Kimmie & Tim, OUR life together womb to prese

Please have patience with this first part of our story. We want to give you the backgroundinformation that will make the followup sections of our life much easier to understand andenjoy what is told. The "juicy" stuff that everyone on here enjoys will be in the later parts.We are going to attempt to retell what our joint life has been like, be it the GREAT timesor the really bad times. At this present time we are approaching our 28th birthday.Our parents and family are the very best. Kimmie and I have two older s+++++s as well as two older b******s. Kimmie is older than I am by nearly 2 hours. Our parentsare both retired U.S. military doctors, both of them having served in combat as surgeons.Mom did 4 tours and dad did 3 I think. Dad retired two years after receiving the STAR on his shoulders, due to a service connected injury. Mom retired as a Navy Captain.Our brothers are older by several years, one being the oldest. One sister isnext in line followed by the other b+++++r, then a sister that is a bit over t2o years old than us.I guess it can be said that being the youngest and twins we were a BIT spoiled, by ourparents and by our S******s. We are a very close and tight knit family in the "normal" senseof the meaning. Kimmie, and I have been pretty much glued together our entire life. We arethe VERY best of friends, companions, and also lov**s from a young age. We began "playing"games of exploration with each other prior to the X year mark of our lives.We took our baths together to a little past that X year mark. Then Mom made us stop, or so shethought. We shared a bed room until the day that Mom walked in on us with my face betweenKimmie's thighs. OH, what a scene that was that day. Both Kimmie and I had a very hard timesitting on our backsides for over a week. First mom took the belt to our tender butts, then whendad got home the next day. Well, he chose to use a ping pong paddle on our red and very soreasses. It, to this very day makes me SHUDDER thinking about that painful experience.Our bedroom sleeping placement may have changed BUT, Kimmie being Kimmie did not curtail our "romantic" involvement with each other. Kimmie was and still is the more aggressive of us.I can honestly say as will she that Kimmie is a highly sexed and very aggressive si***r. We will in this story as we did the last time we wrote about our life we will be switching betweeneach other in telling our story. We hope this will NOT confuse any of you, but give a muchclearer view of what happened in our lives.Hi, this is now Kimmie.Well, I guess to start off with. Tim was very much correct and truthful in stating that I was andstill am the more aggressive. I was aggressive from the very start at about age VIII or IX whenI decided I had to play with Tim's ""pencil"". I would spend extra time making sure I cleaned hispencil quite well. I still remember being caught by a si***r washing Tim's pencil. It surprisedTim and I both a great deal when she had to take her "turn" cleaning it as well. I was mad at herfor taking what I consider MINE, but Tim was all to THRILLED to have her do it. That fact causedme to explode my anger on Tim after she left the room. I think he was really scared of me at thattime (I wish he still was) but at this point Tim is in control most of the time. He does however, give me what I want 90 to 95% of the time. In our bedroom we had are own beds. However, after mom and dad would check on us before wewould go to sleep. We rarely ever slept in different beds. Mostly we did just sleep together, becausewe did and still do enjoy the closeness when we sleep. I was the first one to start to sleep in the nude.That may have been about the age of VIII or IX (please be aware that it is hard to be exact and the sameas in our original story) because our memories can't be sure over these long years. I remember the firsttime I decided to "kiss" Tim's pencil when he was sleeping. It was just a soft stringy pencil until my lips lingeredon the head of his pencil. Then it surprised me how HARD and rapidly it became very SOLID. I did lick it like it was my personal lollipop. Which it was and still is to this very day. It was several days or a week or more untilI decided to put the entire "pencil" in my hot moist mouth. I recall that Tim did NOT continue sleeping thatnight. I still think he was faking being asleep the first several weeks I took ownership of his (my) pencil.I really did consider it MINE and I defended that ownership many times over the next few years. I rememberthe first time Tim shuddered with an orgasm but I do not remember at what age. He just shuddered and his entirebody became ridged without any release of liquids of any kind. That continued for nearly a year (maybe) more orless. We did know that at some point Tim was going to be POPPING off a load of sperm.I guess now is the time to interject the fact that we live on a quite large family farm. Our dad and his si**ingstook ownership of their fathers family farm(s) on his death. The farm has been in his family from we think theearly to mid 1700's. Over the years several nearby farms were purchased by the family. At this time there are6 large farm houses and two smaller modern homes. There are a total of 9 large barns and many smallerout buildings, hog huts, chicken coops, and other various critter homes. Dad's br**ther and one si***rs live in theother homes. One sister and her