Long Hard Weekend (a sissy story)

Long Hard Weekend(A sissy story)I was tied to a chair. The chair had an open back and my ass wassticking out exposed. My ankles were tied to the legs and my waist tothe back of the chair. My hands were cuffed and the cuffs wereattached to a collar around My neck. As if this weren’t badenough I was wearing pink silk panties and stockings. I am a man(or Iused to be) 5’5" 135 long blond hair and blue eyes. I have never hadto shave and have a smooth almost hairless body. I have always beenteased, even by my girlfriends, about being a prettyboy. I metthese two guys at a bar and was getting drunk with them and thoughtnothing of it when they wanted to go back to their house to party oncethe bar closed. As soon as we were there they started talking aboutblowjobs and assfucking. I was drunk and joked along withthem. Suddenly one of them began unbuckling my belt and taking mypants off! When I tried to resist they started slapping me around andcalling me a sissy and a bitch and stripped off my clothes made me puton the panties and stockings and tied me to the chair.Now they were standing in front of me naked. They were both over sixfeet and had Big Dicks! Their cocks hung in front of my face and oneof them, Bob, PINCHED my nipples hard! "SUCK IT Sissy!" The pain wasexcruciating and I opened my mouth to scream anda THICK HARD COCK filled my mouth! My hands gripped the base of theshaft and cupped the balls almost involuntarily. That just spurred Bobon to Thrust his Meat in and out of my mouth while my eyes watered andI gagged on it! The other one , ED, was working on my nipples. He puta clamp on each one and then attached weights to themMy nipples felt like they would be pulled off! But all I could do wasmoan with Bob’s cock entering my throat! Then Ed went behind me and Ifelt my panties being pulled down and something wet and gooey on myass. He had smeared a glob of KY Jelly over myasshole! Then I felt his finger enter Me. His finger wiggled around.Even with a HUGE COCK down my throat choking me his finger felt oddlypleasant as he massaged my prostate with his finger and My Cock, arather small 4 compared to the both of them, started to get hard! Thesilky material of the panties made my cock feel even morearoused! "Look at her clittie I knew the sissy would get into this!"ED said. Then SOMETHING BIG Started to stretch my assflesh HE Worked aDILDO inside ME!!!!BOB Pulled his cock out and ED shoved his cock in my face Lick yourLollipop pussymouth! BOB laughed at this and said "That mouth is asgood as any pussy I ever had" Ed Put his balls to my mouth and Istarted licking them ! I was broken by now and knew I would doanything they told Me and just hope I did not get hurt anymore. Hisballs were very big and hairy I sucked one in My mouth and licked itthen both of them in my mouth! His COCK rested on my face and He wouldlift it up and SLAP it between my eyes! Then his cock was slidingbetween my lips and I was sucking it. Licking andsucking it. My cheeks sucked in taking him down My throat trying tocontrol my breathing so I could catch a breath as it pumped in andout! All the while BOB had been squeezing my chest telling me I hadnice titties! His hand squeezed My cock and He told me this was Myclittie now and My asshole was a sissypussy! "Let’s call her Pussy!"Ed said "FUCK YEAH" BOB yelled and they spent almost an hour fuckingmy mouth and working the dildo in and out! They had been drinking alot so it took them a long time to CUM! I was so glad when theyfinally Came in My mouth! BOB came first Shooting thefirst gush straight down my throat then filling My mouth." Don’tSwallow Pussy!" Ed Said, Pulling on my nipple clamps. So I held Bob’sSperm My Mouth While Ed stroked his Cock with the Head between my lipsIT SHUDDERED and spurted a thick gob in my mouth I sat their with cumdribbling from My lips while they smoked a cigarette and wiped theirsemihard meat over my face! "NOW SWALLOW Pussy!" I gulped it downthen some of it came back up ! My nipples were twisted between theteeth of the metal clamps and I SWALLOWED it all despite the wretchingfeeling in my stomach . Then they pulled the dildo out and had Me suckit and lick it clean! They untied me and took me to the bathroom and Ihad to hold their cocks while they pissed. They even made me lickthe last drops of pee from their cockheads. They took me to bed then.Making me sleep between them. I thought as soon as they passed out Imight escape but they handcuffed my wrists to the headboard of thebed. Bob took the clamps off and my nipples