My daughter

Ali was now a senior and graduating, she faught with her mother about everything. Ali applied at all the farthest schools possible. She didnt want to be close to home. I cant blame her, Maggie is a control freak and doesn't allow her to do anything. I usually need to be that parent who intercepts and then that becomes another arguement. When she graduated I set a camping trip for us do we can spend it with Ali and Maggie found it lame because she hates camping. Ali loved it, I told her to invite teo of her buddies and lets go. Therefoe we did. She invited Carl & Helen a couple who were dating who were very vlise to Ali. I had an extra tent for Ali just incase she wanted privacy. But she wanted to stay in a tent with me. When we arrived at the camp grounds the k**s changed and went to the lake. I quickly set everything up. I took a fishing rod and went fishing. When I came back the k**s were eating hotdogs the campers bedide us shared with the k**s. When I spoke to the man I said hey I caught a few fish Ill be cleaning snd gutting we can have that for dinner tomorrow and thanks for feeding my k**s. The man replied anytime. The next day there were some games such as volley ball competitions you had to be in teams and Ali begged me to play and we did we won a few rounds but lost the competition we had alot of fun. We paddle raced and was soaked and wet. We headed back to the tent to get some clothes and change. I put a tank shirt on and some basketball shorts. She wore a sun dress. My daughter was nothing like her mother she was 5'9 slender an hour glas shape and her breasts were perky and were possibly a 32-34 c she never wore a bra. We met up and sat by the pitt and all the seats were taken. I told Ali to sit here where I was sitting and she said no daddy stay there. Then she decided she wanted to sit on my lap to roast marshmallows. She hadnt sat on my lap since she was 5. She was moving so much I was afraid that she would feel the slight erection that she had caused. I kept moving and she kept adjusting herself back. I was full blown hard that I placed my hand on my lap to push my cock down and Ali lifted and sat down again and sat on my hand i felt a warmth spot and was wondering my fingers poked her pussy and thats when I realized she had no underwear and my leg was wet. She moans a lil bit. Ali let me get up uou can stay. Daddy Im sorry your pants are wet we gotta wait til everyone leaves. She may have had a point we waited and sat there until the last person left the fire. We went straight to the tent and we laid down. Sorry i said if I crossed any lines. Daddy youre fine she reassured my and she kissed me and fell asleep on my arm. We mustve tossed and turned that she and I was spooning and my cock released itself from my boxers through the opening and in between her ass in which her dress was up snd she had no underwear. Her body was moving back more and more and I didnt want her to know I was up but I didnt want it to be too late either. Finally Ali lifted herself up snd slid down on my hardness and when my swollen met her wet opening I felt the pressure of her tight pussy and Ali pushed back until I was fully inside her. Her hips swayed forward and backwards and i placed my hand on her hip and held her closer while our bodies moved in rhythm and she pulled away. I layed there in the dark as she climbed above me and grabbed my hardness and guided it back into her hole she grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast she rode my cock till her juices ran on the side of my cock and I exploded inside of her she then reached toward my face and kissed me passionately and laid in my arms and fell asleep. The next three nights my daughter would ride me and lay beside me without a word. The camp trip was over and we returned home. My daughter tried her best to get some alone time with me regardless of where we were. One day I came home from work and was tired and dirty I jumped in the master shower and I never lock that door. My daughter boldly joinedMe in the shower and grabbed my chest from the back I must admit her naked body felt great. I picked her up and her long legs wrapped around my waist and she reached between our bodies to guide my hardness inside her... Her mother was downstairs cooking so her moaning had to stop. I placed my hand on my mouth as she holds on to the shower rod Im gently going inside her with a faster speed and I came insede her so much. I drove her to the airport to go start her journey and she hugs me so tight and says I love you daddy. i love you too I replied when she came down for christmas she was about 4 months pregnant and she found her way to my bed one night. We didnt have the time to discuss the baby before we knew it she had to headback to college. By the time the summer arrived she had a son (she named him Benard) and although she didnt come home she sent us lots of pictures. By her fourth year in college where she would be graduating she came home for the holidays and I missed her. She wasnt that discreet this time she whispered for me to meet her in the bathroom down stairs and so I did. i bent her over the vanity and fucked her over and over till she orgasmed. Late at night she snuck in my room where her mom was laying beside me facing the wall. My daughter was so horny she sat on my cock and grinded till she got my cock cumming inside her somfast the adrenaline of my wife in bed messed me up. We attended graduation and took her and the baby to dinner and announced that her mom and I are getting a divorce. Maggie was now 43 and decided to move away. I kept the house and and my daughter moved back home with me and the boy. She also announced she was 5 months pregnant and I was happy. I never remarried and my daughter never married. She had a total of 3 boys and we remained happy.