Masochist sis

It was a book. Nothing special, just a small, black, hardback book.What was special about it was that it had /Fantasies/ written on it, andmore significantly, the book belonged to Joe's younger sister, Crystal.Joe looked around his sister's room in case anyone saw him. Not thatthey could. Joe was all alone in the house. His parents were outshopping and Crystal was out with a friend.Joe was sitting on his sister's bed and had come prowling around herroom hunting for a CD he had leant to Crystal a year ago but had notseen since. He had flicked through her drawers, hunting for the CD inquestion, when he had come across this book.This simple little book, belonging to his sister, with /Fantasies/written across it. A book that had been stuffed at the back of a drawer,as if Crystal did not want anyone to see it.Anything that anyone - especially a girl - did not want other people tosee was, in Joe's opinion, something worth seeing!Joe took another glance around the room. Crystal was a bit of a Goth.Her room was fairly normal looking in decor - their parents had recentlyrefused to let Crystal paint the walls black, prompting a good week ortwo of sulking - but the walls were plastered with posters of variousheavy-metal bands. Scary men and women with far more hair than theyneeded and wearing absurd amounts of leather and chains stared from thewalls with menacing looks on their faces. The sheets on the bed on whichJoe sat were jet-black (Crystal's favourite colour, evidently) andlaying on one of the pillows was a discarded pair of white knickers.When Joe had come into the room a few minutes ago he had looked intentlyat the knickers, his cock getting hard before he shook himself out ofhis dreamy state and got back to the mission of hunting down his CD. HisCD was now forgotten as he held in his hands a book that, if hissuspicions were correct, held his sister's innermost secrets.Dare he read it? Should he peruse this tome of dark and sordid thoughtsof his weird little sister?/Sure, why the fuck not?/ Joe thought.He opened it up. The pages were filled with his sister's spideryhandwriting in red-pen. Every word captured Joe's attention:/These are my thoughts and fantasies. They belong to me, Crystal, aged15, and are to be read by me only.//I guess it's silly to write words only I will read but I feel thatputting them down will relieve my thoughts.//Sex is boring.../// "No it's not," Joe tutted to himself. He'd fucked a few girls, butnot enough for the novelty of sex to have worn off. He thought sex wasace! He continued reading:/Sex is boring. I've had sex with half-a-dozen guys since I lost mycherry last year when I was f******n. I don't get into it at all really.I've realized that it's not me, it's the guys who I've fucked. They'retoo nervous, too eager to please. They worry about me cumming or beingsatisfied and stuff, instead of just going for it and fucking me silly.They ask permission for too much as well. I blame that feminist woman,the fat ugly one who said that "all sex is ****" and the other hairylezzers who think that any sexual advance made by a man should be metwith a blast of Mace. These dumb whining cunts have made an entiregeneration of men and boys freak out and turn into complete pussies. Idon't want a guy to wait until the fifth date before nervously asking"Can I kiss you?" for fucks sake! I want a guy to merrily fling me ontothe bed and fuck me raw!//A few months ago I slept with a guy who was about thirty who I met at aparty. We went back to his house (after he made sure his wife was out)and started ripping each other's clothes off. He was all tentative andkept asking me "Is that cool?" and "Is this okay?" I told him "I havethree holes dammit! Put them to use! Don't give a fuck about what Iwant!" I flung myself onto the bed and waited for him. He just asked meAGAIN "Are you okay?" as if there's something fucking WRONG with a girlwho wants to just be rampantly fucked! He fucked me, but he had lostinterest. I was too demanding. Or rather, he was not demanding enough. Isuppose he was married, he's probably a henpecked little pussy. Aren'tthere any real men left? Just because there are some sad patheticwomen/feminists/whatever who demand that men be all considerate doesn'tmean that there aren't any girls (like me) who just want a guy to use me.