He was sitting on the floor cross legged completely absorbed with something on TV, not paying attention to anything else. I was feeling antsy, bored, restless and I couldn’t find anything to keep me entertained and my cousin’s focus on the TV irked me for some reason. He was wearing a Steelers ball cap, partially out of habit and partially to keep his unkempt black hair out of his eyes. He wore a pair of faded jeans so old the knees were white where the material had worn thin and a ratty dark blue Calvin and Hobbs T-shirt. For some reason the nonchalant dress code and slouched posture made me twitchy with a need to bug him.I used to watch my kitten when she was on a play hunt, she would get her back up and sidle around her prey until she pounced. That’s how I felt, I was gathering energy to pounce, I wanted to play and I was on the hunt and since my cousin was the only prey in range, he was my victim. I got off the sofa then stepped around to face him, directly between him and the TV.Nate shot a quick glance up at me then leaned a little to his left to look around me. I moved slightly to block his view, he shifted back to the right again. I was full of mischief and my smile betrayed my mood when I shifted again to put myself once more between my cousin and the TV.He looked up at me, “What the hell Kelly? Get away!”I leaned forward, put my hands on my knees and challenged him. “No, I like standing right here.”Nate looked at me for several long moments, measuring my mood then bounced up and grabbed me, spun me around and pushed me toward the sofa. I stumbled across the short space and fell forward, my face planted in the center cushion. “I’m watching something, stay there!” I smiled because that was exactly the reaction I was hoping for, I was feeling feisty and needed action. I flexed my little kitten claws.He was sitting again so I came up behind him and snatched the cap off and flopped it lightly across the back of his head. “You can’t push me around like that, I’m a girl and deserve respect.”My cousin bent his head around to look up at me “What the hell is up with you? Go play with yourself or something.”I put his ball cap on my own head, the bill backwards then pushed on his shoulder until he fell over to his side. I stood across his legs then told him “I don’t play with myself, even when the lights are out.”Nate exploded into action. My weight was not a problem for him when he flipped me to my back on the floor then sat up beside me. His fingers went to my sides and he started tickling. I tried to fight him off, to pull his hands away but he is bigger and stronger so I could only gasp for breath while trying to wriggle away, laughing and begging him to stop. We wrestled around for a minute or so until he figured I had had enough then let me go. I was on my back panting for air and inwardly happy that I had finally gotten some attention.He stood beside me and offered me a hand which I took and pulled up with. As I rose from the floor with Nate helping me up my eyes traveled from his knees to his face. On the way past his groin I saw how the bulge in his jeans was faded just as the worn spots at the knees. It took only a microsecond to realize his prick was big enough to stress that part of his pants and cause them to wear like that. My cousins prick captivated my attention for a moment.We went to the kitchen to get a drink from the refrigerator, the television was forgotten momentarily. I sat at the table but Nate leaned back on the counter while we talked. “Can I have my hat back?”I was still playful, “Donno, it’s nice, maybe I want to keep it.”He eyed me, not saying anything for a few moments, I sensed he was going to leap at me. “If you don’t give me my hat, I’ll take it off you and I won’t do it easy.”He’d caught my mood! I smiled and dared, “You can’t take anything off me, I’ll fight you like a pissed off cat.”Nate lashed out but I was expecting the move so I vaulted from the chair across the room, out of his reach. He advanced toward me grinning almost evilly while I backed out of his way. He moved around the table but I scooted back to the front room and put the sofa between him and me. He stalked me cautiously, feinting left then right so I wouldn’t know which end of the furniture he would head for.I had my hands on the back of the sofa watching him, gathering energy, expecting to dash from him again. Suddenly Nate leaped from where he was standing directly over the back of the couch and grabbed my arm as he tumbled to the floor. We fell together in a heap of thrashing arms and legs, him trying to hold me, me trying to escape. He rolled up and managed to f0rce me to my back then straddled my stomach, he had my arms pinned to the rug on each side of my head.I was squashed to the floor by my cousin but since we were play fighting I wasn’t worried or mad but I had to protest “Get off!”He let go of my left hand and snatched the hat off my head and returned it to his own. I batted him on the chest and hissed, “Happy now? You took the hat off me?”Nate smiled down, his eyes glinted impishly, “Maybe I should take more off, just so you know you can’t fuck with me like that.”I shook my head but I was still feeling adventurous and I wasn’t ready to give up messing with him. “You wouldn’t dare; I’ll scream like hell until you go deaf.”He jostled his butt down my stomach until he was sitting across my thighs. My skirt was riding high enough the denim of his jeans was rubbing on bare skin. When he moved I saw that the faded patch of material next to his zipper looked bulgier, it was more prominent than the first time I’d noticed.Maybe it was the way he was bent but just the thought of him getting bigger in the pants sent a tiny shiver of curiosity through me. I looked up into his eyes and wondered if he was getting turned on by our scuffling. Even though we are cousins, I am a girl so he might react that way. As I watched him I knew I should shy away but I was kind of enjoying the burgeoning intimacy.Nate moved my arms to my sides then put his knees next to them so they were immobile, I could only move my fingers. With