My First 3Some

Since you told me about your first 3some, I guess it's only fair that I reciprocate. There were a couple that happened around the same time, so I'm not entirely sure which occurred first.You mentioned a visit I received from twins while I was in Maryland; I vaguely remember mentioning something to you about twins, but I don't remember what. Anyway, even in my old age, if I'd had a recent sexual encounter with anybody, not to mention twins, I would surely remember it. LOL! So, on to the 3some!!!!!!!!!!!!I guess a little background info is in order to make this hold thing understandable.The people involved were:Pat - My girlfriendVan - A very close friend and school mateMe - the instigator.Van and I had went through high school together and had remained friends after graduation. In school we had dated but not as boyfriend and girlfriend. We just enjoyed being together and if we wanted to go somewhere or do something and either we were unattached or our boyfriend/girlfriend wasn't available, then we did it together.Actually, Van introduced me to Pat. Pat attended an all girls’ Catholic school and needed a date for her junior prom. Van and Pat lived two doors down from each other and grew up together. Their moms, single parents by either divorce or death, had also been friends for years.I was an officer, 1st Lieutenant, in the NDCC (National Defense Cadet Corps), now known as Junior ROTC, and was in charge of the 2nd platoon of Honor Company. The "showcase" company of the division at McKinley Tech High School. When Pat's mom asked Van's mom if she knew any "nice boys" that she would recommend to escort her daughter to her junior prom, they recommended me.Van's mom knew me too, we had been to the beach, a number of cook outs, and a couple of house parties together; Van, a couple of our friends, and I. Her mom had driven us a couple of times and considered me, the son she never had.I actually met Pat at one of those parties given by Sharon, another story completely, but did not get to know her because she was quiet and shy and stayed inside while we were all outside partying.Anyway, after the prom, Pat and I started going together and were like shadows for years. So much so, that both our families and all our friends thought that we would one day be married. So did I! Her sister, her mom's long past, and I still conceder ourselves family and the three of us still keep in touch. Somewhere over the years, Van became involved with at least recreational d**gs and slowly disappeared.So much for the background.When this occurred, Pat and Van were a bit teed off with each other. This is how it happened!Even though Pat and I were still going together, she had been on a couple of dates with her God Mother's stepson. I should mention that we had been going together and had been fucking for years at this point. She had been a virgin when we met and after our first fuck, we were at it like rabbits. But I was still her only guy.I understood when she went out with, I think his name was Daniel. I mean, his parents were well off; he was a handsome guy, not much personality, but not a bad guy. I guess she just wanted to try something different. You know, see if he was as good as I was. We used to fuck for hours and I taught her well.Anyway, when this happened, Pat thought Van was mad with her. She was a little because Pat was "stepping out" on me with Daniel and we weren’t seeing each other. Van thought she shouldn't be seeing anybody but me.The weird thing was, that even though Van thought Pat shouldn't be giving anybody else any, she would spread those big ol' sexy legs for me any time I wanted it. Go figure.This weekend, actually, earlier in the week, Pat had asked me if Van was mad with her. I told her, no, not really, and that I could prove it to her.I already knew that Van was bi and that she would like to get into Pat's panties because we had talked about it on a couple of occasions while smoking a little weed and banging each other's brains out. At this time, Van was staying with me temporally while she was looking for her own place after leaving her second husband. I invited Pat over for drinks on Friday night so that she and Van could talk it out and clear the air. Actually, talk was not what I had in mind, but did not tell either of them.Have to hold up here for a bit; have to run up to Georgia to pick up my niece; man, that girl gets around! Back in a few.Ok, I’m back. I know this is running a little long, but if you don’t know the back ground, then it’s just another scene from some porn DVD that makes no sense. Besides, the whole situation is better if you know why it happened, not just that it happened.Ok, back to the action.First, just a little bit more background to put this whole thing into perspective. We have, been friends/lovers since 1965, it’s now late summer-early fall of 1977. I’ve been to college, married, divorced, spent four years in the Air force and now we’ve all reconnected.Needed to add that for depth of timing so that the relational aspect remains intact. Hahaha!It’s early evening and Van and I have had an early dinner and are back at my apartment. There’s soft jazz coming through the stereo, I’ve dimmed the lights and we are smoking a little weed and having a couple of drinks while we wait for Pat. I’ve told Van that Pat is coming over so that they can clear the air. I’ve also told her that Pat believes that she (Van) is seriously mad with her. She laughs.While we wait, Van and I are engaged in some heavy necking and petting. Oops, almost forgot; Van is about 5’5” tall medium dark skin, average to cute face, shoulder length dark brown hair, slightly stocky figure, about 36-38C, 30-32 inch waist, 38-40 inch ass, thick thighs and a juicy pussy. Pat on the other hand, is 4’11” tall, dark skin, pretty, long coal black hair, approximately 38-40DD, 30 inch waist, 38-40 inch ass, short legs, and a pussy that won’t stop flowing once you get her started.Both are multi-orgasmic and when they are with me, all holes are available. They’ve both told me that they didn’t care for anal with other people, but when we are together it just seems natural. Go figure!?Anyway, after about an hour, Pat knocks on the door. I leave Van sitting on the sofa and go to the door. Pat’s wearing this low-cut white silk sleeveless blouse, a black leather mini-skirt and a pair of low-heeled black pumps.After she comes in I have her sit in a chair on the opposite side of the room from the sofa so that she and Van are looking at each other, face to face. I go to the kitchen to fix Pat a drink and pick up a fresh joint on the