//I want to be used and ABUSED! Yes, abused. I admit it, I'm a masochist.There's no denying it. I've never indulged in masochism with anyone elsebut I sure have the intent to do so. It's all I can think about. Beingtied up and flung around to be used and fucked by a guy. Or guys,plural! When I was only twelve and taking horse-riding lessons myparent's got me some riding equipment, including a riding-crop. I usedthe riding-crop on myself, whipping my bum whilst stuffing three fingersup into my cunt.../// Joe blinked his eyes and looked around the room, lost in thought. Hewas getting a hard-on just visualising his younger sister fingering herpussy and whipping her pale bum-cheeks. He thought he should probablyfeel guilty about getting a stiffy at such thoughts, but then herecalled the philosophy Crystal had put down in her scribblings, thatguys should be unafraid of acting on impulse.With his dick rock-hard in his jeans, Joe flicked forwards a couple ofpages. He saw a crude drawing his sister had done in her angry red-pen,depicting a slim young girl handcuffed to a bed with what appeared to bea dildo buried up her arse. Below it was more writing, headlined "MyUltimate Wish":/My ultimate wish is to be ****d. It sounds sick and perverted, butthat's what I like about that fantasy. It IS sick and perverted. I wantit. I want to be USED and ABUSED. I want several guys to refuse toconsider me as a person and just use my holes. I want big dicks forcedinto my mouth until I choke, I want my pussy to be fucked raw and I wantmy bum smacked and my tender anus penetrated by throbbing cocks. I wanta guy to pull his massive prick from my arse and make me suck the shitoff of it. I want to be tied up, spanked, whipped, fucked, ****d,buggered, pissed on, slapped and then fucked some more. USE ME AND ABUSEME! Call me a "nasty cunt" and a "fucking slut!"//Maybe when I'm older I'll have a different perspective on sex, I dunno,but right now I just want a handsome brute to regard me as nothing butthree holes to be skewered. A cum-rag. A face to be slapped and sprayedwith cum, spit, piss and insults. Fuck my face and slap me. Use me as atoilet. Shit on my tits and choke me with your dick!/// "What a weird sister I have," Joe muttered. His prick was iron-hardin his pants.He continued reading:/When I first developed these fantasies a few years ago I thought I waswrong in the head, that I was full of self-hatred and lacking inconfidence. It's the opposite in fact. I love myself and I am VERYconfident. It is my self-confidence that allows me to be willing tovoluntarily push aside my claims of being a person and instead to beseen as a mouth, cunt and arsehole, a body to be filled with sperm.//I want a guy (or guys) to take control. I want to surrender myself tothem, for them to take the responsibility of my body away from me andjust use it for their lust. In some ways, I don't think I would be thesubmissive one. Not really. Surely, the act of giving someone elsecomplete control of your body is the ultimate act of control over them... /"Very profound," Joe said, aloud."What the fuck are you doing Joe?" Crystal asked.The book leapt out of Joe's hands as he shuddered in fright at beingsurprised in such a manner by his sister. He turned, seeing that hissister, Crystal, was standing in the doorway."Er...hi s*s," Joe grinned."What are you doing?" Crystal demanded. She glanced at the book herolder brother had dropped. Her top-secret-uber-private "Fantasies" book!"Were you reading that?""Yeah," Joe replied. There was no point in lying. He got on well withhis sister normally, even if she was a bit of a Goth freak. Besides,knowing his sister's secrets, ones that he had never suspected -nameley, that she had (a) lost her cherry, (b) was a nutty masochisticfreak and (c) harboured a sordid desire to be ****d - made him feal thathe had the edge over his sister in the upcoming arguement.Crystal was a very pretty fifteen-year-old, despite her rather oddmethod of dress. She was five-foot-three, quite pale and hadshoulder-length jet-black hair. Her eyes were big and brown and theirgaze was both penetrating and alert. Her small mouth was plastered indark maroon lipstick and she had on black mascara which contrasted withher pale skin. Crystal wore a tight black T-shirt that hugged her perttitties. The T-shirt was cut-short and left her flat mid-rift exposed,showing off her belly-button. The scruffy black jeans she wore were solow-slung that the top of her bony pelvis could be made out, and if herjeans slipped down just another inch her pubic region would have beenvisible."That's private!" Crystal snorted at her brother. She picked up theblack book and turned, opening up the bottom drawer of her desk andputting the book into it.In doing so, Crystal inadvertantly had her bum thrust towards herwide-eyed big brother. Crystal's arse was sweet and firm looking, and asshe bent over, her half-cut T-shirt rode up and her jeans slipped down,so that her lower-back and the top of her buttocks were revealed,complete with the 'whale tail' of her white thong."Nice bum s*s," Joe snickered.After slamming the drawer shut and once again sealing away her privatebook, Crystal turned round, hands on her hips, glaring at her brother.Joe and Crystal generally got on well, but they were still prone tobickering as often as most normal brothers and sisters, as they wereabout to do now, given that Joe had been caught reading his sister'sperverted fantasies, not to mention cheekily complimenting her on her bum."You perv!" Crystal said, angrily."Why am I a perv?" Joe asked."Looking at your sister's arse for a start!" Crystal retorted."Oh, and a girl who writes about how much she wants to be ****d is /not/a perv?""That was /private/!" wailed Crystal, her black hair whipping in herface as she shook with