his hands free he bent down and put his face close to mine, “I’m going to take something of yours off now.” Having warned me he pinched the top button of my blouse and popped it open. I lifted my head until my chin was mashed on my chest and watched uneasily as he fingered open the second button.I had five buttons on my blouse and he had just opened two, enough that my bra was half exposed. I dropped my head back and told him to stop, we were done playing. He looked down on me, opened the third button and replied, “Who’s playing? I told you I was going to take something off you.”Two feelings washed through me at the same time. Revulsion that my cousin was taking my blouse off and anticipation that my cousin was taking my blouse off. It also flashed through my mind that I had started something that could be more fun than just a ploy for attention. Nate was paying a lot of attention to me now, and I was really getting in to it.I checked his crotch again and knew for certain there was a lot more bulk. I understood what it meant and even though he was Nate, my thighs began to warm. The idea my cousin might be getting hot because of what we were doing didn’t repulse me but regardless of the flutter in my gut I had to protest again.“You could get in big trouble if you start messing with me like that!”“Like what?”“Like I was a girlfriend, I’m not and whatever is running around in your nasty little head is bad.” I was arguing but I didn’t feel the conviction and when he pulled open the last two buttons and spread my blouse apart I shivered again. The tracks of his eyes on my bra tickled the breasts under it. I caught my breath so I wouldn’t gasp when my nipples tingled.Okay, he’d gone far enough. While my cousin concentrated on my tits I bucked my back which tossed him up then I pushed him over until he was on his back. I was lying over his groin laughing and squirming around so I could hold him down. Now that I was on top it was playtime again. I sat up, straddled him then sat down hard enough on his chest to cause him to gush air from his lungs. My ass was in his face, my hands pressed on his belly. I turned and looked down on him “My turn.”He wasn’t wearing a belt so it was easy thumbing open the fly button. The top of the pants came apart then I gripped the zipper tab and pulled it to the stop. Nate was wearing dark red briefs but they couldn’t hide what I knew was there. My cousin had a boner and I was getting a good look at the outline of it. I felt his hands on my shoulders then he gripped my blouse and pulled it down until it was bunched across my back and jammed at my elbows.Knowing full well that we were standing at some boundary that relatives shouldn’t cross, I stepped over the line. I straightened my arms so Nate could pull the blouse off. When it was a heap on the floor next to me I scrambled off him and stood over his prone body. The open flap of his jeans lured my eyes and I felt a pulse of sexuality run down my back. I was standing close enough that I knew he could see up my skirt and just thinking he could have caused me to shiver again.I threw down at him “Pervert, you better stop or I’ll really let you have it.”Nate grabbed my ankle “What are you going to let me have?”I kicked free of his hand and backed away to the middle of the room. I stood there poised for another attack, hoping for another attack.He came at me holding his pants so they wouldn’t slide down while he prowled. I delighted in in the intensity of his stare, he was intent on getting to me again and I was waiting. My cousin lunged but I dodged and when he stumbled past I grabbed his jeans, pulled them to his ankles then jumped back again. Nate stood straight, looked at his pants then kicked them off.He was wearing just the t-shirt and thigh length underwear that formed snugly around his butt and erection. I saw my jeopardy in his eyes, my cousin had more on his mind than just a friendly tussle. I saw it, I was wary of it, but with a growing awareness, I invited it. My emotions and thoughts were bouncing all over the broad spectrum between stop and don’t stop but becoming more focused; focused on don’t stop, focused on his hard-on.Nate lunged again and I stalled my move just right so he caught me by the waist and threw me to my back on the sofa cushions. “Caught you Kelly.”Yeah, he did. So what was he going to do with me?He was on his knees next to me. His hands went to my waist where he found the clasp for my skirt and levered it open. My stomach roiled with another sensual wave but I still had to protest. “Stop, we’re done.”“Not yet.” He jerked my skirt jerked off my hips and down my thighs, in moments it was lying next to his pants on the floor. Nate was looking at me from feet to breasts, I was wearing just a thin lacy bra and pale yellow cotton panties.I sat up, pushed him away and laughed, “Okay, we are even, you can leave now.”He stood up then stepped aside when I stood too. I looked at his groin and the shape of his erection was the main attraction for me. I moved back a pace and looked at it boldly. I looked back into his eyes and saw what he was thinking but I said “We can’t, you’re my cousin.”He looked like he wanted to say something but the glow in his eyes faded with diminished hope then he turned to pick up his pants.I started this play session because I was bored and restless. After wrestling, gripping and groping with my cousin while we pulled clothes off each other I had built a strong internal tension. When Nate turned his back to me and bent to pick up his jeans that tension uncoiled like a tight wound spring. I reached for his underwear and pulled them off his ass and down his legs.In a second he was naked from the waist down. I flipped his hat off then jumped away, he spun to face me and I got a first time look at what he could offer a girl. My pulse rose sharply, I felt my heart thump. The small shiver I’d felt down my back earlier returned as a vibration from my neck to my butt. Nate stood stock still and stared at me for maybe three seconds then he started to smile.A smile of confidence and purpose. I stepped back