Mother-In-Law Fantasy Chapter 1

It began this last December, while the In-laws were here for Christmas vacation. I have had many fantasies about my wife's mother. I'm not a fool and realized them for what they were, just fantasies. I never did expect anything to become of them. My wife and I have been married for almost twenty five years. Her mother is sixty three. Betty, (not her real name) was an inch or two shorter than my wife and over the years has added a few pounds here and there. Sadly to say it wasn't in the breast department. Betty's breasts were almost half the size as my wife's breast and the extra pounds had settled on her hips and ass. Still, she was a pleasure to look at. Her jet black hair was showing more gray but her green eyes still shined brightly. Betty and I got along wonderfully. She has a great sense of humor and at times can be risqué, making sexual comments that would always get me to fantasizing.The In-laws came out and were staying for a month. We put them up in the extra bedroom. A few times I had the chance to see Betty come out of the bathroom, wearing only her black bra and panties. Needless to say I'd return to my own room and take a shower and scrub one off while the vision was fresh on my mind.I had too many vacation days and needed to take some time off and took a week off while they were visiting. My Father-In-law is an avid shooter and whenever they came out this way spent as much time as Betty would allow over at his brother's ranch. He'd leave early in the morning and spend the entire day shooting at the ranch. It was on one of these mornings that my fantasy became a reality. My Father-In-law was up early and I heard him and my wife laughing in the kitchen while waiting for the coffee to brew. I got out of bed and put my robe over my pajama bottoms and joined them. We talked for a few minutes and after the coffee was done both my wife and her dad left the house. As I stood in the kitchen alone I was thinking of what I'd do on my first day off. I glanced at the clock on the wall and saw it was only 7am. Knowing Betty would probably sleep until at least 10am I decided to get on the computer and play for a bit. I began checking my emails that I'd neglected for some time. I than started surfing some of the free porn sites and soon found myself at Literotica.Com and began reading some of the stories. I found several that had to do with guys having sex with their Mother-In-laws and as fate would have it I developed a hard on as I put myself into the stories. As I read the stories I would occasionally play with my cock through my pajama bottoms. The place where my computer sat prevented me from seeing down the hall toward the bedrooms. I had music playing also which prevented me from hearing someone coming. I would read a portion of a story and alternate looking at pictures of naked mature women I found on the internet.As I got into reading and porn surfing I soon forgot I was not alone. I took off my robe and sat in my chair with the front of my pajama bottoms pulled down past my cock. I don't know how long Betty had been standing behind me, but I do know it was long enough for her to see several of the pictures I'd been viewing. Several of the women in the pictures resembled Betty and this was not lost on her. She was also at least able to read the heading of the stories. With one hand stroking my cock and the other clicking from pictures to stories I was lost in my own fantasy world. What came next put ten years of age on me?Betty touched my shoulder at the same time she spoke."Someone is being very naughty."I jumped to my feet in horror and spun around. There standing behind me was Betty. Her robe was opened slightly and I could see the valley of her breasts. Her face was red but this was lost on me."I'm so sorry!" I stammered."I thought you were still sleeping", I continued.My eyes met Betty's and I watched as she shifted her gaze down to my crotch. Shaking, I made several attempts to pull my pajama's up over my cock while continuing to apologize.Betty reached out and placed her hand on my hand that was trying to pull up the pajama bottom."Leave it out." She said in a low voice."I like looking at it." She said with a smile.I stood there, not sure what to do next. The situation had caused my cock to begin to soften. I knew I was about to be chastised for my actions and it took several seconds for my mind to understand what Betty was saying. "You enjoy reading and looking at pictures of older women." Betty asked."Are you fantasizing about older women or someone in particular?" Betty continued.As I let the two questions register in my brain. I looked down at the floor and mumbled."It's someone special I think about."Betty smiled and told me not to worry. My secret was safe with her and she asked if she could join me while I read the stories. Still at a loss for words I shook my head and manage to whisper out a yes. With that Betty got a chair from the dining room and placed it next to my chair. I was still in shock and just stood there, with my cock still exposed."Well take a seat silly and show me what is so exciting about these stories." Betty giggled.Still very nervous, I took a deep breath and sat down next to Betty. As I sat there I began to notice the aroma of Betty's perfume and as she placed her hand on my thigh I felt my cock coming back to life."Do you have a favorite story on this site?" Betty asked she leaned over and placed her head on my shoulder.I shook my head yes and began searching for one of my favorites. After a minute or two I found what I was looking for and brought it up on the screen."Mother in Law Hand Job", by Bulging Panty came on the screen and Betty began to read it out loud. As she read the story I felt her hand moving in small circles on my upper thigh. I prayed her hand would move to my cock. Listening to Betty read I glanced over her and was looking down the opening of her robe. Betty had felt my head move and must have known I was trying to see her breasts. She stopped reading and in a soft, sexy tone asked."Would you like to look at my breasts?"I took a deep breath and told her I would. Betty took her free hand and untied her robe, opening front to revel her breasts and erect nipples. As I stared at them my vision continued down and I saw the black panties that have often sent me to my room to jerk off."You can play with them, if you like."Betty said in a low tone and then went back to reading the story out loud.I reached behind her and placed my arm over her shoulders. This allowed me easy access to one of her breasts and nipples. As I gently rolled her erect nipple between my fingers Betty paused in her storytelling and moaned.The combination of Betty's voice and the smell of her perfume had made my cock hard as granite. Betty looked down to gaze at my cock and said."You're not as long as your Father-in-law, but you're much thicker."Betty's hand moved from my thigh and I felt her finger nails drag over the length of my shaft. This sent an electrical charge through my balls, around to my ass and up my spine. I felt the first drops of precum seep out of the tip of my cock. Betty saw the precum and lightly ran a fingertip over it and spread it over the head of my cock."Would you like your Mother-in-law to give you a hand job?"Betty asked as she took a firm grasp of my shaft.I let out a loud groan and replied."No. I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock!"Betty moaned as I tweaked her nipple a little harder and pulled on it. In one quick movement she lowered her head and I felt her lips engulf my entire cock. The pressure of her lips would increase as she neared the head and her hand was now softly cupping and massaging my balls. As I leaned back in my chair I placed my free hand on the back of her head and moaned."God that feels so good!"My mind was reeling. Here I sat with my Mother-in-law sucking my cock while reading porn. Could it get any better?Betty's mouth was no stranger to cock. You can always tell if a woman enjoys giving head by the way she gets into it and Betty was definitely into giving head. She continued to moan as she moved her mouth and lips up and down my shaft. Within a few minutes I felt my balls begin to tighten, a sure sign an explosion of cum was about to arrive.As I said, Betty was no amateur and her hand on my balls felt the tightening and she increased her speed and the pressure of her lips on my cock. Now I was raising my hips off the seat in an attempt to drive my cock down Betty's throat. I growled out that I was going to cum, expecting Betty to remove her mouth and allowing me to spray cum all over the room.To my delight and surprise Betty's suction on my cock just increased more and I felt the first glob of cum shoot out of the head. I felt Betty groan as she swallowed each shot. I was totally lost as Betty continued to suck my cock. Betty's movement of her mouth and head slowed to a stop and I felt my cock to begin to soften in her mouth."Wow! You're a great cock sucker!"I said as I tried to catch my breath.Betty's reply put a smile on my lips and my cock came back to life."How are you at eating pussy?"I told Betty to stand and I pulled her panties down to her ankles to reveal a thick black bush and the aroma of pussy juice.As Betty stepped out of her panties I got up from my chair and told her to take a seat and spread her legs.