indignation and more than a little humiliation."Look, s*s, I'm sorry," Joe began, detecting his sister's genuinedistress, "I just...I saw it and decided to read it. It was,erm...illuminating.""How much did you read?" sniffed Crystal."Enough to know you're a kinky little bitch," grinned her brother."I'm not! I just have...fantasies. That's all. They're just fantasies.""Damn interesting ones though.""Do you get off on reading a girl's private sexual thoughts then?"Crystal asked in a smarmy voice."Yeah," Joe replied. He stood up. His prick was thumpingly erect in hisjeans and Crystal couldn't resist glancing down and noting the size andthickness of her brother's erection. Joe was pretty big in otherrespects too. He was aged eighteen and six-foot-two in height. Althoughhe was not excessively muscular he nonetheless had broad shoulders andstrong limbs. Crystal may have only been three years younger than Joe,but being a slender girl and almost a foot shorter than her olderbrother meant she looked especially tender compared to him, despite herfiery and rebellious demeanour."You perv," Crystal snorted, glancing at the tent her brother haderected in his jeans. She was trying to sound disgusted but she cameacross as amused, and not to mention a little excited."Hey, it was your kinky fantasies that gave me a hard-on," Joe said,defensively, "You filthy young girl."Joe grinned. Crystal responded by biting her lip and looking at herbrother's crotch yet again, evident lust in her eyes./She's as horny as hell,/ Joe thought, sensing his sister's desire, /Iwish I could fuck her! She looks pretty sexy./It then occured to him...why /not/ fuck her? /She's my sister afterall...but so? Pussy is pussy. She might not want me to fuck her...butwhat the heck? Isn't that what her fantasies are all about? A guyfucking her against her will? Or at least, whilst she pretends that it'sagainst her will./Joe was aware that his thoughts had caused the heavy silence in hissister's bedroom to stretch to a few seconds, and furthermore Crystalwas looking back at him, her beautiful eyes full of indecisiveness,lust, confusion and whatever else went through a teenaged girl's headwhen she was faced with her big brother packing a big boner caused byreading her secret sexual thoughts.Joe decided to just go for it. He was horny. He wanted a fuck. But mostof all he wanted to see just how far his sister would go...or rather,how far she would let /him/ go.He grinned, wickedly.Crystal's facial expression didn't change but a glint in her eye and abarely perceptable raising of the eyebrows hinted at her approval thather big hunky brother was going to do something and take control."I think," Joe said, stepping forwards and roughly grabbing Crystal'sarm, "that a filthy little lady like you needs a bit of punishment forwriting such naughty things down.""Hey, gerroff!" yelped Crystal as her brother began dragging her acrossthe room. The petite, black-haired Goth slut squealed and squirmedalthough she made no serious attempt to escape."Stop struggling," Joe snapped, his prick stiffening at his sister'sresistence - or more specifically at her /feigned/ resistence. She wasclearly excited at whatever her big brother was about to do to her.Joe held his little sister with one hand whilst he used the other handto drag the chair out from a desk in the corner of the room. He turnedthe chair round so that it faced outwards. He sat down and grabbedCrystal round her exposed mid-rift, his strong hands clapped to hertender pale flesh as he pulled her towards him.Crystal licked her lips, her beautiful big eyes full of surprise, shockand lust as her brother began roughly unbuttoning her jeans with hisstrong fingers."Joe, stop!" she sniffled, "Don't!"Joe just continued undoing Crystal's jeans, after which he hooked histhumbs in the waistband and pulled them down. He could tell his sister'sprotests were not really genuine. After all, there was nothing to stopher from flinging herself away and running out the room to safety.Instead she just stood there whilst her big brother tugged her jeansdown so that they hung round her ankles. She had skinny pale legs. Theywere smooth and toned."You're a filthy little cunt," Joe grinned as he tugged his sister'sskimpy thong down, exposing her beautiful teen cunt. It was lightlyfluffed with black pubic hair. From those bristles winked her pinkglistening lips. "A filthy, kinky, perverted little cunt, and I believeI shall have to spank you. Spank you like the naughty little girl you are!""Joe, please," whined Crystal, her pleading contradicted by the way hervoice quivered with excitement, "Don't undress me and spank me, /please/!"Still sitting down, Joe reached up and grabbed Crystal's shoulders,pulling her down and over his lap. His sister was sprawled across hislap, her stomach against his thighs, her toes and hands against thefloor and, most importantly, her pale bare bottom exposed, upturned andpresented to her brother's mercy. She had on cute white socks and herjeans and thong were wrapped round her ankles. Her T-shirt had