Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 7: Jeddie 2

They finally finished their meal and arrived back to Jade's house a little after nine o'clock. The teens felt mildly exhausted with all the running around they had done during the day, but both were content in their tiredness as they made their way to their respective rooms and bathrooms so they could take quick showers and change into their s!eepwear for the evening with the intention of spending the rest of it watching a movie.Earlier, while Freddie was dropping his stuff off in the guestroom and getting a shower before the pair left, Jade had taken the time to change her sheets and bed linen and borrow some air freshener spray from her mother to spray her room. She had also left the door open with a fan left on to let it air out. She could smell the faint scent of Sam permeating the room from her staying over and she knew that Freddie, as the blonde's ex, he would pick up the scent and she didn't need that reminder for him.As she changed into some casual nightwear after a quick shower, she was grateful that her plan had apparently worked unable to smell even a hint of the blonde in her room. She turned on her television to Chill Channel, having seen in the TV listing that a few good horror movies were about to come on in the next few minutes. His reaction to watching it would be a good way for Jade to gauge him further, on more than a physical basis, even though over the last few hours he had repeatedly and pleasantly surprised her.Just as she was hiding the fan, she heard a knock on her open door. She turned to see the handsome teen in a fitting blue T-shirt and a pair of dark pyjama pants.He raised an eyebrow as seeing her wearing a tight fitting woman's athletic T-shirt and a pair of very dark grey drawstring pyjama pants that wrapped around her hips. She looked innocently sexy in the outfit and he quite approved of it. He cleared his throat and causally remarked, "There you are. I thought I heard you.""Yeah, here I am."They paused with an innocent moment, before Freddie motioned towards the door. "So, we were going to watch a movie?""Yeah, just turned on the box," she motioned back to her television in her room.He noticed a PearBox with a collection of games in front of the flat screen television in the corner of the room. He half smiled at seeing that she was a gamer. He wondered what genre of games she enjoyed playing. He put that aside for the moment and asked, "Oh? We're watching the movie in here?""Yeah." She teased, "Did you want to go back down to the living room instead?"He shook his head. "No, this is fine. If you feel more comfortable to be in here then who am I to argue?""Yeah, I feel comfortable here…" She motioned her hands around her room and finished, "…in my inner sanctum.""And you don't mind me in here?"She dropped her hands and shook her head with a teasing smile. "No."He bowed his head and suddenly felt a wave of bashfulness.She walked over to her bed and had a seat on the edge. She patted the spot next to her.Freddie walked over cautiously and took the neighbouring seat. He looked around at her room, noticing the colour scheme was certainly on the 'dark' side. The specimen jars were an interesting touch, but the butterfly collection was interesting. He saw it as an interesting insight to the girl. Not exactly sure what insight, but something worth keeping in mind for the future, he thought.'Keep in mind for the future?' After today, for all he knew, he might not ever see her again or keep in contact. He realized in that moment that he truly wanted to keep in contact with her, if she wanted that too, of course.After finding that bit of peace in what started out as a worrisome and nightmarish day, he glanced back towards the television and saw the end of a horror movie playing. "So you like horror movies?" He was just widely asking as she perhaps meant to show another movie of a different genre."Yep, my favourite genres.""I enjoy them too." He leaned over to her and whispered as if it was meant to be a secret just between them, "I just hope you don't mind if I laugh at the parts where someone gets eaten or dies horribly."She opened her eyes wide, not believing what she had just heard and whispered, "Marry me.""Excuse me?"The dark haired teen quickly shook her head, just now processing what she had just uttered, and mumbled, "Nothing."She scooted over to have a seat in the bed and he slid onto the bed next to her so they could watch the television in the corner of the room. It was personal without being intimate.The film had just started playing the opening scene when Jade rested her head on his shoulder.He glanced to her, surprised by the contact, but remained silent in commenting, not exactly unhappy with the development.The unlikely pair quietly watched the movie over the next few minutes, relaxing in the presence of the other. As the movie continued, Freddie and Jade weren't even trying to hide their laughter together at the exact inappropriate and gory parts, setting them both at ease.Near the middle of the film, there was a gratuitous simulated sex scene before one of the female characters would predictably be horribly killed off. Freddie tried to hide his blushing face, hoping Jade wouldn't notice that he was starting to get slightly hard inside his pyjama pants, which he instantly regretted wearing for that reason, as the scene played out. There was an attractive and very light skin toned early-twenty-something brunette with her blue plaid shirt open and her silver bra cups pushed under her borderline C/D-cup defying breasts slowly riding her well-built boyfriend as he lay on his back and resting his hands on her waist. He thought his imagination was playing tricks on him that the girl bared a resemblance to Jade, which wasn't helping his situation as her body resting against his side was so soft and warm.Fortunately for Freddie, Jade was too busy watching the scene and letting her imagination slowly slip into seeing herself in the scene, Freddie underneath her. Her intimate idea of rewarding her sweet and quite brave boyfriend for risking his life to save her from the anim*l in the woods.The scene soon finished and the pair's respective heartbeats started to settle and body heat cooled as they relaxed to continue watching the horror film. When the credits to the movie finally started rolling just before midnight after they enjoyed the rest of the film, Freddie was happily surprised that the attractive couple actually survived the movie.Jade turned her eyes up and met his gaze, ready to suggest that they grab some midnight snack before heading to bed. However, his eyes were so welcoming and smile so friendly, she felt an overwhelming need for him. She cupped his cheek and brought her lips against his lips.He closed his eyes and kindly returned the gentle pressure on her lips, his left hand naturally moving over and cupping her right hip.They softly moaned into each other’s mouths, enjoying the taste of each other, as they shared plentiful, but quite innocent, kisses. Surprising to each of them that despite the physical attraction they had felt towards one another, there wasn't much lust to the kiss.Freddie pulled back and looked to her, slightly