My First Time wet

I Begged him to use that same mouth to lick my pussy. I begged and begged. He opened my pants and rubbed his finger on my pussy through my panties. My wetness went thru. He moaned and grinded against my leg more when he felt that. He wanted more his penis was too hard. I've never felt his penis against me that hard before. He sounded different. We would play around before let him suck my tits and finger my pussy and I would let him jerk off on my tits but I never sucked it I only licked the head a little. No sex involved, I barely touched it, but I loved to look at it. His penis was so SEXY. And he knew what it was doing to me. He would tease me A LOT. He had so much patience. He would be rock hard sometimes and he wouldn't even attempt to pull my panties completely off and fuck me. He was aware of my body and what it needed. Being older he kept me at bay and I was the beggar. He would smile and sometimes he would cum really hard and fast when I begged. That day.He must of watched too many porno's or he didn't cum before I came over. He think I didn't know but I saw the tissues and lube on the dresser and sometime he would answer the door look like he was really tired he couldn't keep his eyes open a lot of days. He tried to control his cock. But as all you guys know YOU CAN'T. I wanted more I knew I had to work a little harder. I wasn't pretending I was moaning harder also as he sucked my tits. I begged again for him to lick my pussy, for the first time he did it. I opened my legs after he slowly took of my panties. My legs were shaking from excitement. I told him wait, I wanted him to lick my pussy only if he take off his pants and underwear and then and only then he could lick it. I watched every second. His hands unbuttoned his pants and I gasped from excitement. He moaned again and reached in his pants to pull the HUGE cock out. My eyes closed and my pussy juiced up seeing his cock. He licked his lips and licked me like I had strawberries and whipped cream on my pussy. He knew what my sudden change in body movement meant. But I didn't I felt like I was floating I felt like this was the best feeling EVER. My body was trembling and something was happening to me.......I yelled a little. He stopped abruptly. I said NOOOOOO....... trying to find his head while I felt dizzy and light headed reaching out to pull his head close to my pussy but he was already sliding up my body to give me his cock. When his cock touched my pussy the head and shaft rubbing all over it across up and down slowly aiming the head at my pussy hole. A little push he got a lot of wetness on it. My mouth was open my eyes felt heavy my pussy was about to be fucked. I was so ready. He would dip his head in again teasing me and then pulling back out while he sucked on my tits again. My pussy never felt cock before and it's very very Very tight but my wetness......he pushed it a little bit more inside me a little deeper the entire head went in. Then he pulled it out very slow. I told him if he do that again he had to stop. I couldn't catch my breath but he knew he could tease me all night and i would lay there and take every dip and grind and pull out he gave me. Thats when he got up his cock swinged back and forth and that is the only thing i could see. I watched him as he walked over to the dresser and pull out a condom and came back over ripping the wrapper with his teeth spitting the paper on the floor then standing over me attempting to put on a condom. I told him not put one on. My first time i wanted to feel EVERYTHING including his cum. When i watch porno i see how the women enjoy a cream pie and I wanted to feel that. He threw the condom down and my pussy was so tight but once the head was in the shaft was thick also it was painful at first but he would fuck me slow at first but he knew what would make me cum he fucked me fast and with out concern of my tight pussy. He was enjoying it. He shot his cum in me three times that night. Once on my tits. He came the last time and feel asleep immed. On top of me. His cock was still inside me. He woke up and told my my body was made for sex. Once he said that I wanted him to fuck me right then. While he fucked me I asked him why he waited so long he groaned and could barely speak as he banged and fucked me hard he slowed down and told me that once him and I had sex I would look at him different and want to have sex a lot. He wanted me but wanted to tease me until I begged for it. Thats when it was time. and I did Beg. I begged a lot after that. I got pregnant once then I started taking birth control I hated condoms so.........Birth control only made my breast bigger and I was hornier more often. The entire summer Doug and I must of had sex at least 2 times a day the entire summer. I didn't feel good unless he gave me his cock. I couldn't get to his cousin's house fast enough every single day. Just to take off my pants or shorts off and let him suck my tits for at least a half an hour. One time I told Doug I wanted him to lick my pussy at the same time fuck me hard. He told me that would be impossible but he could have his friend lick my pussy while he fucked me. I said one of your guy friends would do that? He said hell no he would get one of his ex girlfriends to lick me. I told him I never let a woman do that to me. It had to be a guy. He couldn't have sex with me then he told me any guy eat a woman pussy he would expect to get some pussy from her. I said laying in bed horny I told him I wanted to have my tits sucked at the same time also. He knew I was starting to want more. His cock is and was enough but he made me a sex feen. He made me enjoy sex so much I wanted to explore. With him being the only cock that would make me scream. Today I will let another man have his way with me. ..... will write about it.