Innocent mistake turns into sensual bliss

I got this huge devilish smile on my face, because I was going to put on a strip tease for Alex.We have one of those whole house stereo systems, so I played my "Stripper" playlist, and a song called Pony from an artist known as Genuwine started playing! If you don't know it, look it up.It's like the national male stripper anthem!And because I did work as a male entertainer some years ago, I still have most of my old costumes, I put on one of my old tear away numbers, and proceeded to do my best Magic Mike impression...As I dance through the hallway towards the living room all I could see was an outline of what I thought was my wife sitting on the couch, the room was dark other than some candles I had lit to set the mood.By the third song I could hear my wife breathing heavily and could tell that she was turned on, as I approached her from behind I started realizing that this wasn't my wife, it was her co-worker and girlfriend from the job Cheryl, or Cherry as my wife calls her.She was too embarrassed to say anything, and too turned on to move.I figured since I was already going, why stop now?I kept dancing, playing along with it, I tore off my pants which was the last piece of clothing I had on by the way.And flipped over the couch so that I was doing a headstand in her crotch, while my cock was about 3/4 hard waving in Cherry's face, just to see what she would do.About that time Alex, who had just dropped her off to go grab a few bottles of wine from the store came back into the room. Busted!!!!!Alex turned on the lights and started laughing her ass off, because the head of my dick was literally touching Cherry's lips.I jumped down, and acted embarrassed while trying to cover up. Alex apologized for the mix up, but was still laughing almost uncontrollably. I ran off and got dressed, and came back a few moments later.When I got back and sat down, I noticed right away that Cherry wasn't the slightest bit angry or embarrassed, but she was very horny. She had broken up with her boyfriend and hadn't had sex in over two months she admitted to us.I noticed that everytime I'd move she was checking out my dick print!We all sat there laughing and telling funny stories, and Cherry stood up and said it was time to address the elephant trunk in the room.She asked how big I was, and asked Alex if she could see it again? Alex told me to stand and deliver.I told her that I hadn't measured it in years, but the last time I checked I was about 9 1/2 inches. She said I should check again!Alex jumped up and went into her sewing box and pulled out a tape, Cherry was right 10 1/4 was what it measured.She asked me if she could touch it, I looked at Alex and she started taking off her clothes which told me that it was a good idea.Cherry kept saying that she'd never had a dick this big, then immediately dropped it like she was scared.I told her that it was okay, but she said she had to tell me something before we got any further into it..I asked her what was going on and she said that she had a secret, and she didn't want me to get mad.I smiled and jokingly told her I didn't care if she had a cock bigger than mine, if she wanted me, all she had to do was ask!She smiled and said, well it's nowhere near as big as mine, but that she did have a dick......Wait did she just say what I think she said Alex?Alex smiled and said yes! She said she has a dick, and that it was a beautiful dick too...I told Cherry that she just turned me on so much, and that I wanted to see it.Alex suggested that we all get into the shower together.Our shower is like a small pool, with two, three foot rainmaker heads.All three of us got into the shower naked, and it was a nice cock. We were all wet and kissing and rubbing.Alex told us to sword fight for her and frot together, while she played with her pussy with the shower wand.We were playing, and Alex walked over to us, got down on her knees, and started trying to suck us into her mouth together. But the best she could do was alternate between us. But damn that was some good head. Cherry had both nipples pierced so naturally my focus was on those beauties.After a few minutes, Cherry asked if we could go to the bedroom so Alex could sit on her cock so she could give me a blowjob.Alex grabbed Cherry by the cock and Cherry grabbed me by the cock and we walked from the bathroom to the master bedroom. By the time we got there Alex all but threw Cherry on the bed, and started riding her. I walked over and slid by big pecker between those velvety lips until I was choking her, she pulled off and tried again until she loosened her throat enough to take my whole cock down to my balls, now that was impressive. After a moment or two Alex jumped up off Cherry's dick and squirted everywhere, before falling back down onto that nice cock. That went on for the next 15 minutes until Alex tapped out and laid there shivering with mini orgasmic seizures. Once Alex had her fill of that cock, it was my turn!I bent over the bed, and Cherry stepped behind me, kneeling at my ass. She started slowly eating my hole until precum was oozing from my dick, then she bent it backwards so she could lick it off and spit it back onto my butthole!I felt her stand up, then felt her ease into my pucker. I got that sharp burning pain for a quick second or two, then told her my hole was hers to use and abuse.She fucked me good too!Doggy style, spoon, jackhammer, you name it.She fucked me good for a solid 25 minutes before she pulled out and shot all over our mouths and faces. She asked for a drink, and told me that she wanted me to fuck her with everything I had left.So that's just what I did. I fucked that sweet hole for about 40 minutes before I pulled out and shot it all over her sexy red toes.Cherry has since got a new boyfriend, and we all play from time to time, but you never forget your 1st time!