ridden upfurther, exposing most of her lower back. Crystal's black hair hung downin her face."What a tender little bottom," Joe smirked, one hand on the base of hissister's spine and his other stroking her cheeks, "It'll be a shame tospank it raw, but sadly that's the only appropriate punishment for akinky little whore like you." Having his sister across his lap, readyfor a spanking - not to mention the barbarous plans he had for herdelicate bottom - made Joe's cock stiffen further in his jeans. Crystalcould feel her brother's bulging crotch as she lay over his lap, hiscock pulsing against her belly.Joe raised his hand, held it aloft for a moment, then bought it downacross Crystal's bottom with a resounding THWACK!!His sister yelped and squirmed. Her pert round bum-cheeks quivered."Please Joe!" cried Crystal."Silence you little wench," grinned Joe, and with a THWACK he spankedhis sister's tender bottom once again. Then again and again.THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!!Crystal squealed and writhed in her big brother's lap as he smacked herbottom. The fifteen-year-old girl's body shook with ecstasy as well aspain. Crystal was still surprised and more than a little alarmed at theabruptness of the turn of events - she'd come home early from herfriend's house, planning on listening to some music and perhaps doingsome homework, and here she was over her big brother's knee beingsmacked - but it was the shocking abruptness of these developments thatturned her on.THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!!"Dirty little whore, fucking cunt," Joe derided his sister as he whackedher bottom. Her cheeks were beginning to glow, redly. She writhed andshrieked, but her cries of "No! Please! Stop! Don't Joe!" were ofteninterrupted by the occasional "Oh, /yeah!/" Her tight teen cunt wasleaking pussy juice. She ground her snatch against Joe's thigh.THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!!"Slut, cunt, nasty motherfucking cocksucker," Joe spat, getting off onthe power he held over his sister.Likewise, Crystal was immensely turned on by being under her brother'spower, as well as the thrilling sharp pain that bolted through her bodyeverytime Joe's big palm connected with her glowing bottom cheeks.THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!!"I think that'll do," Joe said after completing the twentieth smack. Hisarm was getting tired. "Get off me you kinky little bitch!"He pushed Crystal off of his lap and the dishevelled girl - her jeansand knickers round her ankles - fell to the floor. She lay on her back,her hair in her face, her eyes bright with excitement.Joe looked at his thigh. The blue denim of his jeans - at the pointwhere his sister's cunt had been pressed to them - were stained."Ah, what a truly perverted s*s I have," he declared, standing up,"You've leaked cunt-juice all over my thigh. Did you enjoy that spankingyou nasty cunt?" He leaned down and slapped Crystal's face. He slappedher again. "Still," Joe continued, standing up and undoing his flies, "Ican't really condemn you for getting off on that little spank-fest.Look," he bragged, pulling his thick erection from his jeans, "it got mea little excited too. Kneel up Crystal. Kneel up and suck my fucking dick."Crystal eagerly complied with this depraved order. She knelt before herbig brother and licked her lips as she admired the pulsing veinyeight-inches of cock that stuck obscenely from Joe's undone flies.Crystal wrapped her right forefinger and thumb round the base of herbrother's iron-hard dick and slipped her lips over it."Mmmmmph," she moaned, slurping down almost half of Joe's dick."Suck it, suck it down slut," Joe moaned, "Oh yeah! You suck cock well s*s!"Crystal slurped on her brother's man-meat, her bum meanwhile stillstinging deliciously from it's recent smacking.After a moment, Joe pulled his dick from Crystal's mouth. His erectionwas slick with saliva. He gave Crystal a light slap to the face."Get undressed," he told her, "Completely. Get naked!"Crystal stood and stepped out of her jeans and thong. She then pulledoff her socks."Faster bitch," Joe snapped, grabbing Crystal's T-shirt and roughlypulling it off and flinging it aside.Crystal wore no bra and her tender little teen titties were exposed. Thestiffness of her stubby red nipples made it clear how horny the nakedgirl was.Joe then pulled his jeans and boxer-shorts off, followed by his socks.Then he removed his T-shirt so that, like Crystal, he was nude. His longcock stuck straight up, rock hard and visibly throbbing. Crystal eyed upher brother's erection, eager for it to be employed upon her sluttyyoung body.Crystal stood before her brother, motionless and giving off theimpression of being utterly helpless and enslaved. Joe picked up on hissister's aura of willingness and realised that she was surrenderingherself to him utterly. He could do what he wanted with the sweet littlebitch."C'mere," he snapped, roughly grabbing Crystal by her shoulders andtreating her with the harshness she so desperately desired, "Get overhere you