Me and Internet broadcasting

Her parents decided to go out shopping at the mall for the rest of the afternoon and left the daughter behind so I could continue to work. After they left the daughter started looking at me strangely, almost if she may have seen some of my pictures of me. She walked up to me and said she liked my pictures and she did not need to say anything more but she did, she had emailed the pictures to herself and also found out that I have a video chat broadcast account online. She told me to login to the site so she can see how it worked. I told her no but she reminded me if I didn’t she would show my pictures to all the neighbors. I had no chose so I when ahead and logged in to the site and got onto my chat broadcast page. She then told me to stand in front of the camera and take off all my clothes. Normal I don’t have a problem taking my clothes off in front of the camera but with her watching and now having to show my face on camera. I stood in front of the camera as instructed while showing my whole body and face, then started removing my clothes off slowly, I got down to me taking off my briefs, my face now turning red.. I could see that I was getting more viewers looking at me, never had this many before and it was still climbing. Here I am in full view in front of the world completed naked and people can see who I am. I thought this would be the end but she had another idea, she told me to start playing with myself and jerk off for the camera. I tried to jack off but had a hard time getting an erection. I didn’t have a problem while I was doing this alone without my face showing. Without hesitation she took her small hands, with one hand grabbing my shaft of my cock and the other on my balls then she started stroking it, my cock must have loved the touch of her small hands because my cock got shot up real hard quickly and was not long before I shot my wad. It was the greatest feelings ever and amazing on how much cum came out, it got all over her hand and dripped to the floor. The problem is now is how many people in the world had recorded a video of me jacking off and if anyone I know will see it, and of coarse she has my nude pictures from my tablet to blackmail me, which she did. Just thinking about her having my naked pictures was a turn on and being on camera fully naked with face exposed was something I always thought of doing but never had the nerve to do and now it is out there. I always looked forward to her hand stroking my cock, what a great feeling and I think she enjoyed it also.