Initiation rite: The gloryhole

I strongly believe that a young girl's education should include a man - and not related to her - would convene to meet at a local sexshop or private kink den. A sauna establishment is perfect for that. Saunas / Spas are better because men do shower before they pull out their cock making for a better experience altogether compared to sexshops or porn theaters. There she would , most of them bi, perv, hetero-flexible, bdsm and other flavour of vice and decadence.She would also be advised that now is a good time to pee before we go to the cellar. She would oblige and (Symbolizing the momentary abandonment of privacy)She would then . She would then take place with him in h a room you'd barely call a room (more like a large broom closet). it would be .There are She would also be introduced to and be on an erect penis. (An important competence if she later chooses to become a prostitute)She would suck in the dark. Allow her favourite cocks to penetrate any hole she pleases.Then She and the initiator would head She would get dressed and sent home with the assignement to write down her memories to the best of her recollection. She would her initiator could have her re-take the gloryhole initiation and/or write another essay. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I believe it is a good initiation and will contribute to opening up her mind to various sexual practice with a large number of partners.Also the initiator can by showing her and explaining her.She will because at a gloryhole one can not be forced to do anything by the person on the other side.She would learn of not knowing who's on the other side. This only more or less how I learnt with one of my first lover. I also educated 3 female partners in a similar fashion. All three after I had turned 35. Before that I kept the secret to my friends and gf, or sexual partners. I would simply go anonymously to these places. Now I am glad to bring and initiate younger girls. I believe I have 'organically' gone up the ranks and become iniator myself.I was 18 and he was 64. He rented me a studio appartment during my first year at University. I did not have to pay rent as soon as he saw my sexual potential. He educated and initiated me for 18 months and took me to many bathhouses, porn theaters, sexshops and private homes.My knowledge expanded rapidly and my views about sex went from slightly conservative to those of submissive fucktoy which I have been eversince.So again, it's only my views and my experience, please share yours: men and women, trans or cis, straight, gay or bi please chime in.Sincerely yours, Sin well! Aleister Crowley