ached evenmore as the blood rushed back into them! I dozed a little stuckbetween two snoring brutes with their cocks resting on my stomach!Ed was the first to wake up and he rolled on top of me. His breathsmelled of beer and cigarettes and I turned my head to avoid thesmell. He grabbed my hair and made me facehim. "At least I don’t have CUMBREATH Pussy!" I felt myself blush! Hestarted kissing me and I had to lay underneath him accepting histongue exploring my mouth and hisMorning HARDON grinding into my pantied crotch! He pulled My pantiesoff and Spread my legs, lifting them up and resting my ankles on hisshoulders. He put his cockhead at my sore sissypussy(I was alreadybeginning to accept what they were turning me into) HisCOCKHEAD Pressed into my pussyhole and even though it was still lubedand stretched from the dildo I let out a High Pitched Squeal when Heentered me! Ed only laughed and DROVE it in one stroke all the wayinside me! Bob then woke up and laid on his side watching. His handplayed with my clittie and he was a lot more gentle with my nipplesbut still pinched and pulled on them! He kissed my neck and then mymouth. My short gasps every time Ed jabbed me with his cock wereabsorbed into Bobs mouth. Then Bob got on his knees by my head hisCOCK hanging down to my mouth I started licking thecockhead and when he took off the handcuffs I stroked his cock andplayed with his balls. Sucking hard, losing myself in the COCK burieddeep in my sissypussy, my throbbing clittie in Bob’s hand and his COCKin my mouth! My clittie exploded in his hand andthen ED’d shaft begin to pump harder and harder! He ejaculated in mysissypussy and pulled it out and laid it over my clittie it was slickwith Cum and the juices of my cunt!Bob started stroking his cock and when he came he shot it off over mytitties! He rubbed his sperm over them and said "This will help yourtitties grow Pussy!" He rubbed my cum over them also and I felt mynipples tingle as the warm juices were massaged into mysmall breasts. Then they made me get up and took me to the bathroomagain! I thought I would have to hold their dicks while they pissedagain but they sat me in the bathtub and PISSED all over me! I loweredmy head and sobbed with two streams of urine drenchingme! "Sit up Pussy! Open your mouth" My lower lip trembled but I raisedmy head and opened my mouth as they peed in my mouth and over mytitties! "Swallow bitch!" I did.After they finished they turned on the shower and got in with me. Theywere almost gentle as they washed me off , lathering my body and usingthe shower massage to clean me off!Bob took a razor and shaved off what little body hair I had and shapedmy pubic hair into a small V patch above my clittie! Ed inserted atube from an enema bag in my pussy and they filled me up. My stomachcramped and ached but I had to wait while they rubbed mystomach and told me I had to keep my pussy clean for them! Bob said "We will keep You for the rest of the weekend and let You go Sundaynight. If your a good pussybitch we won’t hurt You" "Not to muchanyway!" Ed said. They put me on the toilet and I expelledthe enema. They let me dry off and gave me a tube of lipstick. "Keepyour lips fixed nice for us too" They pushed me into the kitchen andgave me a lacy apron to wear while I fixed them breakfast. They readthe paper while I cooked some scrambled eggs, baconand toast. While I cooked they would reach over and pinch my bare assand fondle my clittie and balls. I served them and had to kneelbetween them and massage their balls and stroke their cocks while theyate. They fed me with their hands and when they finishedthey put the plates on the floor and told me to lick them clean! I gotto my hands and knees and licked the bits of egg, crumbs and bacongrease from the plates. I felt one of their feet rest on my ass whileI did this . Finished, I put the plates in the sink. They ripped offthe apron and took me to the backyard. Fortunately it had a bigprivacy fence! I had to put on a pink bikini. They stood on eitherside of me and I played with both of their cocks somemore. They took turns slapping my ass and tugging on my nipplesthrough the bikini bra!We went in the pool then. They were both naked and I felt even morenaked wearing the swimsuit. Ed grabbed my head and pushed itunderwater. I had to SUCK him! I thought I would drown then he pulledme up. I caught a breath and Bob grabbed me and I had tosuck him too! It is kind of hard to suck a Dick underwater until youget the hang of it, I had to keep my lips tight as they slid down hisshaft to keep