way back.I could hear them talking just a little, being cordial, while I was in the kitchen. After I gave Pat her drink, I lit the joint, and gave Van a “shot gun.”Then I took a long draw on the joint and kissed Van, releasing the smoke into her mouth and running my hand up her skirt. Van always liked wide, flowing skirts that showed off her legs. That’s how we first met, but that’s another story.After caressing her legs and ass for a few minutes, I went over to Pat, who had sat quietly, watching the whole thing, and asked her if she was upset. She said no and that she found the whole thing interesting. I then “shot gunned” her, took another drag on the joint, kissed her and released the smoke into her mouth. While I kissed her, I started playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples through her blouse.When her nipples started to get hard and she started to moan, I looked over to Van and saw that she had one hand inside her blouse, playing with her own tits.Standing on one side of the chair, I continued to kiss Pat and waved Van over. She got up, crossed the room, knelt down on the other side of the chair and began caressing Pat’s other tit while at the same time running her hand up Pat’s legs and under her skirt. When she started to suck and nibble on the nipple through her blouse, Pat moaned and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tightly against her breast.This went on for a few minutes and then, when we broke the kiss; I looked at Pat and asked her if she still thought Van was mad at her. Her reply, through clenched teeth as Van bite down on her nipple was, “Uh uh, uhhnnnnnnnnnngh shit!”All three of us broke out in laughter and Pat reached over, grabbed my cock and asked if I had set this up. I told her it was all her fault for stepping out on me and now she had to pay the price. We all laughed again and she said, “Ok, let the punishment fit the crime.” More laughter!Damn, girl, you’re getting me horny thinking about this. Don’t usually remember stuff in this kind of detail. You know, it’s usually, oh, yeah, I did this or that with so and so. Haha!Anyway, at some point we got up, went into the bedroom and undressed. I remember that Van was all over Pat, mauling her tits, biting her nipples, and running her hands all over her body. The kisses were long and deep.Then, I think to all of our surprise, Pat pushed Van down on the bed and started eating her pussy. After watching this for a few minutes, I figured it was time to join the party, so I moved up onto the bed by Van’s head and dropped my dick into her mouth. Ahhhhhhh, those lips, that tongue. This c***d knew how to suck dick.In retro-speck, she and Pat remind me of you. Soft full lips, an educated tongue, and a throat that won’t stop sucking! Uuuummmmm! I’ve got pictures of them somewhere, probably in my stuff in storage. I’ll show them to you one day, if you’re interested.Back to the 3way.As good as Van’s dick sucking was, I didn’t want to cum just yet so I had to pull my cock out of her mouth. She protested a little, but was overcome with her first orgasm of the evening.Pat looked up at me grinning, her face covered with Van’s juices. I moved down the bed, kissed her deeply, tasting Van’s cum in her mouth.She really surprised me, she very softly said, “thanks,” and then started nibbling on Van’s clit and sticking her tongue up her pussy. At the same time, I noticed that she was stroking three of her fingers in and out of Van’s ass. She had Van bouncing on the bed like a ping-pong ball. Up and down, up and down. Tongue and fingers, in and out, in and out. Damn!After squeezing Pat’s tits a few times and pinching her nipples, I mover around behind her and after spreading some of her flowing pussy juices on and into her ass hole, I pushed the head of my dick into her ass.I held it there for a minute and she moaned into Van’s pussy. Then she started rotating and bouncing her ass on my dick. Each bounce driving it a little deeper up her ass.When I was balls deep in Pat’s ass, I reached around her and while mauling her tits with one hand, I inserted three fingers into her dripping wet pussy and started finger fucking her and playing with her clit.I don’t know how long this went on until I came in Pat’s ass, Pat came all over my hand, and Van came again in Pat’s mouth. I remember Van saying something like, “Damn girl, you’re hotter than I thought. You just made two people cum while getting fucked in the ass yourself.”We all laughed!Van set up, pulled Pat to her, and started licking her juices off of Pat’s face. That led to some very deep kisses and a lot of tongue action. I took advantage of the situation to go to the kitchen and freshen up our drinks and grab another joint.When I get back to the bedroom, Van’s lying on the bed on her back, Pat is holding one of Van’s legs in the air while she straddles her in a scissors position, and is grinding her pussy into Van’s and fingering her ass hole. I’m going whoa, this is just too hot and is not what I expected. I figured Van would be the aggressor between them.I put their drinks on a nightstand and sat in a chair at the foot of the bed to watch them while taking a few draws on the joint.After awhile, I got up, “shot gunned” them both and then feed both of them my cock as they continued to fuck each other. While one sucked my dick, the other would lick and tongue my ass and balls.I don’t know how much time passed before I came all over their faces and tits. While I rested, they licked the cum off each other and wound up in a loud, slurpy sixty-nine, tongues and fingers exploring tits, pussies, ass holes, and every inch of naked, sweating flesh.This went on in various configurations all weekend. The following Saturday, I got a phone call about 2-2:30 in the morning. The voice on the other end of the line simply said, “Hi, Van’s here with her tongue in my ear and her hand down the front of my panties. You coming!”Of course, I went!Well, hope you enjoyed that. To the best of my memory, that was my first 3some. Nothing has been exaggerated, made up, or fabricated. I’ve never thought about this like this until now.And oh, by the way, remembering all these details has me leaking like a sieve. I have to change my pants before I leave my room because of the wet spot in the front. Hahahahahahaha!Thanks for making me remember.Loved telling this and putting it into writing. If you like this, maybe I’ll tell you a few more encounters. LOL! Can’t wait to hear another of your “first’s,” or any other experience you want to tell me about, real or fantasy. Just let me know which is which.Halla back,Love Ya