Little League Mom

So I Am 26 and fresh out of a long term relationship. I'm a retired pro-ball player and now coach several travel teams in Arizona as a way to stay in the game (I don't have any k**s of my own). It all started when my 9u team was in Cali for a tournament last month. After our last game the team went back to our hotel to swim. As I got out to the pool I was totally caught off guard by one of the moms named Triss (31 y/o) on the team. She was standing at the side of the pool holding a drink, wearing a strapless bikini with some very cheeky bottoms. Most of the single moms on the teams I coach wear some very slutty attire around me, even making open sexual comments in front of everyone. It is fun and all... but I had never fucked any of them (I tend to prefer a challenge). This mom was different, she was recently divorced and very guarded. A former gymnast, she had a very nice body. I had noticed but tried hard to be respectful and not check her out. Well, on this day i got caught. She was stunning! I stood there dumb founded and staring hardcore. Triss turned and saw me staring at her perfect fit body... Namely her ass! By the time I realized she was already laughing at me. Embraced, I simply said I was sorry (there was no denying what my thoughts were). She laughed and told me "don't worry about it." I was surprised because she in that moment I could tell that she enjoyed the way I was looking at her. The day wen't on without another thought of what had happened. Most for the families fly out later that night, leaving just one other family (a grandma and her grandson), this mom and her son, and myself. For most of the evening the two ladies sat in a cabana enjoying drinks while i swam with the boys. As the sun went down i made my way to my room to shower, leaving the four others at the pool. Later that night I made way down for a night cap at the poolside bar. A few mins later Triss showed up, pleasantly surprised I asked if she wanted a drink and she gladly accepted. Still tipsy from before, she began to open up to me about her nasty divorce. The conversation became very heavy and she soon wanted to change the topic. I made small talk abut the pool and how nice it was, she made a joke about how it must be nice to see all the moms in bikinis. With a blushful laugh i apologized again for staring at her. This time she responded differently, asking me "did you like what you saw?" This time I was more prepared with my flirting game and told her I very much enjoyed it. She blushed a little and then jokingly asked if I wanted to see more. I gave a quick response "yes" looking her straight in the eyes. She was very pleased by my answer and suggested we got to one of the poolside cabanas. she she got off the bar stool i had the chance to check her body out again. She was only about 5'2" and was very lean. She was athletic and had a great shape to her. Her chest was probably a 32B or 32C at the most (which fit her small body very well.) Her ass was the killer part! It was the ass every man wants to grab, slap, and fuck. She wasn't wearing her bikini anymore, but a thin white dress that barely covered her ass. I could see a black G-string through the dress. As we to the cabana she waited until i sat down then she sat on her knees next the me on the couch. She began touching my ears and neck. As i took the last drink of my drink she told me she hadn't kissed a men in over two years (Does that mean she has kissed a women!?). I didn't hesitate... leaning in for a kiss. She met my mouth with a passionate and down right horny kiss. After just a few seconds of making out she climbed on top of me. my hands went straight onto her ass... First on top of her dress then under it. She could feel my dick growing hard under her. She broke our kiss and stared sucking on my ear, I went straight for her neck. My right hand was up the inside of her dress on her left breast. She was wearing a black lace bra and i could feel that her nipples were priced (probably a college decision). She whispered in my ear "I haven't felt a cock in years! Your cock is rubbing on my clit!" Not going to lie I almost lost it right there! Before i could say anything she jumped up and grabbed me by my hand and said "lets go to your room!" Just what i was thinking. As i opened my door she pushed my against the wall and slammed the door. She dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down. I was going commando so my rock hard dick caught the waist band of the short then slapped against my body. Her eyes were huge as she looked up at my. she grabbed a hold of it and said "you have the biggest cock I've ever seen" (probably a horny lie... I'm a modest 8" on a very good day). She the licked the entire shaft of my cock before she put as much of it in her mouth as possible. It felt like time stopped, she sucked and tugged me until was about to pop. I told her to stop, she looked up at me and stroked it two more times. That almost made me cum! We both laughed at her playful tease for a second. Then I picked her up off her knees and threw her on the king size bed. as she