Muslim Wife Cuckold's Hubby with a White Man

Story by AlhenaMy name is Afif and this is a story about the first time my Muslim wife, Saria, cuckolded me with a white Christian Frenchman. We were both born and raised in Alexandria Egypt, and moved to the capital city of Cairo when I became a lawyer in corporate malpractice cases. I am 43 years old and Saria is 38 years old. She is a far more devout Muslim than I am by far. She will often wear her niqab headress indoors even though I tell her she doesn't have to. She has never been with another man and we never gave birth as well.A problem made worse since she doesn't like the taste of cum. Unfortunately, my penis is quite unimpressive and and sterile, so I never could impregnate her. Even if I wanted to. It was quite sad for both of us, but she still cared for me and her Islamic practices, so she never was with another man. We had also not had sex in four months. What she did not know, was that there was a very specific reason I wanted her to go so long without having sex. I wanted her to get impregnated by another man while I watched. I wanted him to be the perfect specimen of a man, so that her offspring would be strong, something they would never have with me. I spent the past 4 months looking for a viable candidate around Cairo, but nobody was very appetizing at all. At least none of the locals....... It was the 4 month mark of our time without sex when I had went into work at the lawfirm. I had just walked into my office and checked the files for today's meetings when I noticed one file caught my eye. I was to meet with a man named Pierre, from a French shipping company. We harldy ever worked with any European companies, so this was an oddity. Around 2 in the afternoon I finally met with Pierre, and discussed his lawsuit in my office. He was a handsome man, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was 28 years old and had a full head of enticing hair. I couldn't help but notice his attractive features and strarted to think he would be worthy of my wife's womb. After 30 minutes of speaking, the conversation took an interesting turn."So what do you think of the Egyptian women here?" I asked him. "Oh they are very beautiful!" he said in a French accent. "Have you been with any Muslim women before?" I asked inquisitively. "Two." Pierre said. " One in Tunis and one in Algeria." "Ah so you have some experience with them I see." "I guess you could say that." he said smiling. I was gonna ask him now. I took a big gulp and breathed out a huge sigh. "I was..... wondering..... if you could help me in that regard." I said bluntly. "How so?" "I can't impregnate my wife since I have always been completely sterile." I paused. "You are a very handsome man, and I would like to ask you to come over and get intimate with her......and impregnate her." "Oh......WOW.....I......uh...." Pierre said, looking quite surprised. "I'm sorry for asking too much" I appologized, feeling quite emberassed. "Oh no no no, there's nothing wrong, I just didn't expect that at all! But sure I can!" Pierre said "when is a good time?" "Would you like to come have dinner with us at our home tonight?" I asked. Pierre thought for a second and looked up, "That sounds lovely." That evening, I told my wife my entire plan. Not having sex, impregnation.......Pierre. She sounded very adamant about not sleeping with him as we spoke, so I grew worried about her response to him. However, little did I know that the first moment she would lay her eyes on him, she would be completely ready for him. As we waited for Pierre, my wife was completely covered in her niqab, only exposing her beautiful eyes. I was so worried this would mess up. "I don't want to be with another man. It violates Allah's teachings, and I am loyal to you." she said. "I know, that's why I want you to do this for us." I said back. "Just be a gracious host, at least. You will love him, he is the most handsome man you will ever see." I knew that might convince her, since she never saw anybody goodlooking in Cairo. "Fine, but no garuntees." she said. The doorbell rang. Pierre was here. I quickly rushed to the door, while Sara stayed in the living room. I opened the door to greet him. He had a white collared short sleeve shirt and wore a pair of denim jeans. He was very fashionble and handsome, I just hoped my wife was able to get a good view of him at the door. "Pierre!" I said happily " I'm so glad you came!" "Bonjour Afif." Pierre said. "Your house is beautiful!" We walked into the front hallway, where my wife was at the end,suddenly anxious to greet him. I knew she would fall under Pierre's spell the moment she saw him. I could tell she had lost any previous doubts she had about tonight. "Ahh, you must be the lovely Saria!" Pierre said, as he took her hand and kissed it. "Yes I am, and you must be the handsome Pierre!" she said. We couldn't see her face, but we knew she was blushing from the moment he violated my wife's hand. There has never been another man that touched her in such a way. I loved it. "It's a great pleasure to meet you!" "I think you two will get along together quite well tonight." I said to the pair. Shortly afterwards, my wife insisted that she should show Pierre around the house. So me being the good cuckold I was, I let her. The tour seemed to go pretty quickly as I got the kitchen ready. The couple walked into the kitchen ready to eat. "Smells good!" Pierre said, as my wife was holding his hand in such a flirtatious manner, almost squinting her eyes to show that she was smiling under her niqab at him. "Come and get it!" I said. Dinner went over quite well. I was sitting on one side of the table, and my wife and Pierre sat close to eachother on the other side. I could tell they really hit it off. My wive's reservations about him completely disappeared the moment she saw him. At that moment she became a white cock slut, and it made me so horny to think about it. At one point my wife was wuite obviously rubbing Pierre's leg under the table, and he was rubbing her's "Oh is that a cross? Its so beautiful!" she told Pierre, as she touched a silver Christian cross on his neck. She never cared for crosses, but she was a White cock slut now, so all of that went out the window. "Oh yes, it is, thank you." Pierre said. "It was blessed with holy water years ago when Napoleon was in Egypt, and it has been