Is it Work & Party or Party at Work?

Hanna had not long returned to work after time off having her first baby. She had worked hard to get her figure back and when she got an invite for a leaving drink in the bar at work, for a colleague, she happily accepted. She wore skin tight jeans, black heels, a figure hugging white blouse and sexy black bra and thong. Hanna knew she looked great and felt really sexy. Her husband expressed a concurring opinion, and when he dropped her off, he threatened to take advantage of her when she got home, particularly if she were tipsy. Hanna smiled back at her husband and said, "Well be prepared cause I haven't had a good drink for ages. I aim to put that right."He laughed and drove home whilst she went first into her office. Hanna actually had a small building all to herself just next to the main reception, which had very limited access to others. It had a few rooms including the office, waiting room and a video suite. Leaving her coat and bag, she reset the alarm and walked around to the bar in the main building.There were about 50 people in the bar, but the girl hanna was meeting wasn't there. Others greeted her and an old friend Jim, brought her a vodka and coke. He was slightly older than Hanna, white about 6', with rust coloured hair. She knew he fancied her as he had tried to chat her up just before she got married. He introduced a friend from another department, whom she had never seen before. He was younger about 6'2", black, well-built and named himself, Tone. Hanna spent a good hour or so chatting and they brought several more vodka's and the conversation got ever more risqué as the alcohol caused them to relax.Hanna knew she was getting tipsy, and remembering what her husband had promised she started to get horny. Somehow the conversation turned to the relative sizes of black and white cocks. Tone insisted it was true, whilst Jim bragged that he was more than adequately served in that department. Tone said, "What's your view Hanna, black is best, right!"Hanna blushed, "I wouldn't know." She replied coyly.Tone cut in quick as a flash, "What, you've not done a white guy?"Hanna giggled and answered without thinking, the vodka clouding her better judgement, "No, I've not been with a black guy."Tone drew in his breath in mock horror, "you've never experienced a big cock, how terrible!""I never said that either." She responded.Jim laughed, "Told you, big doesn't require a suntan. So who was the lucky guy with the massive dick?""I'm a happily married woman and this is not the conversation I should be having. So what's the weather like?" She smiled.Jim, seeing that Hanna wasn't ready to go into further detail at this moment, brought another round of drinks and started talking about his new car, whilst Hanna showed polite interest, relieved at the change of direction. All the alcohol ensured however that she kept giggling at his jokes. Tone disappeared and Jim conned her into going to check his car to resolve a light hearted dispute he had engineered between them. Having agreed and Jim telling her it was only down in the underground car park they left the bar. As she walked over he said, "It might be a bit dark down there, I hope you trust me to behave as you look really great."Hanna giggled, "I'm sure you will, you wouldn't fancy an old married woman?"He laughed, "Don't be so sure."They arrived at the underground car park, which was in deed poorly lit and Jim led them over to the car, both continuing to flirt. Although she was horny and well tipsy this was fairly innocent, albeit generating a reasonable amount of sexual tension. Jim opened the driver's door and pointed to the disputed function. Hanna leant in to check and smiled looking over your shoulder, "Ok you win."As she stood up and turned away from the car, Jim was stood directly in front of her with his face inches from hers, "Well I deserve a proper prize." He demanded smiling.Hanna smiled coyly; playing along with what she still thought was innocent banter, "What had you in mind?"He didn't answer but placed his hands on her waist and pulled Hanna toward him whilst leaning forward until his lips clamped over hers. Hanna was a little shocked and tried to pull away, but he held her firmly and she felt his tongue slip between her lips and begin to explore her mouth. Hanna found herself responding, countering his tongue with hers. She felt his left hand slide up her back, under her blouse and pulling her closer, whilst his right hand grabbed her denim encased arse, allowing him to grind his hardness against Hanna's groin. She shuddered a little and brought her arms up to embrace his head and return his kisses with