the water out! Thankfully they never kept me underwaterto long. Then Bob sat up on the steps in the shallow end.Ed took off my bathing suit and turned me around with my back to Bob.His cock was still underwater and He Sat me down on his cock with Edin front of me Rubbing his cock over my face I tried to lick it and heslapped it across my face! Bob penetrated me andheld me by my nipples pulling me down on his penis with them! Edstarted pumping his cock in my mouth. I hate to say it but my nipplestingled with the pain and my clittie became aroused! "her littleclittie just swelled up again Bob I knew this bitch wanted it allalong!" I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth and the evil grinon his face caused me to blush! They pumped and pounded me from bothends and then pulled me out of the pool to a lounge chair Ed laid downand I knelt over his crotch and started sucking himwithout them telling me to. My ass was in the air and Bob startedfucking me! I tried to relax my "pussy" muscles but felt myselfsqueezing his cock with them when he waspulling out and then relaxing them and thrusting back on him when hepushed in! I swirled my tongue over Ed’s cockhead and stroked hisshaft my head bobbing up and down on hismeat! Bob came first shooting a spurt of cum inside me and the rest ofhis load over my back and ass! Then Ed Pushed my mouth all the waydown and Shot the full load down my throat! They let me up and told meto get them a beer. I went into the kitchen and got two bottles ofbeer, opened them and put them on a serving tray and carried them backoutside. I thought about trying to get away but had no clothes orcarkeys and knew they would catch me naked and on foot(I don’t think Ieven wanted to leave at this point). They told Me to get my bikini. Idove into the pool and retrieved it. I even did a few laps up anddown the pool, knowing they were watching me and getting a strangethrill from the fact they were admiring my body as I swam. Getting outof the pool I put my bikini back on and Bob began rubbing Suntanlotion all over My body. "This is one of those quick tan lotions.You’ll have a nice bikini tan in a few hours Pussy." I lay on my backfor an hour and then on my stomach while I tanned except for when Ihad to get them more beers. It was in the afternoon by now and I fixedthem sandwiches for lunch and knelt between them while they ate again.Then I had to wear high heels and stockings and the apron as Icleaned up while they watched me. I noticed my reflection from theback in a mirror and Ihad to admit I looked just like a woman! Justthen the doorbell rang. "Answer the door Pussy" I looked at them and Isaw I had no choice if I did not want more abuse so Iopened the door and a tall woman with jet black hair and a voluptuousbody was there. She was wearing a tube top and very short shorts.looked me up and down and walked past me. "So you boys found anothersissy! This one is kind of cute." she said. Bob and Ed both grinned."So are You going to fix her up for us Joan?" "Sure, as long asI get to play with Her too."Joan talked with Bob and Ed for a few minutes. She walked over to meand rested her hand on my bare bottom. Giving it a good squeeze shesaid "Come with me Pussy" Her hand ,pinching my left bun quite hardpropelled me into another bedroom. It had a Vanityagainst one wall. A collection of Lipstick and other makeup were onthe side of the vanity and a large lighted mirror. Joan turned mearound to face her. "You have had quite aweekend so far haven’t You SweetPea?" I was unsure what role she wouldplay in the rest of the weekend, So I just said "Yes Maam" as meeklyas I could. She smiled at me andsaid "Just call Me Joan Sweetie. HaveThe Boys Been Mean to You Sugar?" I had to lookup at her when I talked. She was about 5’10" and 150 lbs. "Th-Theyslapped me around last night and made me do things !" I said hopingshe would be sympathetic and possibly help me. "What kind of thingsPussy? Things a man would never do?" Said Joan, herhands were starting to run over my body touching the tips of mynipples and feathering her fingertips over my ribs and hips. Her touchdistracted me so much I said without thinking, "They made me suck themand then they fucked my pussy!! Oh! I mean my ass, theymade me wear panties and said I was their bitch this weekend!" SheSmiled and Her soft caress of My nipples turned into a Painful TWIST!!"I don’t see any black eyes and busted nose! No real bruises at all.You must not have put up much of a fight Pussy!" Her grip onmy aching nippies tightened and she lifted up on them. I