Mother learns vaginal fluids can cure acne.

It was an article about the use of vaginal fluids to remove acne. While the idea seems preposterous her son Johnny was in serious need of any possible solution. With multiple visits to several dermatologists nothing seemed to work. In fact, we even tried the old country method of raw milk straight from the cow onto his face: no dice. While that had worked for his sister when she was going through this stage in life, she was also younger.With Johnny at 18, finished High School and no desire to go to college partly because of cost but the other part is due to his acne, Anna was in desperate need for a solution, so was her son. It's truly a sad situation he is in; Johnny aside from the acne is a very attractive young man. I am not just saying this due to my love for him as my son, but as a woman that hasn't had much sexual release lately. I am guilty of fantasies as many others are that go past the acceptable in society, but what they don't know can't hurt them let alone me.I can't tell you how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night recollecting dreams of having my son grope me from behind as I am doing the dishes, bending me over, pulling down my Yoga pants and fucking me in the rear. I have discovered anal with my late husband and if done right, especially in the beginning it's quite enjoyable. In fact, I have known to squirt when getting a good pounding from my backside. The amount of times I had to change and clean the sheets after soaking them after a night of a good fucking in my bunghole.But those days are long gone. With his father leaving the country and then a few years later passing away, I lost all interest in men. Correction, not that I lost interest in men, but just the BS that comes with it. However, with the store in Orange CT I have my endless choices of suitable replacements for cock; while you can't really replace a good cock at least these take the edge off. In fact, my recent purchase of a 8-inch dildo with a suction cup at the end and having a stand-up shower makes doing anal in the doggy position that much easier and of course my showers that much more frequent. But going back to Johnny and what intrigues me is that he is fit, very fit. He never was much into toys, but instead always wanted the latest Muscle Fitness magazine. With us clearing out the second toolshed for Johnny, and installing anti-fatigue mats for flooring, a power rack, Olympic Rings, and jump rope plus his consistent routines 3 to 5 days a week he developed a Greek like body. With no interest in a gym but instead doing what intrigues him at home, it really shows. However, I do recall going through those magazines years ago and as he grown how some of the pages got sticky; ironically it was always on the pages of articles of woman showing off their bodies. A healthy boy in many ways you can say.However, with us living in Connecticut I doubt such practices are done these days: i****t. Yes, I dream...a lot about i****t but I can't really partake in it. Let's be honest, a fantasy is one thing, but when you actually do it, who's to say what the repercussions would be. So I keep this fantasies at bay with frequent visits to Literotica and Hornbunny. My two vices in life that keep me from acting out. The mind is very powerful, and using those two tools plus my toys, let's say the orgasms have been a good substitute to the real thing.With what the article is about, it's a tough pill to swallow to believe this is true. Then again, I learned through the years anything is possible and at times we yet to scratch the surface on many things that today's scientists discover.As I continue to read the article goes into the use of vaginal fluids as a means of cleansing the skin and opening up the pours in a more natural method. Just when you think that part is strange it gets weirder; they further go into how the vaginal fluids have a higher success rate under 2 conditions:1. The fluids being applied straight from the source right to the infected area. Meaning, they do not transport the fluids from a container but instead explain how the person literally rubbed/smeared their face back and forth as well as up and down on the vagina providing the fluids.2. How the owner of the vagina and the persons with the acne issue were related.Further explaining when they saw high success rates of those getting vaginal fluids from a related party that they changed the focus to the study more in that direction. While this would be considered i****tual, due to the medical results that could not be argued due to having over a 100 volunteers from Texas, Florida, Kansas and other areas of people that live in the country (no surprise there), that the results were amazing. In fact, to this day they can't explain why the results are at a 100% success rate when applied directly from the source by a person of blood