My first black experience (explicit)

So there I am, minding my own business in a shoe shop whilst my friends are paying when a beautiful young black woman drops her phone next to me. "shit" ..she shouts as her phone screen cracks off the tiles. She seems inconsolable as the prospect of it being broken dawns on her. I mention that I know a guy who fixes phones that happens to owe me for giving him a discount on clothes he bought from the store I work in. I said he can fix your phone for next to nothing. I point her in the direction of the shop but being a foreigner, from Nigeria she says, it's clear she has no idea where to go. I tell my buddies I'll be back in a little while whilst I offer to walk her the relatively short distance to the shop. She is more than happy to accept said offer and off we go.I ask her her name. "Olatunde" she answers. Whilst walking beside her I am completely mesmerised by her incredible body. Wearing tight blue jeans and a cute white tank top, she speaks about being here for her last day of a 4 night stay with her friends. She bemoans the lack of male attention she received from Irish men. "They obviously only like white girls" she sighs. I laugh this off and suggest plenty of men would jump at the chance to date her. She smiles when I mention how stunning I think black women are.We enter the shop and hand the phone over for its screen to be replaced. Much to her delight the fully repaired phone is returned free of charge. My friend who works in the phone shop gives me a little nod of acknowledgement as if to say this wouldn't have been possible without my help. This doesn't go unnoticed. As we leave the store she asks me what my plans are for later. "Nothing" I reply. She asks me out. I don't hesitate to say yes. "Meet me back at the shoe shop tonight at 8" she says. We part with a kiss on the cheek and a lingering hug. I knew what was coming later.....I arrive a little early that evening and find out that, to my surprise, she is already waiting eagerly outside the shop. Wearing a figure hugging red skirt that accentuates every curve on her heavenly body, I am almost lost for words. The low cut top allows her massive breasts to get some fresh air. Evening time is much cooler than earlier, even a little chilly, which makes her nipples jut out. It is clear she is wearing no bra. We flirt for hours in a local bar before she suggests we hit the clubs. I am only too willing to oblige. After grinding for a while on the dancefloor we cannot take the tension any longer and proceed to make out. Her wet tongue against mine makes my cock stand on end. Her luscious full black lips open wide as our tongues and saliva meet erotically. She whispers in my ear that she notices a couple of black guys staring at us. She demands we leave. I love how straight forward she is. "The music in here is terrible anyway" she shouts as we head towards to exit. We leave less than an hour after arriving.We decide against going to another club and just get a taxi back to her hotel. I walk her up the stairs to her room. "Come inside?" she says. "But what about your friends?" I reply. "They are in a seperate room and are out for the night anyway" she tells me. I didn't need a second invitation. Once inside we get straight to it. An extended period of passionate kissing her beautiful lips and neck follows. Her tongue feels so warm against mine as if they were meant to be together. After making out and dry humping each other for 10 minutes, she stands up and whips off her top. I bury my face between her huge DD tits. My tongue against her rock hard nipples makes her quiver with excitement. I slowly kiss my way down her perfect chocolate body towards heaven itself. Her panties are tossed to one side as she giggles with glee. Before tasting her i run my nose up and down her legs towards her now sopping wet cunt. The aroma is enough to make my mouth water. Her bush is in pristine condition and a few straggly hairs on her asshole only serve to turn me on some more. She demands that I taste her immediately. Running my tongue between her pussy lips is a taste I will never, ever forget. " I am never washing my mouth again " I tell her but she is too busy enjoying her juices being spread on my lips and tongue to hear. Her eyes rolled back, her moans are defeaning as our fingers interlock while she arrives closer and closer to the point of no return. She is sent over the edge as I suck her gorgeous clitoris and she releases a gushing tangy fluid all over my face. A moment I will take with me to my grave. After this powerful orgasm I decide to move a little lower to her stunning asshole. I proceed to plunge my tongue in and out while she rubs herself off to another leg shiverring orgasm. As I come up and unbutton my pants , the aftertaste of her partly unwashed ass is still prevalent. She prceeds to taste herself as we kiss again briefly before its her turn to head south. Her lips wrap around my rock hard penis with gusto. As if sucking on a lollipop,i can hear her humming "mmm". Moving back and forth between my cock and balls I am in utter ectasy. She licks up and down my taint towards my asshole and flips me over onto all fours. From behind she proceeds to shove her tongue right up my asscrack whilst jerking me off as if milking a cow. I stop right before cumming as she begs me to fuck her. " I need you inside me" she whispers in her soft Nigerian accent. She lies back and spreads her legs with a look on her face akin to a k** at Christmas. Entering her immediately sends shivers down both our spines. I slowly make love to her before we pick up the pace to where my loose hanging white balls are slapping against her drenched vagina. Not only can the sound of my balls against her ass be felt but also the squelching sounds with each thrust, similar to the sound of stepping in a puddle. I pick her up and fuck her mid air while she digs her nails into my back as we rock back and forth in the middle of the hotel room floor. The shrieks and moans from both of us surely woke dozens of fellow guests. I lay her down gently as she rides me to an earth shattering orgasm.I expel load after load of my sticky semen inside her soaked, unprotected black vagina. We lie motionless and out of breath after what must've been close to 3 hours of pure, unadulterated, chandelier swinging sex.Although well and truly drained, we continue to fuck like barnyard a****ls for the rest of the night well into the early hours of the morning. Embarrasingly we get a knock on the door from the hotel maid whilst fucking in the shower. "Fuck off" shouts Olatunde as we break out laughing whilst continuing to fuck. We finish up and part ways at 11'clock that following morning. She passionately kisses me and wipes some of her juices off my stubble whilst doing so. "Thanks for that" I laugh. She checks out of the hotel with her friends at reception all looking at me knowing exactly what went on last night. "We could hear you two all night" they say as they howl with laughter. "Maybe I'll borrow you next time we come back again from Nigeria" one of them says as Olatunde and her black girlfriends look me up and down like dogs looking at a piece of meat. "Maybe you should" I reply as we exchange numbers and leave the hotel. The group of women roll their suitcases down the street towards the taxi rank and Olatunde turns to me and says " thank you". One last kiss follows before I see them off. As I make my way home I promise myself that from this point forward I will only ever have sex with black women.