astonished when he realized what he had done. "Jade?""What?""You… you just…"She stole a chaste kiss from him then innocently grinned. "I just kissed you.""Why?""Dude, you're a handsome and very sweet guy; why wouldn't I want to kiss you?" Jade said, feeling that his need to question things could be detrimental to the evening.Freddie scooted away from her, trying to slide off the bed, but she wrapped her fingers around his wrist to stop him. He turned and cautiously met her eyes.She whispered in a near panic, "This isn't a trick like what Cat pulled. I did that because… I genuinely like you."He tried to keep the suspicion out of his voice as he stated, "You'll understand if I'm a little hesitant in believing that with what happened to get me here in the first place and the 'what's with Seattle girls' line."She bowed her head and glanced away. She hated that he was practically looking a gift horse in the mouth in questioning her. Why couldn't he be like every other guy that would jump at the chance she was offering him? It figuratively hit her as hard as the battery that had been dropped on her head during a taping of 'Brain Squeezers': he wasn't like the other guys and that was one of the things that had deepened her attraction to him beyond the physical. He didn't want just a quickie and he really had been as hurt as she had been recently and needed the same comfort and reassurance.She quietly remarked, "Yeah, I guess you're right… but I was hoping I could prove you wouldn't have to be that way with me. I enjoyed lunch because we had a real conversation, even if it was a little deep—which, really, I didn't mind at all—and I had a good time with you touring L.A. and just being able to hang out and watch a horror movie without someone thinking I was strange.""I've enjoyed all that too—being able to share my feelings without being judged or mocked… spending the afternoon hanging out with a pretty and sweet girl without any emotional baggage and genuinely wanted to hang out…" He flashed her a boyish grin that could have put Beck to shame, "…and just being able to lazily watch a good horror movie."The one-time web-producer looked down at where she was gently holding his wrist. Her touch was soft and warm, sending welcoming tingle up his arm that he missed from the touch of a girl. He whispered, "I just don't want to be the butt of another joke or used or hurt anyone else… Once bitten, twice shy…" He looked up towards the ceiling and laughed out a mirthless laugh, "I'm only in L.A. in the first place because Cat played me… good old gullible Freddie…"The slim and busty girl smiled a sweet, innocent smile for a brief second before she reached up with her right hand again and cupped his cheek to pull him into another kiss. She pulled her lips away and met his eyes. "I don't think you're a joke, but a nice, good looking guy with a good heart. That's why you're down here in the first place: because you thought your friend was hurt and you wanted to be there for her… I wish I could feel like I had someone in my life that I knew I could count on just as much."The set of eyes that had captivated him outside Sam and Cat's apartment seemed to almost hypnotize him then draw him inside. He thought he was looking into her soul and saw that glimmer of truth that said she wasn't trying to trick or use him. He felt relief wash over him then a bit bashful that this lovely girl would be genuinely interested him—not hero worshiping like all the girls at school after his literal run in with the taco truck or infatuated with him because he dressed up as a vampire… or a pawn to be used to get back at his friend.He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against hers as he closed his eyes and reached up and rested his hand on her right shoulder. This time the kiss felt right and she immediately returned it. While they exchanged a few more innocent kisses, Jade actually letting a soft laugh escape past her lips against his.They eventually parted and she scooted off the bed and stood to the side to look down at him. He scooted towards her to sit at the edge and watch intently on what she was about to do next, surprised why she would break away so quickly.She pulled the hem of her black athletic tank-top up then lifted the shirt above her head then tossed it away onto the floor. She dropped her arms in a surprisingly innocent voice, "I want to enjoy something else with you too… Why don't you show me how you think sex should be?"Freddie swallowed as he definitely liked what he saw from the waist up: her creamy white skin (that oddly reminded him of Carly) along with her fine curves made her look like an exquisite crafted porcelain doll and her black plunge/push-up bra snuggly containing her eye drawing bust and creamy looking cleavage (which reminded him of Sam). She was definitely larger than Carly and a probably a cup bigger (DD) than Sam.He finally managed to nod his head, drawing a wicked smile from Jade's lips at seeing that he could be putty in her hands. Little did she know that in a little while, she would be the putty in his strong hands.She took two slow, but short steps to stand between his parted legs then whispered while looking down at him, "Well… then why don't you show me how appreciative you are at seeing me?"He took a second or two to realize that she had spoken, but once he processed what she said, he reached up with both hands and cupped her cheeks. His fingers slipped through her dark hair to the back of her head and thumbs gently caressing her unblemished skin in front of each ear just before he brought her mouth down to lock with his lips and began to slowly tease her with slow kisses.Jade sucked in a soft breath through her nose and closed her eyes, caught off guard that instead of trying to ravage her breasts as she expected any other male (or Cat) would when offered the opportunity, he had chosen to continue with the slow and tender route with her. The anger, hurt, and disgust that she had felt with Beck, continuing to be an asshole in her mind, was confronted by an equally hurt young man showing her tenderness and sweetness.She relaxed into the kiss as she climbed onto his lap and rested her hands on his sides. The lustful need that each had experienced over the last day that had been satisfied with their newest partner had seemed to dissipate and in its place a gentle need for affection and comfort. Heads tilted back and forth while sharing soft kisses and pecks, tongues surprisingly being absent for the moment.Jade smiled into her kisses, enjoying the affection as she missed this kind of intimacy with Beck, but not to disparage Sam over the last day as she had felt a real kinship and intimacy with her. However, now what was supposed to be some stress relieving fooling around was now apparently the cause of an unexpected and hurtful rift between the blonde and the girl that had been her friend since middle school, that affection took a sour taste to it.She briefly wondered if she was now doing the same thing as Cat in kissing Sam's ex, but any deeper thoughts on that were suppressed by Freddie's deeper kisses and hands starting to slide down her cheeks to her neck before resting on her shoulders. She felt his right index finger between