Into The Trees

We chatted through the messenger for over an hour, which was frustrating as it seemed an eternity before I received a reply. Nancy surprised me as she came across as a lady who knew exactly what she wanted. This seemed to go against the pictures she had posted on her profile. The pictures were not like most of the other ladies typical nude pictures. Nancy's pictures showed a very beautiful mature lady clothed, but sometimes what you cant see is just as arousing. Suddenly out of the blue she said she would be at a local beauty spot near by the following afternoon and asked if I would be free to meet her. It was a place I knew fairly well as it was a place I used to go to when I was younger. With out a second thought I said yes to her request and we agreed on the time we would meet. Laying in bed that night I could not think of anything else but Nancy. Dark thoughts ran through my mind, would she turn up, would she not. What were her intentions ? Thankfully my intentions were clear to me and I became very aroused thinking about her.It was not the warmest of afternoons I have to say, in fact it was bloody freezing. Driving up the small track to the carpark I must admit I was beginning to feel a little bit nervous. There were no other cars there and my heart fell a little flat, I soon felt better when I looked at the time and realised that I was half an hour early. I parked my car in one of the corners of the small bumpy stone car park facing into the woods. I was in a great position as I could see through my mirrors the carpark entrance and through the windscreen the path that went into the woods. My heart was racing sitting in silence waiting for a car to appear in my rear view mirror. After what seemed a lifetime but in reality was five minutes before our agreed time a car came into view. The light from the autumn sky reflected on the cars windscreen so I could not see who was driving. The car came very slowly across the car park and it was only when it pulled up along side my car that I could see through the side window. It was Nancy, she looked across to me and gave me the prettiest of smiles. Nervously I got out of my car and walked around to her drivers door to greet her. She turned off her engine and opened her car door. Swinging out her leg I caught a brief glimpse of a stocking top through the gap of her long dark coat. I started to become aroused straight away as there was nothing I liked better than seeing a lady in stockings. My partner refused to wear skirts and lived her life in leggings and jogging bottoms. I thought to myself how on earth did she drive in those heels. As Nancy got out of the car I said "hello" and again I saw her beautiful smile that just made her face light up. Taking her hand to help her up I found my self gently pulling her in towards me. With out saying a word I kissed her lips and she immediately kissed me back and wow what a kiss. Running my hands though her lovely long dark hair and gently caressing the back of her neck with my fingers and just behind her ear with my thumb. The passionate kissing was turning me on and my cock was trying to burst out of my jeans. It was in an awkward position and was feeling very uncomfortable, Nancy put her hand on my bulge, massaging it though my jeans. This thankfully straightened it up a little and I was now in a place of pure ecstasy. The thought of another car coming into the carpark entered my mind so I broke from the kissing and suggested that we take a walk.Once again I took Nancy's hand and we headed down the path into the woods. We did not have to walk far before we found somewhere nice and private. I could not believe that my cock was still so hard. I thought the walk would relax things a little. Again I pulled Nancy close into me and kissed her again. Like before Nancy kissed me back with such passion and was soon massaging my hard cock through my jeans. Slowly I went to the top button of her long leather coat and undid it with my left hand. Moving down undoing each button one by one while still locked into our passionate kiss. Moving our bodies very slightly apart allowed her coat to swing open enough for me to slide my left hand in around her waste. Expecting to feel the material of a blouse or dress I was surprised to feel nothing but her warm soft skin. She moaned as I touched her, Jesus I thought my hands must be freezing and I apologised. She did not say a word but shook her head and carried on kissing me. I moved my left hand up to her breast, she was wearing a bra and from the feel of the texture on my hand I knew it was of good quality. Nancy's breast felt so good in my hand and again she moaned as I slowly caressed it. It was only when Nancy pulled back to undo the belt on my jeans that I saw the full beauty of her body. She was wearing a full set, I could not believe it. A beautiful matching black and red bra, thong and suspender belt holding up her black stockings. After tackling my belt she seemed to rip open the buttons of my jeans and was straight into my pants with her hand. The initial shock of a cold hand gripping my hard cock made me jump. After a brief kiss in this position and in one faultless move, Nancy pulled my jeans and pants down to just above my knees. I slowly put the palms of my hands on Nancy's breasts and slid them gently up to her shoulders and never breaking contact with