Mature Leicester Couple.........Holiday Part 2

We continued fucking and what happened next totally surprised me but I guess it was something they had done before. It first started when I felt my balls being licked and then sucked It felt fantastic but the idea of a guy doing it to me at first put me off but I didn't want to do anything that would stop was was turning out to be my best fuck ever. Once she realised that I didn't say anything about him licking my balls as I was fucking her she said "Are my boys enjoying themselves? and with that I started to fuck her harder and faster. while doing this I could now feel him licking and sucking along the length of my cock on the outward strokes. It was obvious that with all this attention it wouldn't be long before I came and I could feel my spunk coming. She must have known that I was close to coming and told me to pull out and spunk all over her open cunt lips. as i did so it dripped all over his face and as I pulled away I watched as he cleaned her cunt for the second time that night. She sat up more and was sitting on his face I watched as he not only cleaned her cunt but also licked between her sexy arse cheeks. She wiggled on his face and as he licked her cunt I could see his cock twitching and then finally spurt without anyone touching it. She climbed off his face and said " How dare you cum without permission. go to your room you bad bad boy" As he walked away to the spare room she looked at me and said "come here darling"MORE TO FOLLOW