relation.Oh it gets better, their studies and results found one true consistency. While cousins, soft relations such as an aunt or cousin work as well as siblings, it's quicker and more effective when the fluids are provided by the mother. In fact, their results consistently prove that while relation is key, it's the mother that has the quicker and faster results. In short, as long as the person has blood relation, for almost a guaranteed result if the provider is mommy, well let's just say the person is clear of acne issue faster and better.Now reading this I couldn't help but think it bordered on the line of ridiculousness, however it still was quite intriguing and yes a turned me on as well. Taking those two factors I went into research mode and surf the web for hours. What I found is this actually a true study. Now there are those for obvious reasons that have issues with the study itself and results, but admit if the results are indeed accurate this might change the world's views on i****t all together. For quite frankly once you open Pandora's Box, it would be quite hard for those parties involved to close it. In short, once a boy gets the opportunity as well as the taste of his mother's juices, what is to stop them for doing it for pleasure rather than a medical benefit?Turns out there are already religious groups protesting and writing letters as well as parents groups. However, the study does continue to this day, and the medical industry due to the overwhelming evidence of success were finally forced to share the results to the public. Granted it's not something a doctor can prescribe, but if the information is made known in a public sense, the parties interested do have their own free will to act and do what they find agreeable. Days later I pondered my finding, and what this could mean for Johnny if this works. But the big problem, how do you propose this. "Hey Johnny, would you object to rubbing your face against my box?" Yeah, that would go over well. Let's be honest, while I am familiar with fantasies especially what boys go through while in puberty, he is now 18 and long past that stage: acne aside.No, I must not suggest anything to him, but let him read about it on his own. However, I can't rely on luck either. However, I do know he has a tendency to take long periods in the bathroom and I am sure some of it has to do with being a man and liking to read the magazines I leave in the bathroom. That's it, I will just leave the magazine article in the bathroom opened to that page for him to read. The rest will be up to him if he wants to discuss it with me. But I have another idea.Doing as I decided, I left the magazine in the bathroom, opened to the article with a handwritten note: "Johnny, what is in here I am willing to discuss if you like. Mommy"About a week later, with Johnny acting weird around me I finally hear a knock on my bedroom door."Come in.""Hi Mom, can we talk?""Sure honey, come sit next to mommy."I won't go into detail about the dialogue but the short of it is Johnny has reached to the point of desperation and if what he read is true, he would like to try it but wasn't 100% sure how I felt about it. I explained to him while I was shocked at first, and yes this is outside the norm of acceptable behavior, with me later finding other evidence that this is all legit and that I love him with all my heart I am willing to try. I also explained with him doing this will open up Pandora's box and he has to be aware of what that might entail, and if for any second he believes he can't handle the emotional aspect of what that would entail that we don't do it. That includes me, his sister, his aunt, no one. In fact, I further explained if he wants to do this, I only feel comfortable if he does it with me. This way I know firsthand if he is being corrupted that at least I can address. I have no idea how this could affect other members of the family and don't want to find out: the hard way. So if we do this, it's just him and me and NO ONE is to know about it.With Johnny agreeing to this I explained I would like him to shower as well as myself, and that I shave my area smooth so he doesn't get scratched by stubble. Then when I call him into the room I will already be ready and waiting.About an hour later in my bathrobe I knock on Johnny's door and inform him to come to my room in no less than 5-minutes from now. Taking off the robe and laying on the bed I position the pillows just so and get into position with my legs spread. Playing with my clit as well as my asshole I work up to a nice good lubrication. Closing my eyes, and picturing scenarios that I have dreamed of subconsciously of my son taking control of me while I am doing the dishes while wearing my yoga pants and tank top with nothing underneath.Taking the fantasies and the reality it's no surprise how wet I gotten in such a short time. Hearing the knock on