her soft skin, I pushed the top of her coat away the back of my hands. Nancy relaxed her arms and It fell to the floor just behind her. Nancy pulled off my jacket and immediately lifted my jumper and t-shirt over my head. Its funny that the cold of this November afternoon did not worry or affect me. Nancy had me so turned on that it could have been snowing for all I know. Pulling our semi naked bodies together and kissing those gorgeous lips I could feel her suspender belt touching against my hard cock. It was not long before I found my hands feeling for the clasp of her bra and upon discovery easily unclipped it. Sliding both hands up over her shoulder blades I caught the bra straps with my fingers and encouraged them from her shoulders. Nancy again relaxed her arms allowing it to drop to the floor. I moved back slightly so that I could take a look at her breasts now the had been released from their prison. My god they looked beautiful, this lady has obviously looked after her self. Her nipples were so hard and sticking out almost looking like they wanted to be touched. When I touched her breast this time the feel of those nipples on the palms of my hands was heaven. Stroking them so gently letting the nipples flick in and out of the gaps between my fingers. Nancy was moaning as I did this, she must have really sensitive nipples. It was like she was having an orgasm as I bent down and took one of her nipples into my mouth cupping the breast with my hand. While holding my cock Nancy kissed down my chest and slowly knelt down on her coat. I could feel her warm breath on my cock teasing it and I shuddered as she kissed the tip of it. Nibbling slowly down the shaft to my balls kissing and stroking them. She slowly worked her way back up the shaft and allowed it to part her soft lips. I could feel her tongue circling the tip and teasing the pee-hole with the tip of her tongue. My god I am going to cum if she does not stop this soon, I needed a rest bite. With my hands on her shoulders I pushed her back onto her coat and she giggled as I knelt down between her legs. Reaching out for the top of her thong I pulled it off in one move Nancy lifted her legs up above my head as I did this. Again she giggled and said ooh in a saucy tone. I needed to taste her, with her legs still up I let them relax over my shoulders. My cheek ran along the nylon of her stocking and upon reaching her bare inner thigh I started to kiss. Like Nancy did to me I let my hot breath tease her pussy, kissing the top of her leg and up over the top of her pussy to the other leg. Sliding my tongue closer and closer but not touching listening to her gasps as I teased her and teased her. Finally I gave in to her gasps and moans and licked her pussy from the bottom straight up over her clit. Nancy let out a cry and her whole body seemed to lift off the floor of the woods as I did this. She grabbed the back of my head and forced it into her pussy. The only way I can describe it is that Nancy tasted divine, I could feel her whole body roll with ecstasy as I was enjoying her pussy. She let me please her and myself for that matter as performing oral sex had always been something that I adored doing. Finally she cried out and panted the only words she spoke all afternoon "stop...stop....stop....I want to feel you inside me." I slowly kissed up her body taking my time with her nipples and on the way up to her neck. As I reached her lips and kissed her my cock entered her pussy, no hands, no nothing, just naturally straight in. The warmth of her pussy around my cock was a feeling I will never forget. This against the chill of the November air catching my wet face from all Nancy's love juices. Slowly we moved together in a rhythmic motion, me pushing down as Nancy pushed up. Getting faster and faster before breaking to slow down and start the whole cycle again. I really do believe that neither of us wanted this to end, this was the most erotic experience I had ever had. Nature eventually took its toll on me and I knew I was going to have to cum. I whispered into Nancy's ear that I was going to cum, she moaned even louder as we got faster and faster and there was no turning back this time. My whole body shook and I let out a cry as I finally reached orgasm. Nancy screamed out and slammed her hands onto the ground with her head bent back and her waist thrust up to me. We had reached climax together, and in the most unlikely place you would think possible. Our bodies finally relaxed and I lay on top her panting away as I was out of breath. I could hear Nancy's heavy breathing in my ear and she patted me on the back, I do not think there was any energy left between us.Neither of us had realised that it had got dark. I said we had better go as I wasn't sure if the council locked the carpark after dark. Nancy nodded and I pulled up my jeans and top back on. Nancy put her Thong and bra in her handbag and just put her coat on. We walked back to the cars hand in hand, and I saw her to her car door. She leant across and gave me one last kiss, and a cheeky pat on the front of my jeans. As Nancy got into her car I got one last glimpse of her stocking tops, it had ended as it started. One last smile and a wave as she started her car put it into reverse turned around and drove off down the track back to the main road. I watched her headlight beams fade into the trees.