My New Job - Part 1

This past Monday was my first day. I walked into the kitchen around 7:30am and I saw my wife sitting at the table smoking; this was unusual for two reasons: first is that she is a social smoker and I dont know if I've ever seen her smoking in the morning and two, she's usually gone by now, enroute to her own job. Hun what are you doing home? Have a seat Stephen. I started to sit across the table on the far side as I dont like cigarette smoke, but she said, no no, sit right here, next to me. As I was sitting, she took a drag and exhaled in my direction; she then moved the ashtray forward so it was actually closer to me and placed her cigarette in it. I knew immediately that I was going to get a strong talk. See, my wife is very dominant, we have a very classic female led relationship type of marriage. I didnt know it was going to be like this when I proposed but I quickly learned. I'm seven years younger than she (I'm 25 and she is 32). We married a couple of years ago and she immediately brought the hammer down by saying that my youth caused me to be unfocused and do and say silly things sometimes and that the best way to address it, would be to teach me how to be her perfect man....and to her, that meant punishments. These varied from no tv or no use of cell phone after work hours, no hanging out at the bar with friends past a certain hour or at all, all the way up to beatings or spankings. The latter was her favorite. She felt that a sore ass was the best reminder when decision time came, and she was not shy about issuing them. So here we are sitting at the table and she begins, Hun, today is a very important day because today is your first day of work for my Mom. I responded, it's a part-time job. I'll be working in her home office doing the books for her small business. I've worked for major financial institutions in their accounting departments, I'm pretty confident I can handle her business. SEE, that's what I mean about you, this is why we are having this conversation, jesus, you can be such a cocky young boy at times. Stephen, this job is all you've been able to get, I am reminding you that you must take it seriously, do you understand? My Mom is not just throwing you a bone, she really needs help and she expects you to be the ultimate professional. She called me last night after you went to sleep. She says she wants you to wear dress slacks, shirt and tie to work, not jeans or some other casual wear. Are you serious? I asked. 100% she replied. Stand up, let me see what you wore. (I'm pretty sure she knew exactly what I was wearing.) I knew it, you are wearing jeans. Stephen, this is not a joke. My Mom is a very smart business woman and in addition to you doing some accounting stuff, she will also teach you other things that will help you, she has many connections and could probably get you a corporate job, but you're going to have to prove to her that you are recommendable. Also, when at her house, dont call her Mom. I know you do that affectionately and it is very sweet, but she asked me to tell you that when at work, she expects you to call her by her first name. That's it, Mom's really excited and so am I Hun. Now, go upstairs and change your clothes and come back here so I can see. I left the table and started towards the stairs and turned back and asked, Dont you have to leave for work? Oh, it's ok, I let them know earlier that something came up and that I would be late. I wanted to show support for your first day. Oh. I replied. Is that it? I think you should thank me for caring so much. Thank you, I really appreciate all you are doing for me. That's better, now go get changed young man. (She occasionally calls me young man and I'm not that fond of it; I feel like I'm beneath her, which I shared with her one time and she said nonsense.)I returned to the kitchen and saw that she was on the phone. She motioned for me to have a seat and after a few minutes she concluded her call. Stephen, she began, that's a really nice shirt and tie combo, now stand up and let me see your pants. I stood up and she was looking me over. I was getting excited because she is really intensely evaluating what I'm wearing. She says, now turn around and let me see the back. I turned, showed her the back, and then turned to face her again. I didnt tell you to turn all the way around, I said I wanted to see the back, and she made a motion with her fingers and I turned so she could look. I hear her stand up and could feel her looking and getting closer. She put her hand on my butt and said, you look fabulous Hun. Thank you! I'm ready, I said as positive as I could. No, not yet. O fuck, was what I was thinking. She continued, I'm really concerned that you make a great impression on my Mom but a perfect example of how you fuck things up sometimes is just a second ago, I told you to turn around to let me see the back and you turned all the way around. Today is Monday, your first day on a new job and I think you need a little incentive to ensure you pay attention to what you do and say so that you do make a great impression. Take your belt