the bra strap and her pale skin.He pulled his lips away from her pink and tasty lips to look to her blue eyes as if asking permission.She lifted a corner of her mouth, intrigued by the gentlemanly approach. She tilted her head forward by a fraction of an inch to signal her permission.He pulled the dark coloured strap off her shoulder and down her arm enough to reveal her pale, but gorgeous orb. A low groan sounded from his throat and he twitched in his pyjama pants and boxers at seeing the perfectly proportioned flesh pillow and the cute little pink nipple and nickel sized areola. The little nub was soft and relaxed with perhaps only a hint of stiffening from their shared exchanges so far. He felt an overwhelming need to give it some proper attention, so he stuck his tongue out and teased the pink nub with several swipes of the tip of his tongue, coaxing it to hardness.Jade closed her eyes and lulled her head slightly to her right, a soft sigh escaping past her lips from the gentle lapping of her pink peak. It quickly responded to the warm and slightly wet attention and stiffened so at the next moment he latched his lips around it and gently sucked on it.While his mouth had been busy, his hands had not been idle with a pale angel straddling his lap. His hands had slipped around her smooth sides and slipped between the elastic band of her black cotton pants and panties to start tenderly massaging her slightly plump sweet ass. The pressure of his hands on her rear caused her to scoot up and have their cotton covered crotches make contact and start gently grinding against one another.She rolled her head back with fluttering eyelids while mewing out soft encouragement from all his actions: his worshiping of her breasts, massaging her ass, and grinding her rapidly heating sex against his hardening rod. She palmed over the back and crown of his head to hold him in place while he turned exclusively away from her nipple to worship the rest of her breast with gentle presses of his lips against the soft, nearly ashen skin; teasingly licking to suppress any possible goose bumps from forming on the unblemished skin (enjoying her natural flavour along his taste buds as the slightly coarse tongue swiped the smooth skin) then and occasionally coming back to wrap his lips to suckle on her teat.As she had experienced with Sam yesterday when the blonde had 'feasted' on her breasts in their first encounter, she felt that Freddie began to 'devour' her, trying to draw her closer to him than just physically and his open honesty about what he wanted in a partner, just like her, only heightened the sensations coursing through her. She wanted more. She needed more.After he had coated both of her breasts and coaxed both her little nubs to the hardness that figuratively could cut something, she pulled back and held the side of his head so she could meet his eyes."You're pretty good at that."He charmingly smiled. "Are you enjoying it?""Definitely… do you want to taste some more of me?" She grounded against him to accentuate her point.He pulled his hands away from her cheeks and grabbed her hips to pull her off his lap and sat her on the edge of the bed. He slipped off the edge and knelt down in front of her.Freddie reached behind her back and finally undid the black bra that had been shoved under her rack. He undid it in a surprisingly quick manner and tossed it away. He turned to reach out and pulled the drawstring of her pants loose then hooked his fingers over the waistband at her hips then gently tugged them down. She lifted her rear off the mattress and the material slipped over her cheeks then down her shapely legs. He pulled them off her ankles then folded the material over his arm before tossing then near the head of her bed at the nightstand.He daintily took her right ankle and brought it to his lips, placing a teasing kiss on the joint. He smiled against her skin while meeting her eyes. Jade's mouth slightly parted, her top front teeth and tip of her pink tongue exposed from the erotic sight of him enjoying her.The Seattle teen kissed up the side of her calf then reached the inside her knee, an odd mimicking of how Cat could take her time working her up. He licked and kissed his way further up to the inside of her thigh, continuing to enjoy her natural taste. He knelt between her legs and stopped just short of the slightly darker coloured part of the black silky panties over her crotch where she was clearly wet from his ministrations. He flicked an eyebrow up to her then stuck his tongue and licked the material, sending a shiver through the mean girl.He pulled the thong down, lifting her up at the same time with his strength, allowing the material to gather at her ankles. The inherent gentleman parted her legs again by her knees and enjoyed the treasure before him. She was almost entirely free of hair other than a small triangle patch pointing in the direction of her lightly glistening pink mound.He dipped his head down to her crotch and took a cautious lap of his tongue across the left outer lip then swiped with the flat of his tongue on the other outer lip to gather the light dampness coating her sex. Her nectar tasted sweet with the barely the hint of tanginess/sourness (maybe a bit salty) like a great piece of candy and he wanted more.She placed her right palm against his forehead and slightly pushed him away from her sex.He knotted his brow in utter confusion and mild fear as he questioned, "Did I do something wrong?"She took several small breaths while being mentally caught up in his question before finally muttering, "No, I mean… you really want to?"He remarked in a near flippant manner, having a hard time understanding her question, wondering for a second if she was giving him some odd test. "Why wouldn't I?"Jade glanced down, not being able to keep eye contact and mumbled in mild embarrassment, "It's just… Beck… wasn't into it… he was kind of… against it."His humorous take on her question was quickly replaced by a bit of embarrassment in initially taking it as a joke, "Oh…"An awkward silence fell between them and the shapely girl felt mildly exposed and embarrassed from her revelation. She subconsciously started closing her legs, but he placed the gentlest of f0rce against the inside of her knees to prevent her from closing her legs.She curiously looked at his brown eyes and he playfully remarked, "His loss."He dipped his head back down and caught some of her folds between his lips and gently sucked on an inner petal. She closed her eyes, sucked a hard breath through her teeth then moaned loudly in surprise that he would continue, and, of course, the contact of his lips. He lapped his tongue out to swipe the inside of the inner petals, drawing more of her sweet juices out from her but not quite penetrating her yet. He wanted to leave that ace up his sleeve. Over the course of a minute or so, he ran through the English then Spanish alphabet then started forming simple words against her sex.The nearly black haired teenager squinted her eyes tighter from the pleasure rippling through her. She couldn't remain sitting up, his skill with his lips and tongue being on par with Cat and Sam, maybe even surpassing the girls, and she lay back against the mattress. One