Mature Dating UK............Part 1

The next day when I logged on I felt sure that no one would be interested in my profile so you can guess how surprised I was when I saw I had about a dozen replies. Two or three were from African and Far East countries which wasn't really what I was looking for and another three from girls who could easily have been my gran daughters age. After deleting the unsuitable ones I was left with about four ladies who were local to me and in my age group. The first lady I replied to was a very happy looking lady called Mary who was 62 and a Granny of five. Her profile told me that she had been a widow for two years and missed having someone special. How she liked to travel and that even though she was 62 she still felt many years younger. Her message to me said that she liked my profile and would I like to chat? I sent off my reply saying that I would be delighted chatting and getting to know her better. The next day there was a reply back from her saying that she was delighted to meet me and would I like swopping phone numbers so that she could ring me and chat over the phone which she preferred to exchanging messages. I gave her my number and she soon phoned me. We seemed to get on very well over the phone and chatted like old friends talking about our past and what we hoped for in the future. She then told me that her photos were about a year old and she had put on a few pounds since they had been taken and did I mind larger ladies? I told her that it didn't matter to me and it was the person that counted. I didn't say that I have always been attracted to larger curvy ladies. After a couple more calls we arranged to meet at a local pub not far from her lunch. The day came and I very excited about meeting this lady that I had got to know over the phone. I got to the pub before her and was waiting when she arrived, She looked stunning in a lovely figure hugging low cut dress and what looked like stockings finished off with lovely black heels. We sat down on the restaurant of a charming country pub and chatted for a couple of hours both making each other laugh and seeming to have loads in common. Before we realised they were calling last orders and we were the last ones left. As I paid the bill she asked if I would like to return to her house for coffee which was only around the corner. I couldn't say yes quick enough because I had really enjoyed our lunch and the lovely view of her full cleavage as we chatted. She suggested that as it was only close that she drive me and I leave my car in the car park. We got onto her car and looking down at her legs I could clearly see suspender clips through her dress. we chatted as she drove and were soon at her lovely home. She told me to sit in the lounge while she would go and make the coffee. over coffee we chatted more and the subject got around to things we missed. we both said things like travel and weekends away and then she surprised me by saying she missed the kisses and cuddles of someone special. I made a joke of it and said that I would always be happy cuddling such a lovely lady and she said thank you daring that's so sweet. As she said this we seemed to move closer together and finally our lips touched. Our kissing grew more passionate and soon I was caressing her breast through her sexy dress as we kissed. I though she might stop me but i felt her tremble as I touched her and so I decided to gently tweak her nipple which I could see that was just beginning to poke through. She seemed to enjoy me touching her and we soon had our tongues in each others mouth. She stopped us kissing and said that she needed to change and not to go anywhere and she would be back soon. I sat on the sofa and watched her disappear into her bedroom return a few minutes later in a silk wrap robe but still wearing her stockings and heels. She sat back down next to me and we continued kissing. My hands went back to caressing her full breasts through her robe and as it fell open i could see she was wearing peach coloured matching lacy bra, panties and suspender belt. Do you like darling? she asked as my eyes looked at her sexy mature curvy body. My throbbing cock was trying to break out of my trousers and when she looked down noticing my bulge she acted all coy and said "Oh my did I do that? I t can't be good for you all squashed up like that I think we should make you more comfortable. And without a further word she was undoing first my belt and then my zip releasing what was one of my most impressive erections. Oh darling you are a naughty boy and I must sat that is quite impressive, Her fingers were stroking me as she said lets go to the bedroom darling. She led me into a lovely comfortable bedroom with a kingsize bed that had a fluffy duvet and loads of pillows she told me to undress as she watched as once i had she pulled me closer and taking hold of my cock started to suck me. She certainly knew her stuff and she soon had me deep in her mouth my hands all over her boobs as she sucked. After a couple of minutes she stopped and I watched as she removed her bra and knickers revealing a perfectly smooth pussy that was already damp and revealed her fat swollen pussy lips, I watched as she laid back on the bed and she spread her stocking legs telling me that it was my turn to please her. My mouth was straight down to her sweet little cunt and after sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit i pushed my tongue into her hot wet cunt. She was writhing on the bed and pulling at my hair and grinding her cunt against my face. She started to moan and I tasted her cum when she squirted alo over my face. Oh darling that was wonderful she said now I want to feel what you have between your legs. I was just about to move up and mount her when she said that she preferred it fro behind. I watched as she moved onto her hands and knees revealing a lovely big sexy arse. Looking over her shoulder she said I'm ready darling give it to me nice and hard. grip my hips and fuck me darling. I moved up and grabbed hold of her banging her hard and fast. The harder I did it the more she liked it and it wasn'tlong before we both came againMORE TO FOLLOW