My Lady Tenants Under The Bed Smelly Undies Tights

I thought you'd like to here about a bit of luck I had the other day.I moved in with my lady friend as we had bought a house together, so I decided to let my flat out to rent , a nice young couple came to view it and the young lady was very pretty, and was very long legged sporting jean shorts and nice shiny opaque tights and trainers a good look as far as I'm concerned on young ladies she introduced herself as katy.To be honest I had trouble keeping my eyes off her legs they were gorgeous and so very long, so much so she must have had trouble finding tights long enough in the body to wear, I had to concentrate for business sake but as soon as her long nylon legs walked into my front room to view the flat, right there and then I decided I didn't need to have any more viewers for the letting if they wanted it.So moving in day came for me and my lady friend, which went very well and the young couple moved into my flat the day after, a week passed and they texted me to say everything was ok apart from a few small things nothing major a constant dripping tap and one of the hinges on a wardrobe door (id forgot to repair) had worked lose and the door had fell off, they were simple jobs that her fella could have done but the guy was young and to be fair was paying enough in rent, so Katy asked me to pop round, so I arranged to go round at the end of the week.I decided to pop round Friday and caught her as she was going out shopping with her mum, “oh! Hi i forgot you were coming round” my first thought was if her mums legs were as gorgeous and long as hers, Katy had a nice white blouse, short checked black and white skirt a lovely pair of black diamond patterned style fashion tights, which were semi- opaque showing a lot more definition than the thick black opaque tights I saw her in before and knee length leather boots making her look a lot older than the teen look she sported when she came round to view the flat.I told her not to worry id come back another day and she said "don't be silly you have keys, when your finished lock up after you" ...this my nylon loving friends Was music to my ears, although id have to be careful i reckon a quick sneaky look at her undie drawer would be the order of the day So Katy left and I got on with the jobs, first the dripping tap a quick fix a new washer 5 minute job, while I was in the bathroom I spied the wash bin I thought I may get lucky and find some smelly panties or tights but sadly not today just a few old towels, then off to the bedroom to fix the wardrobe door I took off the old hinge which was broken and went to replace it with the new one but as I was doing the last screw up I must have got excited at the prospect of a pantie raid in katy`s undies drawer that I dropped the screw to the hinge and it rolled under her bed. DAMN! I got down on all fours to take a look and I was a but shocked, for such a tidy and presentable girl she just discarded her clothes by kicking them under the bed, then I suppose she picked them up on wash day a bit lazy especially as the wash bin was only in the next room.I rooted around and found the screw, but I couldn't resist searching through the worn items of clothing and “WHAT A FIND”! there were a pair of jeans a sweater and blouse and 3 pairs of panties, 1 sexy lacy see through thong obviously a seduction tool and 2 sensible but pretty lacy daily pairs probably for work, all 3 were smelling of katy`s lovely young pussy.Being 44 and her 22 it had been quite a while since id smelt that young pussy smell, ladies of an older age seem to dribble pee more (although not bit a bad thing) it was nice to smell panties that were more just natural pussy for a change .I reached under again and pulled out a skirt and "BINGO"! ... a pair of tights more or less the same as the ones she went out shopping in fell out of the skirt and also inside the tights an added bonus a lovely pair of lacy black panties "WOW"! what a find, after the disappointment of no wash bin treasure. By the smell of the 2 items they'd both been worn a few days ago as the smell was quite strong not fresh but the young pussy smell was still there along with a nice odour of lady pee there was no way I was going to steal either item for pleasures later on as they may be missed if she remembers she put them under there so I thought I'd better make use of them now.I took off my boots, socks and jeans and put the tights on they were quite thick but silky soft to touch and as they were a few days smelly even when I pulled them up to my waist I could smell katy`s pussy.I then started to rub myself through the nylon material while sniffing the front and gusset of her panties this made me rock hard, it was a fantastic smell, when I was hard as hard as I could possibly get, I pulled the tights down to my thighs and really went for it, I knew I didn't have long so couldn't take my time, I continued to have deep sniffs of katy`s panties and built up a good head of steam, I wanted to carry on sniffing her pussy smell as I came so I pulled the tights back up a little bit until the gusset section which was one of those re-enforced ones that really hold in the lady juices, was in position right under my cock ready to take my load.I could feel this was going to be a good cum load as my body was shuddering as I pulled my cock furiously back and forth, after a minute or so I was ready and aimed my cock head at her nylon gusset rubbing it on the nylon on the down strokes, I could feel my cum building up and as it left my balls I held the panties as close to my face and took a deep breath in, heightening my cum even more and blasted 3 nice thick pearly white creamy shots into her tights gusset.I looked at the tights and took my mobile out and took a pic of katy`s cum coated tights then took them off lay them on the bed with the panties and took another for my nylon folder then I got dressed. If I had more time I would have had a modelling session in panties and tights but I hadn't so I tried to put the panties,tights and skirt back under the bed in the place I found them, I also placed 2 of the pairs of panties under the bed but thought she wouldn't miss 1 pair so I took the smelliest of the everyday panties for a nice long sniff and wank session later on, I also quickly checked out her undies drawer and chose a nice pair of sheer nylon barely black tights that wouldn't be missed as she had a drawer full of nylon .As it happens I was very lucky with my horny nylon session, just as id locked up and walked down the stairs I bumped into Katy and her yummy mummy ( maybe 45-47ish but in very good condition a very well kept lady) I was quite a while longer than I should have been in the flat, so I told her id looked at a few other bits while I was there ( well her underwear were other bits I suppose) LOL! and she even said "thanks for that " and I replied " no, it was my pleasure" and it really was,i bid them farewell as I past them on the stair and as her mum got half way up the stairs I looked behind and up at her lovely long sheer black nylon legs with 4" black heels to compliment those great legs ,I'm sure I could see a stocking top unless that was just my fantasy but as I got to the top of her legs and looked further up towards her face she was looking straight at me, I shrugged and gave her my I've been caught miss naughty schoolboy look and she in turn gave me a "I KNEW YOU'D LOOK, SMILE AND WINK " ....VERY SEXY ! ......I WONDER ?