cunt."He flung her to the bed, Crystal sprawled on her belly, the slenderGoth-slut's pale flesh contrasting against the black sheets. Her bottomwas reddened from all the smacking.Joe got onto the bed and knelt at the bottom of it, between his sister'sparted legs. Her grabbed her ankles and spread her legs further. Hislittle sister's glowing cheeks parted slightly and her delicate hairlessanus winked out from between those delicious peaches."Mmmm, what a lovely shit-hole you have s*s," Joe observed, leaningover. He sucked his forefinger then stabbed it into his sister's anus,pushing it roughly into her rectum and making her squeal. "Yeah, what alovely arsehole. So tight, although I'll warrant it's certainly notvirginal. Why, I dare say a little whore like you, despite your tenderyears, has taken many a cock in her backdoor. You fucking little slut."He pumped his finger back and forth in Crystal's shitter. The girl hadindeed been sodomized on a number of occasions in her short, productive- albeit fairly unsatisfying - sex-life.Joe himself had only indulged in anal-sex on one occasion and in fact ithad been during his first sexual experience. A few years ago, when hewas fifteen, he had earned a little extra pocket-money by mowing thelawns of his neighbours at weekends. A plump forty-year-old woman downthe road had found herself short of cash once and so had 'paid' Joe byinviting him upstairs and letting him sodomize her. Joe had eagerlystuck his teen cock up the housewife's lovely fat arse but had been soexcited that he had shot his sperm up her bum within sixty-seconds.Luckily she sucked him back to stiffness and let him have a second go."Try and last a bit longer this time," she'd said in a maternal tone ofvoice whilst swinging back round and once again baring her big matronlybum. Joe had sheathed his weapon back into the woman's rectum andmanaged to control himself a bit better during that second round,lasting a good twenty-minutes before unloading his balls. The incidenthad not been repeated and the housewife had since moved away. Joe waseager to reacquaint himself with the pleasures of buggery and, becausenone of the dozen girls he had fucked in the last couple of years hadlet him up their bums, it was clear that his sister would offer him thebest opportunity to indulge in a bit of shit-packing fun.Joe pulled his finger out of his sister's anus and reached round,pushing the same digit - slightly shitty from it's journey up Crystal'srectum - into the girl's mouth."Suck!" he ordered her.She obeyed.She would do anything he wanted.Joe then took his finger out of his sister's mouth and hopped off thebed. He took a jar of baby-oil from his sister's dressing table andpoured some into the palm of his hand. He then slathered the oily lotionover his prick, making wet slurping noises as he pumped his cock withhis slick fist. Soon the handsome virile eighteen-year-old had his cockwell lubed up."That'll do," he declared, standing there proudly with his glisteningerection sticking straight up, "Nice and slippery! It'll go up yourtender bottom easily I reckon, although I think I'll take someprecautions to prevent you from escaping Crystal. You're a fucking whorebut I don't want to risk finding out that you're nothing but aprick-teaster. I don't want you slithering away in terror when my prickis sliding up into your bowels."Naked and with his dick glued to his belly, Joe opened up his sister'swardrobe and took out four black leather belts, each with silver bucklesthat matched his sister's Goth tastes - a skull, a Viking rune, askull-and-crossbones and a dragon's head. He strolled back to the bed.The bed had sturdy oak posts at each of it's corners. Joe roughlygrabbed his sister's left arm and wrapped one of the belts around herwrist, then tied the other end of the belt to the top-left bedpost. Hesecured her firmly. He did the same to her other wrist and then herankles, so that his naked and quiverying fifteen-year-old sister wasfirmly tied to the bed, spreadeagled with each of her limbs tied to apost. She was at his mercy even more."What a fucking gorgeous little arse," Joe declared as he got back onthe bed and knelt between his sister's parted thighs, "Mmmm. I'm gonna/****/ that arse!""Uuuuh," Crystal panted. The word '****' made her whole body shake! Shewas tied up, naked and at her big hunky brother's mercy. He was going to/****/ her tender bottom! She couldn't wait.Joe mounted his sister, his long muscular body straight as he got on topof her, one hand placed to the mattress near Crystal's armpit and hisother reaching down to guide his monster cock. He kept his torso raisedso that he could look down and ensure his aim was on target.Gripping the base of his slick erection, Joe guided the slippery fatpurple tip to Crystal's delicate pink arsehole. He pushed his cock down,grunting as he squeezed his cock-tip into his little sister's rear entrance."Uuuuuh," Joe growled, sliding the first two-inches of his pulsing cockinto Crystal's rectal passage."Aaah, fuck," gasped the helpless girl beneath