had to standon my tiptoes and still had to look up. her face lowered to lookdirectly in my eyes. "Some Men would have died before they did whatYou did. Any man would have taken a beating first, You gotslapped a few times, pushed around a little and started Sucking Dicksand wearing panties like any little sissy would!!" I was suddenly moreafraid of Joan than Bob or Ed combined! "AND Little Miss Pussy No manwould call his asshole a pussy by mistake!" She gave my nipples afinal wrenching twist and let go of them. I stepped back andcupped my breasts and rubbed my nipples. My lower lip trembled and Itried not to bust out in tears. "But they told Me to call it that! Ididn’t Want to do any of those nasty things!" My eyes were watering upand I know I was on the verge of losing it. What shehad said and begun to sink in and I began to question My entire being,who I was, or thought I was! "But the fact is YOU DID THEM! " Shemoved close and put both of her hands on my cheeks. She tilted My headup to look at hr again. "You used to wear Your Mothers panties and bradidn’t You Pussy? Now Your wearing panties again! Don’t blame someoneelse!" I know my face must have betrayed me by the triumphant look inher eyes. "I never wore Mommies panties!" I said weakly. "Yes You did,the first time You were ever sexually aroused You were wearing pantiesweren’t You, and as soon as you put on those panties last night Yourlittle clittie got aroused again didn’t it?" I broke down then! "YES!YES! I like wearing panties, I used to sneak into my parents bedroomwhenever I could and dress up! But I stopped, I wanted to be a man nota sissy!" Joan put her hand on the back of My head and held me, Mytears fell on Her breasts, She rested my head on them. "It’s allright Sugar, Go ahead and cry, you tried to be a man but You weremeant to be a sissy, Don’t try to fight it, it will just make itworse. I will make it better." She lifted My head and kissed My face,tenderly, like a mother kissing her newborn baby.She brushed my hair back with her fingers "Now stop that crying andlet’s get You looking pretty, a girl always feels better when shelooks pretty." I was totally in her control now, but I felt at peacehaving admitted to myself that I had not been as much of avictim as I had been telling myself. I sat at the vanity and JoanFluffed out My hair and trimmed it and combed it to give Me a morefeminine appearance. She took tweezers andplucked a few hairs from my eyebrows. "You already have a pretty facePussy Honey, it won’t take much to fix You right up!" Her enthusiasmand praise lifted my spirits and I watched in the mirror while Shetransformed me. False eyelashes and fingernails, shepainted them and My toemails a dark red. She took off her halter topwhile she made me up and her nipples, the size of pencil erasers,rubbed against my back. She saw that my clittie was getting arousedand reached down and played with it for a few minutes andthen whispered in my ear "It is such a cute little thing Pussy, I’lllet You play with it later" She gently squeezed the tip and it went toa semihard state. Joan finished my makeup , and stood me up and tookme to the full length mirror on the back of the door. She reachedunder my legs and tucked my clittie underneath. I was stunned at howpretty I was!! Except for having such small breasts I looked so sexy!!Joan turned me around and stuck her left nipple to my mouth, I eagerlysucked it, out of gratitude and because she was sobeautiful. Her hands gripped My buns and spread them, her fingersprobed my sissypussy and I licked down her stomach to kneel betweenher legs. She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to her feet Ipicked them up as she raised her feet and She rested a foot on myback and I understood. I Kissed her foot and she moved the one on myback to my mouth and I sucked her toes, her foot went back to thefloor and I started kissing and licking my way up her legs. I kneltagain in front of her. Her pussy was slightly wet , the lipsglistened. My tongue licked up the slit and I flicked the tip over herclitoris. Joan grabbed the back of My head and rubbed her cunt in myface, she was much wetter now. The juices drenched my face. She stoodover me moving her hips back and forth . I licked the crack of her assand then her pussy, going from one to the other. She finally CAME.Pumping My face with her cunt holding the back of My head again It waslike she had a COCK and I was giving her a blowjob She almost didEjaculate in My mouth her ORGASM was so intense! She rubbed her pussyin my face a few more times