My Eighty Year Old Granny

She was sprightly for her age, tall and big bodied but with typical granny type looks, short curly white hair, a few pounds over weight and always wore dresses for as long as I can remember. She moved in with mom and dad after my granda died over 20 years ago and looked after me when mom and dad went to work when I was younger.Gran had her night’s out, WI one night, Bingo another and had a good social life with other women, usually ending up in the pub for a drink or two afterwards.I’d been there a week and it was like old times again, with gran still giving me a hug and kiss on the lips before going off to bed, even though I am now in my mid twenties.She suggested going out, just the two of us for a drink at the local and seeing it was a nice summer’s night we took the short cut through the fields. One drink turned in to two then three as her other friends joined us with me being the only male in the party. It seemed to be a contest between them to who could shock and make me blush the most with lewd sexually suggestions and how much of a good time they could give me. They talked about sex toys, like it was an Ann Summers party we were at.It was after eleven before we left, with many more than two drinks now on board, I suggested getting a taxi, but Gran who was happy and merry wanted to walk home.She held on to me as we went through the first field of wheat, teasing me a little about getting embarrassed with her friends.She stopped and turned to me“I think I need a wee,” she said in a cheeky voice“Can you not hold on and make it home?” I asked but she had already parted from me and was hitching her dress up“Make sure no one is coming” gran saidGran stood there with her dress around her waist wearing tan tights over her knickers, she hooked her thumbs in the waist of both and proceeded to slip them down her legs as she started to squat.Her dress followed her hands down to her knees, covering her private parts up. Her big pink knickers and tan tights sat visible below her knees as she held them out with one hand, but I was not prepared for what she did next. With her other hand she gathered her dress up, pulling it up her legs and from underneath her and rested her arm on top of the gathered bunch. She slipped two fingers over her pussy and splayed them apart as the sound of liquid started to flow.I should not have been looking at all this going on, looking at my gran pissing in a field but I was curious. She looked up and smiled “That feels better” she said as the noise increase and resembling a jet of water from a hose. I could not believe the sound she was making.The wet splashing sound was making me want to go too and being slightly intoxicated, I loss control of my senses and unzipped my trousers then pulled my cock out and started to pissed. I was semi hard with looking at gran, my cock head had popped out from its skin, making pissing a slow process. I just stood there aiming in to the wheat with not a care in the world, it felt such a relief pissing a long thin jet feet away from where I stood. I could still hear gran pissing, now coming out in pulses, rather than a constant flow.I turned to face her and seen she was looking at her pussy, then she wobbled her fingers from side to side knocking any drips off. It looked and felt so erotic what we were doing, I just wanted to get home and knock one out before going to sleep.Gran sorted herself out and I zipped myself back up and set off walking back home. Once in the house we headed straight for our bedrooms. Gran’s was first and she give me a kiss and cuddle just like always, then she kissed me again but much slower.She broke free but still holding us together in her hug.“I miss being held,” she saidI wrapped my arms around her and looked down in to her eyes“Is that alright?” I asked“Oh yes” she said as her head came to rest on my shoulderI could feel her breath on my neck and her grip tightened around me then I felt the hard on I had, pushing in to her tummy. She let out a little sigh and I wondered if my cock had caused her to do that.She lifted her head again and we kissed, a proper kiss as we squeezed ourselves tight together. I was falling for her and over 50 years difference in age then she asked.“Will you come to bed with me tonight please?”I forgot about any morals I had left and said “Yes”Gran took my hand and led me in to her bedroom, lit only by the late evening sky; she turned and faced me then started to undo the buttons on her dress. It was a slow seductive unfastening of her buttons before slipping her dress off each shoulder and letting it drop to the floor.Gran’s white bra looked full of soft pale tit then she bent her arms around her back and unclipped her bra. Her arms came back around and her hands grabbed a cup each and slowly lowered them from her breasts.Her tits were magnificent, all soft and supple and full looking with erect nipples. She dropped her bra on to the floor and retched for the bottom of my tee shirt and started to pull it upwards. I pulled it over my head as gran cuddled in to me, pressing her soft tits and hard nipples against my skin.She let out a sigh as our bodies came together and I wrapped my arms around her naked slightly overweight torso. We cuddled and kissed again then just held each other in our arms for a few minutes.She stepped back and started to slip her tights and knickers down then looked at me to say, go on get them off. By now my cock was rock hard looking at her nakedness in the dim light and I undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor.Gran was bending over, holding on to the bed with one hand while lifting her foot as she pulled her tights and knickers off then swapped. She stood completely starker’s with big juice tits and a bit of a tummy over her pussy.I left my boxers on to see if gran wanted me to go any further and she did as she pulled the front of my boxers out, looked inside, then carefully slid it over my cock end. My now naked cock was now pointing straight towards gran’s naked body.“Hold me” gran whisperedWe moved together with my cock pointing up her tummy and wrapped our arms around once again. It felt strange but erotic too, just holding each other for a few minutes.