hand rested on the crown of his head while her other one cupped a fleshy orb to knead it and tweak her nipple.Jade rolled her head back and forth, suppressing her need to scream, shout, and curse from the pleasure surging through her from him steadily working her up from the first kiss, but mewed and whimpered in not wanting to distract him from the task while she rode the increasingly large wave of pleasure that was about to crash down on her.This was the second time in two days that she had let her guard down to practically a stranger and was begging to be fulfilled, "Please Freddie… don't stop… don't stop…"The sheer need in her voice brought a troubling feeling through him, as though she had always been left just short of satisfaction if not outright disappointment. He felt a knot of anger in his chest that this girl had never been satisfied by her man— whoever this Beck guy was— and felt the need to correct that failure. He brought her leg over one of his shoulders than the next shoulder before taking a firm grasp of her upper thighs and spelled out several words, still almost inside her, in rapid succession.His increased pace was the tipping point and the wave of pleasure crashed on her. She wailed out, "FUCK!" and pushed her shoulders against her mattress and lifted her ass up to thrust her sex against his mouth. The sudden shift in position caused his tongue to finally penetrate her for a moment and his nose to bump her love button.She shivered up and down her body from the additional stimulation and whined, "Holy chizz!"Her pelvis bucked up against him several more times until the tension in her lower back and legs finally eased and she collapsed back onto the bed. Her heavy chest rapidly rose and fell as she tried to regain her breath and just relax in her afterglow.She thought she'd have her moment of relaxation in the afterglow as she normally did after Beck would go down on her (if he could actually took the time and care to get her off), but was caught off guard when Freddie continued to explore her opening with tender and lazy swipes of his tongue.Jade had just enough functional brain power to softly whine, "Freddie, I can't—" She was cut off and threw her head back against the mattress with her heaving chest thrusting upward by him shoving his tongue as far as it would go into sweet, hot core and rapidly lap inside.She'd usually get her few moments of rest then expected to let him slip inside as Beck would normally do in the same circumstance, but didn't expect that Freddie would continue, especially since she hadn't gone down on him. Even Cat wouldn't do such a thing as they would switch off after the first.To Beck, on the extremely rare occasion he did such a thing, it was far more like a chore and he quickly finished getting her wet enough, not actually bringing her off, but this nice hunk of boy from Seattle was going down on her again.The dark, curly haired teen gripped his head tight with both hands on the back of his head to hold him in place but she had a feeling in her stomach telling her that it wasn't necessary. "Oh chizz, Freddie…"He shoved his tongue inside her as far as he could manage, which was actually a bit filling as he had a slightly longer than normal tongue. He flicked all around inside, hoping to stimulate her and lick up more of her juices.He pulled his tongue back slightly then started with numbers with the intention of reaching a hundred if his tongue and jaw were up to the challenge.She started bucking against him again as he reached the mid-twenties and he moved further up her sex to finally have a taste on her external pearl. He slowly lapped through the thirties around the bundle of nerves before delicately lapping with his sponge-y tip on the button."Chizz…" she hissed through clinched teeth.The button got the treatment, as he drew the forties against her clit before pausing to wrap his lips around it. He sucked gently, not wanting to over stimulate and hurt her.Jade's eyes were practically rolling to the back of her head as her brain was flooded with endorphins.He moved back down to go through the fifties across her lips before traveling further down to her puckered little rosebud."SHIT!" she shouted, skipping over her usual G-rated chizz, and her eyes shot open when the tip of his tongue teased at it.A piece of her mind realized where Sam got the idea to tease her backdoor. It was a strange sensation for sure, but not a displeasing one. He took about a minute to thoroughly coat it, but resisted pushing his tongue past her ring as he wouldn't be as presumptuous as he had been with Cat.He moved his mouth his mouth back to her glistening sex to finish through the sixties and seventies.She was unaware that her toes curled and her legs began to tremble over his shoulders, the heels of her feet tapping his back as she became unhinged at the pleasure and started losing focus all around, just quietly muttering, "Freddie, Freddie, Freddie…"The next minute or so later became a white-hot blur as her body felt like it was on fire, every one of her nerves firing off a signal to her brain. She heard a voice in the background that sounded just like hers shout to the heavens, "Freddie, you fucking god!"Jade wasn't sure how long, but she just laid there, her legs hanging off the side of the bed as consciousness started slowly coming back to her. She felt like jelly and soaked all around her crotch. She actually wondered if she had peed herself when she lost muscle control and silently prayed she hadn't done something so embarrassing. Apparently, she didn't as she was able to lift her head just enough to look through the valley of her chest to see Freddie lazily cleaning her with his tongue.She dropped her head back on the bed and whispered through a slightly sore throat from her apparent screaming, "Please Freddie, I can't take another one right now."He had heard her and avoided directly stimulating her while she recovered.The minutes dragged on until Jade gathered enough strength and sat up. He pulled his mouth away from cleaning her inner thighs and stood up on his knees, her sitting just slightly taller to look down at his eyes while desperately grasping her breath.He asked in an almost ch!ldlike manner, "Did I do alright?"She was about to spit out a sarcastic remark, but she caught sight of his eyes and the look of innocence in them told her that he wasn't teasing her. He genuinely wanted to know if he had been at least adequate. He was a little out of practice and wasn't sure if his time with Cat had been enough to get back into 'fighting shape'.She sat up and reached out to cup his cheek. She tenderly whispered, feeling the need to let some of her sweetness out, "You were fantastic. Thank you."His face lit up in relief. "It's ah… it's been a while since I've done tha—"She cut him off by crashing her lips against him, bullying her tongue past his lips and tasting herself. She quickly pulled back before he could fully respond and whispered in baited breath, "Thank you."He lovingly smiled to her. "You're welcome."She bowed her head, suddenly feeling a bit bashful. She focused her eyes at his cotton covered shirt and whispered, "No, I mean it. Thank you… Beck would… Like I said, he wasn't into it and I