My Mechanic, Second Encounter

Two days after my first encounter with Jim, I saw the number for the garage come up on my phone. My heart was racing and i felt a tingle between my legs as i answered it, wondering if It would be Jim and his big cock telling me he was ready to have me again. I was disappointed when it was just the desk guy telling me the car was ready and I could pick it up when i was ready. I acknowledged and hung up the phone, wondering when Jims hammer was going to sooner had i put my phone in my purse when i heard it chime off. It was a text from an unknown number: Hey, its Jim, how about you come buy right after we close at 7 to get your car.I texted back that I’d be there at 7:30, to which he replied: “can’t wait”. I was thinking the same thing. At first i had figured this would be an easy way to get ahead a bit in my poor life, but the whole act was becoming a huge turn on for me. The thought that i owed this man my body made me feel dirty and slutty and all the things good girls aren’t supposed to feel! It made me feel sexy and desired to be such a valuable commodity…to know I had an effect on men. When i got off the phone it was only 3:30 so i had plenty of time to get ready. I went about my normal tasks but in the back of my head I was thinking about what I was going to do that night, what I was going to let him do to me. I was already moist when he sent me a picture of his dick over txt. Having the visual drove me crazy. I remembered how thick it felt in my mouth, and i imagined it filling me up. Eventually the time came to head out and I gathered myself in front of the mirror before leaving. I left the house wearing a light, low cut white top that was one of the best I had for showing off my tits. My legs were bare but ended at a skirt that could be adjusted to be much shorter once i left the house! Underneath the skirt i wore a small thong that covered almost nothing. If i positioned myself in certain ways i could offer a nice view of my bum if i wanted ;-) I did just that when the Uber driver dropped me off at the garage….I wondered to myself for a second if he thought i was a hooker or escort or something… but he didn’t say anything and just pulled off, leaving me standing in the cool night air alone. My pussy lips, which I had shaved clean earlier, felt cold against the front of my panties. I realized that my leaky warm peach was soaking into the small bit of fabric that struggled to contain it. It made me feel naughty, as i looked toward the only light coming from the shop, a metal door, hanging open on its hinges…an obvious invitation. I had told him earlier that I’d txt when i was there but i thought i’d seize the upper hand a bit and just show up unannounced. I walked through the side door and made my way to Jim’s office. He was there, as i assumed he’d be. He was taken aback a bit at first, surprised to suddenly see me…but he regained himself quickly and stood up, smiling, and gesturing towards the chair in front of his desk. I took the invitation and sat down on the old wooden chair. Jim got up from behind his desk, making his way around it, past me and towards the door. I noticed his bulge when he got up and knew he was already at least half hard. He shut the door with a bit of a slam, causing the blinds to bang against the sticker covered door window. I had a momentary feeling of nervousness and fear for some reason, but it was brief, and I actually think it made me a little more turned on. After shutting the door Jim stood before me and we exchanged brief small talk about the car and how I was doing. I could tell he saw it as a formality, a quick exchange before the real business could be taken care of. Jim was gripping his cock through his pants, and i thought he was going to pull it out but instead he asked if i wanted a drink. I nodded and told him ‘I’d like that’. I was somewhat relieved because my nerves were rising up a bit and I could tell Jim was feeling a little bit awkward as well. He grabbed a bottle of makers mark out of his desk and two shot glasses, filling them to the brim.“To business deals”, he joked with a smile. I laughed a bit and we downed our drinks, which Jim followed with another. He asked if i wanted a third but i declined while he poured another for himself and swallowed it down. i could feel the warmth from the drinks spreading throughout me, loosening me up and reminding me how much i was turned on by this situation I found myself in. With my confidence now boosted a bit, i got up from the chair and sat on the desk on his side, with my legs crossed.“So are you ready to do this Jimmy?” I asked him with what i hoped was a cute, seductive face.“Been ready all day!” he replied, reaching out with his rough mechanics hands to touch my soft pale legs. He reached to the inside of my thighs, slowly sliding his hand from my knee upwards, pulling my right leg away and open. He then went right to my now very wet pussy, rubbing it through the thin barrier of my panties.He smiled widely, seeming pleased and said, “damn girl, already good and wet aren’t ya?” I just smiled and put my head back, letting out a slight moan as he pushed my panties aside and stuck his middle finger into my eager hole. He worked it in and out for a bit, asking me if i liked it, telling me i was hot and sexy. I was really turned on by that point, with both booze and sex swirling around in my head. I loved the slutty feeling I got from letting this man have the young girl he desired. I felt sexy knowing he was so completely into me and that i was driving him crazy. It made me hot knowing he had a wife somewhere, that he was much older than me, and he was willing to risk it all to fuck my young ass. I hopped off the desk, feeling bold, and turned away from him, pulling my skirt up to expose my butt. Still in his chair he reached over with both hands and pulled me by the hips towards him. He started laying kisses on my ass while reaching around to play with my clit some more. when i took a peek i saw his dick was pressing hard against his pants and he was fully ready to go. Seconds later Jim had had enough foreplay and stood up, turned me towards the desk and bent me over. I heard his belt buckle and zipper as he took his pants down, one hand quickly returning to grab my ass while the other pulled his thick cock out, quickly put a condom on and readied it for my willing puss. He gave my ass a little smack, causing me to yelp just a tiny bit, also sending another wave of horniness through me! He then slapped his dick against my ass a few times, taking in the view i assumed. The head of his cock making its way between my thighs is what i felt next…he rubbed it along the length of my vagina, getting it good and wet and getting me even more turned on and ready for him. He teased me like this a bit, going back and forth, pausing at my hole as if he was going to enter only to rub his cock against my clit again. When he did finally thrust it in it momentarily took my breath away as my body quivered, receiving what it had been waiting for all this time. He started off slowly, which was good because even though i was really wet, he was very thick, but soon it was a perfect snug fit. He was hard as a rock, and i could feel every vein and ridge on his cock throbbing deep inside me. Both his hands were alternating between gripping my ass and rubbing my body. I had both hands on the desk, but took a quick moment to pull off my shirt and bra, letting my big tits fall free. He reached around and grabbed and massaged my breasts without missing a beat. His thrusts were pounding into me, warming my whole body with sex. After having me from behind for a bit, he turned me around without a word and lifted me up till i was sitting on the edge of the desk with my legs wide. He wrapped his arms around me and i wrapped my legs around him, taking him into me again. He fucked me on the edge of the desk like that, occasionally sucking or playing with my tits for a bit longer before i could sense he was going to cum.He asked in a panting voice, “I’m going to cum soon, can i cum on your tits?” I nodded yes as the idea of this man i knew as a young girl cumming on me made me feel even more slutty and turned on. He picked up his pace and I could feel his cock tensing up, ready to blow. He pulled out, saying he was about to cum while at the same time expertly pulling the condom off. I slid off the desk and dropped down low to give him a good shot at my tits. He let out a loud moan and shot a huge load. Most of it landed on my chest but two big shots hit me in the face, running down and dripping off my chin. I cleaned up with a towel he had conveniently nearby and we both dressed somewhat hurriedly. He thanked me before walking towards the door, telling me he’d pull my car around for me. While he did that i took a moment to take in what i had just done. Part of me felt a little guilty but only for a moment. I was glad that i could do something fun and sexy and get something valuable out of it. I knew no one would find out and so far the whole experience had been a good one. He gave me a little pat on the butt one last time, smiled and thanked me again for the great time as i was getting into the car. I told him with a grin that i’d be waiting to hear from him for the final ‘payment’, and pulled off, already curious about what that next encounter would be like.