My friend's dad

would be getting slim now that Brad would be going home to his family forthe holidays. We were roommates and lovers, and our sex was everybit as hotas the first time we got it on. Brad was a junior, a year ahead of me. Hewas one sexy guy, about 6'2" and 190 lbs. of pure All-American jockmuscle. He had boy-next-door looks to match, with slightly blonde hair andpiercing green eyes that he often kept hidden with the rim of his baseballcap. I had assumed he was in a fraternity until I had signed up for anindependent intramural football team and saw to my delight that Brad, whombefore I'd only seen in my calculus class, was on the team. It turns outthat we got to become pretty good friends, hanging out on weekend nights,or playing spontaneous games of football or basketball with the other guyswhenever the weather was good.And since that one night when we got a little too drunk and started foolingaround, our sex, like our erections, has been nonstop and hard. Like I say,Brad has one hot body, and his big stallion dick is a nice addition, butwhat really got me going was that he has what must have be the horniestbutt on campus. It was great: this totally masculine jock god couldn't getenough of my not too small cock up his tight, hot ass.But by now I had gotten used to fucking Brad at least once a day, and Iknew he would be heading to Chicago for the four weeks. One mid December Iwas in my room fantacizing about Brad's warm ass as I shoved my sausage uphis hole. And Brad's slightly hairy chest as I shot on it while riding hishorse dick. Just that morning I had woken up to a quick fuck session withmy stud friend. It had snowed the night before but indoors our rutting keptus warm. Afterward, unfortunately, he had to go get a bunch of shit done,so there I was, hardon in my hand, wondering what I'd do with my fuckingjism without this hot guy around the house to releive me.Just as I was getting a rhtyhm on my wood, the doorbell of the house rang."Shit," I said, and reluctantly pushed my rod into a pair of jeans Islipped on. When I opened the door, the only thing I could think was "Shit,nothing" The man who stood before me was a fucking stud. Late forties, Iwould guess, with a build that was fucking packed. His hair was lightbrown, with only a hint of gray, and his smile just radiated sex."Uh, is umm, Brad here?" the hunk asked. Immediately, I began to wonderwhat secrets Brad might be keeping from me."Nah, he's running around today trying to get stuff ready before he leaves.Come on in if you like. It's damn cold outside." 'Sure, that sounds good."After he stepped in and took off his coat, he offered me his hand. "Hi, I'mBill Harris, Brad's father."Jesus! I didn't know what to say, certainly not with the firm grip he nowhad on my hand. I invited him to wait in Brad's room. I went to fetch himsome coffee, and when I returned he was wearing only a T-shirt and boxers."Is there a dryer I can stick these wet clothes in?" I showed him where thedryer was and we headed back to Brad's room. I couldn't really think, Ijust knew that my heart was pounding at the sight of this sexy man, withhis hairy, thick legs, and that my dick was harder than hell. I sat onBrad's bed and he sat backward in the desk chair, his legs stradling theback. I could make out a bed of pubic hair up the legs of his boxers, but Iplayed it as nonchalant as I could. We actually had a great conversation,and I found out that Bill was a real funny man. Of course we startedtalking about women, which I wasn't real into, but I thought, hell, thisguy's married and that's the way he thinks about things.But the less attention I paid to his words and the more I paid to his body,the less convinced of myself I was becoming. For one, he was looking mestraight in the eye, matching my lustful stares with his own. At the sametime, he would absently scratch his chest or stretch his large biceps, inwhat seemed to me a calculated effort to get me all randy. The clincherthough was down below. I could see his dickhead snaking down the length ofhis boxer leg and his tube fill up. At first I was embarrassed, but whenafter a while I saw a nearly erect prick sticking out Bill's boxers Ithough "fuck it" and said "Hey Bill, looks like someone's asking for alittle help." I said, nodding to his crotch.He looked down. "Yeah, guess so." He leisurely stood up and sauntered overto the bed. "You wanna help me here?" I didn't say anything, just pulleddown the shorts and marveled at the fuckstick that popped in front of myeyes. I put the head in my mouth and began sucking like hell. Bill put hishand on my head and began face fucking me with his footlong rod. I couldn'tbelieve it, but he was even more hung than Brad was. "Fuck yes," he gasped,throwing his head back, as I gave him the best head I could. "You know howto do a guy right." He thrust his hips forward, pushing me back down to thefloor. His dick still plugging in and out of my throat, he assumed positionabove me and start doing pushups, driving his meat in and out at a furiouspace. Suddenly, he gave a few short thrusts and I could feel a river ofcome hose down my throat.Before he had finished spewing, Bill pulled his prickmeat from the depthsof my throat and knelt up above me. His sperm was spouting on my chest andneck and his chest was sweaty and heaving. "You're a good suck, John. How'dyou like to be fucked by a real dick?" He didn't need to hear my answer,precome was leaking out of my hardon just at the sight of this stud of aman towering over me. All I could do was reach up and grab his ballsac. His nuts were huge and round, like golf balls, in perfect proportionto the gargantuan stick that waved above.Following Bill's command, I flipped myself over and was surprised to feel awarm wetness as my ass. Brad's father was rimming me and I had to checkmyself or else blow my load all over the carpet. "You like that, don't youboy?" he asked "I bet you Brad keeps you pretty happy with his tongue... oris it his dick that you prefer?" So the fucker knew about me and Brad. Whatthe hell I thought. Here's a sexy man tonguing my hole about to give me thefuck I need. I decided to play back."Naw, I said, I like fucking Brad whenever I can. He has a nice tight assand good butt, you know." Bill left his rimming position and moved up toput his wet cockhead at my entrance. "But it's my meat you want to take,right, slut boy? Tell me, are you as tight as Brad?" At that question, hepushed his fuckprod up me and began to develop a regular and steady thrust.At that point the door opened and there stood Brad. "Hey John, Hey Dad. Iwas going to introduce you, but it looks like you've already becomeacquainted." Brad shut the door and proceeded to take of his coat, hissweater, then the rest of his clothes. He was harder than I had ever seenhim, and his nipples stuck out, calling for a good sucking. Bill'sattention, originally diverted by his son's entry, was now back tobuttfucking me. I was too occupied to know what Brad was doing, but then Inoticed he was behind his father, porking his own rod up the full ass. Thethought of Brad doing his dad sent me over the edge and I shot everywhere."Jesus Brad," Bill exclaimed between grunts, "you know how to find goodass. I haven't had any this good in a while." I lay back and felt thefucking of the two men above me, felt Bill's slick meat pound in and out ofmy ass. I felt I might come again and was slowly working my cock againstthe wettened carpet. Within a span of a few seconds, Bill and his son bothcame into the ass below them, and the excess of their loads was drippingdown between my legs, over my tight balls.When we pulled out of each other's hold, I went over to Brad and planted mymouth on his. "Glad you're home," I said, "I missed you." "Yeah, I missedyou too," he replied and resumed our passionate kiss. "Hey, what about me?"Bill said. "Yeah, you too." Brad said, turning to suck face with his dad. Ithen put my mouth to Bill's and our tongues fought while I felt the smoothroughness of his shaven face and the strength of his arms rubbing my backand my come drenched butt. "Why don't we take a nap?" said Brad, " The bedcan hold all three of us." We didn't sleep, though.