landed her legs open and i could see her perfect body in that sexy thong (Almost made me cum again). I grabbed her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, putting my face in between her legs. She started to tell me to stop, saying "no no no... i don't want..." that as far as she got because I started licking her clit threw her thong. Her feet went in the air, she started to moan, and her hands started pulling my head in tighter to her pussy. She moaned again and again, unable to say a word. Finally she managed to say "uhh... my... pussy aches!!!" she wanted me to move her thong aside so my tongue would be against her bare pussy. I finally lifted my head and started pulling on the top of her panties (to keep the pressure on her clit). I asked her if she wanted to keep licking her. She moaned and responded "fuck! Yes! please!" I pulled her thong down to her knees. her pussy was freshly waxed and was as tights a virgin! I start licking her with a wide tongue and slow strokes up and down. She could not control her self... yelling " Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Im going to cum if you keep doing that!" Which I did! I used my fingers and pushed them up inside of her... doing a "come here" motion inside of her tight pussy. within a few seconds she became very quite (sign to keep going) and then started to convulse. squirting cream from her pussy I had never seen that before). she was shaking and screaming with a pillow in her face for several seconds. aThen she popped up like a spring and told me to lay on my back. "I'm going to ride your cock!" as she stepped her dress off. Like her G-string, her bra was lace lingerie and her nipples were poking herd though. in each nipple she had a piercing, making the hard and perky! she said as she squatted over me, guiding my bare dick inside of her. It was so tight it took several try to penetrate her perfect pussy. She rode me hard for several mins, taking my whole cock deep inside her. She reached behind her with both hand and took her bra off. Her breast were firm and perky! I could see she was working up to another orgasm, so i reached up with both hand and started to pinch her nipples. She immediately exploded into an orgasmic shaking. her pussy tighten down so hard on my cock i could feel pre-cum leaking out. She rolled off me and flipped around, taking my pussy soaked dick in her mouth... except this time she fit all 8" (okay maybe 7 1/2) in her mouth. She sucked so hard for a few seconds the looked at me and said "Don't cum yet.. Fuck me more!" I threw her over and climbed on top of her (I'm 6'4" 225 lbs. Tries is 5'2" maybe 110 lbs.) I started slow, lower my dick inside her. She just kept looking up at arms and chest, touching the muscular body on top of her. I leaded in to kiss her while I slowly pumped deep side her pussy. This last for almost a minute. Tries then pushed me back and said "Fuck me hard Jared!" I leaned back and took hold of her waist and slammed my dick in her pussy again and again! She had two more orgasms like that. I then flipped her over and fucked her from behind, we were both looking into the mirror on the closet. She came again twice, very full intense orgasms. I kept fucking her... watching my dick slide in and out of her pink pussy, each time coming out covered in her thick white cream!. I finally could hold it anymore! I told her i was going to cum and she said "oh DON'T STOP FUCKING ME! CUM INSIDE ME!" I kept going... As hard as I could. She buried her face and screamed, the looked in the mirror at me and said "Jared, I'm going cum again on your dick! Fill my pussy with hot cum!" I could feel her clamp down with her pussy as she started to cum. I pushed deep inside her, shooting a huge shot of cum deep ing her tight body. I pumped again deep inside, releasing another solid stream of jizz. She was still humming when i pumped the third stream of cum into her pussy cause it to flow out and drip down my balls. I pumped again slamming my balls against her clit as I shot a forth heavy stream inside of her! I then pulled out and shot a couple smaller streams across her back. As i pulled out a huge load a hot white cum followed... slowly running the inside of her leg. she rolled over laughing, saying "What the fuck!? that's a fucking cream pie!" as she reached down to catch it. She the playful held it and let it run off hand. onto her chest. As she rubbed it in she opened her mouth, inviting me to fuck her mouth as i soften up. As she sucked the cum from the tip i only grew harder she knew right away and started stroking me. within a few minutes a i was ready to cum again (I Had never cum twice within 30 mins). I told Triss I was about to cum, she took my cock out of her mouth and stroked it. i quickly shot a load down the length of her body. She kept stroking as she put the tip back in her mouth as i shot two more streams of cum to the back of her throat. She looked up at me with her green eyes as she swallowed the cum.I share this for the simple fact that I can not tell one person i know and its killing me! I'll fill you in if we hook up again.