the door Johnny comes walking in also wearing a robe."Johnny, for obvious reasons take off the robe and anything else you might be wearing. If I have to be naked for this, it's only fair you are naked too.""Okay mommy."Seeing him take off the robe I can't help but look down and not only admire his 7 inch cock, but also find it interesting he indeed was naked underneath the robe.Climbing onto the bed Johnny starts to get situated between my legs."Honey, anytime you want to start, just go ahead" "Mommy got it nice and wet for her boy.""Thank you mommy."Johnny begins by sliding his hands up my legs around the outside and cupping my rear. Slowly but forcefully he begins to rub his face first the nose, the cheeks, forehead, and then just working it all around. Without using his hands just uses turning his head this way and that way to get it all covered.To say this isn't turning me on would be a lie. In fact, he would have to be completely oblivious if he didn't pick up on my breathing patterns changing and my hips gyrating.5, 10, 15 or hell I have no idea how long it was but it was several minutes later we concluded that he had more than his share of juices covering his face but he didn't stop there. Pulling away inches from my love box he looks for a few seconds and blows a warm breath right on my clit. With me moaning and shaking a little he repeats the act a few more times. Not stopping him after looking at my eyes and not saying a word he extends out his tongue and touches the tip of his tongue to my clit."Oh God Johnny!!!"Clearly being experienced he takes this as a sign of approval and just gently but consistently works on my clit. First directly on it, then around it but always with the gentlest of pressure he just keeps working on that area for a bit.As he continues to bring me pleasure I reach down and begin to rub his head, play with his hair, and rubs his ears. With no verbal communication between us, we are bringing pleasure to both people involved.Johnny actions brings much joy to myself, with me having such fantasies for so many years, and he doesn't fail me. With using just the tip of his tongue he works my pussy lips, my love hole, and eventually he even tongues my asshole. With a little more pressure than what he used on my clit I feel his tongue slowly begin to enter into my ass and this just sets me off. Screaming and bucking I have the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced in my life. I literally was seeing flashes of light and was on the brink of losing consciousness. But I don't, and finally recovering from such a big O I look down to see Johnny looking at me with the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen."What are you smiling at?""You mommy. I was so thankful for you willing to try this with me, it only seemed natural for you to be thanked as well. I figured what would be better than to use the opportunity to thank you with an orgasm.""Okay mister, where did you learn to do that?""Mom, do you really want to know?""Yes I do!""Well you best friend Manda, let's just say all those times she slept over the house to visit you, she also wanted to see me too. When you were sleeping of course, and she taught me, many things. This being one of them.""That little tramp. I knew she used to fuck your father, but I didn't mind considering what she has gone through. But she was also fucking and teaching you? Damn that woman!!!""Oh don't be mad mom, it's not like you didn't benefit from the lessons""This is true. I have to admit that was amazing. Even better than the fantasies.""Fantasies? What fantasies mom?""Let's just say son, your mom while prime and proper on the outside, is very naughty on the inside.""Well tell me mom." "Someday son, some day. But right now bring that hard cock up here so mom can return the favor".I watched my son with that big eat shitting grin slowly maneuvering his way up towards my chest. Placing his cock between my breasts like a tunnel to its destination, he squeezed them together and slowly to start pumping. Taking hold of my breasts he released his hold on them, and using his right hand, grabbed a fist full of hair and bend my head towards where his cock is extending. Extending out my tongue and opening my mouth I allow his cock to gain entrance to where he so earned the right to be there. Sucking and releasing his head as it pumped in and out of my mouth I feel the pre-cum dripping on my tongue but I need more. Releasing my breasts I grabbed hold of the cock, and using as a means to guide him closer I say "Fuck my mouth baby" and pull him slowly inside. As he continues to push, I breathe through my noise and relax my throat as it gains entry to where a cock hasn't been for quite some time.Being born without a gag reflex this doesn't require much effort for me. Much like the actress in Deep throat swallowing anything long and hard was never an issue. I discovered