How my Ex Girlfriend April took me hostage.

After I move to Dallas for my Senior year, I started banging some off the thickest chicks in the city. I met this one beautiful girl named Ashley. Ashley has Baby Blue eyes, Blonde Hair, and some big ass titties, they had to been DD's. I was fucking Ashley every single day that she wasn't on her period. One day, April called me while i was fucking Ashley. I looked and hung up my phone. All of a sudden she was calling my phone back and forth for 2 hours straight after i turned it off. Ashley asked me was I all right. I said to Ashley, "I'm OK."So, after that fiasco, I had a monster year on the baseball diamond. I hit .435 with 28 homers and drove in 90 men. So, I put my name in the MLB Draft. I was the #1 overall pick, first image they had was Ashley kissing me when the cameras focused on us.Later that night, April called me and left me a threatening voicemail. April said to me: You fucking lied to me, you piece of shit!!!! You went to Texas to fuck a big titty White bitch, when you could come back to California to fuck me silly." "Hey, Mr. I'm going to be in the picture until you get rid of the bitch." I was floored and shocked that she couldn't move on. But I didn't let it other me, cause I had to fly to Cleveland to sign my MLB record contract which was 6 years, $36 million. I signed the deal, and was moved to the Indians A ball minor league club. And Ashley went with me. I was tearing up Ashley's pussy, as well as doing well in the minor leagues. I was promoted to the Main club to replace the shortstop that got hurt. Ashley and I caught the first flight to LAX, so i can play against the Dodgers.Ashley and I arrive at the ballpark. I did awesome in my debut, going 2-5. I was interviewed by the local TV station. after i was interviewed, April left me a text saying: " You and your big titty Barbie are in L.A, huh. Don't let me fucking catch you, you big dick motherfucker. Oh, PS: Don't go out tonight, especially to Beverly Hills, asshole!" I ignored April and took Ashley out to dinner and the movies so we can enjoy my hometown. The next day, I see a pink Monte Carlo 8 parking spaces away from me saying Hilton employee parking. I was floored, It was April's car that she received as a graduation present from her parents. I hop in my Aston Martin to go to Dodger Stadium. I check my glove compartment, April left me tons of her naked pictures and said to me in a note, " Blondie is going back to Texas tonight, and your dick is going to be in my pussy raw, so I can have your k**s. See ya later, Love April."After I saw that note, I had a monster game going 4-5 with 3 homers. After the game, I head to the Hilton to get my stuff so i can go to another motel. I enter my room, I see Ashley tied up, and April with her work shirt unbuttoned, showing off her red bra. April looks at me and said: " Hey,boo. we're fucking tonight and if you don't, I'm going to hurt Blondie." April takes off her shirt and pants and tells me to lie down. I refused, April hits Ashley so hard, it wasn't even funny. I forgot that April was a 5 degree Black Belt in Karate and Judo.. April kicks me on the bed, takes off my pants and started sucking me off like her life depended on it. April says to Ashley:"Hey bitch, Once he pulls out, you're going to be tasting my pussy." I began to lick April's pussy. April was scratching my back and slapping me in my face. April came through oral and said to Ashley: " Hey Blondie, my man just made me cum."So, I took a break and said to April: "I'm done!!! Now Leave me alone!!!" April kicks me in the balls and says: "You're going to fuck me raw or expect me to cut or break your dick off!!" I fell in for April's game again and started to fuck the living shit out of her . April was screaming in delight and yells at Ashley: "Hey Barbie, find your own man once your back home, cause his dick is mine!!!!!" April yells at me: " Fuck me harder!!!! You big dick motherfucker!!!!" I tear April up with every thrust from my cock. April says to me: "I came, honey. but i want Blondie to kiss my ass." I said : "Huh" April yells at me to fuck her in the ass. Which i did. I ramming April like the police using a ram to open the door with. I pull out ready to nut. April told me: "Don't you dare nut, until it's in her mouth." April removes the tape from Ashley's mouth. and says: "You're going to kiss my pussy and ass, Bitch!" April knocks Ashley out, opens her mouth and said to me: "Babe, I want you to put all your cum in her mouth." I did it.After April whoops Ashley, April and I put our clothes on and leave. April tells me: " You're mine forever." I will be with you everywhere as long as you live on this Earth." In which April did. I ended up giving Ashley a $5 million dollar settlement to quiet her. And April and i married 2 years later after received a 8 year, $250,000,000 deal. April said to me: "I didn't want your money, I wanted your dick every single night. That's why I came back for you,silly." April and I ended up having 6 k**s and lived happily ever after.