would be lucky to get off before he finished, but you… you got me off and you could have just slipped inside after my first one, but you didn't… you kept going."He kissed her left cheek then whispered, "I wanted to make sure you were enjoying it and I wanted more of you… and I just couldn't do that without you saying it was okay."A soft blush formed on the actress/singer's cheeks, a ch!ldlike bashfulness filling her at hearing his words of desire for her and conscious of her needs. While her head was down, her eyes caught sight of his pyjama pants tenting. "You look a little uncomfortable."He hissed out, finally noticing that pressure of pressing against his s!eepwear. "Maybe."She seductively suggested, "Why don't we switch places so I can take care of that?"Jade didn't wait for his answer. She slithered off the edge of the bed to kneel beside him and pushed against his sides to get him to sit on the bed.He didn't argue and took a seat and she took her place between his legs on her knees.She grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, first giving her an eyeful of his sculptured abs then he helped finish pulling the clothing off and tossing it aside. Jade allowed herself to let out a groan at seeing his muscular and defined chest before she licked across one of his nipples, an interesting sensation for him, then started kissing over his right pectoral. She deviously smiled against his skin while holding eye contact with him and felt the soft rumble through his skin of his groan at seeing her seductive look which brought an even bigger smile to her eager face.Her lips started trailing further down until she reached his six-pack. She stuck her tongue out and teased his bellybutton for a few seconds before she pulled her mouth away and focused on his visible tenting. She undid the drawstring of the pyjama pants and pulled down the pants to his ankles in one swift motion to reveal his quite stretched boxers. A bit of his pre-cum had already smeared inside his boxers and was starting to seep through where his head was trying to push through to find the fly.She wickedly smirked at seeing him getting so worked up over her. The Goth slipped her hand into the fly of the boxers and worked out his manhood. He groaned in pleasure at feeling her slender fingers wrap around him and she took a sharp nasal breath at the solid feel of him and seeing his size. Sam was right about his respectable— impressive— size and suddenly ached to feel him inside.She lifted her chin and their lips gently met while she palmed up to gather a bit of his release then moved down to slowly stroke him.He groaned into her lips, her soft hand bringing him considerable pleasure since it had been a long time other than the very rapid copulation with Cat.Jade pulled away and sank down to bring her face level with his crotch. She licked her pink lips before she licked up one side then the other of him that her hand wasn't covering. She hummed in satisfaction as he had kept himself clean and tasted his same manliness. After she satisfied herself licking him, she parted her lips and slipped his head into her mouth to give him a soft suckle as her hand tenderly stroked up and down the rest of him.He rolled his eyes back and let out a garbled groan. Her mouth was wet and warm and she knew how to use her tongue to swipe at and underneath his glands. He leaked a little more of his salty pre-release after her teasing his small eye with the tip of her tongue then she sank further down on him with gentle bobs. She'd pull back and take just a little more of him each time until finally he was pushing against the back of her throat.She suppressed her gag reflex the best she could manage, but her few failures closed around his spongy head."Oh jank…" he hissed deeply and lulled his head back while slipping his fingers through her dark locks and palming the back of her head, encouraging her to do whatever she wanted.She was glad he was enjoying her fellatio because she wished she had a little more experience in this to give him a thorough treatment that would be equal to what he had done to her (and be a little more comfortable with his size), but with the lack of appreciation on Beck's part, along with his constant reluctance to please her, didn't entice her to get practice with him.Jade pulled back and increased her speed of bobbing, running the flat of her tongue on the underside of his rod, while her hand jerked what she couldn't get into her mouth in a circular motion.His fingers tightened in her hair as he lifted his ass off the bed and slightly matched her bobbing motions. His groan muscles began tightening and he started to flex in her warm mouth. He groaned, "Jade I'm—"She pulled off of him and tightly held him by the base of his manhood, trying to stave off his release.He roared in frustration in being denied his release and looked down at her in surprise and a little bit of hurt.She looked up to him in a surprisingly apologetic manner and whispered, "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring you to the edge, but I want you inside me."His frustration was quickly swept aside and replaced with a dumbfounded expression, unable to comprehend what he had just heard. "You really want me to… you want us to… go that far?"She cocked her pierced eyebrow. "What? You thought this would end in just a little oral?""I just… I don't want there to be… any hurt feelings," he said, clearly referencing what had happened between Cat and Sam and the predicament he was in his lifelong friendship with the blonde.She sat up on her knees to meet his eye level, cupped his cheek and whispered, "We're not making any promises towards each other for tomorrow. Let's just enjoy tonight and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow."He searched her eyes, seeing not only the physical need, but something on the emotional level, nodding but quickly realizing the practical thing; something he really didn't think of doing before he and Cat's encounter, "I don't have anything— I mean… I don't carry any protection and… I've only been with one person before— I was her first too.""It's okay, so have I and I'm on the pill. It'll be fine if…" She flicked up her pierced eyebrow, not needing to finish the statement.Freddie chuckled in relief, "With you, I'd think that would be understandable if I couldn't… pull out in time.""Now you're just sweet talking me Freddie Benson," she laughed as she scooted up onto the bed to lay in-line with her bed against her pillow and spread her bent legs. She gently rubbed her right middle finger up and down her slit and softly stated with a hint of nervousness lacing her voice, "Hey, you're… kind of big, so could you…"His words sounded cliché, but she heard the sincerity of his words and felt a moment of peace and reassurance when he said, "I'll be gentle.""Thank you."He intended to keep that promise as he recalled how ungentle he had been with Cat (even if she repeatedly encouraged him to do so) as he pressed his head against her entrance then gently pressed into her.She squinted her eyes shut and gritted her teeth while his head took several attempts to slide between her slick folds. After the third attempt, he penetrated past her petals to fill her and her