from him and I knew I was flushed and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of embarrassment. My cousin quickly pulled his shirt up and off and threw it on the sofa. He was completely nude and sporting a long hard boner.I didn’t move when he stepped closer and turned me around so my back was to him. He unclasped my bra then pushed the straps off my shoulders. While I was shrugging it down my arms I felt his fingers slip under the band of my panties then he pulled them down until they fell to my feet. I kicked them off my ankles and faced him.Five months before I had spent three weeks with my older s!ster at her apartment in Portland. She introduced me to a friend of her boyfriend and we kind of hung out for a while. Just before I left to come home he talked me into having sex with him. We did it three times, the first time hurt because I never did it before, the second two times were only for him. He might have enjoyed fucking me but I didn’t like it. Now as I stood naked with my cousin all those bad memories flooded back and common sense again spoke, “Nate, we can’t do this,” my voice was quivering, quiet, like I was telling a secret.He touched my arm then held my wrist, “Sure we can, the hard part is done, we’ve been teasing each other, turning each other on and now we’re naked.”I turned away and tried to shake off his grip on my wrist but he pulled me against him, his boner pushed against my ass. Another surge of warmth engulfed me and I pushed back on him, mashing his cock between us.Common sense was dashed away and the mood was on me again. I smiled then spun to face him and started backing away slowly, “I said we can’t do this, now go put that thing back it where it belongs.” I said it, but even I heard the lack of sincerity in my voice.He stayed close as I backed. Nate gripped his erection and held it firm, “I think we both know where it belongs right now.”My legs bumped into the coffee table which stopped my retreat. Nate grabbed my waist and started tickling me again. Instantly I was helpless as he dug into my ribs. I was laughing, begging him to stop and trying to get away from the tickle assault. I was aware that our bodies were bumping and rubbing as I twisted and convulsed.Nate stopped digging into my skin then pulled me down to the rug, I was on my back panting for air and he was lying over my tummy watching my tits heave and shake. I arched my back then managed to roll over so I was on my front. I tried to lift up to crawl away but my cousin outweighs me so I could only struggle. Nate moved around until he was lying on my back, I could feel his stomach on the rise of my butt. Propriety forced me to object once more, “Nate, we shouldn’t” but we both knew that was only a token objection.My cousin put his knees between my thighs then pushed them wide. He put a hand between us, grabbed his erection then put it to the entrance of my body. He flexed his hips and I felt the head of his stiff prick push in. He started to rock his ass and each time he did he slipped another inch or two into my pussy. The first couple of strokes were uncomfortable but I started flowing and he was pulsing pre-cum so it wasn’t more than a few seconds before he was fucking me easily. Only after stroking into me full length and his balls were rubbing my cunt did he lean over and say “Kelly, we should.”When I heard him say my name I knew I had I had his complete attention. I opened the gap between my legs more so I could feel him better, he had more room to move. As I lay there and felt his groin slapping against my butt a realization grew that this is what I wanted, this is what I needed when I started the little cat fight.I may not have consciously started out to seduce him but I sure didn’t stop him when it was time for the truth. I didn’t feel guilty, deprave, evil or nasty. I felt good and I liked what was happening between my legs. In just a few bounces on my ass I realized Nate felt a lot better than my first three sex experiences. I gave in to the cock sliding in and out and spread my legs wider, stretched my arms out and let my body enjoy the feeling.It wasn’t too long before he started gasping and shaking, his boner slipped out then I felt splashes of hot fluids on my back. Nate had climaxed but had the good sense to pull out first. His legs were jerking between mine for a few seconds then he rolled from over me to my side. I turned my head and smiled “Wow, that got out of hand in a hurry.”He averted his eyes “I’m sorry Kelly, it’s just —–”I interrupted him, “Your sorry? Why, because you made a mess on my back or something?”He swallowed nervously “Well I thought —-”I was feeling soft, cuddly, happy, “Well don’t think” I purred. I pressed my finger to my lips then transferred the kiss on my fingertip to his lips. That gesture took a lot of angst out of his eyes. I got off the floor, gathered my clothes and went to take a shower.Even though I didn’t feel shameful or sinful for letting my cousin fuck me I didn’t want to talk about or repeat what we did. Gratefully he didn’t become a lecher and start making passes at me, he didn’t flirt or talk dirty or hit on me when we were alone. The next few times we were together I saw in his eyes that he was interested but I didn’t encourage another sex romp so we resumed our normal relationship. Even though I abstained from more sex with him, screwing my cousin became a fun, diverting recollection. I used the memory of his erection, the look and feel of it for a few private moments in my bed.Several weeks after Nate fucked me he was sitting on the floor in front of the TV when I came into the room, I crept up behind him and snatched the hat off his head and when he spun around I fled. Seconds later Nate found me in my room, on my knees in the middle of the bed, his hat on my head. I dared him with my eyes to take it back.Thirty-eight minutes later my cousin gave me my first orgasm during sex. As I lie flat on my back with him lying beside me, both of us gasping for air, his discharge seeping from me, just one thought floated sexily in my mind.The kitten had caught her prey.