My First Exhibitionist Experience

I was working most nights and Saturdays, sometimes Saturday nights, stacking supermarket shelves to survive and pay my way through Uni. Sunday was the only day I had to myself. My breasts had finally begun to grow and I was insanely delighted and proud of them. I thought that I was a 'late bloomer' and this sudden, unexpected growth meant that I would pretty soon have a normal pair of tits. They never grew any bigger than just shy of a handful and my jubilation was short lived but at the time I was on a roll. I had just started running and working out so I thought with my breasts finally developing I may soon end up with a pretty hot little body. But that was a long way off at the time. I was still skinny, sexless and more or less tit-less.I was renting a tiny, crappy apartment at the time but it was cheap and within walking distance of the Uni which made it perfect. One good thing about the apartment was that it had a small balcony off my bedroom and every Sunday morning I would sit out there in the early morning sun with a cup of coffee. When my tits unexpectedly grew I started to lie out there on a sun lounge in a bikini. To my weird way of thinking, sunbathing in a bikini was a way of putting my new tits to use. I had no other use for them, despite wanting them desperately for years. I had no other use for them. I had no boyfriend, boys were not interested in me and I was invisible to them.So, every Sunday morning I would put on my bikini, admire my new breasts and lay in the sun for a while on my crappy old sun lounge on the crappy balcony of my crappy apartment. I loved the way my new breasts looked when I looked down my chest while I was lying on my back. I loved seeing that swell of young breast where there had previously been nothing. Nothing at all, just a flat chest exactly like a boy's. One morning when I was lying there in my bikini admiring my new breasts I noticed the pot plants on the balcony one floor up from my apartment and one over from mine start moving. At first I thought it was just the breeze but then I had the distinct feeling someone was watching me. I was horrified and embarrassed that someone could see me like this. I looked ridiculous in a bikini and I never wore one in public. My legs were skinny, my pelvic bones stood out and every one of my ribs was clearly visible. My breasts were small and pathetic and my arms were skinny. I was a skinny, sexless, titless little freak and I wondered what kind of pervert would even want to look at me.I got up and went inside and thought I could never go out there again in my bikini. I found out who lived in that apartment. It was an old guy, about 50 and his ugly old, fat wife. I was even more horrified. Some old guy was perving on me. But after a while I began to think I was being ridiculous and that nobody, not even some old guy would want to perv on me. I mean, there was nothing to look at. Then I thought he was probably just tending his pot plants, his balcony was covered in them and I assumed he was some kind of keen gardener who loved plants.So, I resumed by sunbathing and decided I had been imagining things. After a few Sundays I began to get that feeling that I was being watched again and as I always do I tried to analyze what was going on and what possible explanation there could be. I considered the possibility he was perving on me and that perhaps I had become better looking somehow and had simply not noticed it myself. But a subsequent examination of my bikini clad reflection in a mirror disabused me of that notion. It really made no sense to me. I went back to my original theory that he was simply tending his balcony plants and wasn't perving on me. Yet I couldn't escape the feeling that I was being watched and something very strange began to happen to me. I would get this feeling I was being watched and then I would feel eyes on my body, looking at me, caressing me and it felt like soft gossamer fingers running all over my body. At that time I rarely masturbated and when I did the best I ever got out of it was these faint tremors and nothing more. I began to feel those same tremors every time I lay out there on the balcony in my bikini and I felt those eyes on me. At first I thought it was the sun and the breeze on my bikini clad body that was causing these tremors but after a while I realised that it was the feeling that I was being watched, being perved on. It was a strange and exciting feeling, almost intoxicating. I started to masturbate every time I came in from my sunbathing sessions. I would lean against my bedroom wall near the doorway to the balcony with my bikini bottoms pulled down to mid thigh and rub my clit furiously, trying to hold onto that feeling I got from being perved on.I began to enjoy it and to look forward to Sunday. It became a ritual. Lying out there letting him perv on me then masturbating. I knew it was weird and I didn't understand it but I went with the flow. I didn't have anything going on in my life at the time apart from my studies. The rest of my life sucked as it always had done. So I guess I embraced this new excitement.I wasn't even sure that anyone was even perving on me. Not really. All I had was a strange