family live in a nearby state. Tim and I live in one of the larger farm houseswith our thr3ee healthy, happy and completely "NORMAL" c***dren. (we will explain that later or in followup stories) Ok, now as to living on a farm when we were NOT traveling all over the world to Mom & Dad's duty stations.Farm k**s I think are much more aware of how reproduction takes place. Watching horses, cows, hogs/pigs,Bison, Elk, and other a****ls mate takes most if not all the surprise out of sex. We raise a large and varied amount of critters here on the collective family farms. Tim and I are primarily in the Horse and Bison part ofthe farm. One female cousin and her husband are a great deal of assistance in that en devour. Every thing isof EQUAL ownership to everyone that works the farm. Those that do NOT work the farm receive a muchsmaller %age of the profits or loses at the end of each quarter. Tim and I learned very early on that breeding was a natural and needed thing to have babies. That made usvery aware that "WE" needed to be very careful with our "breeding" once we started that. Vaginal intercoursedid not start until we reached the age of about XV or so. We did enjoy a very active oral sex life from the ageof VIII or IX as I mentioned earlier. I finally convinced Tim that we could have anal sex without fear of me becoming impregnated. Boy, once Tim got in my ass he was like a sex maniac trying to POKE my ass hole.It took me several months to really start enjoying having my ass poked by Tim. Once I did start to enjoy it Ihave become addicted to having a dick in my arse hole.Tim and I were having some hot and very heavy oral sex when our Mom walked in on us as we mentionedearlier in this story. We got a very painful ass whooping from mom and dad, as well as being placed in separatebedrooms. I would sneak into our old room where Tim still sl**t by him self. I could NOT go without havingTim's pencil in my mouth or his mouth covering my slit & c**t. We rapidly became addicted to ORAL sex.I remember well the feel of Tim's hard soft skinned pencil slipping between my open and very eager lips.I loved watching (still do) Tim's facial reactions when my tongue would swirl over, under, and rapidly on hisPen*s. I loved the feel of his thighs quivering, nut bag tightening up, and the pulsing of the veins in "his &My" pen*s. I say "my" because I consider Tim's pri*k to be mine in joint ownership with Tim. I understand that may sound WIERD to most of you, but to me (kimmie) Tim and I have equal and joint ownership of each othersbodies, minds and hearts. Our souls belong to the LORD or I would say that as well.Tim, here again to continue our story. Ok, yes I was faking being asleep when Kimmie first kissed my thingy. I was asleep when she started but I wokeup within a matter of minutes. It was extremely difficult to remain motionless and not show my excitement. Kimmiehad my thing completely in her mouth and nearing the back of it. Kimmie is and always one with a very activetongue when sucking on a D**k. She can circle the *ic* at a very rapid speed with her tongue that drives me to orgasmvery quickly. Kimmie's mouth is so increditably hot, moist and active when she is sucking on a d**k. The gentleness andforcefulness combination of Kimmie's skill literally puckers up my arse hole with the intensity that she imparts on a dick.The idea that she came up with to have me plug her in her butt hole came about by accident. We were watching three ofthe farm hands breed two horses. When the stallion mounted and stuck his huge shaft into the mare, well let's just sayhis aim was off by several inches to high. The mare squealed as the huge shaft was buried deep into the mare's butt hole.Kimmie and I looked at each other in shock and surprise. However, Kimmie's over sexed mind came up with the ideaof me plowing into her butt hole like that as well. Ok. At the time I was a bit slow on the up take in the sexual way of life.Kimmie, slammed her bony elbow into my ribs and whispered to me "follow me" which l did as always.We went into the barn and up to our secret hiding place in the hay loft. When we got there our little sex chamber wasnicely prepared with some blankets, sheets and a couple of pillows. After pulling in two bales of hay to conceal the entranceof our love nest. We quickly removed all of our clothing. At the time Kimmie was a great deal more developed than I was.Her breast were basically bumps with large puffy nipples. Her dark pink long nipples sit on top of a puffy bulge of the breast.To this day Kimmie has the sexiest puffy nipples I have ever seen, touched or played with. Our tw2 older s***ers are redheads as is our mother. All th3ee have great looking puffy nipples sitting atop large boobs. Our older sisters have 36cand 34dd boobs at that time, with mom being 38d if what Kimmie says is correct. At this time our si****s are as big or biggerthan mom's boobs are.Kimmie and I use to play sexually with our S****ngs, C**sins, 2 A**ts and 1 Un**e. All the Males are straight and the females bi or str8. Our parents were and are very much opposed to our IN***tual way of living. However, they are very pleased with the th333 wonderful grandc***dren Kimmie and I have produced for them. I think at this time I will tell about the WORST phase of our lives as IN****ual lovers.As mentioned Kimmie & I were caught once by our Mother in a very intimate act ( I was between Kimmie's thighs lapping up on her