interest. With Hanna's arms now pulling him in, he released the pressure on her back and deftly unclipped her bra. At the same time his hand moved from her arse and up the front of the white blouse, until his hand slipped easily under the lacy bra and began massaging her breast, kneading Hanna's nipple between his thumb and fingers.Hanna moaned into his mouth. They continued making out for a few minutes before her arm dropped from his neck and she moved her hand to begin rubbing his hard cock through his trousers.He brought his hands up to her shoulders causing Hanna to sigh regretfully, as his hand left her nipple. She was so distracted, Hanna hardly registered the gentle pressure on her shoulders as he pushed her down onto her knees. Almost by surprise she found herself staring directly at his groin, and without any consideration her hands undid his belt and then unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them apart sufficiently to reveal his boxers. Grasping the waist band she pulled them down whilst looking up to see the gleeful smile in Jim's eyes. Hanna saw his large cock spring from its constraint and bounce against her nose. "Oh god that's awesome!" She purred.Without a second thought she grasped his shaft with both hands and gave it a couple of tugs before slipping her soft mouth over its engorged purple head. Very briefly it passed through Hanna's mind, he hadn't been lying when bragging earlier.Hanna slowly began to sink her mouth further down the shaft before coming back up using her tongue to give further pleasure. She looked up to see the look of pure joy on Jims face, causing her to put even more effort into pleasuring him. His hands moved up and cradled her head moving his fingers through the fine light brown hair and moving backwards and forwards to match the rhythm she had established as she sucked him off, massaging his whole shaft with her mouth. Pure lust had overtaken her, however she was still torn over how far she would go, and in desperation to cum, whether or not she would let Jim fuck her. Her sucking of his cock was, if possible, even more enthusiastic, however her consideration of how far she would go meant she missed the tightening of his hands on her head and the tensing of his body. Hanna suddenly realised what was happening when he pushed his cock urgently into her mouth and held her there roughly, as she felt his seed erupt and hit the back of her throat. Hanna started to gag so had no choice but to swallow and so she sucked greedily on his shaft as it delivered all his pent up frustration.Hanna's mind was made up and she decided at that moment to let Jim fuck her any way he wanted in the back of his new car. However as he slipped from between her lips and she prepared to pull him into the car, they heard a loud bang as a door nearby slammed. Jim ducked down putting himself away as they both hid from someone walking by. Once it was clear Jim said, "My god Hanna you give a great blow job. Apologies for shooting down your throat, but you were driving me wild. We just got to do that again soon."Hanna whispered, "God I don't know what I was thinking. It was pretty hot, but what will my husband think when he kisses me later and I smell of you?"Jim laughed, "Better get you back to the bar for another few drinks to cover it. My treat for treating me. God you were good. Maybe later we can get to second base?"Hanna giggled, her guilt receding somewhat, "I think letting you cum in my mouth counts as way more than second base!!"They walked back toward the bar with Hanna tiding herself up. When they reached the bar she went straight to the Ladies to put her bra back on and reapply some lip gloss, replacing that now glistening on Jim's shaft.When she returned to the bar she saw Jim and Tone standing at the bar. She considered walking over to one of the tables where some other colleagues were sitting, but Jim waved her over. She knew she was courting trouble but she was so horny and frustrated. She could still taste Jim in her mouth, and although it wasn't the nicest flavour, it served to highlight just how erotic and naughty the whole thing had been. Tone greeted her with a smile and vodka, "Jim tells me he won your little argument. He looks like the man who got the cream, so I assume you gave him something of a reward!"Hanna blushed and quickly took a swig of the double vodka whilst Jim replied, "She was very gracious and actually admitted she was wrong. Don't hear that too often from a woman, especially when they look that good. She did get some cream too though."She punched his arm, "Shush, you!!"Jim saluted her and smiled and then went off to the gents. Tone smiled, touching