Hot Day / Night

We were walking back, arm in arm, we stopped held each other and our lips met, your tongue probed into my willing mouth, and mine met with yours.I felt your warm caress as we kissed in the moonlight, and started to become aroused, I was sure you could feel my cock pushing into you so I pulled you closer. As we broke away and started walking again, we chatted about how nice it was and how good the day had been, and then we started talking about more personal things, I think I asked if you had ever had sex outside, and I think you said yes, however you then said you wanted me to take you into the trees and pull your clothes off.So we nipped into the trees alongside the golf course, we continued kissing, I laid you down on the grass and started to kiss your neck, I was rubbing your fantastic breasts, and you were rubbing my cock through my shorts. I helped you out of your top so your chest was in front of me and it was a sight to behold, I kissed down your neck and in turn kissed your nipples,My other hand had made its way down to your shorts, which I had now unbuttoned, I was feeling your hairy mons through your bikini bottoms and could tell you were clearly enjoying the experience, as your breathing was becoming heavier, and I could feel your warmth through the bikini bottoms. I pressed into your slit with my hand and your wetness soaked through, as you lay there before me, I removed your bikini bottoms, and stared at your beauty, your blond hair, your lovely breasts, and your small fluff of pubic hair covering your moist, wet, pussy.I manoeuvered myself onto my knees and offered you my cock to your mouth, you took it inside and commenced sucking and licking, I had 2 fingers deep inside you and was gently trusting in and out of your wet hole. I then knelt in between your legs and bent forward taking in the scent from your pussy, before flicking and licking with my tongue, tasting your arousal, and becoming more and more erect. I then offered my cock to your warm and inviting pussy, but you just wanted it resting at the entrance, so I grabbed your hand and encouraged you to rub your clit, whilst I licked and sucked at your labia, then I started teasing the entry to your pussy with my cock and you allowed me to enter, it was so warm, and tight it felt amazing,You made it clear that you wanted me to take it out in plenty of time so I rested my cock in you whilst you rubbed your pussy, I asked if you were enjoying this, and you said it was amazing, your breathing was becoming faster and faster, I told you to tell me if you were getting close, “getting there” is what you said back, by now I had my cock in my hand and was gently stroking up and down my shaft, I asked again “close?”, “ close” was your reply, “tell me when you are going to cum” I demanded, “do you want me to cum at the same time?” I asked “yes” you said, “where do you want it” I asked, “all over me” you said. Your breathing was coming heavier, your hand was moving faster as you caressed yourself towards the peak of your pleasure, “I am close, close” you said, “I’m going to cum, i’m going to cum” you gasped, “uuuuuhhhmmmm I’m cumming, i’m cumming”, your whole body flushed, you started tensing as your wave of pleasure washed over you, “here it comes” I said, and I moved myself on my knees inbetween your spread legs, moving my hand faster and faster up and down my shaft, “i’m cumming” I announced and then spurt after spurt of my hot cum, flooded out and covered you, some of it hit your chin and some caught our lips, which you licked, the rest, and there was a lot, splattered all over your amazing breasts.As we got our breath back we kissed some more, then straightened ourselves out, I helped you dress, sneaking another cheeky feel of your amazing pussy.