passed down for generations." It was almost as if history was repeating itself. A French man coming to Egypt taking our women who are natural white cock whores. However, this time, on much friendlier terms. I could tell that it made her so horny. The taboo of it all, must have made her wet. She was ready to fill her Muslim womb with his White Christian seed. As dinner ended, we all sat at the table. "Well does anyone want to go upstairs?" my wife asked bluntly. "Of course!" Pierre and I said simultaniously. "Come on Pierre" Saria said grabbing his hand, leading him upstairs, with me following closely behind. We all entered the room. "Pierre, I want you to feel my wife's beautiful breasts. No other man has been with her; so you are in an situation Muslim men can only dream of." I said. She looked up admiringly at Pierre as he began to caress her breasts. "I'll leave you to it." I said as I pulled a chair next to the bed with my tiny penis out, in anticipation of their activities. Saria began to take off Pierre's shirt leaving his cross on, while he caressed her ass and tits, while kissing her veiled face. He started to pull off her niqab when Saria stopped him. "No, Pierre not yet. I want the moment you see my face be truly magical." "I understand." Pierre smiled as he started kissing her again . I was over by the bed jerking off watching my wife with this amazing specimen of a human being at the foot of the bed. Saria then bent down and started to unzip Pierre's jeans, and pulled out a floppy white cock that was quickly hardening and growing towards my wife's face. We all loved it. Keeping her niqab on, she slid his big white meat under her veil and started sucking. Pierre let out a fierce moan, at the taboo that was happening on his dick as she sucked his kaffir cock. To make it even hotter, he started to kiss his cross as she sucked. The sounds she was making while sucking him were incredible. In all of our years of devout Muslim marriage, I never seen her so into it. Pierre then lifted her up and threw her onto the bed facing him where he was still standing. He then moved her over towards me. "Take it all off except her veil, cuck." Pierre ordered me. "Yes master! Gladly!" I replied, playing along. And so, like a good cuck, I pulled off her dresss, not touching her at all, because I wanted this moment to be between her and Pierre. But I loved undressing my wife for another man, only to watch her get bred by him. Especially a Christian man. All she had on now was her head veil. Her slim body and big brown tits were driving Pierre mad with excitement. He started to suck on her supple brown nipples as Saria put her arms around him, jacking his cock off in preperation for her ultimate penetration. "Oh Pierre!" she moaned "I want you inside me! Make this Muslim pussy yours!" And with that Pierre grabbed his dick and plunged it deep into my wife's once loyal pussy. "AHHHH" Saria moaned "Afif has never been that deep." she said. I put my face so close to their genitles as we all marvelled at the contrast of Pierre's perfect pinkish white cock sliding in and out of my wife's brown pussy. As he fucked her he started to kiss his cross necklace while fucking her harder and faster, spinning her into the doggystyle position, flopping her nice tits back and forth on our marriage bed. After a few minutes, Saria looked at me and pulled Pierres face close to her as she stared at me while whispering something in Pierre's ear. "Gladly" Pierre said in excitement. Pierre then grabbed Saria by her ass cheeks and pulled her ass right next to my face. Pierre then grabbed his dick and started to slowly tease my wife's asshole with his huge white cock. He was gonna be the first man to ever give her anal. Something, not even I was ever allowed to do. He slowly inserted his cock into her butt deeper and deeper as she let out whines in response to his penetration. He then started plowing harder and faster as she started to moan louder than I ever thought possible. After two minutes of fucking her ass, he pulled out and made me lick her used ass. I loved it. Pierre quickly put it back in afterwards. As the night went on, Pierre fucked my Muslim wife for an hour stratight, alternating between anal and vaginal. Until he locked her down on the bed. "Where do you want it baby?" Pierre asked while fucking her "You know where..." I said coming to a climax. "Give me a baby, Ishallah (God Willing)." she said. "God willing huh?" Pierre said while thrusting. "Yeah, God willing." While coming close to climax, Pierre planted a kiss on his cross necklace, and put it near my face where I kissed it as well. He then turned his sights to Saria. "Now is the time." Pierre said My wife nodded as Pierre started to pull up her niqab, revealing the face of a goddess. Saria had bright brown eyes and long black curly hair. Pierre saw a woman with passion in her eyes as she gazed into his. The big buildup and reveal was more than enough to put him on the edge. He then started kissing her on the lips, where he wanted to this entire time. He then put his cross next to her lips where she devilishly kissed it and kept it on her lips. "Inshallah" she said once more. "Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh" Pierre roared as he looked up to the heavens and back down into my Saria's beautiful eyes. He came so hard that I could see my wive's whole body shaking in pleasure as he ejaculated inside her continuously, for 10 seconds. For a minute, they layed on top of one another with cum pouring out of her pussy, while I finished jerking off my little dick. Pierre then got up and made her suck off the remaining cum off the tip of his dick. "Delicious" she said as he ran his hands through her hair. I thought she didn't like any cum taste. Maybe she just liked cum from white men. After I came on my hand I went over to my wife and kissed her to please Pierre since he just stuck his cum covered dick in her mouth. I could certainly taste it in my mouth after I kissed her. This was certainly a night for the ages. Soon afterwards, Pierre's amazing fertility was shown when Saria's stomach began to expand. We were gifted a pair of twins from Pierre. Over the next years, we would spend our Summers in Europe, watching as Saria fucked white men all over the continent, quickly achieving the goal of every Muslim woman. To become liberated by white cock!