muscles spread to accommodate him, realizing the toy she had shared with Sam the previous day was slightly smaller than him and filling her more than Beck ever could've managed.He rubbed up and down her left arm and whispered, "Are you alright?"Her eyes were closed while she nodded her head and answered in a baited breath, "Yeah, I'm fine you're just… jank… you're bigger than I'm… used to…""Now who's trying to sweet talk who?"She opened her eyes and smirked at his willingness to engage her remarks and grabbed the back of his head to pull him down into a crashing kiss.Their lips parted and moaned into each of their mouths, tongues started battling one another and giving them both the opportunity to adjust to the situation.The minutes ticked away as they just enjoyed each other’s kisses and holding one another, feeling for both of them that they were one with one another. Jade finally pulled her mouth away and met his eyes. She took several breaths then whispered, "I'm okay now."He pecked her lips then pulled his hips slightly back then pushed forward. He slowly built up his thrusting in a near torturous manner in Jade's eyes. However, his pelvis was soon lightly slapping her inner thighs.She broke eye contact and looked down the valley of her breasts to see his shaft steadily penetrate and withdraw from her.She thanked God that the Seattle boy had been so considerate with his tongue lashing or she would be in pain right now instead of the pleasure tingling through her, while at the same time there was a deep tightening in her gut.Freddie started grunting in pleasure from penetrating a veritable volcanic velvet vice that gripped his manhood.He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up while he rested on his heels."Fuck…" she hissed as she dropped down on him, driving his fleshy steel further into her.He latched onto her left nipple and sucked on the precious orb for all of his worth.She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. Her head leaned to her right before dropping it to the left to rest her cheek against the crown of his head. She had never felt something so deep inside of her and the idea crossed her mind that if he released right at that moment, he'd directly paint her womb.She shuddered, signalling that she was relaxing against him and actually sank just a little further down on him. She whispered, "This is what it means to be one…"He pulled his mouth away from the heavy orb and looked up to her, the girl's arms moving from behind his head and neck to cup his cheeks. He whispered just as quietly, "Yes."Once she relaxed enough to settle on him, he moved his hands lower and gripped her ass. He lifted her up about halfway then gently brought her back down.The burning of pleasure in her belly was stoked with each thrust into her.His body was reacting the same way, especially after being brought to the edge earlier. He felt the familiar tightening sensation behind and below his bellybutton and ache in his balls that signalled that he would soon give up his release. Freddie wasn't ready for this to end as there was no guarantee that Jade would want to go another round with him after his release.He lowered her back down onto the mattress and slipped out of her.She hissed at the sudden emptiness but any complaint as soon lost when she felt his tongue slip between her petals and teasingly lick her. This was another surprise for her. Beck would never have gone back to pleasing her with his mouth after withdrawing, too freaked out about possibly tasting himself.She looked down to see him eagerly attempting to please her further, which he was most certainly succeeding in. It wasn't as pleasurable as being filled with him, but it was still quite satisfying as her lips quivered every time he would run the flat part of his tongue across them. She placed her palm over his crown and gently brushed through his hair to get his attention.He brought his mouth away and whispered to give her an explanation, tickling her external bundle of nerves in the process with his warm breath, "Just need to cool down a bit.""By heating me up?"He boyishly smirked. "I thought it was a pretty good idea." He dived back into her opening and started jabbing his tongue into her as far as he could reach, not waiting for any comeback.She pushed her head back against her pillow, pushing her chest up and slowly croaked out, "Oh jank… Freddie… please…"He turned his tongue to her love button and rapidly licked and within seconds, the fire burning inside exploded. She bucked up against him and a bit more of her juices easily flowed onto his lips. "Holy chizz…" she growled through gritted teeth and squinted eyes as all her muscles below her bellybutton seized up for several seconds before relaxing.Freddie pulled his mouth from her inflamed sex and crawled back up so he could hover over her and meet her eye-to-eye. He boyishly grinned down at her, relishing in self-satisfaction at being able to bring her off once again.She looked up at him in mild amazement. He was stronger than her by a far degree, probably almost as strong as Sam, had the dominate position over her and she felt wretched with three orgasms in such a short amount of time. He could do anything he wanted to her and she wouldn't be able to stop him and what did he decide to do? Continue to show her gentle affections as if she was something precious with delicate kisses on her temple and cheek.How could Sam have ever let you go?She tapped him on the side of the shoulder, signalling to him that she wanted him to roll over. She had something in mind.He rolled off of her and she slipped off the edge of the bed. He curiously watched her wobbly walk towards her burgundy chair, her hips slightly swaying and giving him a beautiful eyeful of her shapely ass and distracting him long enough from asking her intentions.She grabbed an old shirt hanging on one of the corners of the backrest of the chair and threw it on the seat of the chair. She realized it was on old plaid shirt that belonged to Beck and didn't care. She smiled to her handsome lover for the night and patted the chair, signalling that she wanted him to sit down.He threw his legs over the edge of the bed and got up, walking to the chair and having a seat.She walked around one of his legs and turned her back to him. As she started backing up, the young man's eyes widened at seeing her sexy rump approaching his crotch. His manhood followed suit with a slight twitch, clearly just as eager as he was, and leaked a little bit more of his pre-release.His spread legs allowed her to come closer and squat down, bracing her hands on his knees, to line up her ass to his flexing rod. She pressed her soft backside against his manhood, catching the sides between her cheeks.Freddie palmed over her hips to hang on to her as she started sliding up and down against his rod. She looked over her right shoulder and suppressed a smirk at seeing how much she was working him up with his shortening breath and flushing cheeks. She probably could get him to blow all over her ass and his abs if she kept this up, already feeling some of him leak onto her and down her crack, but she wanted to feel his manhood in her one more time.Jade stopped her grinding and lifted up, grabbing