very tasty slit). Dad, caught us sleeping NUDE together in the middle of the night. He, d**g me out of bed, and proceeded to scream at me, followed by a not so gentle spanking on my arse. Mom, also gave Kimmie a spanking on her arse. We were sat down and informed if we are EVER found doing things with each other, there will be a very severe outcome. Well, We tried very hard not to do things with each other or anyone for that matter. But, we Love each otherboth now and at that time. It was about 9 months later that Dad found us in our Hay loft "LOVE NEST". We were notdoing anything at the time, but he started to watch us a lot more closely. Then about a month after that we thought everyonewas gone or out in the barn. Mom, walked in just as Kimmie was getting a mouth full of my CUM. Stream after stream shooting into Kimmie's mouth and ME unable to move as I unloaded. Mom, stood there completely shocked and embarrassed.Maybe now is the time to describe what Kimmie looks like at these varying stages of development. Kimmie was about 4'4" at age VIII or IX with dark blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, skin so velvety it is like warm water. She had a body that wasalready show signs of her rapidly approaching womanhood. Her butt was firm with dimples at her waist line, and on thesides of her ass checks were indentations of a muscular person. By the time she was aged to about XI or XII she wascovered in a fine light coating of pussy hair the color of straw. Most of it was not more than 1/4 " to 1/2" in length of whichKimmie was very proud of and I was envious of. I did not have a SINGLE hair on my crotch as of yet. Kimmie had a verysexy and firm abdomen that any female would love to have. Working daily on the farm was a far better work out than anyexpensive gym/club could provide. Kimmie's breast at the age of XII were an impressive 30b with puffy nipples positionedproudly on top of her boobs. I know for a fact what her boobs were because Mom took Kimmie for new "regular" bras NOTtraining bra's. Joking with Mom and Kimmie I asked if boobs needed to be trained to come out and grow. LOL Mom andKimmie laughed at me and my joking question. Kimmie's puffies and nipples are extremely sensitive. At the age of X orXI Kimmie's pussy lips and mound was taking on the look of a young woman. She had and HAS what I call "virgins" closedpussy lips with nothing hanging out of them, unless recently fucked or she was masturbating. Her pussy is the sweetest tasting and most inviting texture for play with and in. Her ass hole is the tightest tiny poop shoot I have ever seen or playedwith. The first time I was given her butt hole to fuck, I was shaking so much, my mouth was dry, and my "pencil" was like a veryhard "hot dog". Sinking into her arse was a thrill I am unable to describe accurately to give it it's due. The first several timesit was painful for Kimmie, but she is really tuff and determined when she puts her mind to something. She is sitting next tome now poking me in the ribs so she can tell more of her part of this story. So, I will say bye for nowHello, Kimmie here again.Yes, I did start to develop before Tim did, much to his sorrow. However he really did like exploring and playing with myrapid bodily changes. My pussy hair was the first thing to start to grow. It was like one week I had a completely BALDpussy and in one week I had a coating of hair on my entire pussy. It was not long, but it sure was fine silky str8 strawcolored pussy hair. A month or two later my chest bumps started to turn into real boobs. I have really puffy type nipplesjust like my older sisters and mom. Only they are all three red heads. My nipples are so sensitive I can at times haveorgasm by just playing with my nipples and the puffy part of my boobs. I am very ORGASMIC, and I have a veryfluid orgasm every time I cum. I do NOT PISS like so many call a squirting orgasms, all they are doing is releasepiss when they have their orgasm. My orgasm is a milky liquid kind of like males when they come. Only femalecum is much slippery and mine is very sweet tasting. I personally think every female has a different texture and tasteto their cum.Tim and I were caught by our oldest br***er when Tim's dic* was buried in my arse. We did not think anyone was home and he found us in our hay loft love nest. He blackmailed us into letting him have oral and anal sex with mefor th3ee months and twice a week. His promise was to NEVER tell mom and dad or anyone that we were having sex. To this day he has kept his promise to us. Those 3 months were very hard on Tim to watch older brother use my ass and mouth and play with my changing female body. I know Tim was so mad several times I thought hewould club our older br****r when he was pumping my arse. But, the last two weeks Tim joined us and I got tofeel the double penetration into my mouth and arse. I sure was scared to try it, but boy am I glad I did.The WORST part of our relationship happened when Dad found Tim and I were going at it.Dad, never said a word as he was pulling Tim off of my back and dragging out of Tim's room.Mom packed Tim's suit cases over the next two hours with Dad calling and getting Tim enrolled at a wellknow Military school in Northeastern United States.The next part of our story will pick up at that part and how it effected our lives.We hope that you liked this part and you will comment and let us know if you want to hear more.Tim & Kimmie