her hand, "So what's this about cream?"Hanna glanced briefly at the contrast of colour between his black hand on her white skin."Nothing... So are you seeing anyone?""No!" He said smiling at her poor attempt to change the subject. She wasn't getting off that easy as he was fully aware that she had recently been on her knees stuffing Jim's cock down her throat. Plus she swallows to... "But I would want it to be you, Hanna!"Hanna shook her head, "I'm married, and not on the market.""But if you weren't would you fancy me?" He joked."I'm not gonna answer that." She giggled the vodka making its presence felt."You never been curious about what it would be like with a black guy, whether or not the rumours were true?" He glanced deliberately down at his groin.Hanna couldn't help following his view and looked up quickly hoping he hadn't noticed. Of course he had and he nodded at her, causing her to blush and finish her drink in one go.Tone chatted on, trying to flirt with her his hands brushing against her whenever he got an opportunity, and replaced her drink as soon as she finished one. The sobering up that had begun after her little erotic adventure receded once again as the new intake of alcohol had its effect. Hanna was incredibly turned on after what had happened, the alcohol, her husbands earlier promises, Tone's chat up, not to mention the images he had put in her head about his big penis playing with her. All Added to the frustration of not being able to cum after Jim had done so to great effect in her mouth.Tone changed tack and asked her about her work and Hanna, glad to change the subject explained about her office and what she did. He expressed amazement that in times of tight budgets she had an entire building to herself and asked to go and see it. Jim hadn't returned so a little disappointed she reluctantly agreed.Hanna opened the door and went over to key in the alarm code asking Tone to shut the door behind him. She led him into the video room and showed him how things worked. Hanna walked across the room to where the cross indicated people should sit, laughing about some of the funny things that happened here. Tone finished looking at the video equipment and followed her across the room. Tone then reached over and grabbed Hanna's waist and pulled her close and for the second time that evening she found herself responding to the tongue of another man exploring her mouth. She pulled away to look into his face. What the fuck was she doing she thought briefly.Hanna had never kissed a black man and she was torn between the excitement of the situation, her growing hunger to release her sexual frustration, and the knowledge she shouldn't be doing what she had already done. Tone had no such doubts as he turned her round and pulled her butt into his groin, whilst his left hand moved up and fondled Hanna's breasts. His other hand went to the front of her jeans, opened the top button and slipped his hand quickly inside her thong. Hanna tried to pull his hand away but Before she knew what was happening his finger was flicking across her clit causing her to shudder involuntarily, arching her back and leaning against Tone's shoulder. Hanna turned toward him and he pressed his mouth over hers pushing his tongue passionately through willing lips. The zip of Hanna's jeans came down allowing Tone greater access to the hidden fruit inside, access which he used expertly slipping two long fingers deep inside. At that moment Hanna's only thought was, was his cock in proportion to his fingers. From the hard bulge pushing against her arse, she was reasonably reassured in that respect. Hanna moved her right hand up to grip his neck and pulled his head tighter, hungrily sucking on his tongue. Her other hand moved down to the large hard bulge in his trousers and began to rub him, finding his zip, pulling it down and slipping her soft white hand inside to grasp the long thick black shaft. Tone then bent Hanna forward and pulling her Jeans down, revealing a nice bum, hidden only by the thin material of the thong. Hanna released his cock from his trousers and felt him push the large bulbous head of his cock, past the thin strip of lace, and against her waiting pussy. She was burning with desire and just wanted to feel him inside. Hanna didn't have to wait long as he pushed the head inside and then slowly urged the his long thick shaft further forward burying it deep. Tone was large, very large and Hanna was forced to stop him briefly so as to get used to his size. "My god Tone, your fucking huge. Just stop a few seconds. Phew, I'm so full, push slow and take it easy. Oh god yes, like that, now a bit faster. Oh fuck..."Then she