him by the base with a hand off of his knee to line herself up then slowly sank back down on him. She latched her hand back on his knee and groaned out, appreciating the new angle in which he was sheathed inside her.He too enjoyed the new angle in which he penetrated her core, particularly the feeling of the underside of his rod scrapping against what he assumed was her internal bundle of nerves. He reached and gently rubbed his palms up and down her back.She smiled and lulled her head to the side at feeling his strong palms across her smooth back. She lifted then dropped several times before she found her own rhythm to gallop.Jade couldn't help but swear from feeling the first film of sweat forming over her skin (she didn't sweat because it was gross, but she was certainly working up one with him) and the slight burning sensations in her knees and lower abdomen, the first signs of fatigue showing from this position, "Chizz…"He watched the tension in her smooth, and quickly becoming moist, back while her dark locks bounced between her shoulder blades. He slid his hands off of her hips and under her to grip the back of her thighs. He slightly lifted her up and pulled her right leg over his right leg as he brought it under her then did the same with her other leg. She leaned forward and rested her palms back on his knees in front of her. He kissed her shoulder this whispered, "Let me do some of the work at least."She nodded her head just as he lifted her by the hips, her toes balancing her instead of helping lift her. His sheer physical prowess of lifting her was a big turn-on, but not as much as his consideration.He bounced her on his lap for half a minute or so, driving deep into her while her juices dripped down his shaft and ball-sack.Finally slowing down, he moved his hands from her hips and palmed over her smooth abdomen, relishing in the feel of her skin until he reached her impressive chest, and began to palm them completely in his big, strong hands. He pulled her back to press her back against his muscular chest.He gently bucked up into her, allowing his pelvis take over the job and growled into the side of her neck, "You're so tight Jade— I don't know how long I can last…"She turned her head and looked into his eyes and desperately pleaded, "Please Freddie, please hold out and make me cum one more time. Please… I'll let you do anything you want with me if you'll let me cum one more time… I promise…"That promise could drive any man to want to fulfil her request as the back of his mind blindly ran various scenarios about what he could do with the mean girl: her lips, tongue and the rest of her mouth taking him over and over again until he ran completely dry; making love to her chest until he gave her a nice necklace (or several); or in the darkest recesses of his mind that he felt a little genuine shame about his subconscious mind even considering… she had such a beautiful ass……but the more rational part of his mind was still functioning enough to hear in her voice her pleading of needing to be satisfied as if she had been repeatedly disappointed in the past and begging him not to be the same. It wasn't much of a guess that that wasn't far from the truth when it came to a guy, just given her surprise that he would willing to pleasure her orally without a second thought and without a bit of consideration of her having to reciprocate.It quickly felt like it was his duty for his side of the species along with his desire to make sure she had the best memory of this experience and not leave disappointed.He moved his hands off of her chest and grabbed her hips to lift her off. His slick rod withdrew from her with a whine of disappointment passing her lips, but he quickly turned her in place then she settled back on his lap and quickly impaling herself back on his shaft, her slick juices providing easy lubrication.She rested her hands on his shoulders and planting her knees on the shirt covered cushion of her chair just as he gripped her hips and crashed his lips against hers. She eagerly matched the ferocity of the kiss while he lifted her up to almost pulling out of her then dropping back down.He lifted her up while her knees pushed up to assist him. They found fast rhythm fairly quickly and within seconds, she was practically galloping on his lap.They both raced to their respective releases at this point. Jade's breathing was laboured, her skin flushed in a nice softly red hue, and the sweat dripped off her body onto him. Freddie was in prime physical shape and was weathering the physical exertion far better, but swore that she felt tighter, perhaps her thighs closing more in this position. He did complex math equations in his head then equally challenging computer code to hold back his rapidly approaching release, but the wanton look of lust in her eyes along with something else he tried to identify; the sight of her soft, gorgeous lightly sweaty body bouncing on his lap; her soft flesh begging, egging him on and her warmth around his manhood made the task nearly Herculean.He wasn't going to fail her, so he needed to figuratively push her off. "Come on Jade. Come for me. Let go and come all over me. I need you to come. I need to see you come. I need to see you happy."His words were the push she needed off the precipice of her pleasure. She stopped her bouncing, tightening her grip on his shoulders and ground against him with a rotation of her pelvis as her mind was flooded with pleasure, blocking out the rest of the world except Freddie's flesh pressed against her. Her eyes squinted and face cheeks tightened to express her overwhelming pleasure. She cried out in rapture, "FUCK!"She closed her thighs and pressed the sides of her knees against the sides of his thighs and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck to pull him close, crushing her soft flesh pillows against his muscular chest, holding herself in place and trying to ride out trembling of her body. She cried into the side of his neck, not just verbally with a string of obscenities, but actually crying with a few tears traveling down her cheeks while her body trembled.He gripped her hips tight and dug his fingers into her unblemished skin and rapidly swore into the crook of her neck as he tried to hold out from her muscles squeezing his shaft like ringing out a wet rag, "Jank, jank, Jade, God… jank!"His rod violently twitched and bulged, signalling that he was about to release, but he struggled with every bit of willpower he had to hold out until she was finished experiencing her release. The last of his willpower was collapsing just as she slumped against him as the tension in her muscles relaxed.Her muscles relaxed their near death grip on him and it was enough to keep him from teetering off the edge for just a few more seconds. He sighed deeply into her neck before lifting her up, pulling completely out of her and letting her drop onto his lap.She hissed out in the sudden emptiness and looked up. "Freddie?"He buried his face into the crook of her neck and whispered against her fair skin, "Jade please, I can't… you have to give me a minute… or an hour if you want to keep me going…" he finished with a chuckle.His laugh was infectious and she laughed, the few wet lines