Me and Nancy in the Garage

After a while it became obvious to me that she needed to be fucked again. “Where is your husband” I asked “Gone to get the caravan ready he’ll be a couple of hours” she seemed to be leading me. “Your house?” she said “No”, “Where then” I asked, she thought for a moment and then said “In the garage” I said “Five minutes then” and she agreed.I had just enough time to go upstairs and wash my cock. Five minutes later she was stood by her garage door, as she opened it I walked in, she shut the door and turned the light on. As we stood there she said “Where” and looking around I said “By the work station”, there was a long wooden bench type table.As we walked over to it I said “Put your hands on the table” as she did I came from behind and fondled her massive tits. After a few minutes I unclipped her bra and her tits drooped down and into my hands. I spent a fair few minutes feeling her up as her nipples started to become erect, she sighed.I turned her around to face me and she was smiling, my cock was rock hard. As I bent down and licked her nipples her hand was on the back of my head as she sighed. After another few minutes I said “Turn around again”, she put her hands back on the work bench and I was feeling her ass cheeks.I lifted up her skirt and slipped my hand over her big knickers. Feeling her ass and then moving my hand around to the front it slipped so easily onto the front of her knickers, rubbing her pussy she moaned all the more. “I’ve often dreamt about this” she said. As I cupped her left breast with my left hand my right hand was rubbing her pussy.After a few minutes she said “I think I’m coming” as she said it I slipped my finger under the elastic and onto her wet clitoris, rubbing her hard but gentle she let out a muffled moan as I felt her body tremble and she’d climaxed. I turned her around to face me again, she was sweating and she had her hand over her mouth, “Thankyou” she said.Bending down once again I licked her nips as my finger carried on rubbing the front of her knickers. “Hold your skirt up” I said, when she did I crouched down in front of her, pulled her knickers to one side and licked her hairy gash, it must have been only a couple of minutes when she groaned louder, dropped her skirt and climaxed again.I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, as they fell to the floor and my erection was plain to see I pushed her towards the work bench. Lifting up her skirt I put my fingers in her knickers and pulled them down, took them off her ankles and touched her with my finger, she was soaking. Opening her chunky thighs I rubbed my cock over her gash.As she moaned she opened her thighs wider as I pushed my cock up her love tunnel, then I soon built up a steady rhythm. As I was fucking her I was sucking her tits, her arm was around my neck as I panted and shagged her. I knew I wouldn’t last too long so I pulled out and turned her around once again, opening her thighs from behind she said “No Not my bum, please”.Opening her thighs I slipped into her warm wet cunt and continued to shag hard but gentle. Grabbing hold of her tits from behind I bucked her quickly, and she moaned with every thrust. After fifteen minutes or so I knew I was coming, I pulled out and turned her around “Suck me” I ordered her, as she bent down she took my cock into her mouth and was pumping my shaft.I knew my time was coming as she wanked me off, seconds later I emptied my balls into her mouth, it came at such a rate her only option was to swallow, plus I had my hand on the back of her head so she couldn’t pull away. She stood up and put on her knickers as I got dressed. “Thankyou” she said, “No ThankYOU” I replied. And then we left.