Mi Papi

I went to the other side of the bar and ordered a beer from Jim, the bartender. I nodded to my previous contact and he nodded back, and we started talking about the desert, now hard it was to hook up, living in the desert and jobs, the normal stuff. The conversation went on for another hour and a half as the typical week night crowd drifted in and out of the Westside. You have a mix of neighborhood guys, truckers, blue collar guys who work in the area, the resident gay population, and a lot of bi guys looking for a quick score before heading home to mama. We finished our beers as a guy who had the look of a recently released state guest entered, and we slid out the side door past him. He took note of my ass as we walked by. As we went to the back of the dark parking lot, my two friends got cozy and nudged me toward a Ford pickup that was parked on the edge of the lot. I went along with it and we drifted in to the corner of the parking lot where there was a quiet and dark spot, and they pinned me against the body of the Ford. My friend reached down and grabbed my package as his buddy slid his fly down and flipped his cock out. I edged down to my knees and number two moved up and put his cock in my face. I started sucking and he was already rock hard, and as I worked his shaft and flicked the bottom of his shaft and head with my tongue, I could feel the pent up energy coming to a boil. He put his hands behind my head as number one stood over me and watched, and as he pulled my head down on his cock he exploded and drained himself in my mouth. I finished him off and pulled the rest of the cum from him as he went limp and he told number one that he needed to sit down. He opened the drivers side door of the Ford and slid in, and as he did so I felt two strong hands on my hips taking control of me from the rear. Once again number one's hands grabbed my package and began squeezing my prick and cherries. I felt his hand slip up to my belt, loosen it, then pull down my fly, and my shorts hit the ground. There I stood in all my glory, my ass hanging out wearing a pair of fuchsia satin hip hugger panties. I felt his cock go stiff and his fingers dig in to my hips as he dropped the rear of my panties, and then felt him push me against the side of the truck as his cock met my wet pussy hole. I shoved my hips back a bit to give him the right angle and his head entered me, and with short strokes of a masterful top, he was fully inside of me in 30 seconds. I leaned against the truck with outstretched arms, hips thrust back like a cat in heat, and took the thrusts of his cock as he worked me from the rear. Number two sat in the cab of the truck and played with his limp cock as number one drilled me. I knew that number one had some stamina because I gave him a real workout with my mouth earlier at the park, and he shot a huge load on my face and in my mouth after 20 minutes of hard work. I could feel now that he was fully recovered as he drilled my pussy ass and the thrusts of his cock stroked my prostate. He grew harder with every stroke and I was already dripping fairy cum in to my panties. He felt my excitement and pumped me harder and held my hips firmly with his big hands. After ten more minutes of thrusting right under my prostate I could not control myself and I orgasmed and shot what little fluid my small cherries could muster in to the front of my satin panties. As I convulsed in orgasm, my pussy closed down on my friend's cock and held his head as he exploded with one more load in to me. I held his cock and massaged it with my sphincter and muscles and pulled the remaining cum from him. I held him until he went limp, and his cock flopped out of my pussy ass and he swayed back in fatigue. He pulled his pants up, patted my fanny and headed for the other side of the truck. As he hopped in his buddy started the diesel and I backed away, still holding my hiking shorts and my freshly fucked ass hanging out for all to see. I pulled my panties up and then got my shorts back up and buttoned and zipped, and as I was buckling my belt I turned around to face the Union 76 station parking lot, and as my eyes adjusted, I noticed that in the side window of the convenience store a face was looking in my direction. I then realized that from the station there was a clear view and enough light to see every detail of what had just transpired. The face continued to look at me, not stare or blink, but just gently observe and note what was happening. I realized that I really needed to get a diet coke and some handy wipes and my only option at that time of night was the Union 76. I got in my car, and as I did, the face in the window tracked my every move, but it was not hostile or threatening. He just noted what was going on, and as I got in my car, I saw him smile at me. I drove from the Westside parking lot to the Union 76 parking lot, and all the way the kindly face tracked me. I pulled in, stopped the car, and got out and walked in the front door of the convenience store. I must have been swishing because my friend had nearly dislocated my hips as he pleasured himself in me, and I knew I was sloshing, but still I walked to the cooler and got a diet coke, then to the rack where the handy wipes were, and then to the cash register. As I approached I noticed the gentleman at the register had a shy, indirect demeanor with me but nothing hostile. I mean, seriously, everyone knows that the Westside was a gay bar, and a lot goes on in the parking lot. He appeared to be about 50, Hispanic, about 5'10”, maybe 190, big shoulders and chest, mustache and all the look of a real macho. But his attitude was something that took me by surprise. He said “how are you?” as I approached the register and had no attitude of disdain for a freshly fucked faggot. Quite the contrary, he asked if I found everything I needed and we chatted about the weather. He rang up my things and I paid, and then as an afterthought, I asked him if I could use the rest room. He said certainly and handed me the key. I went out and around the side to the men’s room and dropped my pants and panties to clean up for the trip home. I guess I took about 10 minutes or so, and washed my hands and headed for the door. As I passed the window at the register. I noticed that the night clerk was facing away from the window, toward the counter, with both hands in front of him. As I entered the front door, he turned slightly toward me and I could see in his hand a 9 inch, thick cock with precum glistening on the glands. He looked at me with some apprehension and when he noticed my smile, he relaxed and continued to stroke. I approached the counter and placed the key on the counter top and then slid around behind, dropping to my knees between him and the register. I took the head of his uncut cock in my mouth and noted how paper thin the skin of his foreskin was and how tightly stretched it was over the shaft, and how his head was much thicker than the shaft. I thought immediately of what a wonderful fuck this man could give me. I took his cock down my throat and then worked the head with my tongue, and as he stiffened I placed one hand on his left hip and one hand gently held his horse balls. As I worked his shaft and flicked his pee hole with my tongue, he stiffened more and let out a groan. I felt his balls go up in to launch position and tasted a drip of cum, so I backed off and shifted my attention to his balls with my tongue. He relaxed and after a few minutes I shifted my attention back to his gleans and shaft. I played with him, bringing him to the edge of climax, then backed off and gave him 20 more minutes of pleasure. I felt him stiffen once again as I flicked his glands and shaft with my tongue, and then brought him to a shuddering orgasm. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and held my head in place as he pumped his load straight down my throat. After seven strong surges of cum he expended himself and I continued to flick his shaft and glands with my tongue. He was so sensitive that each flick brought a convulsion and shudder. After a few more minutes he released my head and stepped back, his semi-erect cock still jumping with excitement. As he stared down at me, sweat and cum all over my face, he smiled and said “I think we have found a very good thing.” I struggled to my feet and looked him straight in the face, and glanced down at his name tag. I responded, “Yes Carlos, I think we have found a very good thing.”