feeling and some rustling plants. One morning I took my bikini top off and lay there topless and titless, well, almost titless. I don't know why I did it. Partly because I loved that feeling of gossamer fingers caressing my body and partly because I wasn't even sure anyone was perving on me. If they were, I reasoned, it made perfect sense for me to take my top off to sunbathe. Lots of women took their tops off at the beach and my balcony was very private anyway. That upstairs balcony was about the only place that could look down into my balcony and see me.Now that I was topless those imaginary gossamer fingers caressed my naked breasts and nipples and the tremors grew stronger. It was the most amazing feeling and it stayed with me. Every time a man is perving on me, actually perving, not just looking, I feel his eyes on me just like those gossamer fingers.My thinking alternated between - there was a man who found me sexually attractive and was hiding behind his pot plants perving on me, perhaps even masturbating and there was no man there and I was imagining the whole thing. Both schools of thought made me feel reckless. If it were true, I should put on a show for him, if it were not true, it didn't matter what I did.I used to get very turned on lying out there. Those imaginary gossamer fingers on my body, especially my breasts made me want to rush into my bedroom and masturbate. I began to imagine what they would feel like on my naked cunt. I began cutting my sunbathing session short by rushing off to masturbate. Then I started to go back out there when I'd finished. I had this incredibly urge, like a need, to do something more, to escalate things in some way.One morning I rolled onto my stomach and pulled my bikini bottoms down to expose my ass. As an experiment, just to see how it would feel. I felt those gossamer fingers on my ass immediately and I sat up, took my bottoms right off and lay there naked on my stomach. After a while I began to feel those gossamer fingers caressing my cunt and I was horrified that my cunt must be on display. After a while I didn't care.After I had done this for a few Sundays I slid my hand under my body and began to surreptitiously rub my clit. Oh God it felt good. Lying out there naked in the morning sunshine, those gossamer fingers all over my body and my own, very real finger on my clit. Now I didn't have to rush inside to masturbate. I did it out there. The second time I did it I became very reckless. I was just so excited I sort of lost control a bit. I ended up on my hands and knees on that sun lounge, completely naked, my ass pointing towards the plant covered balcony above me, with my hand under my body rubbing my clit furiously. I didn't care and I wasn't thinking.I would go out there naked, not even bothering with the bikini. I would lie on my back with my legs apart, my cunt pointing up at the balcony above me. I'd rub my clit and even began to finger fuck myself in plain view of whoever was watching me. I loved it. Up to that point in time it was the sexiest, most exciting thnig I had ever done in my life. This went on for almost 9 months before I caught my first glimpse of a white face peering out between the pot plants. A white face in a mass of green leaves. I had never been certain that anyone had been there but now that I knew for certain the first thought I had was to wonder if he masturbated while he watched me. I would lie there naked with my eyes half closed watching him watching me and I worried that he would be able to see my body trembling with excitement. I would masturbate out there and imagine him watching me, jerking off and maybe cumming in his pot plants, burying his cum with potting mix to hide the evidence, maybe wiping his cock with a leaf. I didn't know but my imagination ran wild. I began to imagine him standing up naked, jerking off in plain sight of me and him cumming, shooting his cum into the air and it sailing through the air down to land on my naked body one floor below and to the left of him. Every time there was a knock on my door I would think it was him, come down to fuck me. That he would tell me he knows that I like him watching me and he has come down to fuck me because he knows that was what I wanted. I don't think he ever knew that I knew he was watching me. I used to pass him on the stairs sometimes and he always said hello and I always said hello back. It all stopped when they moved away. i went out there one Sunday morning and I didn't feel the gossamer fingers on my body and I knew he wasn't there. Same thing next Sunday, so I made inquiries and discovered that he and his wife had moved out. I was desolated but I still sunbathed out there naked every Sunday morning. I never masturbated any more though. It was just nice lying naked in the sun. My tits hadn't grown any more beyond that one pathetic growth spurt but in a strange way that experience made me feel a tiny bit more confident sexually and may have prepared me for Brian, who I had met at Uni while the perv sessions were going on. Now I knew there was at least one man in this world who found me sexually attractive and attractive enough to actually perv on. There may be more and Brian may be one of them, I thought.