him, "FUCK!""Yeah, take it bitch," Joe spat. He let go of his prick so that both ofhis palms were flat against the mattress aside his sister's helplessbody, his strong arms straight as he kept his torso raised. Pushing hiscock down with merciless force, he looked down and watched as his oilyclub of cock sank further into Crystal's bum."Ooooh, owwww, aaah!" whimpered his sister."Take it bitch, take it in your shitter," spat Joe, "UUUUH!" He thrustdown and finally buried himself to the root in his sister's anus. Hiswhole eight-inch shaft was wedged up Crystal's rectum, his fierycock-tip tickling her colon. Her taut and tender anus spasmed around histhick shaft.Splayed out and tied to the bed, Crystal quivered with sheer ecstasy.She'd been buggered a number of times by two of her recent boyfriends,but neither had satisfied her. The boys were not as well endowed as Joeand furthermore they had the whussy syndrome that far too many guys hadthese days, always tentative and gentle and constantly asking "Is thisokay?", therefore spoiling all the fun of a good wild fuck. /This/method of sodomy was, to Crystal, /far/ more pleasurable. Her well-hungbig brother was taking command and in control, and nothing - not thetightness of Crystal's anus nor her feigned pleas for mercy - was goingto prevent him from completing his mission of buggering his sister."**** me, **** my shitter," Crystal begged, writhing under her brother."Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do cunt," Joe said as he pulled half of hisprick from out of his sister's shit-chute, "I'm gonna **** your fuckingarse s*s. I've spanked it and now I'm gonna **** it with my big dick.You fucking cunt, you'll no doubt enjoy it!""Uuuuuh, yeah," Crystal spluttered as she felt her brother /slam/ hiscock back up into her bowels, "Nnnnng...fuckin' fuck me...**** my arseJoe! UUUH!""Yeah, yeah, fuck!" her big brother grunted as he began to run his cockback and forth in his sister's nipping tight anus. He pounded away, hispelvis clapping against her cheeks with every thrust. He was certainlynot going gently but was really going for it, /ramming/ his prick intothe depths of his sister's bowels with every merciless thrust.Crystal alternately squealed and wailed as Joe rampantly buggered her.His cock felt so good in her tight arse but best of all Joe washammering away without any concern for her. This was what Crystalwanted! She wanted to be used and abused, to be a helpless slave. That'swhat she was now, a slave, albeit a willing one. She was firmly tied up,her wrists and ankles secured to the four bedposts and what littlemovement she still had was limited by the weight of her hunky bigbrother ontop of her, fucking her arse deep and hard. She could feel hisbreath on the back of her neck.Joe soon began to pick up his pace yet further. He lowered himself sothat he was propped up on his elbows as he lay atop his squirming littlesister, his torso flat against her back."Yeah, you love it," he whispered lewdly in her ear as he continued todrive his prick repeatedly into her bum, "You love being fuckingarse-****d by your big brother's massive cock don't you?""Yes, yes," spluttered Crystal, "Oh yeah! I love it. Oooooh! **** me,fuck me, bugger me...fucking **** my arse! UUUH!""You wanton little cocksucker," grinned Joe, "What a fucking deliciouscunting anal whore I have for a k** sister. I'm gonna fucking **** yourarse until I fill it with cum you motherfucking cunt bitch.""Uh, uuuuh!" Crystal wailed, her body shaking as she was hit by aclimax. Her whole body was rocked by a powerful orgasm bought on by acombination of her helpless state, her brother's obscene words and, mostof all, by the feel of Joe's ring-piece stretching cock pounding hershitter.Joe built up a sweat as he ravished his sister, buggering her hard andrealising that he could not hold of his orgasm for too long. Crystal'sanus was just too tight, her rectum too hot and inviting, and he waseager to fill her writhing body with his fuck-sauce."Ah, aaah, FUCK!" he grunted, a****listically, as his sperm began toboil up a few moments later, "I'm fucking cumming...fuck yeah! Oh fuck,s*s...I'm cumming in your arse you filthy slut...FUCK!""I'm cumming too!!" cried Crystal.With a long cry of triumph and ecstasy, Joe /slammed/ his cock deep intoCrystal's rectum and began spewing his cum. Crystal had her secondclimax at that point too, panting and squealing with unbearable joy asher brother's cock exploded far in her bowels.As he climaxed, Joe remained on top of his sister with his cock wedgedfar in her bowels. It was a prolonged orgasm and he spent almosttwenty-seconds in the midst of utter ecstasy, his prick spurting hotblasts of i****tuous seed into Crystal's guts."Fuck yeah!" Joe fnially declared after his sperm had finished flowing.His orgasm had taken a lot out of him and he collapsed on top ofCrystal, both siblings exhausted and breathing deeply after theirsimultaneous orgasms.Finally, Joe pulled himself up, his semi-hard prick sliding out ofCrystal's cum-leaking yawning anus. He got off the bed and