off and hand it to me. What? Excuse me Stephen, are you questioning a spanking? No, no, I'm sorry, I just dont.....She cut me off by holding her hand up and swiping it to the side. I am going to give you a maintenance spanking so when you are sitting in Mom's office, you will be reminded to be always acting your best, and I feel that your belt is perfect, especially since you will be wearing it after I use it, it will be an extra reminder, not take it off. While I was unbuckling it, she turned to grab her cigarettes. She pulled one out of the pack and lit it. She then stood in front of me looking so hot. I hat cigarette smoking but when she stands with her elbow bent, her cigarette between her slender fingers and near her face, she just looks so darn sexy. She also knows it bothers me and likes to tease me a bit. I handed her the belt. Now Stephen, go over to the island, take your pants and undies off, get on your tippy toes, lean over the island and wait for me. I did as I was told, this was not a time to say anything, less I wanted to be black and blue. She grabbed the ashtray from the table and placed in on the island like inches from my face. She took a drag, and placed the cigarette in the tray. I sincerely hate when she does this. Now, not only will my ass be on fire, but I will have to endure the smoking cigarette streaming up into my face. Again, she knows how to control me.Ok, you know the drill. This is a maintenance spanking so I will stop when I feel I made my point. Ready? I didnt have time to respond, the belt landed across my ass cheeks so quickly, so hard so painful. I jumped up and grabbed my cheeks. All she said was, GET BACK INTO POSITION. She didnt scream, bur she said it so sternly, it was scary. 5 move followed with the same meanness, and while I wanted to grab my ass, I didnt dare. She paused to take a drag. I'm wondering really why she is smoking so much this morning. Maybe she is preparing me for her Mom - my new boss - who smokes nonstop around me? Who knows. Ready? And this time she waits for my reply. Yes, thank you. This time Im going to go a little longer. Dont worry, I will give you a chance to rub your cheeks when Im ready. lol and honey, it makes me happy when you react so dont hold anything back, ok? Yes, thank you.OMG, I couldnt hold back my screams, my jumping up, my grabbing my ass because she held absolutely nothing back. I started to count quietly to myself but lost count after 33. Tears ran down my face. I think she stopped around 60, I have no idea. I just know that she hit me A LOT and not just on my ass but also the backs of my legs and it really really really hurt.When she stopped, she placed the belt on the counter, picked up her cigarette, flicked its ash and just held the cigarette in her hand. Ok Hun, feel free to rub your ass as much as you like but do not move away from the island. She then walked to the other side of the kitchen. She opened a couple of drawers and I knew my maintenance was not over. She walked behind me and squeezed my ass cheek and told me to hobble over to the table and to take her ashtray too.She is sitting and I am standing in front of her. My cock is right at her eye level and she ignores it completely. Get over my lap is all she says. I do not hesitate. With the first smack against my upper leg, I know immediately what she took from the drawer: a very wide silicone spatula, red in color, which is the color I imagine my legs are turning. She is not hitting me hard, but she is going quite rapidly. I swear my tears have not stopped. She stops and says, Am I getting my point across? Are you going to be the best goddamn book keeper my Mom has ever seen? Yes I am. Do you think when you are sitting in her office that you will have enough of a reminder to behave in all ways? Yes, I most certainly do. I dont think so. I really feel you need a little more of a reminder. Now, grab my ankles and as always Hun, show me that I'm making an impact. She took a wooden spoon from the drawer. This wooden spoon is thick, it is not a cheap spoon. When it first hit my ass, it wasnt even that hard, but combined with the impact the belt made, it hurt so much that I let out a loud, "owww" which she thought was cute and said so. She continued to pepper each cheek with semi-soft but really fast smacks, I couldnt even keep track. She again reminded me to hold her ankles. She took a drag and exhaled downward, which was in the direction of my face. And that was her trigger, so to speak. For the next 5 minutes, she alternated between left and right and just did not stop. I was kicking my legs. bouncing on her lap, crying.....the only think I never ever do is ask her to stop. Never. But finally it did. I was in such a space that I didnt even realize it stopped. Stand up Hun. I love you very much and you understand I do this to help you be better,to help us be kick as couple right? Yes, I do, thank you. Now pull your pants up and put your belt back on. When done, she and I hugged and when we released, she said, enjoy your day at work. She then patted my ass and said, Think of me Hun!" Part 2 coming soon