Jamaican Vacation Gay

With his rubber gloves on he searched through my clothing etc. then he found a toiletry bag, fuck I suddenly thought of what was in it, please don't open it, I was thinking. He unzipped the bag, out fell Harry my 8" dick shaped dildo plus lubricant and condoms. He immediately looked at me. "These for your personal use?" "Yes," I said. "You gay?" I was in no mood to protest at the question. "No I'm bi-sexual," I said. "Jamaicans not too friendly to gay's," he said as he looked at me. "I've been told that," I said. He loaded the stuff back into the bag. He then walked from behind the desk and asked me to put my hands up in the air and spread my legs apart. "I need to body search you," he said. I thought what! I only have a T-shirt and shorts on. He ran his hands under my T-shirt moving his hands over my naked chest, pausing over my nipples which made me sigh. I heard him snigger then chuckle as he moved his hands down over my belly, hips and thighs. The feel of his hands moving over my naked skin started to sexually arouse me, my dick was swelling in my shorts. His hands continued to move down my naked back under my T-shirt down over my butt. My whole body shuddered and I gave out a deep sigh as he ran his hands between my legs. It was more of a grope than a frisk. I could tell by the smug smile on his face that he was well aware of the effect he was having on me. "Yeah all is ok sir, you take care now." I collected my stuff and made my way to get a taxi.I was somewhat annoyed at being stopped, At the same time I enjoyed the feel of his hands on my body, even though he had rubber gloves on. Did he enjoy it I wonder?I had been here 2 days and already I was feeling bored. I decided to check out in the morning and move to another part of the island in the hope of finding some excitement.In the morning I decided to go for a walk then have breakfast, collect my stuff and head off to another part of the island. While I was having breakfast someone called out my name "Ricky". I turned and I immediately recognized the guy calling my name as the security guy from the airport that had searched my luggage and groped me. My eyes nearly popped out, he was wearing a body tight T-shirt and shorts."I'm Oscar," he gave a high five. "How are you man?" He asked as he sat down at my table. "You having a good time in Jamaica?" "No, I'm checking out and moving to another part of the island in the hope of finding some excitement," I said. "You have a hotel?" he asked. "No not yet I will sort it when I get there." "You can stay at my place, I will show you some excitement," He said. Excitement! My mind started to work overtime. I felt a stirring in my shorts as I remembered how he had a good feel of my body; he looked pleased when I said, "ok."We did some sight seeing on the way to his place. When we eventually got to his place it was about 6pm. I could sense that he was a little nervous, his confidence had evaporated. He suggested we had a drink and watch the sunset. We sat there drinking a beer watching the sunset; darkness slowly descended on the island. After the beer he got a bottle of whisky. To my one swig out the bottle he had three. He was becoming more talkative and relaxed. The alcohol was making him very tactile, touching me at every opportunity. Stroking my shoulders and thighs making my body tremble and contort. The temptation to touch him was overwhelming. I moved my hands over his biceps, running my hands under his T-shirt feeling his well-toned torso, both nipples were hard.He stripped me naked stroking my body all over and playing with my hard dick. Making my body tremble and contort, waves of pleasure were shooting through my body. I could see the lust in his eyes as he looked at me. He pulled his T-shirt off and stripped off his shorts. I could see his thick large black flaccid dick swinging between his legs. Fuck I thought he would be hard by now."Get ya dildo," he demanded. I got all my stuff, my ass was hungry for his dick. He looked at the condoms and said, "we don't need them I like to fuck raw." Then he compared the size of my dildo with his flaccid dick; his dick was thicker and longer. His dick was 9 inches plus at rest. He told me to get on all fours, he knelt on his knees in front of me snaking his flaccid black monster dick inch by inch all the way down my throat till his short curly pubic hairs tickled my nose. I watched as he squirted lube on my dildo. Stretch those cheeks boy. I felt the head of my dildo slide along the crack of my ass until it located my hole; gently he thrust until the head of the dildo slid in my ass. He slid it deeper inside until it was all the way in me making me yelp. He fucked me with my dildo adding more lube working my hole loosening me up to take his big black dick.His dick was swelling in my throat stretching my lips and the inside of my throat and restricting my breathing I pulled off and inhaled deeply. He must have felt my hot breath on the end of his now hard dick as I licked and sucked the pearly precum that dribbled out of his dick slit until he snaked his hard dick back down my throat. I could feel his iron rod invading my larynx and stretching my throat. My eyes were wide open and streaming tears, I moved my lips up and down the shaft of his dick making him moan with pleasure. He kept pulling the dildo all the way out, then thrusting it all the way in, making me scream out with pleasure. His dick was as hard as an iron rod. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and looked into my eyes. "That's nice and hard boy, let's see how much of my dick you can take."He flipped me over onto my back and straddled me, spreading my legs and lifting them onto his shoulders. He leaned into me making my ass raise up and exposing my hole. As scared as I was I wanted him to stretch my gut and fuck me with his freakish black rod of iron. My heart was beating rapidly. I could see my chest rise and fall. I was sweating and inhaling deeply.I could see beads of sweat on Oscar's forehead; I was preparing mentally for the pain before the pleasure. I could see the whites of his eyes as he looked down at me. I could feel the head of his dick pressing against my anus. He was holding me firmly as he made quick rapid thrust. Oscar was sweating profusely as he thrust with his hips. The head of his big black dick slipped in, making me jolt and yelp out loud. My head started to pound from the extra adrenaline that was pumping round my body.It took time for me to take just seven inches of his thick dick up me, his dick must be at least 11inches plus when hard, at least another 4 inches to go. Oscar was being gentle letting my inside adjust inch by inch as his thick dick stretched my gut.I was longing for the time when he had the whole meat in me. Slow gentle thrust stretched my gut allowing his hard dick to penetrate me deeper. My skinny body was completely covered and restrained by his smooth black muscular body. It was an overwhelming sensation to feel the full power of his body as he attempted to drive the last inches into me. . I reached down to feel how much was left and found only about an inch to go 'Fuck I couldn't believe he had got that much in me It still felt more pleasurable than painful.He looked down at me and ran his fingers through my hair. You ready boy to take all of it. Yeah man I wanna feel the whole length in me. He leaned down and kissed me sending shock waves of pleasure through my body. My hard dick was trapped between our sweaty stomachs, his abs of steel were rubbing my dick taking it to near exploding.I saw the determined look in his eyes as he pulled slightly back then thrust 3 or 4 times. I threw my head back and gave out a loud yelp the pain in my gut was overwhelming for a brief moment. He stopped and held it; I could feel his wiry pubic hairs and his heavy balls on my ass cheeks. He had the full length of his thick dick in my ass. It was an erotic moment to realize that his thick piece of black hard meat was inside me. Made the pain well worth it.He had a smile on his face as he placed his hands behind my head. Drops of sweat fell on my face from his forehead I could feel his warm breath on my face, as I lay there completely submissive to his control. He whispered into my ear, "you like the feel of my black dick in ya tight white ass?" I sighed, as I said, yeah it feels fucking ecstatic. "I wanted ya, now I got ya, you be nice to me then we can have are sexual pleasures," he said.'Now we can get down to fucking you," he said. He started to thrust gently, keeping most of his cock in. He slipped into a steady rhythm. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist squeezing my knees into his side. I stroked his muscular back, with the other hand I stroked his firm butt feeling the butt muscles tense as he pushed in. after awhile he pulled back about a third then thrust back in, increasing the rhythm.I could not hold it in any longer my trapped dick squirted my load between our stomachs making me moan and shudder. A look of surprise on his face then a wide grin as he realised my trapped dick was squirting between our stomachs. I just lay there for a few minutes all my strength spent as the last of my sperm juice dribbling out of my shrinking cock. His dick felt awesome as it slid up and down inside my well now stretched gut.I could see the black shaft of his dick sliding in and out of my pussy as he fucked me more vigorously, with each thrust I could feel his large hairy balls slap against my ass. Then he started with a few really hard deep thrusts down to his balls, then he tensed and held it there. His whole body shuddered and he gave out a loud moan. I felt a warm sensation spread through my gut as he emptied his sperm juice out his big black balls into my hungry ass. I felt his warm juice gush out my pussy down my ass cheeks, making me feel light headed and giddy.He lay atop of me, I was taking more and more of his weight as he relaxed. He's 6'4", 250lbs approx., of black solid muscle. I'm 5'10" 134lbs skinny. I could feel his dick shrinking inside my wet warm pussy. He realized I was struggling to breath due to his weight on me. He lifted up off me; his dick was stuck in my pussy. He held me firm around my waist and pulled his dick out as he did a load of his cum juice spilled out my pussy.He moved up on his knees and straddled my face. I knew what I at to do, I held his semi hard juice covered dick in my hand and snaked it down my throat, sucking it all the way down my gullet, my lips were stretched and kissing his wiry pubic hairs. "That looks good seeing my dick in ya mouth," he said as he looked down at me.When his dick was hard he fucked my face, after a rest he fucked me doggie position  That was the first of many sessions that he fucked me. I was walking funny for a few days until my inside got used to his big black dick. I had a lot to tell my buddies back home.