of tears down her face making it even lovelier, while brushing the back of his head, "Okay… thanks for holding out."He took several deep breaths, interrupting himself several times, while he pulled his face from her neck to meet her eyes, "Even if I couldn't… I wouldn't have stopped."She figured they were nice words for him to say, but one look into his soft brown eyes told her that he was telling the truth and it sent a flutter through her heart. She leaned forward and gently took his lips, the anim*listic need having been satisfied and only needing the gentle affection.He returned with the easy kissing, matching her kiss for kiss in what turned into a gentle affectionate exchange. She broke her lips away from him, but remained close enough so her nose gently rubbed against the side of his nose. She playfully smiled, "It's your turn now…"She drew the last bit of her reserves and slid off of his lap to slide down to kneel between his legs before nearly devouring his throbbing meat. She painstakingly slowly bobbed her head up and down to take just the first few inches of him while one of her hands gently jerked the rest of him. She pulled off for only a few scant seconds to hiss out, "You can come in my mouth, on my face, on my chest… anywhere you want, just come. You deserve to come… you deserve to feel good too."She dipped back down and inhaled the head of his manhood and sucked on it for all her worthwhile her tongue teased and lapped at his slit and her right hand lazily continued to stroke the rest of him.He fisted the ends of the armrests until his knuckles were white, his abs tightened to a taut as if he was on his last sets of reps in his workout regimen, and thigh muscles tightened. He let out a roar as the last of his self-control crumbled after the repeated positions, starts and stops, and his balls heaved up their contents and fired in rapid succession, several shots of his thick seed into her succulent mouth, painting the roof and her tongue with his creamy release.She closed her eyes and moaned around the head of his shaft, sending additional vibrations through the sensitive piece of manhood to keep spurring him for a few more moments while tasting the salty, heavy substance and bits already sliding down her gullet.Freddie collapsed back onto the chair with his arms out over the armrests while his pelvis instinctively thrust off the chair, driving his rod into Jade's mouth further despite having nothing left to give at that moment.She bobbed her head in a leisurely manner to clean him off and allow her to swallow all of his considerable jizz without choking on it.After making sure she got every drop from and off of him, she rolled her head to rest on her left bicep and his inner right thigh and attempted to catch her breath, completely drained, unable to do much else besides kneel there as her body recovered from four orgasms in such a short span of time. She would have been content to kneel between his legs and rest her head on his thigh for the next hour or more, but she felt Freddie's fingers slid under her armpits and pull her up the straddle his lap and wrap his arms around her to bring her into a cuddle.He kissed her forehead, nose, and cheeks then whispered tender words of affection that help the tension and tremors subside from the aftereffects of her orgasm that he could still clearly see from a trembling muscle or two.She felt his hands affectionately caress her ass cheeks and sides while his other hand stroked her arm and the side of her breast, a strange mix of innocent and sexual caressing that was setting her at ease and turning her on at the same time. Trapped between their abdomens, she could feel him still twitching and becoming somewhat hard again.She felt a momentary surge of worry. She lifted her head off his shoulder so she could look him in the eyes and whispered, "Freddie, I know I promised you anything, but I need a few minutes to reco—"He cut her off with a chaste kiss to her lips and whispered, "You don't have to do a thing for me. Just… ignore 'Little Freddie.' That was incredible enough to share that with you. I just hope you enjoyed it."She studied his eyes for seconds that seemed like an eternity and saw that to him, what they had just done was not just a quick comfort or tension releasing 'fuck' just to leave it at that for the night, but this was something deeper. She also saw that she didn't have to keep her part of the deal. It terrified her for a moment that this… guy, who was a complete stranger 12 hours ago, could genuinely feel that way, something she had felt missing with Beck. The terror was quickly replaced with mild sadness at what she saw in comparison to how she knew Beck would have jumped at the offer. The difference itself soon filled her with an overwhelming desire to hold up her end of the deal at some point in the future.She rested her head back on his right shoulder and let her finger lazily trace over his muscular chest and breathed, "I enjoyed that too, that was…" She trailed off, unable to finish.He gently lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes. His voice was just as low as he asked, "What?""…fulfilling?"He chuckled, "That's one way to describe it."The artist softly challenged, "How would you describe it?"He embarrassingly laughed, "I think I'd need a poet to write out what it felt like. I'm not sure any words I have would be adequate."She smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder and the pair remained seated to relax with each other. She felt completely drained and wouldn't have minded just falling as!eep in his grasp, but her knees were starting to hurt from being bent. She stood up, still wobbly, with Freddie taking one of her hands in a tender fashion.She whispered, "Could you help me to my bathroom?"He did more than that by picking her up, eliciting a loud laugh from the exhausted teen. He kissed her cheek before carrying her bridle style out of her bedroom and to her bathroom.About fifteen minutes later after a surprisingly innocent shared shower, the pair returned to her room without bothering to cover themselves after drying. Jade made a beeline to grab Freddie's discarded blue T-shirt. She pulled it over her head and slipped her arms through the sleeves just as found his boxers and pulled them back on his hips. She found his pyjama pants and slipped them on before slipping into bed and rested on her left side then patting a spot for him to lie.He didn't need the invitation to be made twice to slip up beside her nor did he bother questioning why she would steal his clothing to s!eep for the night.She slipped under his right arm and rested her head on his chest while he pulled her close and the sheet up to cover them. He kissed her forehead and she smiled at the affection before drifting off to s!eep from the soft sound of his heartbeat and her favourite movie coming on in the background by the still playing television.Freddie remained for a few more minutes, enjoying being her pillow for her. While he waited to drift off to s!eep, he watched the movie that had been running the entire time they were together since the remote control was out of reach. He oddly thought halfway through the movie if Jade would enjoy this 'The Scissoring'.