Just fucked my VP of HR story and pics

We are in Chicago the next 4 days interviewing candidates for the Chicago office. She and I ended up at lunch to discuss a few interviews and share our notes. Halfway through lunch she gets a text or email on her phone and is clearly pissed after reading it. I see her whole demeanor has changed and ask whats wrong. At first she says she doesn't want to talk about it then tells me that her husband just messaged her that he moved out the last of his stuff. Here is the conversationme- I am sorryHR- no he was the worse husband Ive hadme- ohh I didn't know you had been married beforeHR- he was my 3rd and lastme- are you okHR- yeah im fine I just didn't want him back in my house especially since I am out of town. He better not have taken anything of mineme- wow didn't know you deal with everyday problems like the rest of us. Always thought you kinda ruled the worldHR- yeah yeah I am going to get me a lil white boyIts weird because we always had a all business relationship and never had personal conversations and definitely not this personal.me- a lil errand boy, I always had you as the Cougar typeHR- What about youme- ahh baby you aint ready for a dude like me lolHR- no dumdum I mean why are you always singleme- I just haven't found the right Cougar but I enjoy my singlenessHR- your going to have to show me how to do thatme- ohhhh that can be arranged, in fact I will very much enjoy thatHR- no dumdum I don't mean like that are you crazy?me- lol you don't mean like what?HR- what you were thinkingme- I was only thinking about what you probably needHR- which isme- well you are HR so I probably cant and shouldn't sayHR- what would you say if I wasn't HRme- I would take you back to our hotel and have this conversation in my room with a cold drinkHR- really tell me about itme- no your HR, but if title wasn't a part of the conversation you would close the tab and invite me back to the hotelOut of nowhere this bitch says waiter check please and looks at me and says lets go back to the hotel. This actually catches me off guard and I am trying to figure out if shes trying to fuck. The worst thing in the world is to be in a hotel room with a bitch that aint trying to fuck but wants to talk. I also know I have a small window because I am meeting up with a Xhamster friend Chicagoblonde at 3. So im sitting here knowing I have to potentially take advantage of this opportunity if its real then have her out of my room by 3. I look at my watch and its 1. So we jump in the cab and on the way the cab driver ask where we are from and how long weve been together. I start joking that she is my sugar momma and only uses me for sex. He says I am very lucky and I say yes I am and playfully smack my hand down on her right thigh and kiss her right cheekbone. She just laughs but grabs my hand on her thigh. We then look each other in the eye and the look both ways says "I am about to fuck you". Immediately my dick gets a little hard and I squeeze her thigh and rub it a little. After about 10 seconds she comes to and moves my hand. I look at her and say don't fight it then go back to looking out my window. We get to the hotel and as we get off the elevator she turns to go to her room 3 door to the left of the elevator while my room is across the hall and 4 doors right of the hotel.HR- I enjoyed lunchme- get your ass over here womenHR- What did you sayI take two steps over to her and grab her hand and walk her to my room. I know she is surprised because she is one of those strong women that is always in control and telling people what to do and how to do it. She is not used to being controlled. Of course this turns me on even more. We get to my door I grab my key and shes like " I should go" I just put my finger up against her mouth to quiet her open the door and extend my hand inviting her inside. She walks in and I sayme- now your not HR in fact your ass is mine and I smack the shit out of her fat ass. You can see the pics of her in her dressand that ass in the "My VP of HR right before I fuck her gallery" on my page. I then kiss her neck a little and palm that ass. I feel that she has granny underwear on a I laugh a little. I walk her to the bed and she gets up and goes to the door saying she should leave and not be here. I just look at her from the bed and don't say anything. I then lean back and start to grab my dick and rub it a little through my jeans. My phone rings so I send the call to vm but keep my phone out. I then snap a pic 2 of her in my galleryHR- What are you doingme- you know your sexy as shit, I am imagining what you look like out of that dress come hereHR- I will not OMG why are you grabbing your memberme- my member lol, want to see itHR- OMG I should not be here what am I doingme- mmmmmm as I rub my dick moreHR- Say somethingme- turn around let me see that assHR- OMG me- do itHR- I cant believe I am doing this as she turns around me- now come hereAs she turns and walks to me I grab her ass with both hands around her body and kiss herme- you cant tell anybody about thisHR- no shit Sherlock I would lose my jobme- tell me how bad you want meHR- I guess bad since I am hereI pull her dress up and swing her around and see her ass with her black granny underwear and snap a pic w my phone You can see that in pic 3. At that moment she says she has to run to the bathroom. She goes and comes back and her dress is back down. I stand up kiss her and tell her "ima bout to fuck the shit out of you" she says I know and I throw her on the bed which is pic 4 I then pull her down off the bed so I can bend her over it and pull my dick out that's pic 6 she hears the phone camera I guess and is like what are you doing with the phone. I turn it off (sorry guys) throw it down, grab her by the hair roughly and kiss her then push her back down. I smack her ass a few times pull those panties down and slowly enter that pussy raw. She is wet as fuck and I proceed to fuck the shit out of her for about 10min in that position. She comes 2x and I tell her Im about to nut and she says "CUM IN ME" I nut all up in that shit raw. She lays there for a few min and when I come out the bathroom she is still laying there. Now I am trying to figure out how to get her out of my room as I have somebody coming over in 30min. I tell her to go to her room and think about what we just did and let me know in the morning how we proceed. She is like "shit you going to proceed to give me that dick later again but not now I have a conference call I want more tonight". I am like ok see you later and she leaves. Chicagoblonde is on the way so maybe I will film her. Really enjoying Chicago already lolmore to come from today maybeDB