huge tits begging to come out and me bending over in front of him in my thong. I was clearly soaking my thong in my juices as he could see clear as day.He started to suck on my nipples, my areolas getting really puffy and my nipples really erect. As he began unbuttoning his pants I started stroking his erect dick, wanting to swallow him whole like you would not believe. I needed to blow him so bad I took him into my mouth, deepthroating and gagging his veiny tool until there was nothing left to see, giving him a really sloppy blowjob. I kept cradling his balls in my hand as I sucked incredibly hard. It took some time but eventually he came, blowing his load deep inside me as I swallowed every drop. I then got on my hands and knees, my ass high in the air as he started to fuck my brains out from behind.We fucked for close to an hour and a half before we both ran out of steam. After he walked me home, he slapped my ass and asked me if I loved being used like a piece of meat. My pussy started to get very wet immediately and I had to restrain myself for the rest of the night. I moaned yes as I looked straight into his eyes and knew that this was the first of many sexual escapades with him.