My high school adventures part 2

I hope you enjoy let me know what you think. After the first adventure with my previouse teacher we had spent a lot of time during the summer talking over the phone and sending pictures. I must have cum so much that summer. It eventually came time for the end of high school prom. I got myself i nice three piece suit and a fresh haircut. The prom was amazing when i got there it was just full of sexy girls in sexy dresses with full make up. My cock was so hard all the way through it. I noticed that miss. S my english teacher wasnt there, she didnt say anything about it. It was a shame because i really wanted to fuck her at prom. I messaged her "where are you?" She messaged my back saying that she couldnt make it, butbshe would make it up to me. I got over it and decided to try and work my magic with girls my age.When that wasnt working when everyone had eaten and was beginning to dance and drink i decided to go into the room next to ours that was empty for some room. I went in and sat against the table staring out the window when i heard the door behind me open. It was my history teacher, another very sexy teacher. I wanked over her so much as well, although she was only new to the school we new each other fairly well."Hello will may i join you?"she asked. "Err..yes of course" i replied standing and facing her. I noticed what she was wearing. An amzing tight red dress showing off her curves. She was a bigger women but just the right size perfect tits and ass. She had her brown hair up in a nice style that must have taken a while. Her face was so beautiful she had perfect make up with red lipstick to match her dress and heels. Her blue sparkling eyes excentuated by her smokey eye shadow. I was in my waistcoat and shirt with my tir, i left my jacket in the other room. She came and sat next to me on the table."You come to get a breather too?" She asked as we both looked out the window."Yeah not really my type of thing" i said smiling."Come on handsome lad like you must get all the ladies"she said nudging me and winking i smiled and laughed in reply."Miss. S seems to like you" she said and my face went red as i looked at her in suprise. "Dont acted suprised, of course she told me what happened and dont worry i wont tell anyone." She said smiling and now facing me. "She told me every. Last. Detail." She said as she got closer her voice almost a whisper and her hand on the top of my tie. I knew what she wanted and i wanted it too. I leant into her kissing her hard and passionatley. Our tongues taking turns in each others mouths. I turned her round and began to kiss her neck as i took off her backless dress with ease. She leant against the table as i took one of her perfect legs in my hand and kissed her neck. In a swift move i took off her bra and began to kiss her nipples biting on them slightly fondling them hard in my hand."Oooo you cheeky boy!" She said as she twisted me round and grabbed my tie. She ripped it off and took my waistcoat off and then my shirt revealing my toned body."Wow you keep yourself fit" she said running her hands up my body and then to the bulge in my pants. She then slid to her knees. She unbuckled my belt despite her long red nails. She pulled them down fast my cock springing out like an inappropriate jack in the box. Her eyes lit up when she saw the size of my hard throbbing cock."Wow miss. S wasnt lying" She immediatly took my cock in her mouth making me gasp as she went up and down like she was desperate for my cock. Her tongue flowing over my head in circles as she went up and down. Her lipstick leaving red marks up and down my cock. I grabbed her head and forced my whole length down her throat making he gag and cough up spit. My cock covered in her spit and herneyes watering i held her there making until she pressed her hands on my thighs desperate for air. I pulled her up and she gasped for air and smiled up at me. I squeezed her cheeks together and pulled her off her knees. "You are so sexy ive always wanted to fuck my slutty teachers. Ive seen you at the front of the class showing off your amazing ass ready for my cock to fuck you." I say in her face she seemed suprised by my dirty words and then smiled. I bent her over the table in the room and took off her matching knickers and threw them next to my pants on the floor, to keep. Her head pinned on the table i slid my cock in her making her moan. I looked to the heavens with the pleasure i felt her warm wet pussy feeling amazing. I pinned her arms down on thendesk as i began to pound her my huge cock going in and out in and out fast and hard. The music was loud so drowned out her screams and the pounding. She started to scream "OH FUCK ME WILL FUCK ME HARD IVE ALWAYS WANTED YOUR COCK OH GOD!" This only made me fuck harder as i pulled her hair and smacked her ass with the other hand hard making her ass cheeks go bright red. " your my little naughty slut!" i said she was moaning even louder now and i felt her edging towards cumming. She began to shake and quiver as she screamed "Ahhhh im cumming ohhhhhh ahhhh!" Her back arched and her body shook violently as her juices covered my cock. "Im gunna cum"i said moaning"Dont cum in me, errr cum in my mouth" i pulled out and she slid down taking my head in her mouth and i moved her head fucking her skull violently as i filled her mouth with my cum. Normally, we would have done more but we could sense the party had come to a close and people would be looking for us. She qucickly showed me my lake of cum i made in her mouth and she swallowed. "MMMMM so delicious" she said as it went down. We quickly got dressed and she fixed her makeup."Where are my knickers?" She said in a panic staring at me. I pulled them partly out of my pocket and winked causing her to smile and we left .The end Thank you for reading hoped you like let me know if you want part 3 message me for anything