admired hissister's sweat-slick body as she remained tied up and helpless. Joe'sslick prick - soiled with cum, baby-oil and his sister's excrement - wassemi-hard and throbbing, and the virile eighteen-year-old knew he'd havethe stamina and resources to be up for another climax soon."I think you enjoyed that slut," he grinned, "Yeah, you enjoyed beingbum-****d by your brother. I think that, for such slutty behaviour andwanton enjoyment of a hard arse-r****g, you should be punished a littlebit more."He reached down and picked up a small white tennis shoe that sat on thefloor. He stood by the bed then began to smack Crystal's bum-cheeks withthe sole of the shoe."Ow, ow, oooowwww!" the teenaged girl yelped as her tender bottom,having already been spanked earlier and then brutally fucked, sustainedfurther punishment."Slut, bitch, dirty cocksucker, delicious whore," spat Joe as he merrilyspanked his sister. He'd never had any fantasies of spanking girls or ofany form of sadism before, but he was really enjoying it now. His sluttysister was at his mercy! He smacked her bottom a good twenty-five timesbefore he felt satisfied."Mmmm, that'll do," he purred, tossing the shoe aside and leaning downto bestow a few gentle kisses on Crystal's glowing cheeks.Joe's cock was fully erect once more."Time for another bum-r****g baby s*s!" he said, hopping up onto thebed. His sister's anus was yawning open and leaking sperm. Joe mountedthe girl and, with no ceremony or mercy, he pushed his long eight-incherback into her rectum."Uuuuuuh," groaned Crystal, feeling her brother's erection sink into herbowels to the root."Oh yeah, oh yeah," Joe panted, running his re-hardened dick up and downin Crystal's bum, forcing the sperm he'd pumped up there a few minutesago out, the browny-white goo farting past his pumping throbbing shaft.Joe sodomized his little sister at a leisurely pace, Crystal gratefulfor the more gentle treatment in comparison for the roughness of herfirst buggering. She soon became impatient for a bit more force however."**** me harder," she whimpered, utterly immoble, lashed to the bed andunder her brother's powerful body, "**** my arse, rip it apart!""You got it s*s," Joe declared as he began to fuck her harder. His arserose and fell as he rammed his prick deep into Crystal's rectum beforepulling it almost right out before slamming it back up there.The two perverted siblings panted and groaned as their naked bodies grewsweaty, Joe rampantly sodomizing his helpless sister.After a few minutes, Joe pulled his unspent cock from Crystal's rectum."Uuuh," gasped Crystal as she let out a fart, a small cloud of dropletsof sperm and shit ripping from her gaping anus."Time to **** your pretty cunt s*s," Joe said as he began to untieCrystal. The girl lay limp and willingly helpless as her brother undidthe belts that held her in place. Then Joe flipped his sister's sweatynubile body over. Her lipstick and mascara were smeared from having herface pressed to a pillow and her black hair was stuck to her damp forehead.Crystal offered no resistence as Joe re-tied her to the bed, securingher wrists and ankles to the bed once more, but this time with her onher back. Finally she was immobile once again, her legs flung apart, herslick pink cunt winking wetly from her neat triangle of black pubes."What a pretty cunt," Joe observed as he got onto the bed, kneelingbetween Crystal's spread thighs. He fingered her pussy and found it tobe incredibly wet and hot. The girl whimpered pleasurably at this touch,eager to have her pussy pounded with the same strength as her anus had been.Joe fingered his sister's slick pussy for a moment before he withdrewhis digit. He offered it to Crystal, pushing the glistening fingerbetween her lips which were smeared with dark maroon lipstick. The girlenthusiastically slurped her own cunt fluids from the offered digit.After a moment, Joe took his finger from his sister's mouth and preparedto **** the eager masochistic little slut. He mounted her, roughly, andpushed his hard throbbing cock into her tight cunt.Although not a virgin, fifteen-year-old Crystal had not taken a cock asbig is this before, and she groaned with the force of her brother'sentry. It felt fantastic though! The spanking and arse-fucking hadturned her on so much that her cunt was nice and slippery with hervaginal juices, allowing Joe's long thick dick to lodge fully inside herin a single stroke.Laying atop his squirming sister, Joe began to fuck her with roughthrusts of his pelvis. He /slammed/ his cock hard into her womb, thenslowly ease half his shaft out of her then /slam/ it back in."Yeah, take it s*s, take my cock in your cunt you little cocksucker," hegrowled, lustfully, looking at his sister's ecstasy wracked face. Hereyes were closed and her mouth parted as she gave short, excited breathsas she underwent her brutal i****tuous fuck."Uh, uh, uh," she uttered, her body shaking with pleasure as Joe beganto increase his pace. He fucked her just as roughly as he had fucked herarse. He soon went faster and faster, leaning down and