My Friends mother part 4

I went to my hotel to freshen up after the long drive, before taking a taxi to her home a small but perfectly formed terrace house in Whitley bay, I knocked on the door at 6pm, do be greeted with the big smile that I fell for all those years ago, as expected a bottle was opened and a second swiftly followed, and the chat turned to sex, as it usual did, and she leant forward to me and said, I know you liked my panties many years ago, why don’t you go upstairs and there is a suitcase on the bed in the room on the left. I poured another drink not wanted to seam to excited, but the bulge in my jeans probably gave it away, and took the thirteen stairs and turned left as instructed, and there it was on a single bed. At this point I just wanted to pop my cock out with the anticipation alone, but waited to see what was in the suitcase.I popped the catches and as I opened it a voice spoke behind me, ‘I never could bear to throw away any close even though I may never fit in them again, have a look in there and put on anything you fancy and come into the bedroom across the hall when your ready’ and as the door closed, there was one final comment, there are a few things hanging in the wardrobe you want, just don’t come out in anything to masculine’Inside the suite case was panties, knickers, girdles shapewear, bras of all shapes sizes and colours, I turned to look in the wardrobe, there was only two items hanging in there a green nurses uniform, and a pair of jodhpurs, the two items I had lusted after on Daryl over my teenage years, and still do to this day, so it was to be one of these I had to wear to go into the next room, first back to the suitcase. My fantasy always had her in white satin panties, so I stated to see what I could find, and bingo there was a pair, satin front and back with a small lace ‘V’ on the front to show some one where to go for the enjoyment, next up was a matching bra, not quite as white as the panties but close enough, I found one, 42C next tights or stockings, white would be good, whilst rummaging through there it was a white girdle, Playtex 18 hour, with the satin panel, I was so tempted to knock on off to this find, the dream fetish item for me at least, I had to put it on. I striped off, my cock sticking out, and its tip dripping, I eased on the girdle, eased is the wrong word, pulled on as it was so tight, my cock sprung out as it came out of the bottom, next on was the panties, followed by a pair of white stocking that I attached to the suspenders on the girdle, under the panties, so I could do whatever I needed to later, the bra went on, then back to the wardrobe, with the girdle and stockings it had to be the nurses dress, I wanted to find some shoes, but nothing available, so zipped up the dress and gave my cock a little rub, wondering what was going to come next.I walked across the landing an d knocked on the door, ‘Come in’ Darryl said , I entered to a dimly lit room, and there she was in a bathrobe, she said ‘I thought you liked that, pull up your dress, and lets see what you have on under there’ I did as I was told, ‘I see your getting wet, but first pull it up some more I want to see that girdle’ she leant forward to rube my cock in the panties, and said ‘You need to get rid of that so you can last longer later’ sit in the chair and face me,’ I did so, and got another instruction ‘hitch up your skirt and drip the panties’ I was hoping at this point she was going to take control and bring me to a climax, but I was sadly mistaken, ‘ knock one off for me whilst I watch’ no matter asking she was not going to help me out with this one, I was offered a little lube to help me on my way, after the first stroke, she stood up dropped here dressing gown to reveal her in a all in one girdle with stockings, took a step forward, kissed me long and hard on the mouth, and griping my wanking hand to stop it moving, after a long kiss, she sat on the bed and told me to ‘Carry on, don’t get any cum on the dress or girdle, tell me when your close’ I wanted to last so slowed down my strokes and slackened my grip, but it would only help so much, I was ready, called out to that end, and she leant forward pulled the panties of my ankles, and placed them on my leg and told me to ‘cum in them’ seconds later I did, it was then she said, ‘now that’s out of the way, we can have some fun, but need to get some clean panties’ she stood up opened a cupboard and pulled out a pair of white panties, deep sided granny panties if you will. ‘These are what I wear now, and so will you’ I stood up and put them on, nice and snug if I do say so myself, I then adjusted my dress, and I followed her down stars, where the glasses were refilled, and she thanked me for the show, and said, ‘I want to play with you tonight, it’s been 4 years since I had a man, and there are things I have fantasised about over these years, that I want to do to you tonight’