began to ease back against him letting his member slide further and further in until she could feel his body banging against her arse. When he was fully in he began easing out and then back setting a slow steady rhythm as he pushed in and out. Hanna began to squeal in delight and shake her head, " Ohh my god it's fucking huge. Oh fuck, oh fuck... Harder fuck me harder."Tone gasped, "Knew you fucking luv it. Told you black is best!"Her body built up to what she knew would be a massive release. Tone continued to fucking her, when she suddenly became aware that Jim was stood in front of her watching. Through the haze of building passion she didn't know what to do. Hanna was bent over, her jeans around her knees and a black man was impaling her from behind with the biggest cock she had ever taken, and now she had an audience. "Jim what the fuck are you doing?" She cried.Jim smiled but didn't answer and took any decision Hanna may have thought she had away as for the second time in an hour he slipped his cock between her lips and began fucking her face with gusto, matching the rhythm with that Tone had already established. Hanna lost all sense of anything other than sex, her orgasm and enjoying the first threesome to the utmost.Jim grasped her head and was pummelling Hanna's mouth for all he was worth. Hanna grabbed his shaft in an effort to control his thrusts and breath round his cock, whilst trying to give some attempt at sucking him off.Tone was doing the same as he fucked her doggy style. All of a sudden Jim stopped and pulled out of Hanna's mouth, "Tone, my turn to fuck her. I've already had a blow job."Tone also stopped and pulled himself out, "Ok but I ain't finished yet."Hanna cried out, "Please for fuck sake just hurry up and get on with it. I am nearly there..."Jim moved round and took her jeans off completely, and pushed Hanna down onto her knees and then onto all fours. He then grabbed her waist and quickly thrust into Hanna's dripping pussy fucking her for all he was worth. Tone moved round to her head but before he could do anything she grabbed his thick long cock, marvelled briefly at the white hand contrasted against his black skin, and then guided him into her mouth. For several minutes she had Jim fucking her like a piston from behind, whilst Tone rammed his shaft in an out of her mouth, his hands grabbing her head, entwining his fingers in her hair, as he pushed and pulled. With one hand supporting her weight, Hanna moved the other round to start rubbing her clit as she neared climax.Suddenly Jim tensed, moaned and off loaded for a second time that night. At the same time Hanna pushed Tone away so his ridged hard cock was pulled from her mouth and she screamed as she climaxed, "Oh my God I'm cumming I'm cumming, fucking hell..."The words were roughly curtailed as Tone shoved his dick back deep in her mouth, and even with Tone's cock filling her mouth her scream was still audible. As the orgasm subsided and Jim began to slow down, Tone gripped her head forcing his shaft deep in her mouth, tensed, sighed as he unloaded his seed. This time it was no surprise and Hanna had already decided to swallow all his giving. As he subsided Hanna continued to lick and suck him. "Holy shit that was intense." She spluttered between slurps of Tones black shaft. His cock which initially began to shrink, began to get hard again. He pulled out of her mouth, and turned her round. "Ready for more Hanna, because I am?" "Oh god yes..."Without further ado he shoved himself firmly, going deep inside Hanna's sopping pussy once more. Hanna gasped and arched back into him as he thrust in and out. Jim cradled her head gently and kissed her, "Do you fancy getting me up again, Hanna?"It wasn't really a question as he thrust his semi flaccid cock toward her face. Hanna grasped his cock and began to lick and kiss him with as much skill as she could muster allowing for the huge intrusion that was Tone's awesome black sword thrusting in and out.Over the next hour Tone came twice more and Jim once. At one point Tone had tried to penetrate Hanna's arse but it was too tight and she made do with a cock either end, and a finger fucking her bum.When they were all spent Hanna had a shower and then told them never to say anything. Jim said, "Of course not this is our secret. We can come to see you at work whenever and explore a few more moves. That was the best sex I've had.""This can't happen again." Hanna pleaded.Tone then revealed the DvD that he'd recorded and showed the whole episode. He smiled, "From what's on the disc there is a few things to improve on, don't you think?"Hanna shook her head in resignation, "It would appear so..."