this one day with a banana with not much to do in the old country, and alone and hungry and horny in my room. Kind of funny if you think about it for during those times blowjobs were unheard of. Whether ladies in the town did it or not, it was never discussed or it was never discussed with me.Using my natural ability I allow my son to fuck my mouth and throat with as much vigor as I would think he would use fucking my pussy. Looking into his eyes as he continues to thrust and fuck me I feel his cock start to expand to the point I almost did gag and then suddenly I feel a splash a liquid to the deeper parts of my throat. Hearing Johnny groan and moan I can only come to conclusion that he reached his peak and leaving his essence of love juice in his mother to digest. Swallowing as willing as I would eating a ball of tomato soup I swallow his juices not letting a single drop leave my mouth. Feeling him flinch and giggle he says "Mom its getting kind sensitive." Smiling back at him after he removes his shaft I ask "Too much for you baby?""Absolutely not mom, but when I cum that hard I tend to get quite sensitive." He continues to say "Much like those times that you told me how you heard me with the other girls in my life, even then whether it was their pussy or mouth my cock is always sensitive right after I cum. While it doesn't take much for me to get hard again, I do need a breathing period before I resume." I say to him "Oh, so you think this will happen again?""Won't it mommy""Well I figured this would happen, for once you open Pandora's Box there is very little we can do to close it."Nodding in agreement he slides down my body and nestles his head into my breasts to which I gentle rub his head and play with his hair while thinking fucking is only minutes away.--------------------------------------Feelings of pain and pleasure are filling my mind. I feel like I need to go to the bathroom while at the same time I feel pleasure. I know I am dreaming but it feels so real.Slowly waking up I hear heavy breathing and my ass feels so full when I suddenly become aware of my surroundings. Looking around I find myself face down on the bed, hands are holding my arms down and someone is fucking my ass. But man it feels so good and then I remember my last thought before drifting to sleep the night before."Johnny?""Yes, uh mom, it's me, oh god your ass is so tight.""Johnny, um ....oooo...god Johnny, oh god Johnny you are fucking mommy in her ass""Yes mom, as you said, we opened Pandora's Box"Remembering my dreams, and things I said the night before I am not surprise things led to this, but why my ass I have to wonder. Granted I always had a fondness of anal play. It first started when I had to insert those butt plug likes shaped medical tubes in my butt to help with my bowels. Finding pleasure of putting them in, and pushing them in and out using my ass muscles. Well it was only natural after learning of that erogenous zone that I got experimental with dildos, specifically my vibrating dildo. In fact I have used it so often that I loosened my rear to the point entry doesn't usually hurt, then again Johnny is bigger than my dildo, but man I love having something in my ass. Then I hear...."Oh god mom I am cumming." Feeling the splash of cum in my ass, and Johnny slowly letting his full weight on me."Sorry mom, it wasn't like this was exactly planned. I woke up before you so hard and we were spooning. I slowly was thrusting between your butt cheeks and as I was doing so you were moaning and then eventually rolled onto your tummy." He continues to tell me."So I just went with it and got on top and continued to thrust. At some point my cock just happened to angle at your butthole and the head just went right in. Instead of stopping I just slowly went further and deeper into your rear. It was so natural I just went with it.""Its okay baby, I love anal sex.""I figured mom, for your ass just allowed me right in.""Baby, I have to ask, are you a virgin? I mean before we did what we did have you ever had sex?""Actually mom, like I said, while my acne doesn't make me appealing your friend Manda was a very willing teacher." He continues to say"While she was teaching me things, she also allowed me into her pussy, and even her ass one night. It's so much different from the pussy, but I like the tight feeling.""Well baby, maybe one day I can use a dildo on you so you can feel what it's like to be on the other end.""Mom, I actually wouldn't mind trying that, but let's start small, okay?""Okay baby, in the meantime I think you need more of mommy's pussy juice for your face. Why don't you get down there and start to lick me to get me all wet so you have all the juice you need to clear up that acne.""You got it mom. But after, can we call Manda and invite her for lunch, maybe let her in on what is going on here?""One step at a time baby, one step at a time."