then stood me up. My clittie was stickingout again by now and she took hold of it and led me aroundthe room. She took a chair and set it in front of the mirror and satdown she had a Dildo in her hand. her fingers ran over my clittie andwhen she put the Dildo to my mouth I just naturally sucked it! Joansat me on her lap facing the mirror, my legs were spread and Istill had the Dildo in my mouth and Joan stroked my clittie a littleharder! The Dildo left my mouth and went between my legs, “Scoot up”was whispered in my ear. I lifted my ass to allow the rubber cockenter my sissypussy! "Just watch yourself Pussy" said Joan. Shemasturbated my clittie while slowly moving the thick Dildo in and outI watched it in the mirror, it still hurt to have something so big inmy ass but my aroused clittie more than made up for it! She nibbled myearlobes and kissed my neck. I came so hard!!! Pushing down on theDildo as I ejaculated! It was all the way inside Me down to the rubberballs! My asspussy spasmed on it! My clittie was till spurting andJoan let it all collect in her hand and brought it to my mouth. "Youwant to taste it don’t You Pussy?' "Yes Joan, very much please!" hersoft throaty laugh in my ear made me blush! She held her hand an inchfrom my mouth and I licked her palm clean and then she stuck eachfinger in my mouth to suck each one. I cleaned them all. She stood upand slapped me playfully on the ass! "Now let’s get Your makeup fixed.It is just a mess now! The Men are waiting for you!"I was standing there in a cum stained tube top, stockings and heels. Ihadn’t bothered to put the skirt or panties back on. Joan was stilljerking off Bob and Ed. "My wrists are getting tired Pussy! Show ournew guests how much You like to suck!" She got up and Igot on my knees and took off the top, throwing it up in the air.Stroking both cocks.Bending over, rubbing my nipples on their cockheads. Both of them werecoated with precum and my nipples glistened with it. Taking Bob in mymouth, forming my lips on his swollen crown I started sucking him. Icould sense everyone gathering around to watch.The KY Jelly was starting to drip out of my "pussy". I could feel howloose and open my ass must be and could only imagine what it lookedlike with my bent over like that! But I had two hard dicks to dealwith and did not care. Stroking Ed, rubbing my thumb on theglans of his Penis. Bob started to buck his hips. Joan had them bothready for me all right! His cock spewed cum in my mouth! I ran myother thumb up the base of his shaft milking it and sucking on thetip! When He relaxed I shifted to Ed manipulating his balls withmy fingers. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. He Ejaculated inmy mouth just as quickly! I had not swallowed any of it ! When Ed wasspent I stood up and turned to face Joan and the rest of the party. Iopened my mouth and showed her the pool of SpermI had collected. Stirring it around with my tongue! Perverselyenjoying the raised eyebrows and smiles! Then I swallowed it all inone gulp! Joan put her arm around my shoulder. "This is Pussy,obviously she is enjoying her first night out as a sissyslut!" Shesaid." I can tell We are going to be great friends Pussy. My name isCandice." This was the transvestite, she was well dressed with anemerald green skirt and blouse, and matching jacket, the outfit setoff her beautiful green eyes, she also wore sheer stockings,3" black pumps and an anklet. The only way I could tell she was not awoman was her Adam’s Apple. Her makeup was perfect and she had a veryfeminine voice. I smiled at her. "I love Your outfit Candice. I feelso underdressed now!" Candice smiled back and stood next to me holdingmy hand. "Hi Pussy, My name is Scott. I like Your outfit just fine.Don’t change a thing." He looked me over head to toe. I was justwearing heels and stockings so he got an eyeful!"This is My friend Tom, We call him Hoss. You will find out whylater." Looking at how full his crotch was in his jeans I couldalready guess why! "And this is my Girlfriend Tina." Tina’s handreached out as if she was going to shake mine, instead She shook thetip of My clittie! "Hi Pussy! I hope Your not to tired from all Yourfun so far but the night is still young" Joan patted my butt andsaid. "Go get some beers and wine for everyone like a good girl" "SureJoan" I walked into the kitchen, practicing wiggling myass and getting my clittie to bounce a little with each step. Theheels were not so hard to walk in anymore and I could tell theyaccentuated my ass and legs as I walked. Returningwith drinks for all. I served everyone and sat between Candice andScott. Tom stood in front of Me and Dropped his pants. He was a HOSSall right. 