How my husband became my cuckold - Episode 3

I climbed the stairs as quietly as I could, hoping not to disturb Andy, but as I opened the door to the bedroom I could see him sat up in bed and was a little concerned to find him still awake. I took off my dress and realised that I'd left my bra somewhere. I had no idea where and just hoped that Andy didn't notice as he knew it was very unusual for me to go out without one on. As I climbed into bed next to him he started to ask me questions about the evening. At one point I stated to think that he knew something was up but I put it down to my paranoia and relaxed when he suggested sex. After all, he wasn't going to want me if he knew what I'd just been up to with Vince was he!?!I was still worried though, that he might smell Vince on me or would realise my pussy was sopping wet with Vince's cum, which, by now, was steadily seeping out of me. I'd held on to my knickers and used them to wipe away some of Vince's juices as Andy focussed on my breasts and licked my nipples. I was still feeling very horny from Vince's last pounding of my pussy and although I was in two minds about making love, I didn't take very much persuading.As Andy lay there planting kisses on my breasts and teasing my nipples with his tongue, my arousal started to build once more. I closed my eyes and drifted back to the events of the evening. It had been incredibly exciting to enjoy a new man and I'd loved the way he had taken me so forcefully. I'd been a very willing participant but l felt that once Vince had got me outside he wasn't going to take no for an answer and that excited me even more. As I lay there reliving the evening whilst enjoying my husband's attentions I suddenly realised that Andy was about to go down on me. I felt sure he'd realise that something was wrong when he started to lick me out and closed my legs in an attempt to deter him. But he was insistent and I was both drunk and incredibly horny so I let him ease them apart and decided to damn the consequences!I held my breath as he started to lick me. I thought that he would realise that my pussy tasted different at any moment but he didn't seem to notice. As he carried on eating me out I soon relaxed. I enjoy it when Andy goes down on me and for some reason knowing that he was swallowing my juices mixed with my new lovers enhanced the experience even further. I was soon rubbing my labia hard against Andy's face as waves of orgasmic pleasure ripped through my body.As my excitement subsided, Andy moved so that he could hold me in his arms. What came next took me completely by surprise. As he held me, he confessed that he'd watched Vince fuck me at the party. My head span as I tried to make sense of what he was saying. At first I was concerned but It was clear from his excitement that he was turned on by what had happened so I started to tease him. Andy's cock is a little bigger than Vince's but I told him Vince was huge which seemed to make Andy even more desperate to fuck me. To be honest, I'd had enough sex by then. I'd cum half a dozen times and would have happily gone to sleep but I sensed an opportunity. I insisted that, before he got to fuck me, Andy agreed to become my cuckold and he agreed, without hesitation.I also insisted that he start to call me Mistress and do whatever I asked. Again he agreed without hesitation. With that, I let him fuck me and he was soon convulsing excitedly as he came inside me. Then he kissed me and held me in his arms as his cock softened and he gently slipped from between my legs. As Andy's sperm mixed with Vince's in the depths of my pussy I relaxed and listened to Andy, breathing deeply as he slept contentedly beside me. Perhaps if he'd realised that night what he'd traded for his orgasm he might have decided to wait until morning, to have me, as I'd originally suggested. Andy could get frustrated if he didn't have sex with me twice a week. Little did he know that he'd entered me for the last time as my husband. Now he was my cuckold, he'd have to wait until his birthday to enjoy that privilege again and that was over 3 months away. I on the other hand was looking forward to having my pussy full of cock very regularly before then, just not his!