lewdly lickinghis sister's sweaty face as he pounded her cunt.Secured to the bedposts with belts, Crystal's slender arms and legsshook as she built up towards a climax. It built up and up and finallyunleashed itself across her immobile body."Oh Joe, fuck, fuck, I'm cumming," she wailed into her brother's earwhilst her nibbled her left-earlobe, "I'm cumming, **** me, **** mycunting pussy, fuck!"Joe began panting with lust and exertion as he savagely poundedCrystal's tight teen twat, sensing the way her orgasm increased inintensity and length the harder he ravished her."Aaaaah, fuck meeeee!" the girl shrieked, her orgasm almost causing herto faint.Joe fucked her hard until he almost came himself. However, he had plansfor his sperm and they did not involve cumming in his sister's cunt. So,he began to slow down his thrusts just as his sister's orgasm died down.Panting with exhaustion, Joe finally halted his pounding of his sister'scunt and lay atop her body as he got his breath back. His cum had beenbuilding up, ready to launch forth, but fortunately he'd stopped just intime and his cock was still rock-hard and unspent as it remained pulsingin the depths of his sister's twat.Joe then got up, easing his pole from Crystal's slippery vagina, and heknelt astride the girl's chest, his heavy balls hanging over her perttitties. He gripped his steel-hard shaft and aimed his prick down, theswollen purple head in Crystal's face."I'm gonna fucking drown you in cum s*s," Joe panted as he began to pumphis throbbing member in his strong fist, "A nice big sticky facial formy nice little sticky sister!"Crystal moaned with joy as she eyed up the big dick being wanked offright in her face. She licked her lips."Uh, uuuuh, here we are!" Joe groaned a moment later, furiously pumpinghis erection, "FUCK! FUCK!!!"His cock exploded hot sticky sperm all over his sister's face. Crystalclosed her eyes and opened her mouth as Joe jerked off all over herpretty visage, pumping hot spurts of jism."Drink it up you dirty cunting cocksucker," Joe ordered his sister as hecontinued whacking off, ejecting bucketloads of gooey spunk over her,getting a reasonable amount in her mouth but also plenty over hercheeks, nose, forehead and in her hair.With a final sigh of satisfaction, Joe finished off his orgasm, havingspurted an impressive total of eight abundant squirts across hissister's face. He squeezed his prick and let a final dribble of spermoozed from his piss-hole and onto Crystal's already messy forehead. Thenhe rudely wiped his slimy cock-head in her hair before he got off the bed.Without a word, Joe untied his sister and helped her get up. She wasexhausted from being spanked, buggered, spanked some more, cunt-fuckedand then cummed on."Have a shower Crystal," Joe told her, lightly smacking her bum, "I'llclean up in here."His naked sister left the room without a word.Joe put the belts away, straightened out the somewhat stained bedsheetsthen put his clothes on. He was a little worried about Crystal. He knewshe'd enjoyed her treatment for the most part, but he wondered if shewould feel guilty afterwards, now that the heat of the moment hadpassed. Perhaps he had gone too far?Ten-minutes later, just as he'd finished tidying up, Joe heard theshower turn off in the bathroom next door. A moment later Crystal cameback to the bedroom. She looked very clean and fresh, her hair damp, herface no longer spermy but sparkling clean. She had on a white dressing gown.Crystal hurried over to her brother and Joe was worried she had suffereda big fit of guilt and had come to reprimand him for the afternoon'santics.Instead, Crystal flung her arms around her big strong brother."That was /wonderful!/" she declared, "Thank you Joe! Thank you! Thatwas fantastic!""Glad you enjoyed it," Joe replied, relieved and also pleased at hissister's satisfaction. "I enjoyed it too," he said, sincerely."I've never been fucked like that," Crystal said, looking up at herbrother with her big loving eyes, "Seriously! That's what I wanted, Iwanted to be spanked and tied up and roughly fucked! I came three times.That's probably the same number of times I've cum in a year of fuckingother guys. You're the best!"She hugged Joe for a second time. Joe ran his hands through his sister'shair."Wanna do it again sometime?" he grinned."Yeah!" Crystal replied, stepping back, "Whenever mum and dad are out wecan do it. I'd like you to be a bit rougher next time though.""If I'm any rougher I'll end up killing you!" laughed Joe."I'm more resilient than you think! Wow, I wish I'd let you see that/Fantasies/ book of mine sooner.""Well, they don't have to be fantasies anymore s*s. I'll spank you and**** your tight holes anytime you want."Joe gave Crystal a long and lewd kiss, reaching down and pinching herbottom whilst they swapped spit."Let's have some lunch," his sweet little sister said, "Mum and dadwon't be back for ages. You can tie me up, spank my bum and arse-**** meagainst later.""I'll use a belt next time I spank you," promised Joe.Crystal giggled and gave her big brother a kiss.