6’1" 240 not much of it fat, just a solid mass of MAN! HisCock was not a long as Steves, BUT it was so THICK!My hand went up to touch it. Candice took My hand and held it down .Scott did the same with the other. "Just look at it first" Tom said.It was less than an inch from my face and was already getting erect."Smell it" I ran my nose over it, never touching. He lifted hismeat and I sniffed his balls and up the shaft. The aroma filled mysenses! I nuzzled his balls with my nose and lips and rubbed my faceover the upturned shaft. "Now lick it until it is hard" Just what Ihad been waiting to hear! My tongue snaked out starting at his balls.I swatted them with my tongue. They bounced against my lips. Thencircling the tip of my tongue up the underside to the top of his cock.My mouth watered at the smell and taste of this magnificent piece ofmanhood!!! I licked the tip of his shaft with the flat of Mytongue. I must have been doing a good job because it was as hard assteel now. I did not think I would be able to get it all in My mouthonce I was given permission to Suck it!"OK, SUCK" My mouth opened and I mouthed the swollen crown. The tip ofmy tongue swirled over it, I could not stop Myself from trying to getall of this thing in my mouth and down my throat. Pushing the salivabuilding in my mouth up to lube his Penis, I slid my mouth down When Ifelt it at my throat I just went for it! It went a lot easier than Ithought it would! I had taken a deep breath and just held it deep inmy throat and mouth as long as I could. I tried to hum on it but mythroat was stretched to much! I finally had to back off the get abreath of air! Candice and Scott still held my hands. I was going tohave to bring Him off with just my mouth. Sucking back and forthseveral times then concentrating on his head, brushing my lips over itand using my tongue to lick every inch!It still took several minutes but his cock Erupted in my mouth andover my face. Tom just pulled his pants back up. Said "Thanks". Hewent and sat down with his drink. Candice put her hands on My face andstarted Kissing Me! Her tongue trying to steal all the Cum I hadworked so hard for! Our tongues Dueled! Her hands were wiping the cumoff my face. She would stick them in My mouth and I would lick themoff. Then we would go back to tongue wrestling! Once all the sperm wasin our tummies Scott took me to the bedroom. I helped him undresssinking to my knees and undoing his pants while he tookhis shirt off. I used my teeth to take his jockeyshorts off. His COCKflopped out hard and long. He grabbed a handful of my hair and threwme on my back on the bed. He got between My legs and grabbed them andpulled me to him. My legs were spread and his cock rubbed over me. Hewas not gentle, slapping my thighs. Telling me to spread mylegs. His erection slid up and down my clittie and balls. I spread mylegs wider and lifted my ass. He held my hips and pulled me up, cuntin the air, helpless and exposed. He tested mt ass with his fingers!Satisfied he shoved them in my mouth I eagerly sucked onthem as his COCK STABBED into Me! He pounded my hot juicy boypussy forwhat seemed like hours! He suddenly stopped. Pulled it out and went tothe bathroom, I got up and followed him. He had a towel and was wipinghis cock with it. I must have gotten a little poopoo on it! He turnedand shoved me back to the bed "I am sorry Scott! I amsorry!" "Don’t worry about it. Just get on your knees and suck it !"Relieved at not being spanked or worse I sucked him for all I wasworth! I could taste my little "accident" on his cock but kept lickingand sucking. I was worried that Joan or Bob would punish me if theyfound out. "Lay on the bed on your back" I got on the bed. Hepositioned me with My head hanging over the bed facing up. He stoodover me stroking his erection, "Play with your clittie Pussy" hisballs hung down at my mouth so I started licking and sucking onthem. I Jerked my cockette and with all the nice cocks that had beenin my mouth and cunt I soon Orgasmed. Then I felt Scotts hot SPERMlanding on my titties and nipples and stomach! His balls lifted andhis cockhead fell in my mouth I licked it and took the lastspurt of cum in my mouth! He moved away and went to the bathroomagain. I followed and was about to wipe the cum off. "No, leave it. Goback to the others I will be out in a little while." He stepped in theshower(To wash his cock off I guess) I went to the livingroom and saw Candice