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I am Kiran 25 years old Today I am going to confess my sexual encounter with my neighborhood aunty her name is Virginia sadly she is married and she has a k** Rikku studying in 5th. So coming to the story my aunties husband is abroad, her house is also in our colony in Chennai. Rikku and I are good friends, in my free time ... we play video games in his house regularly. The video game console is located upstairs, one fine day during visiting aunty's house Rikku told me to go upstairs and start playing and that he will use the bathroom and come. So I climbed up and went to Rikku's room adjacent to Rikku's room is aunties room her room was not properly locked so through the gap I saw aunty sitting applying some body lotion and she is wearing only a towel her skin was glowing it was so milky suddenly she noticed me watching her she ran and shut the door that day started my sexual arousal to aunty . Let me describe aunty she is 35 years of age. Her skin tone vanilla white huge firm boobs, pink tits, with hair up to her thighs. She has a small tummy overall she is not fit but is bulky with large sexy thighs. about mei have a large black dick I shave my private places and an athletic built body. Another fine day Rikku bought his mom's smartphone to play games, I was curious to see the browsing history unexpectedly there were a lot of porn .....Rikku is a k** so it was the aunt. so this was an eye opener, so then whenever I went to Rikku's house I started staring at her, this continued for a lot of time. One fine day Rikku's had gone to school aunty called me over from the balcony so I went to her home. She asked me "Kiran I've noticed you staring at me what do you want from me". I replied, "aunty you look attractive that's why I couldn't control ", for that she said blushingly said..... " do you find aged ladies like me attractive seriously". For that, I bent before she took her hand kissed and said "you are a very beautiful aunty and every day I regret your marriage has happened ", at that moment aunty hugged me with tears she whispered, " kiran I love you even my own husband doesn't love me ". She told, " my husband won't be in the home for most of the time I want all that love I missed from you, satisfy me ". We r still hugging I suddenly grabbed her buns for that she blushed and said: " naughty satisfy me every day ". We started smooching she started licking me her saliva was all around my face I loved it I also started pressing her 34 b boobs by that time Rikku came the small villain of our lust life I left. Another day me and Rikku were playing aunt came in the room Rikku was busy playing....... aunt winked and called me down stairs somehow I managed Rikku and went down she was in the kitchen in her nighties I slowly caught her buttocks and we started smooching I carried her made her sit near the fireplace and started squeezing her vaginal area she was going mad I lifted her nightie and removed her black panties and started licking her hairy pussy she was moaning . her pre-cum was flowing to my mouth then I started fingering and licking I knew how to hit the g spot in the vagina she squirted on my face .... wow the expressions on her face was priceless she was so satisfied And she told " enough enough this is the first time I am experiencing orgasm" what a dick husband she had ... she told that well have protected sex some other day, my lovely aunt planned one day when Rikku had full days school. I went a bought a special dotted super thin condom and massage oil. On my special day as planned I went to her home we went to the bedroom. she was looking so hot in her red sari. First, we smooched then she was like opened my shirt I put my hand inside her blouse piece and started squeezing her boobs, she is moaning. I slowly removed her blouse and sari and forcefully put her in the bed then slowly I removed her underskirt then I started kissing her thighs she was moaning slowly. I removed her panties then I took off my clothes she was impressed by my erected cock and I started pouring oil on her boobs, pussy, and legs. I started massaging from her leg slowly sucking her toes ...... squeezing her thighs she was going on moaning. I massaged her pussy then slowly to the belly button her cute tummy. Then I started to playing with her boobs squeezed both the boobs together ...I started even sucking on her brown tits ....it was heaven I did not leave it she was enjoying it. I kept on sucking her tits she was enjoying it by this time as I was licking her boobs she was slowly stroking my dick , i loved the smile on her face her messy hair. I then made her give me a tit fuck rubbed my penis against it too and forth and I ejected cum on her boobs she was so impressed by the amount of cum. After that, she told " darling come and take it from my body " so we started rolling on the bed together and we went to the 69 position I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock her pre-cum was flowing through my mouth. She couldn't control as I licked her pussy drastically she told she couldn't control and she said " baby now I want your thick cock up my pussy". I took the condom and wore then she told me to do the doggy style I inserted my penis I started ramming her. 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So I inserted it in her asshole in doggy style and started stroking it was tight I was enjoying I was on cloud nine. this time I couldn't control I ejaculated in her asshole. she was finally satisfied she came and kissed me lip to lip. I went to my home she told me " I have never experienced such good sex and I am Cummings for the first time during sex so she begged me for more sex " and left to my home.I was in contact with her through WhatsApp she used to send me her boobs, pussy pics my life was going well. From then on I used to always meet aunty whenever we were free and we had a lot of sex but sadly now aunty left Chennai so I lost contact with her, sadly I have a sad ending. Any desperate women in Chennai pls do contact ill transform your life, well have protected privacyfinally for any feedback always contact me through my email [email protected]