“I want to see you properly,” she said and parted from me to shut the curtains then turned on the bedside light. Gran was old, her face wrinkled, her upper arms hanging with flabby skin and her tummy had spare folds from when she must have been a little larger in her life.All was made up with her tits, they looked like a twenty year olds, full and soft looking and her legs were very shapely too, no bulges or loose skin on them. I could not stop myself and retched out for a feel of her tit, then brushed my fingers over her nipple.She went for my hand, to move it away, I thought, but she just held me on to her tit, softly and gentle massaging the round soft globe. With her other hand she took hold of my shaft and let out a long sigh. “Let’s get on the bed,” she saidWe lay side by side looking at each other before instinct took over and moved closer so we could kiss again. Our hand were over each other, with mine feeling down her back and legs before coming over to the front and sliding my hand between her inner thigh and up over her pussy.Gran slowly turned on to her back while still attached to my lips. I then started to move my hand from her tummy and back down over the bulge of her pussy as her legs started to part and massage her inner thigh up to her pussy.She had taking hold of my cock and slowly slid her hand back and forth along its mighty hard shaft. Her legs parted some more and I was giving full access to her pussy, now only sparsely covered in a soft hair, I heard her moan while my finger nudged her fat lips apart. Her pussy felt just like her tits look, all soft and supple and big, I knew in my mind sex was out of the question at her age but hell I would love to see her pussy for real.“Gran do you have a vibrator like your friends” I asked breaking our kissingShe looked up and smiled “In the drawer, your side” I turned and opened the drawer and right enough she had a vibrator, not huge by any means but shaped like a cock.“I’ll need the gel as well”Did I heard right, fucking hell she is going to use itI past her the items and watched as she flipped the cap and squirted some gel on to the rubber cock end. She just lay there, rising and parting her legs and with one hand parted her pussy lips while rubbing the tip of the vibrator along her expose lips.I rose on to my elbow to get a better view, there was her lips, parted, all pink with a coating of thick slippery gel being worked in as she slid the rubbed cock along her slit. She stopped on one spot and slowly twisted and turned the rubber cock as it started to go inside.I was overwhelmed with desire and kissed gran on the mouth; I’d never witnessed anything so sexually arousing. As we kissed, I moved my hand down over her tummy and on to her hand holding the vibrator as she wobbled it about inside her.I felt like I was using the vibrator on her now, pushing in and out slowly then gran stopped once more and fiddled with the end. The vibrator buzzed in to action and she let out a long Arrrrrrrrrrrrr while still kissing.Curiosity started to get the better of me again and I started to kiss down her neck and on to her lovely tits. I could see my hand holding the vibrator and sucked her nipple in to my mouth while I looked on.I kissed over her wrinkly saggy tummy to the top of her pussy and gran moved her hand from around her lips and held my head. I was only inches from watching her buzzing vibrator slipping in and out of her slippery pussy.Gran’s body started to twitch and tense under me, she started to suck in short breaths then her legs shut as she pulled out her vibrator and went stiff. It only lasted a few seconds before I felt the flop of her body but knew she had fetched herself off.I moved back and lay with her listening to her heavy breathing after turning off the vibrator, her hand found my cock again and she started to stroke its. She started to move and sat upright on the bed, looking at my sticking up cock.I was not expecting what she did next when she slid a leg over me and climbed on top. She sat astride of my legs with my cock pushed up against her tummy then started to rise up. She grabbed my cock, stroking it a couple of times along her slit before aiming it at her entrance as she started to take me inside her pussy.I give a couple of thrust up then she moved her hand away and I could see my length waiting to fill her cunt up. It just wasn’t lined up right as she started to sink on to me, but after a few tries my cock founds its way in with a satisfactory moan from gran as I bottomed her cunt.I was desperate to fuck her and started to thrust off the bed, but gran held herself off and stopping my full length from filling her. I stopped trying and played with her tits while letting gran fuck me at her rate.She took all of me, back inside, lifting and sinking and using my full length as she wanted. I rubbed her nipples, pulling and stretching her tits as she rode me. Then it happened, as Gran became vocal “Oooooh, Oooooooooooh”She had another couple of thrusts then her whole body flopped on top of mine and she kissed me. My cock still hard inside her feeling her pulsating pussy as she orgasmed again.Gran rolled off and we lay side by side once again for a few minutes kissing one and other. Then I felt her hand around my still rock hard cock“Make it cum in me,” she moaned“Are you sure”“Yes, but be gentle”She got on to her back and parted her legs as I climbed on top, my cock founds its target and I parted her slippery lips with my bulbous cock end. Gran breathed in deep as my cock started to fill her love hole.I bent down and kissed her, to give her something else to think about and take her mind off any pain I was inflicting. I lowered myself right down on top and felt her tits squashing against my chest while I slowly fuck her.Her kissing was passionate, then I felt her legs come over mine, joining us even closer. Her pussy seemed to open up and as I pushed in, gran give a soft moaning grunt.Her hands grabbed my arse and I could feel her pulling me in while thrusting herself against my inward thrust. I broke from kiss and grabbed on to her shoulders with my hands.There was no need to fuck her hard; all the moans from her and her tight unused pussy had me very excited. Then I heard her, her moans building up, getting louder“Arrrrrrrrr Gran” I moaned as I felt the swell of my cock in her tight pussy.“Oooooooh, Oooooooooooh” she moaned, “I can feel it”I just held gran tight, cock pushed in and coming, pumping and squirting me seed in to her cock free pussy of 20 odd years. I listened to her moans and it made me just want to stop coupled together for as long as we could.She must have been thinking the same way as her arms moved on to my back and cuddled us tight together as the exchange of love juice continued. I rolled off gran and we lay in each other’s arms, with our hands gently caressing each other’s body’s before falling asleep. The next week became an intense week of granny fucking, with gran wanting to make up for what she has missed in twenty odd years. She even showed me that an 80 year old could swallow just as well as a 20 year old.The End