and Joan and Tina in a Threeway pile on thefloor. Candice looked up and saw the Cum dripping down my front andnodded in My direction Joan looked up and laughed! "Freshen the drinksand Don’t get any CUM in them!" Candice giggledwhen Joan said that. They melted back into their pile of flesh and Iwent around refilling wine and picking up beer bottle and getting fullones. Just then Ed grabbed Me and lay me over his lap. He had one ofthe empty long neck bottles and held it up in the air. Then hestarted sticking it in my cunt! He turned it in circles as he fuckedme with it! Once it was all the way inside me he started SPANKING me!His hand Making a loud POP each time it hit my ass! The three on thefloor were sitting up watching now. Candice had her handin Joan and Tina’s pussies fingering them and rubbing the arousedclits. They were stroking her clittie and playing with her balls. Edstopped and said "Finish cleaning up Pussy" The beer bottle was stillinside Me. I knew better than to take it out withoutpermission . I tighten My cunt around it and collect the rest of theempties, occasionally rubbing my sore red buns! I emptied the ashtraysjust as Candice Came. Soon followed by Joan and Tina! "Come clean upover here Pussy!" I got on my hands and knees andsucked Candice clean then between Tina legs and lapped at her spreadcunt until it was not dripping the juices of her Orgasm. That leftJoan! She laid me on My back and squatted over my face. I kept My headstill with just my tongue stuck up licking her pussy and assas she moved them back and forth! She stayed over me a while andfinally Orgasmed again! As I licked up the latest wetness it wasreplaced by her Peeing in my mouth! She sat on my face Now I could notswallow it all and it fell over My face and she moved upto Piss on My hair! Then stood up and Moved her hips and drenched Mybody aiming the stream to cover every inch of my body! That seemed toset the rest of them off! I was tied to the coffee table on Mystomach! TOM got up and stripped I could see THE MONSTER growing as hewalked towards me! "NO! WAIT ! I--" My protests were cut off byCandice sticking a rubber mouthpiece over my teeth. It kept My mouthopen and I could not bite down! "Don’t want You biting somebody’sDingaling off While TOM is Fucking You Hon!"The beer bottle was pulledout! I felt the thickness of his cockhead now!! I looked at Joan withpleading eyes but she just stared back, a cruel smile on her face! Histhumbs spread my asscheeks. Slowly , steadily entering me! My bodywrithed on the table I pulled at the ropes tying me to the table legs!AAHHHHOOOOHHHHHHH!! I could only moan with the mouthpiece in! Joan saton My back and held My hair, pulling my head up! BOB and Ed were hardby now and Candice was down to her stockings and bra! On her kneesSucking Ed and Stroking her Clittie! BOB Stuck his cock in my helplessmouth and started fucking me aaaaaaaaaaa---My moan cut off as My mouth was filled! TOM THRUST FASTER andFASTER!!! Ed Stood behind Bob. Candice still stroking and licking him!"I’ll have Ed Ready by the Time Bob is Finished Sugar! You’ll havePlenty of COCK to suck! Don’t worry!" Joan pushed my head forward tomeet each thrust! It took a long time for Bob to Cum and Tom wasstill pounding away not seeming anywhere near cumming yet! Ed replacedBob and at least Candice had got him built up some! He lasted half aslong as Bob. Candice was waiting her turn , Tina keeping her hard withher mouth and hands! Tom was fucking a lot harder and faster now! Ithurt that much worse but at least he might be ready soon! EdLeft My Mouth! Candice started fucking it, her cockette was long butnot thick. It went down my throat! I licked at her smoothly shavedballs with her cock all the way in my mouth! WITH a SAVAGE GRUNT andTHRUST Tom CLIMAXED! THE CUM shooting with such force! Candice tookher time. When she was ready she kept it in my throat. It wentstraight to my stomach! Scott and Tina were busy on the couch so I wasspared having another forced face fucking! Joan stood Up . " I haveto be going. Shall I drop You off Candice?" "Sure Joan, Thanks!Bye Pussy" Scott and Tina went to the bedroom and Tom and Bob and Edsat on the couch resting their feet on My back and ass. There I was!Cum and KY Jelly oozing out of the gaping hole that had become Mypussy, cum and drool dripping out of my mouth!They drank more beers watched Porno flicks and spanked me withassorted objects, a ping pong paddle, a ruler, a shoe, and even aspatula from the kitchen. They finally passed out and I dozed off!I felt something wet and warm on my back. I opened my eyes as I cameback to consciousness. Suddenly aware someone was pissing up and downmy back! Aiming it on my head then at My aching bruised asspussy! Ishut My eyes to keep the urine out. It stung my raw assflesh when itsplashed on my pussy! My jaw was sore from wearing therubber mouthpiece all night. It was pulled out and Tom’s HUGE COCKwas in front of My face. "Clean it off Pussy! You passed out lastnight before you could lick it off!" His sperm and the juices of myasspussy were dried on his cock. Still in a daze I licked thefilthy shaft my saliva loosening the caked on slime! I was dreadinghis cock getting hard again and ravaging my mouth or ass! He just hadme lick it several times and sat back on the couch. The warm urinestopped splashing on my body and soon cooled. I shivered onthe table I was tied to. I heard Bob say "Get that lazy bitch up! Shecan’t sleep all day! I was untied and pulled to my feet. "Clean upthis mess, then take a shower and fix us breakfast. " I stretched myjaw trying to work the soreness out. "Yes Bob, right away" Igot a sponge and cleaned up the pee as best I could. Filled thegarbage can with empty bottles and the other trash of a wild party. Iwent to the bathroom and showered. Lookingat myself in the mirror I saw what a sight I was! Dried sperm caked myface and chest and stomach. Fingertip bruises marked my small breastsand hips, My nipples were red and raw. I turned to look at My ass. Itwas covered with bruises. Rubbing my buns with bothhands I remembered the flattening jolt of the ping pong paddle!Spreading my buns I winced at the wide, split open pussy that had beena virgin asshole Friday night. I got in the shower turning it on ashot as I could stand and lathered the sperm off. Gingerlyrubbing My tender nipples and clittie I washed them off and thentried to wash my sissypussy. I had to turn the water temperature andpressure down to be able to stand it!My fingers touched the bruised and swollen lips of My ass. I got asmall mirror off the sink counter and laid it on the shower floor. Isquatted over it to get a better look. It DID look like a pussy now!!It was split down the middle and swollen to resemble a woman’spussy lips. I could see inside the hole! My finger slipped inside andmy clittie throbbed a bit. I turned the shower on massage and aimed itbetween my legs! The water caressed my clittie, I stroked it with myother hand. Drops of Sperm fell on the mirror to be washedaway by the warm soothing spray of the shower! I took the bar of soapand rubbed it on my cunt, the end of the bar would fit inside my holenow, I stuck it in a little and stroked my clittie faster. I pushedthe soap to hard and it went all the way inside me! I reached upto Pinch my nipples even though they were already painful and raw!They were so sensitive now, and so long and puffy! Rubbing my palmover them I got even more aroused! I looked down at the mirror andcould see the end of the bar of soap stretchingmy asspussy. It started to slip out and I tightened my cunt on itdrawing it back up. I relaxed and it slipped back down. I wasfascinated with my pussy! Watching it control thesoap and fuck itself! My cockette was so close now!AS I CAME I PUSHED THE BAR OUT! It landed on the mirror covered withsperm, KY Jelly and lather. The shower washed it all down the drain.The massaging spray brought the tip of My clittie to TheMOST INTENSE ORGASM!! I fell back tugging at it and sat on the showerfloor for awhile letting the water wash over me! I stood up and pickedup the soap and cleaned myself off. I shampooed the cum and piss outof my hair and stepped out. After drying off I wrapped a towel aroundmy body making sure to pull it over my breasts like a womanwould have done. I remembered to fix my lipstick and went into theKitchen. Tom , Bob and Ed were seated at the table reading the paperand watching a football game on a 12" television on the counter. I letthe towel drop to the floor and put the little lacy apron on. Ifigured they would want the same thing as yesterday so I fixed themscrambled eggs, bacon and toast. They must have been tired from thenight of debauchery because they did not even bother me while Icooked. I served them at the table and got a few pats on theass. I expected to spend breakfast stroking and sucking cocks but Bobsaid for me to fix myself a plate and eat. I ate, but was nervous,wondering what would happen to me next.Would they let me go now as promised? Did I want to go? What would Igo back to? My life could not be the same after my long hard weekend! THE END